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Here's what Collectorz.com customers have to say about MP3 Collector:

I pinch myself
"In the past I had to spend three to four hours on the net trying to get all the info for our Music Watchdog (SAMRO). To do that I had to drive to the radio station to get hold of broadband. Down at the farm I get along with GPRS but it is so slow.

MP3 Collector is exactly what I was looking for. What took so long to accomplish in the past takes me exactly two minutes! I pinch myself from time to time because I find it hard that people like you and your team exist in this old world.

MP3 Collector is the best. I've just finished with Saturdays playlist, 100 songs and it took me exactly 1 min 39 sec. That is great!"

Tobie Lombard (South Africa)
November 17, 2009
Great job
"Just want to let you know how useful I found the batch editor. I bought a whole collection of old time radio episodes in mp3 format. None of the mp3 files had id tags, but they did have a long filename.

Mp3 collectorz did a great job of parsing the filename to create a track name and track artist. Since there were thousands of episodes, your software saved me enormous amount of time."

Philip Weingarden (USA)
September 10, 2008
Thank you SIR!
"Hello - SUPERB program! Thank you SIR! I will buy the MP3 Collector Pro edition once I have completed my testing. I will use it to manage my very large MP3 and FLAC/SHN/APE music library - very large"
Ted Bailey (USA)
The perfect tool
"I believe MP3 Collector would serve me best at the moment. I plan on ripping my cd collection to a media server and I think your product would be the perfect tool to use to maintain the collection.

Thanks for developing such wonderful products!"

Ron Dickerson (USA)
The best program of its kind
"Yours is the best program of its kind out there, and I've tried several.
Thanks for a great program, I love it!!"
William Stewart (USA)
2 MINUTES!!!!!!
"I have been searching for 10 months to find a program to print off my mp3 database. As a DJ l have some 5,000 legal files on h/d and after using Magix, Sam, DJ Pro, Datafile Print Options etc., l could not find anything that would let me print off just artist, album and song title for a quick reference A to Z file, in a nice, fully adjustable (Both visual and able to read in low light) style.

This morning l downloaded your trial, and within 2 MINUTES!!!!!! l was prining off a custom made A to Z list. You should advertise this in DJ & POP Music Magazines. One of the best downloads l have had in 5 years."

Clive Thomason (USA)
Personal attention
"Thanks for all your efforts, the personal attention, the professionalism and dedication you have shown by helping to resolve the difficulties I encountered, difficulties that were due to problems in a different software vendor’s product, not MP3 collector.

Not only did you and the crew responded super fast to my request for an improvement in your software, you and the crew also held my hand and followed up very professionally though your time table was filled with deadlines dictated by upgrades to MP3 collector.

And, all of this without once mentioning anything about profitability to your own company. In fact, while all this took place, I still was not even an owner of your software.

I am not only impressed but also wish that other software developers follow your example to software development, client support and keeping your client’s interest as a guideline.

Thanks again."

Avraham (Bey) Melamed (USA)
Best deal
"I purchased MP3 Collector Pro back in like 2000/2001.
Just an email to let you know it's probably the best deal I've ever got on a piece of software. It's helped a lot in managing my music collection.
Shane Brophy (USA)
Changed my life
"Your product has changed my life for the better! I have long sought software flexible enough to organize and re-tag my mp3 collection without quitting my day job (in order to write the necessary tools myself).

MP3 Collector operates quickly, efficiently, and flexibly even with my behemoth ~10k collection (this constitutes behemoth in my world, I hope it is not embarrassingly small in comparison to the collections you are accustomed to dealing with).

In any event, thank you again for the product... the first thank you was reported on my VISA statement ;)"

Jonathan Benjamin (Canada)
Really great product
"Thank You For a really great product. I'm a mp3 DJ and really needed something that would take all my songs and list them and let me print out song list with out all the typing I'v been doing.

Wish I had found this program a year ago."

Frank J Salladino (USA)
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