The MOBILEAPPNAME app comes with free cloud storage for your data, in our own CLZ Cloud system. To use your free CLZ Cloud, you need a CLZ Account.

Advantages of using CLZ Cloud:

When you’re using MOBILEAPPNAME, we strongly recommend using the CLZ Cloud to:

  • Make an online backup of your item collection data.
  • Synch your item data between devices (e.g. your phone and tablet).
  • Transfer your Full App Unlock across devices (no need to pay again!).
  • Synch data to/from our DESKTOPAPP or software.

With your collection and unlock purchase in the CLZ Cloud you will have a couple of advantages:

Your collection is backed up safely in the CLZ Cloud:

  • View your collection online: You can visit your personal CLZ Cloud page to view your collection (in any browser).
  • Share with friends: You can send a viewing link to your friends so they can check out and browse your collection (don’t worry, they can’t change anything to your collection).

You can restore/download your collection from the CLZ Cloud on any iOS or Android device:

  • If for any reason your phone crashes or has been wiped clean, you can download your collection and in-app purchase back down to your device.
  • Do you also own a tablet? Download your collection and in-app purchase to any other iOS or Android device with MOBILEAPPNAME. No extra costs.
  • You can also sync your collection down to our Windows/Mac desktop software: DESKTOPAPP

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