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[CLZ News] Progress on Connect, Movie Collector 17.1, free CLZ Barry, etc…

May 31st, 2017

CLZ Alwin here, with an action-filled May 2017 Newsletter.

Lots of new releases and big ones too! Here we go:

  • Movie Collector v17.1 for Windows: A completely new Add Movies screen
  • v4.5 for all 5 CLZ Android apps, with improved Add screens
  • Major progress for all 5 Connect editions
  • The CLZ Barry barcode scanner app is now free! (was US $10)

Movie Collector v17.1 for Windows: A completely new Add Movies screen

For version 17.1 we have completely re-designed the Add Movies screen, to make it both easier-to-use and easier-on-the-eye:

  • Clear two-panel design: Search Results on the left, Preview on the right.
  • Search Results now show cover images and format icons.
  • Automatic Preview of selected result (no more double clicking).
  • Set the Format before adding, using the new Format selector in the Preview.
  • Barcode Queue and Search Results are now integrated into one list.
  • Barcodes added to the queue instantly show title, cover image and format icon.

See it in action:

Valid Update Plan? Then you’re ready to update through Help / Check for Update.
Expired Plan? Then CLZ Movies / CLZ Books / CLZ Music / CLZ Comics / CLZ Games

Major progress for the Connect editions

At the moment all 3 of our web-developers (Robbert, Sven and Joe) are working full-time on our Connect editions. And it shows: lot of new features, improvements and tweaks are being released in rapid succession.

An overview of last month’s updates, now live in the online Connect software.
TIP: some of them are even available in your free CLZ Cloud viewer!

  • Print to PDF (also in the free CLZ Cloud viewer!):
    Generate and download a PDF file of your database, with lots of settings to customize the output: columns (inc thumbnail), sorting, orientation, margins, title, fonts, page numbers, borders, row shading, wrapping, etc…

  • [None] folders (also in the free CLZ Cloud viewer!):
    A feature well-known from the desktop and mobile editions: a [None] folder now shows up in the folder panel, containing the items for which the folder field is empty.

  • More fields for columns, sorting and export (also in the free CLZ Cloud viewer!)
    Like Release Date and Cover Price for comics, Director and Format can now be sorted on for movies, Director is now available as a folder field for movies, same for Developer and Publisher for games.

  • Faster editing:
    Previously, after editing an entry, the entire list refreshed which was slow and caused you to lose your place in the list. Now, the edited item is simply updated in-place with the new field values. Which is super quick and leaves you right where you were before you opened the Edit screen.

  • Quickly select a range of items, or Select All
    The selection mode has been improved to allow shift clicking to quick select a range of entries. Also a new Select All option has been added on the top left.

  • New Statistics screen:
    We re-wrote the Statistics screen using different charting tools, which makes them look and animate nicer AND solves several browser-specific problems. Also, we added a nice Totals block at the top

The CLZ Barry barcode scanner app is now free! (was US $10)

We’d love to see more users enjoy the fun and ease of adding items to their database by scanning barcodes with their phone or tablet. So we have decided to make our CLZ Barry app FREE (previously US $10).

Reminder: What is CLZ Barry ?

CLZ Barry is the Collectorz.com barcode scanner app. It lets you:

  • Scan barcodes with your mobile device’s camera.
  • Instantly send the barcodes (the 12 or 13-digit numbers) to the Add screen
    of the Collectorz.com software on your PC or Mac.

How to get started with CLZ Barry

  1. Open the App Store or Play Store on your device,
    then search for “CLZ BARRY” and download the app.

  2. Follow the Getting Started Guide to set up and start scanning.
    Getting Started for iOS / Getting Started for Android