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What's new in Movie Collector for macOS?

Movie Collector (macOS)

v16.1.3: Improved Add Automatically Screen

October 19th, 2016

Improvements to Add Movies Automatically screen

  • Title searches: Search-As-You-Type suggestions drop-down now includes an extra entry
    “Show all results”, to take you directly to the “normal” title search results.

  • Title searches are now much faster, as the program does not download all edition listings for all movies anymore.
    It now downloads these “on demand”, only for the movie entries that you expand to see the edition list.


  • MacOS Sierra: When running the program in full screen mode popups were hidden below the program’s main screen.
  • The Edit screen sometimes crashed when trying to add a new feature under “Episodes & Features”
  • Add Movies Automatically:
    • Search As You Type: Auto select has been disabled as it was causing confusion.
    • Region filter didn’t work.