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News: all updates for our software and apps

A couple of weeks ago we added a new way to quickly find an issue in your database using the “sniper button“.

Today we’re introducing another way to quickly find an issue in your collection: by using the Search box top right and just enter part of the series name, and the issue number!

Search box now allows Issue Search, e.g. “amazing 361”

The second new way to find a specific issue is integrated into the regular search box top right. That search box now lets you enter a series title AND issue number. (similar to the way the Issue tab works in the Add Comics screen).

For example, search for “amazing 361” and you will get all issues #361 of series that match “amazing”. Which will obviously instantly give you Amazing Spider-man, Vol.1, issue 361.
Looking for, say, Batman Adventures #12 ? Just search for “batman 12” and it will give you all issues #12 of batman related series, probably offering BA12 quite near the top of the results list.

Also, if there’s exactly one result, it will instantly take you to the details page for that comic!

Some examples: