To perform a full import from a text or CSV file you can use the Connect Import Tool. The steps consist of first importing all items into Connect, and then syncing those items from Connect to MOBILEAPPNAME on your mobile device.

1. Importing your Text/CSV file to the Connect website

# Go to the “ Connect website.

  1. Log in with your CLZ Account you also use for MOBILEAPPNAME on your mobile device.
    (if you don’t have a CLZ Account, create one for free)
  2. Click on the Wrench icon top right of the page and click Import.
    (if you don’t see the Import button, register for a 30-day free trial first)
  3. Follow the instructions on screen to set up the import.
  4. Click Import items to run the import.

All your items have now been been imported into Connect.

2. Syncing from Connect to MOBILEAPPNAME

After you’ve completed the import on the Connect website, you need to get all those items from the Connect website to MOBILEAPPNAME on your mobile device:

  1. Start MOBILEAPPNAME on your mobile device.
  2. Tap on the CLZ Cloud button on your toolbar or in the left side menu. to open the Sync screen.
  3. This will open the Sync screen, showing the number of changes to be downloaded.
  4. Tap the _Sync Changes+ button to start downloading your item data.

Done! You should now have all items in MOBILEAPPNAME on your mobile device.

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