The MOBILEAPPNAME app comes with free cloud storage for your data, in our own CLZ Cloud system.

When you’re using MOBILEAPPNAME, we strongly recommend using the CLZ Cloud to:

  • Make an online backup of your item collection data.
  • Synch your item data between devices (e.g. your phone and tablet).
  • Transfer your Full App Unlock across devices (no need to pay again!).
  • Synch data to/from our DESKTOPAPP or software.

Here’s how to upload your item data to the CLZ Cloud:

1. Sign up for a CLZ Account.

  • Go to the app’s Settings screen.
  • In the Settings screen, click Login Details.
  • Now enter your email address and tap “Sign up!” (or use Sign up with Facebook)
  • You are now logged in. Click back to return to the Settings screen, then Close.

2. Upload your data to the CLZ Cloud.

When back in the app’s main screen:

  1. Back in the main screen, tap the CLZ Cloud icon CLZ Cloud sync icon on iOS/Android
  2. This will open the Sync screen, showing the number of changes to be uploaded.
  3. Tap the “Sync Changes” button to start uploading your item data.

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