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About Core, Vee Nine and iOS apps

November 30th, 2012

This is Alwin, of Collectorz.com, with the November 2012 Newsletter.
With the recent big updates and more new versions coming up,
it’s pretty hectic at the CLZ headquarters in Amsterdam.

Here’s an overview of what everyone’s working on:

  • Ronald, Martin, Rowdy, AJ, Sven and I are finalizing the software and
    online movie database for the imminent Movie Collector 9 for Windows.

  • Robbert and Martin are working together to create and tweak the
    new Core for Movies service and the necessary in-house admin tools.

  • Pim, Patrick, AJ and Chris still got their hands full with our big
    iOS two-point-oh project, with the main focus on CLZ Music 2.0 for iOS.

  • Sytske, Sonny and Chris are answering all support requests and all your
    questions related to the recent and upcoming releases.

Now let me go over these projects in more details:

Core for Movies – report missing movies and barcodes

Collectorz.com CoreQuick recap: Core is a new system that lets you report missing entries and data
errors in our central online databases. Using Core you can help improve the
quality and completeness of these database, for yourself and for other users.

Core for Music and Core for Books were launched early this year.
But the new Core for Movies is quite different:

The new Core for Movies does not require you to submit any movie data to us.
Instead, you only need to *report* which movies or barcodes are missing.
Our content guys will then do the work for you, within one workday, guaranteed.

Core for Movies will be fully integrated into the upcoming Movie Collector 9
for Windows. If you, while using the Add Auto screen, run into a missing
movie or barcode, you will be able to report it to Core with just a few clicks.

Movie Collector 9 for Windows

Movie Collector NINE for Windows is coming on Dec 11!
We have already disclosed 4 new v9 features and several screen shots to
all members of the V9 Club. If you join the V9 Club now, you will get
immediate access to all previously disclosed information and screen shots.

Let me repeat the most common v9 questions and answers:

  • What will it cost? -> The upgrade to v9 will cost US $24.95 (or EUR 19.95).
  • But I just purchased! -> The upgrade will be free for everyone who purchased v8 in the last 3 months before the v9 release.
  • Do I *have to* upgrade? -> No, the upgrade is completely optional.
  • What about Mac? -> A similar upgrade for Mac is planned for early 2013.

Version 2.0 updates for all iOS apps

As you probably know, we’re updating all our iOS apps to version 2.0, with:

  • the iPhone and iPad edition merged into one universal app.
  • the ability to add and edit items on your mobile app.
  • integrated camera barcode scanner for adding items by barcode.
  • full two-way syncing with your desktop software through Connect.

The Comics and Movies editions are live already:

Pim and AJ are currently working on small updates for the above two,
while Patrick and Chris have already started on CLZ Music 2.0.

If you own an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch, make sure to join our iOS Club.
Members will get regular email updates about the progress on our iOS apps:

The next newsletter will be sent just before the start of the new year.
Happy Holidays!