Removing items by swiping

You can remove items by swiping on the title (in your list of items) from right to left.
Using the same method you can also remove a folder containing multiple items.

Removing one item from its’ details page

  1. Tap “__” to view the details.
  2. Then:
    • On iPhone, tap the “recycle bin” icon at the bottom
    • On iPad, edit the item and find the recycle bin icon in the edit screen.

Removing multiple items in one go

  1. Tap the selection mode button:
  2. You are now in “Selection Mode”.
  3. Select all items you wish to remove.
  4. Tap “Perform action on X items”.
  5. Tap on “Delete”.

Remove all items

If you wish to remove your entire collection, tap the Wrench icon in the main screen to open the Tools menu.

In there you will find an option to “Empty Database”. Tap it to remove all items from your collection. The app will ask you to confirm.

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