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What's new in Game Collector for Windows?

Game Collector (Windows)

v18.0.2: Improved workflow of pick item screens

December 20th, 2017


  • Pick Item Screens: adding a new item will now use the quick search string to pre-fill the name field


  • Edit Screen: ALT+N/ALT+P for Next/Previous played a Windows sound
  • Edit Screen: Adding a new item to a list sometimes displayed a popup that was too small
  • Reassign Index Fields: Saving your selected fields wasn’t possible sometimes
  • Export/Print field selection menus were missing “Manage Presets…” caption
  • Clean Templates: Several layout improvements
Game Collector (Windows)

v18: Auto-Cloud-Syncing, revamped Edit screen, new “Clean” template and more!

December 15th, 2017

NEW: Fully Automatic CLZ Cloud Syncing!

The free CLZ Cloud service is at the center of all our cataloging solutions (desktop, mobile and web), the glue that binds them all together.
Tens of thousands of users are using the CLZ Cloud syncing every day, to transfer data between their desktop, Connect and mobile software, to update their online collection list, or simply for keeping an online backup of their precious database.

Now, it is time to take the CLZ Cloud to the next level, with automatic syncing:
Add or edit games in Game Collector and these changes will auto-upload to the CLZ Cloud instantly. Did you make changes using CLZ Games or directly in Game Connect? Just start your software and changes will download automatically.
No more need to go to the Sync with CLZ Cloud screen, ever.

With “Sync Automatically” switched on…

  1. Your online cloud backup is always up-to-date.
  2. Your cloud viewer always shows the current state of your collection.
  3. All your CLZ tools (desktop, mobile and Connect) will always be in-sync.

Automatic Cloud Syncing is an optional feature, switched OFF by default. If you don’t want to auto-sync, or don’t want to sync with the CLZ Cloud at all, just leave it switched OFF.

Revamped Edit Game screen

A huge refresh of the Edit Game screen, bringing the look and feel more in line with the recent Add Games from Core screen.

  • Button bar is now at the bottom of the screen
    With OK button high-lighted in blue, nice Next/Prev arrow buttons, etc…

  • Clearer blue + buttons for checkbox list fields (like Genres)
  • Same blue + buttons for dropdown fields (like Platform and Format)
  • Revamped Edit screen for pick list items
    Button bar at the bottom with blue OK button, smaller generate buttons, etc..

But it’s not all just cosmetic changes:

Improved interface for adding Publishers and Developers

The new interface helps you make better use of your existing publisher and developer pick lists:

  • Drag the icon in the first column to change the order.
  • Click the “x” in the last column to remove entries.
  • Right-click to Modify the name and sort name of a company in the list.
  • To add a Developer to the list:
    • 1. click the “+ Add Developer” button, or hit Insert on your keyboard
    • 2. A new screen appears, showing your existing creator pick list.
    • 3. Type a few letters in the search box to find the creator you want to add, e.g. enter “id” to find id Software.
    • 5. Hit the down arrow on your keyboard a few times to select the actor from the search results
    • 6. Hit Enter to return to the Edit Game screen with the developer added to list.

    ONLY when the developer is not in your pick list yet, there’s 3 extra steps:

    • 4a: click the New Developer button top right
    • 4b. enter/paste the display name
    • 4c. click OK

    Simplified: Edit Multiple Games screen

    • Now use checkboxes to explicitly indicate which field(s) you want set.
      Safer and clearer, no more unexpected changes.

    • To clear a field, just click the checkbox and leave the box empty.
      The box will highlight in red to indicate the CLEAR action. No more hidden F8 keys.

    Simplified screens for selecting Column, Sort and Folder fields.

    The ability to select your own Columns for the List View is an important customization feature of our Game Collector software. The same holds for selecting the sort order and the folder fields for the folder panel.

    However, the “field selection” screens for doing these customizations have always been an area of confusion. So for v18 we decided to re-imagine both the field selection screens and the system for creating/managing your own presets.

    • Simplified Field Selection screen:
      • Available fields are now grouped, like the tabs in the Edit Game screen.
      • Easily find the field you want with the search box top left.
      • Use checkboxes on the left to select fields.
      • Use the “x” button on the right to remove fields.
      • Drag and drop fields on the right side to change the order.
      • Rename the field set at the top right.
    • Simplified system for managing your field presets:
      • Just click the Columns or Sort Order button to EDIT the current preset.
      • Click the little arrow to the right of the Columns or Sort Order button to open the preset menu and switch to a different preset.
      • Choose Manage Presets from the preset menu to edit your presets and create new ones.

    NEW: “Clean” template for the details panel, in Light and Dark styles

    A complete refresh, based on the recent Connect/Cloud details page updates. Clean, clear and modern, with some fresh layout ideas:

    • Cleaner look, in both Light and Dark styles.

    • Now shows just one embedded trailer video, with a trailer selection bar beneath to switch between multiple trailers.

    No more Standard edition: Pro-only features now available for everyone!

    Since last week, we stopped selling the Standard edition of Game Collector. From now on, the Pro edition is the only edition we sell, and will just be called “Game Collector” now.

    Our gift to all users on the Standard edition who have a valid Update Plan:
    Starting with v18, you now get access to all Pro-only features:

    • Batch editing with the Edit Multiple feature:

      Save time by editing multiple items in batch, e.g. to fill in a field value for many items in one go.

    • Customizable pre-sets for sorting, columns and folders:

      Create your own pre-set field combination for sorting and columns. Define your own folder options, even multi-level folder combinations.

    • User Defined Fields:

      Create your own fields (text, number, pick list, checkbox or date) and rename pre-defined fields.

    • Export features:

      Export your database to a CSV or XML file.

  • Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.2.7: Fixed some issues in the Add from Core screen

    October 11th, 2017


    • Add Games from CLZ Core:
      • Failed search would remain in barcode queue but would not be visible in the list
      • Expanding a result would sometimes scroll to a different part of the list
    Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.2.6: Fixed Access Violation in Add from CLZ Core screen

    September 14th, 2017


    • Add Games from CLZ Core: Access Violation when adding several games by barcode
    Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.2.5: Fixed an issue with checking/unchecking in Add Screen

    September 14th, 2017


    • Add Games from CLZ Core:
      • (un)checking an item in a selection would not (un)check all those items
    Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.2.4: New icons for the Add from CLZ Core screen and fixes

    August 24th, 2017


    • Add Games from CLZ Core: the 4 “Add by” tabs now have icons.


    • Edit Game/Hardware: Screenshot & Links: adding “image files” as local links would add them as “screen shot” instead.
    • Main Screen: Quick filter panel option “keep active” wasn’t applied directly after restarting software.
    • Edit Game: Links tab: When editing a local link, the “previous” button didn’t work.

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.2.3: Fixed a crash in Add from CLZ Core screen

    July 31st, 2017


    • Add Games from CLZ Core: program could crash when updating platform list.
    Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.2.2: Various tweaks

    July 20th, 2017

    • Add Games from Core: Search Results list is now loading/refreshing faster, especially for long lists.
    • New option for CLZ Barry: Auto-Connect. When enabled, the built-in Buddy for Barry automatically connects to the server when you start the program or open the Add screen.
    • The Expire Date of your Update Plan is now always visible in the lower right bottom of the main screen.
    • Image open dialogs could crash the program when used a lot and browsing through thousands of images

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.2.1: A completely new Add Games screen!

    June 14th, 2017

    Big changes today! The Add Games Automatically screen has been completely re-designed, to make it both easier-to-use and easier-on-the-eye (and it’s now called “Add Games from CLZ Core”):

    • A simple two-panel design: Search Results on the left, Preview on the right.
    • The Search Results now show cover images for every game.
    • Automatic Preview of selected result (no more double clicking).

    See it in action:

    Here’s the full list of improvements:

    Read more

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.0.7: Fixed the “Update” button in the Edit Screen

    April 26th, 2017


    • Edit Screen: clicking “Update” would cause an Access Violation
    Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.0.6: Fixed a “Cannot focus window” error.

    April 25th, 2017


    • Edit Screen: switching tabs could throw a “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window” error when the screen was still loading.
    • Edit Screen: clicking “Update” could throw a “hotkey not registered” error.
    Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.0.5: Fixed an error and added new links to the What’s New page

    April 13th, 2017


    • Links to renew your update plan will now automatically log you into your account on the website.
    • Check for Updates: now has a link to the “What’s New” blog on our website.
    • My CLZ Account popup: now has a link to the “What’s New” blog on our website.


    • Edit Game: using ALT+N or ALT+P to navigate to Next or Previous Game could throw a “Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window” error.
    • “Completed” field didn’t properly sync down from CLZ Cloud.
    • Updating games or Pricecharting values will clear them for unlinked games.
    Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.1 Loose/CIB/New field plus enhanced cloud syncing

    April 10th, 2017

    For Game Collector, the v17.1 update has turned out to be a bigger update then the v16 to v17 update 🙂
    Because for v17.1 we have added several game-specific fields and features, especially targeted at the serious video game collector:

    New “Completeness” field: Loose vs CIB vs New

    This is for the real video game collectors, especially those that are into collecting retro games:

    • Added: a new “Completeness” field, to indicate how complete your copy of a game is. Choose from:
      • Loose, meaning “cartridge or disc only”.
      • CIB, meaning “Complete In Box”, everything included.
      • New, meaning CIB and also still sealed.
    • Two extra checkbox fields “Manual” and “Box”.

      To further specify the “Loose” status. You know, for those cartridges with just a manual, no box. Or in a box, but with the manual missing.

    Read more

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v17.0.3: Added search-as-you-type to pick list fields

    March 16th, 2017

    Search-As-You-Type for pick list fields

    We’ve expanded the quick search box to now also allow “search-as-you-type” with suggestions for pick list fields.

    How does it work?

    In the quick search box top right of your screen you should see a “dropdown” button. Use this to select which field you wish to perform a search on. If “search-as-you-type” is available for that field, it will instantly work once you start typing in the box.


    You can now select the field “Edition” in the quick search box, start typing some edition information like “special”, and instantly see suggestions (based on what you typed) of editions you have in your database. Click on an edition entry to see all games you have in that edition.

    Fixes in this version

    We also fixed some issues with the program in this version:

    • Images Popup:
      • “size window to picture” showed image slightly smaller
      • .tiff images were not showing

    Game Collector (Windows)

    V17.0.2: New image popup method and updates to the quick search

    February 16th, 2017


    • Images popup now also supports “Size Picture to Window without stretching” option
    • Quick search: suggestions now also are shown when searching on “Title” field


    • Main Screen:
      • Quick Search: applying a filter could cause unexpected behaviour
    • Images Popup:
      • the status bar wasn’t always showing the right image path when opening
      • .bmp images were not showing
      • only screen shots were showing from the local images
    • CueCat scanner wasn’t working properly any more

    Game Collector (Windows)

    V17.0.1: Major updates to the Quick Search and Image Viewer popup!

    February 14th, 2017

    Quick Search: Search-As-You-Type suggestions

    Instantly find and select a particular game in your local database:

    • In the Quick Search box, just start typing the first few letters of the title you are looking for.
    • While typing, a drop-down list will appear, showing the first five matching games (for most games, it only takes 2 or 3 letters before it shows up).
    • Once you see the one you were looking for, use the up/down keys to select it, then hit Enter.
    • The game will now be selected in your list, with the details showing in the Details Panel.

    Read more

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v16.5.3: Fixed crashes during Check for Update

    January 4th, 2017


    • Crashes during Check for Update proces

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v16.5.2: Maintenance build

    January 2nd, 2017


    • Edit Game:
      • On User Defined Fields tab, “_[Add pick list item]_” didn’t work for comboboxes
      • Changing the role for a credit would mark all games dirty where that person appeared instead of just the edited game
    • Manage Pick Lists: removing pick list items didn’t mark their corresponding games as modified
    • Main Screen: accelerator keys in main menu (like “ALT+F” for files menu) didn’t work
    Game Collector (Windows)

    v16.5.1: Easily add games that come up as “Unrecognized Barcode”

    December 14th, 2016

    Easily add games that come up as “Unrecognized Barcode”

    • In Add Games Automatically, when a barcode is not recognized, a new “Unrecognized Barcode” screen will appear.
    • In this screen:
      1. Just find your game by platform and title (Search-As-You-Type is also active here!)
      2. Use the integrated Find Cover tool to select the cover image.
      3. Then click Add Game.
    • This will:
      1. Instantly add the barcode to OUR Core online game database, connected to the game you selected.
      2. Add the game to YOUR database with full game details, your barcode and image AND linked to the new Core entry.

    Read more

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v16.4.2: Quick search with regular expressions and other tweaks

    November 10th, 2016


    • Quick search now also supports Regular Expressions. Enter “matches:” followed by regular expression in the quick search box.
    • Free Trial now has an information panel to show the user how to get started.
    • Trial Popup has been simplified to make it easier to pick one of the options.
    • The Trial Popup sometimes showed when it shouldn’t for existing users.

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v16.4.1: New: “Search-As-You-Type” suggestions when adding games by title

    October 10th, 2016

    New: “Search-As-You-Type” suggestions when adding games by title

    If you are adding most of your games “By Title”, then this will be a huge time-saver.

    Here’s how the new “Search-As-You-Type” feature works:

    1. In the Add Games Automatically screen, just start typing the first letters of the game you want to add.
    2. While typing, a drop-down list will appear, instantly showing the five most popular games that match,
      listing the title, platform and a small thumbnail image.
    3. For popular games, it usually takes only 2 or 3 letters before it shows up.
      For older or less popular games, type a few more letters.
    4. Once you see your game appear, use the arrow keys to select it, then hit Enter.
    5. Then under Search Results, that exact game will be listed.

    Read more

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v16.3.9: Export to XML is now more efficient and some fixes

    September 13th, 2016


    • Export to XML is now capable of exporting large databases without “Out of Memory” errors, as it now writes the XML directly to hard disk. This is a bit slower though.
    • Sync with Cloud: Original field was cleared when syncing down from the cloud
    • Add/Modify Filter: “Contains” filters were always case insensitive even when “case sensitive” was checked
    • Edit Multiple Games: F8 didn’t clear price values

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v16.3.8: Fixed “Handle is invalid” error that could pop up

    August 17th, 2016


    • Program could throw a “Handle is invalid” error after multiple edits

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v16.3.7: Maintenance build with improvements to the main screen and more

    August 16th, 2016


    • Main Screen:
      • The folder tree was wrapping the values in the list
      • A double hint was showing for the thumbnail slider to resize thumbnails in Images View
    • When working offline, closing the program could cause Access Violations
    • User Defined Fields: values of check box lists were not loaded correctly in some cases

    Game Collector (Windows)

    v16.3.6: Improvements to Cloud Syncing, Edit Comic screen and Dark Skin

    August 8th, 2016


    • Cloud Syncing: Now does up to 5 retries when a sync action fails because of a temporary connection problem.
    • Edit Game: Improved “search as you type” behaviour of search boxes for adding credits.
    • Dark Skin: active window now has a light grey border, making it stand out more when windows overlap.


    • Screen started to “flicker” after leaving the program inactive for a few minutes.
    • Add Automatically: adding a checked result would sometimes uncheck a result from another search in the queue.
    • Main Screen / Two Panel Mode: selection status text would sometimes show an invalid text when no games were showing in the list.
    • Edit Multiple: F8 to clear didn’t work for memo fields like Description and Notes.

    Recent changes

    v19.4 Add Games by Platform August 6th, 2019 v19.3: Add Hardware by searching CLZ Core July 19th, 2019 v19.2.2: Added more blue buttons and some fixes May 2nd, 2019 v19.2.1: New: Duplicate Finder tool April 15th, 2019 v19.1.2: More tweaks to the Add button March 25th, 2019 v19.1: Three cool tweaks requested by our users March 7th, 2019 v19.0.8: Fixed a freeze problem and improved trial experience February 21st, 2019 v19.0.7: Images were uploading when they shouldn’t February 12th, 2019 v19.0.6: Image Scanning and webcam barcode scanning for 64-bit versions January 29th, 2019 v19.0.5: Custom Image now checked in more situations January 17th, 2019 v19.0.4: Various stability fixes and 32-bit/64-bit option December 19th, 2018 v19.0.3: Image Viewer now resizes the window December 7th, 2018 v19.0.2: Removed auto marking of custom covers December 6th, 2018 v19.0: multiple collections, auto-sync images, 64-bit and a new Flex template! December 3rd, 2018 v18.3.3: Access Violation fixes for the Add Screen October 16th, 2018 v18.3.2: More images now available in Find Cover screen September 17th, 2018 v18.3.1: Secure HTTPS connections July 27th, 2018 v18.2.3: Fixed display problem in two panel mode June 28th, 2018 v18.3.2: Several fixes for “Access Violation” errors June 27th, 2018 v18.2.1: Selection checkboxes / New Action Bars May 30th, 2018 v18.1: Full support for High DPI screens / Large Fonts May 23rd, 2018 v18.0.6: Maintenance build with lots of fixes January 18th, 2018 v18.0.5: Fixed: various layout problems on “125% DPI” systems January 12th, 2018 v18.0.4: Various tweaks and fixes for version 18 January 4th, 2018 v18.0.3: Fixed sorting in the pick item screens and more December 21st, 2017