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What's new in CLZ Books for Android? (page 2)

CLZ Books (Android)

v7.4.2: Updated menu, new folder option and more fixes

November 21st, 2022


  • Folders: You can now group on Original Publication Year
  • Menu now shows last “Sync with CLZ Cloud” date
  • Improved messaging for subscription status


  • Sorting on issue number wasn’t always working
  • Details page of book wasn’t always updating correctly when editing “in template”
  • After searching in your own collection by scanning an ISBN, the result will now show instantly

CLZ Books (Android)

v7.4 New “Card View”

May 12th, 2022

Another big update for your CLZ Books app, in which we introduce a new view for your book collection. But there’s more:

  • New “Card View”
  • Selecting books now also possible in Card View and Images View
  • Floating “Add Books” button (the big blue “+”) now auto-hides

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CLZ Books (Android)

v7.3.3: Fixed a problem with Quick Search

April 7th, 2022


  • Picking a suggestion from the Quick Search would sometimes show the previous shown album

CLZ Books (Android)

v7.3.2: Various bugfixes

April 4th, 2022


  • Templates: Tapping the cover to zoom in on it often caused the cover to flip to the back cover
  • Adding an item to a different collection status caused Pre-fill fields to clear in the existing entry

CLZ Books (Android)

v7.3: Back Cover images!

March 29th, 2022

Initially, when we created the mobile apps, we deliberately decided to leave out the back cover images, for performance, storage and bandwidth reasons. But with today’s fast internet speeds and fast devices with large storage.. it is time to change our minds!
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CLZ Books (Android)

v7.2: Progress Bars and Cancel buttons!

March 15th, 2022

In this update, no new features, just a nice improvement that makes existing functionality a bit better.

All actions in the app that can take a bit longer are now showing a nice progress bar!
This gives you some idea how long the action will take.
Also, the new Cancel button lets you stop actions, e.g. if you see it will take too long to do at this time.

The new progress bars are now shown when:

  • Adding multiple books
  • Editing multiple books
  • Removing multiple books
  • Updating from Core

CLZ Books (Android)

v7.1.3: Various improvements to sorting and folders

February 18th, 2022


  • New: Sort by Date Modified
  • New: Sort by Date Added (previously called “Order of Entry”)
  • New: use Added Year as your folder field
  • Improved display of sort values in bottom right corner of list cells


  • Add Books: The Add button sometimes didn’t work

CLZ Books (Android)

v7.1.2: Fix for values in pre-fill screen

February 2nd, 2022


  • Values in pre-fill screen weren’t set the first time

CLZ Books (Android)

v7.1: Improved Pre-fill screen: choose your own fields!

January 27th, 2022

One of the most popular features we added to the CLZ Books app in the past few years is the Pre-fill screen. You know, the screen that pops up when adding new books from Core and lets you “pre-fill” some fields for the new additions, right there and then. Without having to go back and edit the entries afterwards. A big time-saver for most users.

The set of fields that is available on the Pre-fill screen has always been fixed, limited to Location, Owner, Purchase Date/Store/Price, Quantity and Tags.

However, after the release of this feature, we instantly started getting requests for more fields to be added to the Pre-fill screen. Which makes sense, I mean, if you always fill in a field that is not on the Pre-fill screen, you would have to “edit after adding” anyway, rendering the entire Pre-fill screen useless…

So today we are taking the Pre-fill feature to the next level by making the screen completely user-configurable. That is, to allow you to choose your own Pre-fill fields!

And while we were at it, we made some other related improvements. Here’s what’s new in version 7.1:

  • User-configurable Pre-fill screen: choose your own fields
  • Pre-fill: new for Purchase Date and Reading Date: Use “Today”
  • The Pre-fill screen is now also used to set field defaults

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CLZ Books (Android)

v7.0: New features and lots of improvements

December 1st, 2021

A huge 7.0 update for your CLZ Books app is now available, with new features and lots of improvements to existing functionality. All in one go and all based on your feedback!

New in version 7 today:

  • Use barcode scanner to search your own database
  • New Collection Status: Sold
  • New Collection Status icons and colors
  • Improved Add Books screen: enlarge thumbs, new beeps, num pad for ISBN entry
  • New setting to enable/disable downloading of genres/subjects
  • New Favorites section in Manage Pick List screen
  • Other small tweaks

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CLZ Books (Android)

v6.6.2: Main screen lists now fully support system font sizes

September 28th, 2021


Main screen lists now fully support system font sizes, that is, the list rows now automatically become bigger/higher if you have set your device to a larger font size. (previously, some information would be cropped)
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CLZ Books (Android)

v6.6 Submit to Core / New Select Mode and action menu

September 27th, 2021

Now available in the Play Store, version 6.6 for CLZ Books. In this update, we finally bring the Submit to Core feature to the mobile app, so that you can help improve the Core online book database, by submitting your corrections.
Also new in this update: Select Mode is now easier to activate and the Action menu has a new look.


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CLZ Books (Android)

v6.5: Duplicate / Clear Cloud / Shake to Shuffle

September 8th, 2021

It’s been a while since the last CLZ Books update, as our entire mobile team has been working on a big update of our CLZ Music app (the one for CDs and vinyl records).

But we’re back at it for the other CLZ mobile apps, with 3 new features in one go!

  • a new “Duplicate Book” tool, for making a full copy an existing book in your database.
  • a new “Clear Cloud” button in the Sync screen, for resetting your CLZ Cloud
  • a new “Shake to Shuffle” feature, for selecting a random book

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CLZ Books (Android)

v6.4.2: Switch Images View between Flex and Grid Layout

July 7th, 2021


  • Image View: Sadly not everyone likes the new flexible “full cover wall” layout. So we have now made it optional. Tap the button to the left of the size slider to switch between the new “Flex Layout” and old “Grid layout”.


  • Image View: Position of the size slider wasn’t always remembered correctly
  • Template: Some weblinks could not be opened
  • Template: Now only shows the publication year at the top (instead of the full publication date which has been moved to the Details section)

CLZ Books (Android)

v6.4 New look for book list, cover view & book details

June 20th, 2021

Instead of adding more new features, we decided to take a few weeks to work on the look and feel of the app.
In this 6.4 update, we improved the look and layout of the book list and of the book details pages, in both the main screen and the Add screen preview.
On top of that, we finally acted upon a common request from our users: you can now change the size of the thumbnails in the Images View.

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CLZ Books (Android)

v6.3.2: Edit Multiple and Cover fix

April 6th, 2021


  • Printed by / Printing / First Edition / Paper Type / Photographer / Editor / Translator fields were not available for editing on multiple books.
  • Tapping on a book cover in the details screen did not show a full screen cover.

CLZ Books (Android)

v6.3: New fields, website links and: other currencies!

March 31st, 2021

A huge update for your CLZ Books app today, which gives you many fields, the ability to add website links to your book entries and finally: a setting for choosing a currency other than USD!

New fields

The following new fields are now available on the Details tab of the Edit screen:

  • Printed by
  • Printing
  • First Edition (yes/no)
  • Paper type
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Translators

Add web-site links on the Links tab

A new Links tab is now available in the Edit screen, for adding web-site links to your book entries.

Tip: paste a website link in the URL box and the description will be filled in automatically.

Choose your own currency

Use the Settings screen (from the menu top left) to select your preferred currency for the Cover Price, Purchase Price and Current Value fields. Choose from USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD, NZD, CHF, NOK, SEK or DKK.

CLZ Books (Android)

v6.2: Various improvements

February 22nd, 2021

A big update for your CLZ app today. Instead of bringing one big new feature, we decided to work on multiple areas that could be improved, all of them based on the feedback we received from you all. Thanks for that!

Collection Status filter

The 2nd button from the top right (next to the search button) is the Collection Status filter. Previously, it allowed you to filter by All, Collection or Wish List, but with this update, we added all collection status option there as filters, including On order and For Sale.

Also, the button will now be highlighted in yellow when a filter is active, that is, when it is set to anything other than “All”.

Re-designed toolbars at the top

The toolbars at the top have been re-designed, mainly to make the interactive elements stand out more as actual “buttons”.

(Especially the folder icon on the left was something that was often overlooked as something you could tap on. Hopefully this re-design will help to let more users find the most powerful feature of the app 🙂 )

New sort and display options in Settings

For Authors:

  • Ignore Sort Names when sorting by Authors
  • Show Sort Names instead of display names for Authors

For Titles:

  • Ignore Sort Titles when sorting by Title
  • Show Sort Titles instead of Titles

Improved Statistics screen

The Statistics screen has been updated with:

  • More database totals at the top (nr of pages, purchase price, current value)
  • An extra chart that shows Books by Year
  • A new: “tap to show all” option to enlarge charts and see ALL entries

CLZ Books (Android)

v6.1.2: Squashed some bugs

January 6th, 2021


  • Add Screen: Genres weren’t downloading
  • Add Screen: Scrolling through results could be slow
  • Edit Multiple: Fixed a rare crash
  • Manage Pick List: a pick list item could appear twice when merging

CLZ Books (Android)

v6.1.1: New: Pre-fill fields while adding books

December 28th, 2020

A big update for your CLZ Books app!
This time we added a new feature that will save you lots of time:

New Pre-fill screen that pops up when adding books

When adding a book to your database using the Add Books screen, it will now pop-up a new screen called “Pre-fill book details, letting you set various fields right then and there.

Fields available in the Pre-fill screen:

  • Location
  • Owner
  • Purchase Date
  • Purchase Store
  • Purchase Price
  • Quantity
  • Tags

No more need to edit your added books afterwards!

(BTW: of course, using the new Pre-fill screen is optional. If you don’t want to use it, just uncheck the “Show Pre-fill screen” toggle at thet bottom. You can always re-enable it through the app’s Settings screen.)

Also new:

  • All Collection Status options are now available under the Add button in the Add Screen.
  • New look and layout of Field Defaults screen.

CLZ Books (Android)

v6.0.3: Fixed a sync issues with Edit Multiple

September 3rd, 2020


  • Edit multiple: books edited were not marked for syncing

CLZ Books (Android)

v6.0.2: Custom Image toggle didn’t save

September 2nd, 2020


  • Edit Screen: Custom Image toggle did not save

Here it is, version 6.0 of the CLZ Books mobile app!
In this major update, we finally bring you THE most requested feature: being able to Edit Multiple Books in one go. But there’s more, as we took this opportunity to completely re-design the Edit Book screen and to implement super useful Crop and Rotate tools for book cover images.

Here’s the full list of what’s new in version 6.0:

NEW: Edit Multiple Books in one go!

Finally make changes to multiple (or all) book entries in one go.
Here’s how:

  • Tap and hold on a book in the list to enter Select Mode
  • Now tap more books to select them.
  • Tap the menu button on the bottom right and choose “Edit [x] Books”.
  • In the screen tap appears, select which fields you want to edit.

    (Tips: use the search box to find fields, tap the heart icons to set Favorite fields)

  • Tap Edit at the top right.
  • Now set values, or leave fields gray to clear them.
  • Tap Done at the top right to save the changes to the selected books.

Warning: the Edit Multiple feature is a very useful and powerful features, but… remember what Uncle Ben said: With great power comes great responsibility!

IMPROVED: Edit Book screen

A new look for all edit boxes and a more compact layout, making it much easier to edit your book entries, without scrolling through long lists of fields.

  • The cover image is now on its own tab, so the main tab starts with the most important edit fields at the top.
  • Fields are now laid out side-by-side, making it easier to edit all fields without endless scrolling.
  • More compact look and user interface for all text edit fields.
  • More compact display and editing of multi-value pick list fields like Authors, Genres, Subjects and Tags.
  • Date fields: enter year, month day manually or use calendar icon to use date setter popup.

NEW: Built-in Crop and Rotate tool for cover images

In the Edit Book screen the Cover is now on its own tab, with new Crop and Rotate tools for instant rotating and cropping of self-made cover photos or downloaded images.

IMPROVED: Folder Field selection screen

Yep, another update of this screen, to make it fully consistent with the Select Edit Fields screen.
It now includes a search box at the top for quickly finding the field you want, plus the ability to create your own Favorites (just tap the heart icons).

CLZ Books (Android)

Sneak Preview: version 6.0 of all 5 CLZ mobile apps!

July 21st, 2020

Version 6.0 is coming up for all five CLZ mobile apps:
CLZ Books, CLZ Music, CLZ Movies, CLZ Comics and CLZ Games (probably in that order).

For “Vee Six” we decided to finally implement THE most commonly requested feature:

Editing Multiple entries in one go! (aka: Batch Editing)

At the same time, v6 will come with completely re-designed Edit screens. Check out some sneak preview screenshot below. More information about app-specific v6 features and improvements will follow later!

Finally: Edit Multiple entries in one go!

This has been the most common feature request for many years: How can I edit (or clear) the Grade/Location/Owner/etc… for many of my database entries in one go?

And in v6, it will finally be possible:

  • Just select the entries you want to edit (using tap and hold), and choose Edit from the menu.
  • Then select which fields you want to edit (or clear).
  • Finally, set the values you want to set and click Done.

Some screenshots:

(These screenshots have been taken from the iOS edition of CLZ Comics, but the other 9 apps will look very similar):

Edit screen re-design

Also new in v6: completely re-designed Edit screens, to make them clearer, more compact and nicer looking.
No more long lists of fields, one per row. In the new screen, fields are placed side by side where possible, with the Cover on a separate tab. Resulting in a more compact screen, requiring less scrolling. Especially on tablet devices!

Some sneak preview screenshots:

(These screenshots have been taken from the iOS editions of CLZ Books and CLZ Music, but the other 8 apps will look very similar):

Today’s version 5.5 brings two improvements to your CLZ Books app:

  • A redesigned Select Folder Field screen
  • A much faster Update from Core feature

Redesigned Select Folder Field screen

Through the years, the number of available folder fields has grown enormously, making the Select Folder Field screen a bit “unwieldy”. We decided to come up with a better solution.

This update includes a redesigned Select Folder Field screen, with all folder options nicely grouped under sensible headers, and the most popular options (Author, Publisher, Location) instantly accessible at the top.

Faster Update from Core

On large collections the old Update from Core feature was quite slow, as it updated your books one by one, that is doing separate requests to our server for each and every game.

So for this update, we also complete rewrote the Update from Core feature to do the updates in batches of 100 books at a time, making it much much faster!

Remember: Update From Core can be used to update your local book entries with possible extra data from our Core online book database. To use this feature, tap and hold on a book in your list to select it, tap more to select more, then tap the menu icon on the bottom right and choose Update from Core.


  • Field Defaults screen could crash
  • Edit Screen: some fields would sort bad while editing them
  • Add from Core: when adding a book that is already in on your wish list, it will now offer to change its status to ‘In Collection’
  • When scanning barcodes the “beep” sound would only sound on the first scan
  • Search on own collection could be forgotten during scrolling/browsing your collection

Recent changes

v9.1.8: Better workflow after adding a book July 17th, 2024 v9.1.7: Free Mode is now called Free Trial July 15th, 2024 v9.1.6: A couple of fixes for subscription status issues June 28th, 2024 v9.1.5: Now supports “Sign up with Google” June 21st, 2024 v9.1.4: Back button/Swiping to go back wasn’t working in Add screen June 19th, 2024 v9.1.3: A couple of onboarding tweaks for new users June 17th, 2024 v9.1.2: New big blue buy button June 5th, 2024 v9.1: CLZ Books is now free to use up to 100 books May 31st, 2024 CLZ Books 9 Feature Hilite: better “ISBN not found” handling April 24th, 2024 CLZ Books 9 Feature Hilite: Add Books screen improvements April 23rd, 2024 CLZ Books 9 Feature Hilite: the new collections tab-bar April 22nd, 2024 v9.0: Collection tabs, better Add Books and “ISBN not found” screens April 19th, 2024 v8.5.5: New “Delete CLZ Account” option December 6th, 2023 v8.5.4: Added a new “Remove all unused pick list entries” option November 22nd, 2023 v8.5.3: Couple of fixes and changes November 7th, 2023 v8.5.2: Various bug fixes November 1st, 2023 v8.5: Easier access to Manage Pick Lists tool October 25th, 2023 v8.4: Pre-fill screen: Orange highlights and a Clear button October 16th, 2023 v8.3.1: New in-app getting started tips September 13th, 2023 v8.2: New Sync button on main screen September 6th, 2023 v8.1.4: Fixed a crash in the Add Books screen May 31st, 2023 v8.1.3: Several bug fixes May 25th, 2023 v8.1.2: Fixed the “All” button May 17th, 2023 v8.1: Use multiple folder levels May 13th, 2023 v8.0: 7 new data fields! January 16th, 2023