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5 common misunderstandings about Update Plans

July 6th, 2016

It’s now almost 3 years since we introduced our Update Plan system for software updates of our desktop versions. But sadly, we still get confused emails about Update Plans on a daily basis.

So I thought I’d list the 5 most common Update Plan misunderstandings, with clarifications for each one, hoping that we can finally clear them up once and for all.

1. This is now “subscription software”

Nope, it is not. You do not have to keep paying to use the software.

Update Plans are for getting software updates only. You do not need a valid Update Plan to use the software. If you don’t want any more updates, you don’t have to pay any more. You can keep using the program, even if you never pay us a dime again.

2. Okay, but if I do want updates, I now need a subscription

Nope, you don’t need a subscription to update your software.

Update Plans can also be purchased using one-time, non-recurring payments. So you can still update for a one-time fee once in a while, e.g. only when we release a new feature that you’d really like to have, and not pay anything in between.

BTW: we do have a subscription option (US $2.50 per month, automatically charged), but that is just an optional choice, for users who like the convenience of auto-renewing.

3. Updating to the new version costs US $24.95

Nope, you can already update to the latest version for US $6.95!

No matter which version you own now, you can go to the latest and greatest for a one-time payment of only US $6.95! Without any subscriptions, without any recurring fees.
(and you’ll also get all updates to be released in the next 3 months.)

The one-time payment Update Plan options are:

  • US $6.95 (update to v17 and get all updates for the next 3 months)
  • US $12.95 (update to v17, plus 6 months of future updates)
  • US $24.95 (update to v17, plus 1 year of future updates)
  • US $44.95 (update to v17, plus 2 years of future updates)
  • US $64.95 (update to v17, plus 3 years of future updates)
  • US $79.95 (update to v17, plus 4 years of future updates)

All these options can be found in the CLZ Shop.

4. Once I update to the new system, I have to keep paying for online data

Nope, even if you stop paying for updates, using our Core online databases for adding new entries by title or barcode, will still be free. Also, using the CLZ Cloud (for online sharing, backups and of course, syncing to your CLZ mobile app) will still be free.

Of course, we cannot guarantee life-time compatibility of old software versions with newer version of CLZ Core and CLZ Cloud.

5. “I won’t update, because I don’t want my data in the cloud”

Don’t worry, using the CLZ Cloud is still completely optional.

Even if you have an Update Plan, even if you update to the latest version, your data is still stored locally on your own computer, no changes there. Uploading your data to the CLZ Cloud is completely optional and not even automatic. If you don’t manually sync with the CLZ Cloud, your data will never be online.