Find out which are the most valuable comics in your collection, by downloading comic values from our Core online comic database, based on their Grades. Values are updated daily from

The above is an excellent way to determine reliable and up-to-date values, but it also means that they cannot provide values for each and every comic that exists. If for a specific comic there are no recent transactions of slabbed copies, its value is unknown.

In other words, this feature is a very cool way to find the most valuable comics in your collection, but it will not help to determine the value of your entire collection!

How to get values for your comics:

If you already have grades set for your comics, you can skip step 1.

Step 1: Use Edit Multiple to add grades to all your comics (optional).
Step 2: Now download comic values from our Core online comic database.

Step 1: Use Edit Multiple to add grades to all your comics (optional)

  1. With your folders set to Grade, click the _[NONE] _folder to see all comics without a grade.
  2. Select all comics via menu “Edit > Select All”,
  3. Click menu “Edit > Edit Multiple Comics”.
  4. Click the Value tab and click the checkbox in front of “Grade”.
  5. Now pick a Grade (e.g. 7.0), then click OK.

Step 2: Download comic values from our Core online comic database

  1. Click Tools > Update all comic values from GoCollect.
  2. Wait for it to finish!

Locking values

In the Edit Comic screen on the value tab you will find a checkbox called “Lock”. When checked, the value will never be overwritten with GoCollect values when you update the comic.

When are GoCollect values filled in?

If you use the “Update Values” button, your Value fields will be filled in (and possibly overwritten) by GoCollect values if:

  • A GoCollect value is available for the grade you’ve set for that comic.
  • The Lock value checkbox has not been checked

No GoCollect value will be filled in if:

  • If you have not set a Grade for that comic
  • The Lock value checkbox is checked

How do I see the grades and values in my main screen?

We recommend using List View and add some grade columns. Here’s how:

  1. Change to List View: Click menu View > List View > List.
  2. Change your columns: Click menu View > Columns > Edit Current Column Preset.
  3. Check the boxes for the fields Grade and Value to add these to your columns.
  4. Click menu View > Folders > Grade to group all your comics on grade.

Use View > Folders > Series to return to series folders.

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