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Choosing Columns

Browsing » Choosing Columns

Contents Adding or Removing a Column Change the order of the columns Create/change a Saved Column Preset Adding or Removing a Column: To add or remove a column, first access the Column Field Selection screen: Windows: Click on menu View > Columns > Select…



Searching Sorting your Collection Grouping into Folders Choosing Columns

Edit Movie Screen

Managing your Database » Edit Movie Entries » Edit Movie Screen

All editing takes place in the “Edit Movie” screen, which you can open with the Edit button on the toolbar (blue pencil button) or by choosing Edit Movie from the Edit menu. In this screen, you can find all the movie’s properties, on multiple tab…

Customizing Movie Collector

Getting Started » Customizing Movie Collector

Tens of thousands of users are using Movie Collector and they all use it differently, with their own screen layout, sort settings and display styles. Here’s a quick overview of the customization settings the program offers: Templates and Styles Choose your own…

Editing your movie entries

Getting Started » Editing your movie entries

Here’s how you can efficiently edit your movie entries, e.g. to add personal information, like purchase info, notes, your own ratings, etc.. Editing a single movie All editing takes place in the “Edit Movie” screen, which you can open with the Edit…

I do not see my data any more.

Frequently Asked Questions » Your database and images » I do not see my data any more.

It is highly unlikely that your data is gone. Upgrading to a newer version never causes you to lose any data. When you start the new version for the first time, your database will be opened as well. If we have worked on database changes (such as new fields) the new…