The database you’re trying to sync with CLZ Cloud is a completely different one than we have in the CLZ Cloud. Perhaps you have opened a different database file?

Solution 1: Open the correct database

Open the same database that we have in CLZ Cloud for you. To verify, login to CLZ Cloud and check which database is in there.

  1. Close the “Synchronize with CLZ Cloud” screen.
  2. Click menu “File > Open Database”.
  3. Open the database that is the same as the one in the CLZ Cloud.
  4. Try syncing again.

Solution 2: Clear your CLZ Cloud data

It could happen that you do not have that same database anymore, or for any reason at all you now wish to sync this database you have in front of you instead of the one in CLZ Cloud.

So, alternatively to solution 1, you could also clear the database out of the CLZ Cloud and then perform the sync once again. Here’s how:

  1. Go to your CLZ Cloud page and log in.
  2. Click the menu button top left and choose “Clear Database”
  3. Go back to your the program/app and try syncing once again.

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