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News: all updates for our software and apps

July 31, so just in time for the July 2013 edition of the CLZ Newsletter.

It’s the summer holiday season, so most of the CLZ crew is either currently on vacation,
just returned from vacation or just leaving for vacation.
But still, we’re getting a lot of work done 🙂 Here’s what’s cooking :

  • The price of the iOS apps will go *up* next week. Get them now!
  • But…. What about Android ????
  • Just a few weeks away: Music Collector 11 for Windows
  • Lots of software updates for improved CLZ Cloud syncing
  • Coming up: completely new mobile Connect website
  • Core for Movies is getting a Submit feature

Let’s start with the most urgent topic, as I don’t want you to miss out on this one:

The price of the iOS apps will go *up* next week. Get them now!

The functionality of our CLZ database apps for iOS (currently priced at US $9.99) is
getting closer and closer to the feature set of our US $49.95 Windows/Mac software.
And since a few weeks, these iPhone and iPad apps now come with free CLZ Cloud storage.

On top of that, we’ve got a *lot* of new features planned for iOS.

Anyway, the time has come up to let the price of these apps reflect what they are:
fully stand-alone collection database software for your iPhone and/or iPad.

Next Monday, on August 5, the price of the CLZ apps for iOS will go up to US $14.99.
(this holds for CLZ Movies, CLZ Books, CLZ Music, CLZ Comics & CLZ Games, *not* CLZ Barry)

There’s 5 days left to buy these apps for the old price of US $9.99.
To get them, just open the App Store on your device and search for “CLZ”.

Please note:
If you buy now, you will get all future updates free, regardless of the price increase!

Also, if you own an iOS device, don’t forget to join our iOS Club:

But…. What about Android ????

After the above, I can already hear many of you asking: But what about Android !??!?
As you know, the CLZ Apps for Android are currently still in the viewer-only state and
therefore these Android apps are still priced at just US $4.99.

Our developer Pim is working hard to bring you new Android versions later this year,
starting with CLZ Movies. Pim has completely rewritten all database code, to prepare for
the adding and editing functionality and he’s now re-building the app with a more
Android-like and tablet optimized user interface.

We’re currently planning to release a new 1.5 version of CLZ Movies first (ETA unknown),
with just the new database code, the new interface and improved tablet screen support.
After that, we’ll either do the same releases for the other apps, OR we may decide to
continue with CLZ Movies first and fully bring it up to “2.0 level”. Time will tell 🙂

To get the latest updates on our Android development, join our CLZ Android Club:

Just a few weeks away: Music Collector 11 for Windows

As you probably know, Music Collector 11 for Windows is going to be launched soon.

Last week, we announced the first v11 feature to all members of the MUC11 Preview Club,
including the first screenshots (which also show the new look of the main screen).

If you join the MUC11 Club *now*, you will get immediate access to our Music Collector 11
Preview Page, which includes last week’s email (at the bottom), plus full details and
screen shots of the new v11 feature that we disclosed today.

To join the Club and get instant access to the V11 Preview Page, use this form:

Lots of software updates for improved CLZ Cloud syncing

This is what most of the team has been working on the past 6 weeks.
As I announced in last month’s newsletter, we’re updating our CLZ Cloud syncing:

  • All software now comes with FREE CLZ Cloud storage for your collection data.
  • All programs now sync custom images up to and down from the CLZ Cloud / Connect.
  • More data fields are now synced up to and down from the CLZ Cloud.

To implement the above changes, we had to modify and release *all* our programs and
*all* editions: Connect, Windows, Mac and iOS. These new updates are now live for Movie
Collector plus CLZ Movies, Book Collector plus CLZ Books, Comic Collector plus CLZ Comics
and Music Collector plus CLZ Music.

To get these updates, just use the Check for Updates screen in your Win/Mac software
and the Updates tab of the App Store on your iOS device.

Patrick, Ronald, Sven and Chris are now working on the needed Connect, Windows, Mac and
iOS updates of our game collection tools (with hardware support!). Coming up next week!

Coming up: completely new mobile Connect website

I’ve told you about this project a couple of months ago, but it has gotten delayed
because of the CLZ Cloud syncing updates and it has also moved from Robbert to Sven.

However, Sven is now well on his way with a complete rewrite of the mobile Movie Connect
site, with a more app-like look and feel, re-designed detail pages, plus full
adding and editing features, so that you can manage your collection from your phone!
(of course, the add/edit functionality is only available for Full Connect subscribers)

I will try to post some screen shots on Facebook and Twitter soon.

Core for Movies is getting a Submit feature

Last but not least, Robbert’s current project: Core for Movies.
We’re updating the movie edition of Core to finally fully replace the “old” Submit
feature. Which means you will soon be able to use Core to send us full movie information,
and more importantly, all details of your DVD/Blu-Ray editions.

That’s all for today!