Tracks are not synced from your computer to the CLZ Cloud directly. Instead, the tracks that are showing in CLZ Cloud (and on your mobile device) come from the central online “Core for Music” database directly, based on a CLZ Album ID.

The “Tracks” field is part of a group of fields we call “central fields”. CLZ Cloud (and your mobile device) get all central field data from our central online “Core for Music” database. Every person with an album that has same CLZ Album ID gets the same data for that particular album.

I do not see any tracks for some of my albums.

The central online “Core for Music” database is the provider of tracks in CLZ Cloud or on your mobile device.

If you do not have CLZ Album ID for your album, the “Core for Music” can not give you tracks.
This is because the “Core for Music” can’t locate a tracklist without a valid CLZ Album ID.

Solution: Link your albums, then sync again.

To link your albums, click menu CLZ Cloud > Link Albums and let the program search for your albums in the “Core for Music”.

You can search all of them at once, or check the results and focus on each single album before linking it.

The tracks are wrong for some of my albums.

If you have linked your albums correctly, but you see wrong track lists, it means the data in “Core for Music” is incorrect and needs fixing!
The great thing about fixing this particular album is that everyone with the same album will have a fixed track list after this.

Solution: Fix the tracklist in “Core for Music” for yourself and everyone with the same album.

To fix a tracklist in “Core for Music” you can use your Desktop version (Windows or Mac) of Music Collector to submit your album to Core.
Submitting an album to Core is only possible if you have a CDID for your album (scanned the CD).

To submit a fix to “Core for Music”, right click an album and select “Submit Album to Core”. Then, on the “Core for Music” website, login with your CLZ Account and make the changes needed.

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