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Collectorz.com CoreTwo months ago, we introduced Collectorz.com Core for Books.
Core for Books is a new system that lets Book Collector users help each other
by improving the quality and completeness of our central online book database.

Many Book Collector users immediately started using Core. Since the Core launch,
we have already received 4.000 new book entries and 10.000 data submissions.

Now imagine what would happen if *every* Book Collector user would just
ADD the missing books they run into and FIX the data errors they find.

With all Book Collector users doing just a few extra clicks now and then
(yes, it’s that easy), we all would get less and less unrecognized ISBNs
and the delivered book data would continuously get better and better!

So here’s my request to you all:

  • Add missing books: If you run into “ISBN not found” in the Add Automatically
    screen, add the ISBN and its’ full Author/Title data to the central database.

  • Report data errors: If you encounter an error in the book data delivered,
    just fix the error in your local database, then Submit the corrected entry.

Core for Books makes both of the above super-easy, just takes a few clicks.
I mean, you’re entering and fixing the data in your local book database anyway,
so why not send the entered data to our online database, for others to enjoy?

Here’s how to use Core for Books.
(Core for Books is currently only available in the Windows edition of Book Collector)

For clarity:
No *extra* manual entry is needed, just *share* the work that you do anyway.
Your fellow Book Collector users will be thankful!