If you want, you can share your collection with friends so they can see which items you have!

Your public CLZ Cloud link

To find out your public Cloud Share link, tap the menu icon top left and tap “View my CLZ Cloud”

Your browser app will open to show you your collection on CLZ Cloud.

  1. Tap the person icon top right and log in! (same account as your CLZ App)
  2. Now tap the menu top left and tap on “CLZ Cloud Sharing”
  3. Find your Public Cloud Sharing link there!


You can change your CLZ Cloud data visibility in the settings screen there to hide your collection partially or completely from the outside world if you want.

To do this, click the menu icon top left and select “CLZ Cloud Sharing”.

Your CLZ Cloud Visibility options:

You will find 3 options under CLZ Cloud visibility, here’s what they mean:

Private Nothing shown to anyone, only visible when you’re logged in.
Partial Visible to everyone with your CLZ Cloud link, but no personal fields shown.
Public Visible to everyone with your CLZ Cloud link, including personal fields shown.

Private Cloud Sharing

When you set your Cloud data visibility to Private, you can still share it with a secret URL.

Under “Private Cloud Sharing”, use the Generate button to set up a a secret URL to share your private cloud data with someone. If you generate a new URL, the previous one will be replaced. Press the X to disable sharing via a private URL completely.

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