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Three book organizer solutions - what's the difference?

1. CLZ Books: mobile app for iOS and Android:

CLZ Books is our mobile book organizer app, for our iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet. It stores your data and images on your device, so that you can always access your book list, even when offline.

It comes with a built-in barcode scanner, for adding books to the mobile app's database, by scanning their barcodes.

CLZ Books can be used as a fully-stand-alone book cataloging app, or as a mobile companion to the Book Connect or Book Collector software on your big screen desktop computer (the data syncing between them through our CLZ Cloud system).

2. Book Connect: web-application, for any online computer or mobile device

Book Connect is web-based software, running on our servers, with your book database stored in our CLZ Cloud system. To use the software, just go to the Connect website with your internet browser and login.

Book Connect is designed to be a lightweight cataloging tool, that is easy to use and easy to manage.

It is the better choice for users who :

3. Book Collector: downloadable software for Windows and macOS

Book Collector is downloadable desktop software, that you install and run on your own computer, with your data and images stored locally, on your own hard-drive.

Book Collector is our most advanced book database solution, aimed at users who:

Having problems deciding which one is best for you?

For most users, we recommend a combination of Book Connect on the desktop side and CLZ Books on the mobile side.
TIP: We offer a nice bundle discount for getting those two together.

Need some custom advice? Then just contact Sytske, our product expert, give her some background on your situation and she will get back to your ASAP with your custom product recommendation!

Feature comparison:

What is it? Mobile app Web-based app Desktop software
Runs on: Phones & tablets (iOS / Android) Any online computer or mobile device Windows & macOS computers
Data storage on your device in our CLZ Cloud on your computer
Purchase / Subscription purchase:
USD $14.95
USD $29.95 per year
USD $29.95 per year
License use on multiple phones and tablets use on multiple computers or mobile devices use on one PC or MAC
Software updates included in subscription included in subscription included in subscription
Adding books
Automatic book details & cover art
Add books by author & title
Add books by scanning ISBN barcodes
Barcode scanner built-in camera scanner CLZ Barry app (free) CLZ Barry app (free)
Catalog e-book and audio-book files - -
Editing & data fields
Edit your book entries
Batch edit multiple books in one go -
Set field default values
Images Front Front Front, Back, Backdrop & more
List credits, characters & contents - -
Rename fields / Create custom fields - -
Views & customization
Browse in images view
Browse in card view
Browse in list view, with configurable columns -
Choose sort order
Search your book database
Alphabet bar, filter by first letter -
Group books into folders
Multiple screen layouts -
Multiple Skins & Details Templates
Other features
Use CLZ Cloud for syncing, sharing & online backups
Print Lists through CLZ Cloud
Export to CSV/XML through CLZ Cloud
Import from CSV - Any field Author/Title/ISBN only
Find Image Online -
Stats & charts -
Loan manager -