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Three comic organizer solutions - what's the difference?

mobile app
web app
desktop software
Runs on: iOS & Android phones & tablets any web-browser, desktop or mobile Windows & macOS computers
Data storage on device in cloud on computer
Cloud storage free (optional) always free (optional)
Purchase USD $14.95
USD $2.50
per month
USD $49.95
Software updates free included in subscription free for 1 year
Adding comics
Automatic comic details & cover art
Add comics by title
Add comics by barcode
Barcode scanner built-in camera scanner CLZ Barry app (free) CLZ Barry app (free)
Manage your own Pull List and add comics from there - -
Add comics from Daily Updates list - -
Editing & data fields
Edit your comic entries
Set field default values
Editable data fields ± 25 fields ± 25 fields ± 45 fields
Images Front only Front only Front, Back, Poster, Backdrop & more
Batch edit multiple comics in one go -
Create your own "User Defined" fields - -
Edit creators & charactors lists - -
Edit contents list (for TPB's) - -
Views & customization
Browse in card view
Browse in images view
Browse in list view, with configurable columns -
Search your comic database
Search in specific fields - -
Alphabet bar, filter by first letter -
Template selection for details panel -
Group comics into folders on any pick-list field fixed selection on any pick-list field
Multi-level Folders - -
Choose sort order fixed selection fixed selection any field
Choose your own list columns - fixed selection any field
Rename fields - -
Customize toolbar - -
Multiple screen layouts - -
Dark vs Light skins - (windows only)
Other features
Print Lists -
Export to CSV/XML -
Import from CSV - Fully flexible Limited
Find Image Online -
Stats & charts -
Loan manager - -