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CLZ Comics (Android)

v7.8: Improved Pull List and new “Discover” mode!

June 16th, 2022

Based on lots of feedback from members of the CLZ Comics group on Facebook, we decided to completely re-design and rewrite the Pull List feature. With this update, the Pull List tab in the Add Comics screen has been expanded into a fully flexible way to browse recent and upcoming comic releases.

View releases per week

Easily find out which comics and variants will be released in a specific week. E.g. for Last Week, This Week or Next Week.
Or, choose All Weeks to see all recent releases (for the past 2 weeks) and future releases (coming up in the next 8 weeks).

List releases in series folders or as one “flat list”

Browse releases per series using the series folders. Or tap “All Releases” at the top to view them all in one flat list, so that you can easily add multiple comics from different series in one go.

New “My Series” tab: view releases for your existing series

The “My Series” tab is a new way to browse releases for your favorite series, without having to add them to your Pull List first. This tab automatically shows releases for the series that are already in your database.

New “Discover” tab: browse ALL recent and upcoming releases

Wanna find out about new series or comics, that were not even on your radar yet? That’s what the new “Discover” tab is for. It shows ALL releases that our Core knows about!

Easier adding of series to your Pull List

The above two new My Series and Discover tabs also make it much easier to add series to your Pull List. Just use My Series / All Weeks to find all ongoing series that are in your database already and tap the star icons to add them to the Pull List.
Or use Discover / All weeks and find new series that you want to keep track off using your Pull List.

Easily open the full issue list for any series

Found a series on your Pull List tab that you want to explore further and see earlier or all issues for? That is now possible too, using the “View all issues” short cut at the bottom of any issue list. It will take you right to the full issue list for that series on the Series tab.

Check it out!

Take a tour with AJ showing you the improved Pull List tab in the Add Comics screen: