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What's new in CLZ Comics for Android?

CLZ Comics (Android)

v6.1.3: Squashed some bugs

January 6th, 2021


  • Add Screen: Scrolling through results could be slow
  • Edit Multiple: Fixed a rare crash
  • Manage Pick List: a pick list item could appear twice when merging

Recent changes

v6.5: Download GoCollect values in other currencies March 25th, 2021 v6.4 Keep track of your Pull List March 17th, 2021 v6.3: Various improvements February 22nd, 2021 v6.2 Missing Comics tool! January 20th, 2021 v6.1.3: Squashed some bugs January 6th, 2021 v6.1.2: Fix for Add Comics December 14th, 2020 v6.1: New: Pre-fill fields while adding comics December 3rd, 2020 v6.0.3: Tweaks to Updated Values report and some fixes November 12th, 2020 v6.0.2: Updated Values report fix November 9th, 2020 v6.0: Batch editing, Updated Values report, Add by Issue number, and more… November 9th, 2020 Sneak Preview: version 6.0 of all 5 CLZ mobile apps! July 21st, 2020 v5.6.2: Add button didn’t appear sometimes June 23rd, 2020 v5.6: Better barcode recognition for older comics! May 29th, 2020 v5.5 New folder options for Creators and Characters May 14th, 2020 v5.4.6: Fixed a crash when editing field defaults April 20th, 2020 v5.4.5: Fixed a crash in the edit screen April 11th, 2020 v5.4.4: Fixes and maintenance build April 9th, 2020 v5.4.2: Fixes for the CLZ Cloud sync March 20th, 2020 v5.4 Faster CLZ Cloud syncing! March 18th, 2020 v5.3 Easily add and report comics with “unrecognized barcodes” March 4th, 2020 v5.2.1: Search folders, sort folders by count and and faster syncing February 20th, 2020 v5.1: Better barcode scanning! January 29th, 2020 v5.0.9: Added 4 new folder options and some fixes January 7th, 2020 v5.0.8: Various fixes October 24th, 2019 v5.0.6: Several user interface improvements October 1st, 2019