It is possible that you do not see your own covers after syncing. Here’s why:

When you sync with CLZ Cloud, the cloud entries will, in general, use our central cover images from _Core for _. Your personal local image is only uploaded automatically when our _Core for _ database does not have an image for that item (or edition) yet.

The cover I see is wrong.

When you see cover images after syncing that are wrong, then you can upload the correct image to _Core for _. This will not only help you, but also all other users who own the same item. Here’s how:

Use a Core Report (DESKTOPAPP for Windows/Mac only) to submit your image to our _Core for _ database.

  1. Select any item in your collection and click menu “CLZ Cloud > Submit ITEM to Core”.
  2. DESKTOPAPP will grab your item and upload it to _Core for _.
  3. Your webbrowser will open up _Core for _ and ask you to login with your CLZ Account
  4. You can compare your submitted data to the data that is stored in _Core for _
  5. Important: After you’re done with the repairs you wish to make in _Core for _, click the green “Submit Changes” button, bottom left of the page.

Our content managers will work to add your fixed cover to our _Core for _ online database as soon as possible. The cover will automatically sync correctly to any other device whenever it’s approved by our content managers.

I really want my own cover synced.

Now it could be that the cover you wish to sync is really specific to you, maybe it has an autograph, maybe you have a different reason. If you think fixing or submitting a cover to _Core for _ is not the way to go for this specific item we’re talking about,l then you can upload the cover to CLZ Cloud, and it will only be used, in your syncs. Here’s how:

Upload your own cover, just for yourself.

In the DESKTOPAPP for Windows or Mac, here’s how you do that:

  1. Right click the item in your local DESKTOPAPP database.
  2. Choose “Upload Cover to CLZ Cloud”.

This will “force” the upload of your image to the CLZ Cloud.
You have to do this for each item you want a cover uploaded for.

In the mobile app you can force upload your cover by editing the item and then tap the square with the arrow pointing upwards. Then tap “Upload Cover”.

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