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What's new in CLZ Comics for iOS?

CLZ Comics (Android)

Coming up: CLZ Comics 5.0!

August 6th, 2019

Yep, it is finally coming: CLZ Comics 5.0, for both iOS and Android!

ETA: we are currently aiming for Tuesday September 10, but no promises!

Here’s what will be new in Vee Five:

  • CLZ Comics will become a subscription app
    That is, for new users. Existing users will of course be “grandfathered.

  • Automatic “slabbed & graded” values from GoCollect
    Find the most valuable comics in your collection (premium feature, so requires a subscription).

  • Lots of new value-related fields
    Grade, Grading Company, Grader Notes, Slabbed vs Raw, Signed By, Is Key Comic (yes/no) and Key Reason.

  • More fields now editable and syncing to/from CLZ Cloud
    New editable fields: Plot, Nr of Pages, Genres, Country and Language.

  • Now supports and syncs multiple collections
    Create and sync multiple “sub collections” within your database.

  • Automatic cloud-syncing of your own “custom” images
    No more need to manually force “Upload Image to CLZ Cloud”.

CLZ Comics will become a subscription app

To allow us to keep delivering our CLZ online services (CLZ Cloud, CLZ Core, comic values, etc…) and our continuous updates to the app, CLZ Comics will become a subscription app. For new users, this subscription is necessary for access to the following CLZ online services:

  • CLZ Core: for adding comics by title or barcode
  • CLZ Cloud: for online backups and syncing between devices
  • Getting “slabbed & graded” values from GoCollect.

What if you already purchased the app earlier?

Of course, if you have purchased the app earlier, you will automatically receive a life-time app unlock. Which means:

  • You keep ALL functionality that you had before v5. In particular, you keep full access to your existing Core and Cloud functionality. You do not lose anything.
  • You can still update your app to v5 and enjoy the new “non-premium” improvements.
  • You can keep updating your app and keep getting our app improvements.
  • You do not need to pay for a subscription.
  • Subscribing for the extra Premium “automatic values” service is optional.

TIP for existing users:
The “grandfathering” of your app should happen automatically, based on the existing App Store or Play Store info. But the best way to make sure you are getting grandfathered is to REGISTER YOUR APP to a CLZ Account NOW (in the current v4).
If you already have a CLZ Account, make sure your app is logged in. If you don’t, just sign up for an account right from the app.

Optional “premium” service: get comic values from GoCollect

So… existing users will get everything they had before (and more), without paying again.

However, with v5 we are offering a new, optional Premium online service, that does require a subscription:

  • Getting slabbed & graded values from GoCollect

To subscribe for this Premium service, you can:

  • Pay monthly, for US $1.49 per month
  • Pre-pay for 1 year, for US $14.95 (~ US $1.25 per month)

Automatic “slabbed & graded” values from GoCollect

Yes, it is finally, going to happen. CLZ Comics will finally give you automatic comic values, thanks to our new collaboration with the GoCollect.com comic book price guide.

But please note:

  • GoCollect only tracks values of slabbed and graded comics!
  • The values are based on recent actual sales on auction sites (like eBay).

This means:

  • The values delivered are higher than the average value of a raw copy.
  • You will not get values for all comics in your collection.

    (most users are getting values for about 10% to 20% of their list)

So in other words: if you’re into getting comics slabbed and graded, the new automatic values feature will be a great tool for you, to determine the values of the slabbed comics and to find out potential values of your raw comics *if* you would get them graded.

Got raw comics only, and not interested in getting any of them graded? Then this feature will be less interesting for you. It could still help you find the most valuable comics in your collection, but the “absolute” values will not be meaningful for your raw copies.

In any case, this is an optional feature (also costing US $14.95 per year).
If you don’t need it, or don’t want it, no problem 🙂 Just keep enjoying the existing cataloging features of the CLZ Comics app, start enjoying all the new features and save yourself some money 🙂

Lots of new value-related fields

To accompany the automatic comic pricing feature, we will introduce several new pricing related fields, all to be found in the new Value tab of the Edit Comic screen:

  • Grade, replaces the Condition field
    (all your existing Condition values will be moved to the Grade field).

  • Grading Company (CGC, CBCS, etc..)
  • Grader Notes
  • Slabbed vs Raw
  • Is Key Comic (yes/no)
  • Key Reason
  • Signed By (list of people who signed your comic)

More fields now editable and syncing to/from CLZ Cloud

The following fields will become editable in the app (and will fully sync to/from CLZ Cloud:

  • Plot
  • Nr of Pages
  • Genres
  • Country
  • Language

Now supports and syncs multiple collections

With v5, CLZ Comics will support multiple collections within your database. Just create them from the menu and switch between them. Of course, multiple collections created in the Connect or desktop editions will then fully sync to the CLZ Comics mobile app too.

Automatic cloud-syncing of your own “custom” images

No more need to manually “Upload Cover to CLZ Cloud”, just toggle the Custom Image box in the Edit Comic screen and it will upload automatically the next time you sync. Also, for future images that you replace, the Custom Image box will automatically be toggled, so that your image automatically syncs to the cloud.

Recent changes

Coming up: CLZ Comics 5.0! August 6th, 2019 v4.14.3 Fixed the downloading of Series SortNames from Core February 15th, 2019 v4.14.2: New design for resizable panels in Add Screen December 17th, 2018 v4.14.1: New for iPad layout: Resizable panels December 7th, 2018 v4.13.1: Redesigned app icon November 9th, 2018 v4.11.3: Moved some buttons to more logical places August 26th, 2018 v4.11: More editable fields! June 21st, 2018 v4.10.4: Bigger and easier to spot Add button! May 9th, 2018 v4.10.3: Fixed a crash and highlight issue April 19th, 2018 v4.10.2: Fixed a crash in the Thumb View April 16th, 2018 v4.10: Many new sort options and a redesigned Select Sort Order screen April 13th, 2018 v4.9.2: Fixed a crash with the search February 27th, 2018 v4.9: Improved search features February 21st, 2018 v4.8.3: Fixed more issues with the Have/Want summaries January 16th, 2018 v4.8.2: Fixed an issue with Have/Want summaries January 10th, 2018 v4.8.1: Automatic CLZ Cloud syncing! January 10th, 2018 v4.5.13: Further improvements to the Add Comics screen November 8th, 2017 v4.5.12: Optimized layout for iPad Pro October 19th, 2017 v4.5.11: Fixed a crash in iOS10 and lower October 16th, 2017 v4.5.10: Redesigned Selection Mode October 15th, 2017 v4.5.9: Added app icon for 12.9 inch iPad September 27th, 2017 v4.5.8: Fixed a keyboard problem for iOS 11 September 24th, 2017 v4.5.7: Improved navigation in “All Comics” folder July 22nd, 2017 v4.5.6: Fixed false “Already in collection” warning and more June 14th, 2017 v4.5.5: New preview templates and better navigation after adding June 11th, 2017