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This CLZ Newsletter for August 2020 is shorter than usual, because strangely enough, there were only 5 releases this month, for the 5 Windows versions.

The CLZ team has been very busy though, still partly working from home and partly from the CLZ office. But most of that work was spent preparing for upcoming big releases:

  • Pim, Bernard and AJ are finalizing the upcoming v6.0 releases for the CLZ mobile apps. Coming up soon (sneak preview below!).
  • Stijn, Martin, AJ and I (Alwin) have embarked on a huge project: taking the PriceCharting features of our game database tools to a new level. Linking in more PriceCharting entries (PAL games, special editions, etc..), better support for US vs EU vs JP pricing, multi-currency support, etc..
  • Rowdy, Sytske and Joël are very busy with our Core online comic database, making sure we can keep bringing you all new releases each week, especially after the Diamond / DC Comics break-up.

So only two topics today:

  • Windows: Easier access to Manage Pick Lists screen
  • Coming up: v6.0 for all CLZ mobile apps

Windows: Easier access to Manage Pick Lists screen

The Manage Pick Lists screen is one of the most important screens of your Collector software. This is the screen you need for:

  • Merging duplicate artist/author/series entries
  • Correcting sort names for persons, series, etc..
  • Fixing typos in Genres, Tags, Locations, etc…
  • Removing unused pick list entries
  • etc… etc…

However… judging from daily questions in our support channels, many users don’t even know of its existence. (Hint: it can be opened from the Edit menu).
So with last week’s updates to all 5 Windows programs, we are aiming to increase the awareness of the Manage Pick Lists screen and to make it easier to access from anywhere.

In the main screen, you can now easily access the Manage Pick Lists screen for the selected folder field. Just click the new button right above the folder panel.
The Edit screen now has a big Manage [..] List button at the bottom, that automatically changes to match the field you are currently at.
Finally, when adding or editing a pick list item, that screen also contains a link to the Manage screen.

Check out some screenshots here:
Movie Collector / Book Collector / Music Collector / Comic Collector / Game Collector

Renew your subscription and always keep it active!

Remember, keeping your subscription active is not only about getting updates to the software itself. The most important reason for the subscription fees is to keep our online services up-and-running and up-to-date!
Like the CLZ Core for adding new entries by title or barcode, CLZ Cloud for backups, syncing and sharing, the Find Cover service for finding images online, getting daily fresh IMDb Ratings, getting value updates for comics/games, etc..)

So even if you are not super-interested in improvements to the actual software, then still… if you are actively using the software and its online services, please renew your subscription (if expired) and always keep it active!

Here’s how to renew today:

  • Go to the CLZ Shop here
  • Now LOGIN with your CLZ Account
  • Then at the top, under “Collector desktop software”, checkbox the subscriptions you need, then click the big blue Add button.
  • Finally, click “Proceed to checkout” and complete the payment.

Thanks for your support!

Coming up: v6.0 for all CLZ mobile apps

We’re getting very close to launch now! We’re aiming to release CLZ Books 6.0 next week, then CLZ Music 6.0 the week after and CLZ Movies 6.0 another week later.
The release of of the v6 versions of CLZ Games and CLZ Comics could take a bit longer, as we are planning some extra game/comic specific improvements there!

What’s new in v6.0?

  • NEW: Edit Multiple entries in one go!
    Finally make changes to multiple (or all) database entries in one go. Just tap and hold to select books and choose “Edit [x] Items” from the menu button on the bottom right.
  • IMPROVED: Edit screen
    A new look for all edit boxes and a more compact layout with fields side by side. Making it much easier to edit your database entries, without scrolling through long lists of fields.
  • NEW: Built-in Crop and Rotate tool for cover images
    In the Edit screen the Cover is now on its own tab, with new Crop and Rotate tools for instant rotating and cropping of self-made cover photos or downloaded images.
  • IMPROVED: Folder Field selection screen
    Yep, another update of this screen. It now includes a search box at the top for quickly finding the field you want, plus the ability to create your own Favorites (just tap the star icons).

Some fresh v6 preview screenshots:

Enjoy and stay safe!