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3 reasons for updating your Collectorz.com software

July 9th, 2016

Users often ask us:
“Yes, I know I am on an old version, but why would I upgrade, what’s the advantage?”

Here’s the 3 main reasons for keeping your Collectorz.com software up-to-date:

1. To get new features that will make your life easier

We talk to hundreds of our users each and every day, and from those conversations we get lots of ideas for new features that really add useful functionality to our programs.
For instance, the recently added Alphabet Bar (the most popular addition we ever added), the time-stamped backup system, the new unlimited User Defined Fields system, the direct editing in the main screen list, etc… etc…
All things that will either save you time, or will make using the software more enjoyable.

2. To enjoy our constant improvements to existing functionality

We never stop trying to improve the features you know and love. In terms of usability, performance and look-and-feel. For instance, the main-screen rewrite for easier use, the now full resizable Edit screens to make them work better on larger screen, the re-design of the Manage Pick Lists screen and Columns/Sort Order selection screens, the fully rewritten Update File Links tool, etc…
(next up: many upcoming improvements to the Add Automatically screen!)

3. To keep it compatible with 3rd party systems

At Collectorz.com, a 10-man team is working to keep your software, Core online databases, CLZ Cloud storage and other online services up-and-running, keeping everything compatible with the continuous changes that our friends at Microsoft, Apple, Google, Amazon, etc… throw at us.
OS updates for Windows, Mac OS X, iOS and Android, terminations of online services at Google, etc.. policy changes at Amazon or Apple, etc… etc… you name it, we deal with it.
In other words: in this day and age, you cannot expect a fully connected piece of software like ours to automatically stay compatible with the world around it. That takes the dedication of a full-time 10-man team.