MOBILEAPPNAME allows multiple sub-collections within your app. The collections will appear in the menu that you can open from the top left, so that you can easily switch between them.

Create and manage collections

Open the menu top left and tap “Add Collection” or “Manage Collections” to create a new collection, rename existing collections, remove a collection or change their order (drag and drop).

Moving item(s) to other collections

You can freely move one or multiple items between collections in your database file.

  1. Tap and hold on (or multiple) and tap the blue circle button (with 3 dots)
  2. Tap Move to other collection.
  3. Select the collection you wish to move it/them in.

The option to move to other collection only appears if you have multiple collections (so use the menu top right > Add Collection / Manage Collections to create an extra collection first).

Tap and hold only works in list view. Not in thumbnail view.

How do I sync my existing multiple collections from CLZ Cloud?

If you already have multiple collections in the CLZ Cloud, here’s what to do to get your existing entries split up into multiple collections on your mobile app too:

  1. Tap the menu top left
  2. Tap “Sync with CLZ Cloud” and make sure you’re in sync.
  3. Tap the menu top left again and tap “Maintenance”
  4. Tap “Update all from CLZ Cloud”
  5. Now use “Sync with CLZ Cloud” from the menu again.

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