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Software and app updates related to 'core' (page 2)

Flat Design

At Collectorz.com customer support, we’re regularly seeing confusion about Core, Cloud and Connect, the 3 C’s of Collectorz.com online. So I figured I’d write a clear explanation.

Here it is (including a sneak preview of next week’s Christmas Sale):

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CLZ mobile apps for AndroidHectic times here at the CLZ office in Amsterdam. We’ve completed some big releases and started on a couple of huge other projects. Some of which I will disclose in this newsletter (we’re back on Android!!), but others I have to keep quiet about for now.

First, here’s the new stuff we’ve launched this month:

And this is what we’re working on now:

Let me go over these in more details (warning: it’s lllloooonnnnnggggg).

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Collectorz.com CoreA few weeks ago we launched the first part of Core for Movies, Reporting Missing Movies. Today, it is time for part 2:

Report Missing Barcodes

The Report Missing Barcode section of Core lets you add missing barcodes to our movie database, by selecting the movie the barcode belongs to.

How to Report Missing Barcodes?

First, go to the Core for Movies – Missing Barcodes page, and login to your Connect account.

Then, simply follow this three-step process:

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Collectorz.com CoreThe book and music editions have been live for a while, so now it’s time to do Core for Movies.

Core for Movies is a new system that lets Movie Collector users help each other by improving the quality and completeness of our central online movie database.

And unlike the book and music editions, Core for Movies does not require you to submit the movie data to us. Instead, you only need to report which movies or barcodes are missing or which movies contain data errors. Our content guys Martin and Rowdy will do the work for you 🙂

Today, the first part of Core of Movies was launched: Report missing movies.

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Core is live for CDs!

September 20th, 2012

Collectorz.com CoreThe first Core edition, the one for books, was launched 3 months ago.
And today, it’s time to release the CD edition: Core for Music !

Core for Music is a new system that lets Music Collector users help each other
by improving the quality and completeness of our central online CD database.
It replaces the old “Submit to Collectorz.com” system with a more “quality focused” system and, on top of that, adds a quick way to report errors in our central data.

To use Core for Music, you need Music Collector 10.1 for Windows (released today). To get it, just use Check for Update in your current version. (Core will be added to the Mac edition later).

Core for Music consist of 3 parts:

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Collectorz.com CoreTwo months ago, we introduced Collectorz.com Core for Books.
Core for Books is a new system that lets Book Collector users help each other
by improving the quality and completeness of our central online book database.

Many Book Collector users immediately started using Core. Since the Core launch,
we have already received 4.000 new book entries and 10.000 data submissions.

Now imagine what would happen if *every* Book Collector user would just
ADD the missing books they run into and FIX the data errors they find.

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Collectorz.com CoreOur programmer Robbert has been working on it behind the scenes for many months now, so we’re happy that we can finally tell you what it is:

Collectorz.com Core

Core is a new system that lets all Collectorz.com users help us improve the quality and completeness of our central online databases. It will replace the current “Submit to Collectorz.com” system. But Core is more than that, as it also lets you report data errors, missing entries and missing barcodes.

The book edition of Collectorz.com Core is live now and fully integrated in today’s 8.1 release of Book Collector for Windows.

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