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Software and app updates related to 'keyboard'

Book Connect

New: keyboard shortcuts!

April 28th, 2020

New in Connect today: We have added several keyboard shortcuts to the most commonly used features:

For the Main screen:

  • Navigate through your items with your arrow keys (works in List, Images, Shelves and Card View!)
  • Use c + a or c then a for Add from Core
  • Use c + m or c then m for Add Manually
  • Use c + h or c then h for Add Hardware from Core (Game Connect)
  • Use c + j or c then j for Add Hardware Manually (Game Connect)
  • Use c + e or c then e for Edit Selected Item

For the Edit screen:

  • Use cmd/ctrl + s to Save and close
  • Use cmd/ctrl + j to Save and go to Previous item
  • Use cmd/ctrl + k to Save and go to Next item