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What's new in Movie Collector for Windows?

Movie Collector (Windows)

v17.0.3: Added search-as-you-type to pick list fields

March 16th, 2017

Search-As-You-Type for pick list fields

We’ve expanded the quick search box to now also allow “search-as-you-type” with suggestions for pick list fields.

How does it work?

In the quick search box top right of your screen you should see a “dropdown” button. Use this to select which field you wish to perform a search on. If “search-as-you-type” is available for that field, it will instantly work once you start typing in the box.


You can now select the field “Actor” in the quick search box, start typing an actor name, and instantly see suggestions (based on what you typed) of actors you have in your database. Click on an actor to see all his/her movies!

Fixes in this version

We also fixed some issues with the program in this version:

  • Images Popup:
    • “size window to picture” showed image slightly smaller
    • .tiff images were not showing
  • Add Movies Automatically:
    • “Add Anyway” would cause an Access Violation for result selected from suggestion list
  • Carbon/Quicksilver Details template:
    • episode links weren’t always clickable depending on size of the details view

Recent changes

v17.0.3: Added search-as-you-type to pick list fields March 16th, 2017 V17.0.2: New image popup method and updates to the quick search February 16th, 2017 V17.0.1: Major updates to the Quick Search and Image Viewer popup! February 14th, 2017 v16.5.3: Fixed crashes during Check for Update January 4th, 2017 v16.5.2: maintenance build January 2nd, 2017 v16.5.1: Easily add movies that come up as “Unrecognized Barcode” November 10th, 2016 v16.4.5: Quick search with regular expressions and other tweaks October 10th, 2016 v16.4.4: More improvements to Add Movies Automatically screen September 13th, 2016 v16.4.2: various fixes August 16th, 2016 v16.4.3: fixed “Handle is invalid” and movie queue problem August 16th, 2016 v16.4.1: “Search-As-You-Type” suggestions when adding movies by title August 11th, 2016 v16.3.14: More stable cloud syncing and other improvements / fixes August 8th, 2016 v16.3.13: just a small maintenance build August 2nd, 2016 v16.3.12: Some fixes to templates, cloud syncing and editing July 19th, 2016 v16.3.11: Editing, exporting and font size fixes July 7th, 2016 v16.3.10: One tweak, multiple fixes July 1st, 2016 v16.3.9: Date fields now have drop downs for easier date entry June 30th, 2016 v16.3.8: “List index out of bounds” fix and other fixes June 20th, 2016 v16.3.7: More Quick Filter panel tweaks June 16th, 2016 v16.3.6: Fix for “maximized mode” problems June 15th, 2016 v16.3.5: Add Automatically fix June 14th, 2016 v16.3.4: Quick Filter panel tweaks June 14th, 2016 v16.3.3: Quick Filter panel now allows active filter while it’s closed June 9th, 2016 v16.3.2: Light Skin now use black front instead of gray June 8th, 2016 v16.3.1: Movies vs TV Series, Quick Filters and Dark vs Light Skins June 8th, 2016