When you sync with CLZ Cloud, the cloud entries will, in general, use the central cover images from _Core for _. Only if you’ve manually modified or added a cover yourself it will be marked as Custom Image and syncs with your CLZ Cloud.

Sync Custom Images

Custom Images sync with CLZ Cloud. A front cover image is marked as “Custom Image” automatically when you:

  • Use the “Find Cover” screen
  • Browse for a new front cover on your computer
  • Drag and drop a new front cover on your item
  • Acquire a new front cover using your image scanner

Marking images as “Custom Image”

Marking images as “Custom Image” is done automatically by DESKTOPAPP V19 and up.

If you find that you have some custom images that aren’t syncing with CLZ Cloud, you can mark them as “Custom Image” yourself:

  1. Edit the item an go to the covers tab
  2. Check the box for “Custom Image”

That’s all, the custom image will now be synced the next time you sync with CLZ Cloud.

To sync your own cover with older versions (pre-v19) of DESKTOPAPP you have to right click the item and select “Upload Cover”.

Force upload a cover with the mobile app

In the mobile app you can force upload your cover by editing the item and then tap the checkbox for “Custom Image”, and then sync.

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