DESKTOPAPP will try to upsync cover images for items that don’t already have a cover in the CLZ Cloud. The images are restricted to 500kb in size, if your images are larger than this, they won’t be uploaded.

Images are only automatically upsynced to CLZ Cloud if:

  • The image is below 500kb in size
  • Your item is not linked
  • We don’t already have a cover for that item
  • The cover we have is of lower quality

If we already have a cover for your item the default image from Core for ITEMS. That’s why” it’s important to link your items”:#404 to the correct item in Core for ITEMS (only possible on PC/Mac currently).

If you have a cover that you want to upsync to CLZ Cloud even though there’s already one in CLZ Cloud you can do this using this method:

Manually Upload a Cover to CLZ Cloud


  1. Edit the item
  2. Click the “Images” tab and check the box for “Custom Image”

iOS/Android Mobile device

  1. Select an item
  2. Tap the pencil icon to edit the item.
  3. Near the cover image check the box for “Custom Image”

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