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Automatically organize your home CD collection

Automatically download album details, track lists and cover art. Just insert CDs, enter artists & titles or scan the CD case barcodes.
Scan your hard-disk for music files.

Browse, sort and search
your CD database

Browse your music database in cover flow. Sort lists any way you want. Find music quickly and easily.
Keep track of your collection and wish list. Never buy dupes again.

Export your CD data to the mobile app, share it online

Export your music collection and wish list to the CLZ Music app, available for iPhone/iPad & Android.
Upload your database online, for easy access & sharing with friends.
I wanted to thank you for the amazing work all of you have done in creating this programme and adding the thousands of CDs to the database. They say in New Zealand that if you want a job done properly ask someone from The Netherlands! It’s certainly true.
Roger Barton - November 13, 2016

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Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 100 albums.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

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Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.1.9
release date: Feb 2, 2017
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Browse your music database

Use Music Collector's main screen to browse, sort and search your music database. Choose from multiple views and layouts:

Easily add new albums (CDs or vinyl) to your database

Adding new albums to your personal music inventory is quick and easy. Choose from 3 methods:
  1. Just insert the CD to have the program scan its' CD-ID, then use the CD-ID to search our central online CD database (for CDs only).
  2. Enter or scan the CD barcode to search our online CD database by barcode (for CDs only).
  3. Enter the Artist and Title and select the best match from our online database (great for both vinyl and CDs).

Our central online vinyl and CD database will then automatically provide full album details, track lists and cover art.

Album information:
  • Artist / Composer
  • Title
  • Format
  • Label
  • Catalog number
  • Release date
  • Genres
  • Number of tracks
  • Total duration
  • Front Covers
  • Back Covers

Full Track Lists, with:
  • Track Titles
  • Track Artists
  • Track duration

Cataloging music files (MP3, M4A, OGG, WMA, FLAC, etc ...)

Music Collector can also organize your music files. Just let it scan your computer for digital music files,
then automatically create new albums in your music database using the information from the file tags (ID3v1, ID3v2, etc...).
After that, the audio files can be played right from your album details panel:

FREE CLZ Cloud storage, for online backup, syncing and sharing

Music Collector comes with free cloud storage for your collection data, using our own CLZ Cloud service.
Use the CLZ Cloud to:
  • Always have an online backup of your music catalog.
  • Synchronize your database between devices, e.g. between your desktop computer and your iOS device.
  • Publish your music list online, to share it with friends and family.
    (this uses a free view-only version of our online software "Music Collector Connect").

Available add-ons:

Music Collector Connect

Upload your music database online, then add and edit albums from anywhere using the online software.
Music Collector Connect

CLZ Music mobile app

Export your music collection and wish list to your phone or tablet and always carry it with you.
Export your music collection to iPhone, iPad or Android CLZ Music is available for iOS & Android.

CLZ Barry scanner app

Speed up your CD cataloging with the CLZ Barry wireless barcode scanner app for iOS and Android.
Barcode Scanner for Android and iOS CLZ Barry is available for Android and iOS.

Here's what customers have to say about Music Collector:

Amazing work
"I wanted to thank you for the amazing work all of you have done in creating this programme and adding the thousands of CDs to the database. They say in New Zealand that if you want a job done properly ask someone from The Netherlands! It’s certainly true."
Roger Barton (New Zealand)

"I had no idea that the "Folder" view was so powerful. It allows me to do exactly what I need to do as I can easily group the entire database grouped as to format. Now that I know how to use the folders (The manual explanation is excellent), I can even separate my collection from my wife's even though they've been merged into one database."
Peter Brooks (USA)
Fantastic service
"I had a problem with my IOS Music Collection not syncing with my database on my laptop. I wrote abut this yesterday evening and this morning was a reply and a solution. That is fantastic service and I congratulate all at Collectorz for having such a high standard of customer service. Wouldn't it be wonderful if every plea for support was of a similar type. Thank you and I offer you 6****** for your help."
‎Rick Lawson (USA)
Like the software
"I REALLY like the software. It is just what I was hoping to get when I was scouring the Internet looking for database software for my collection."
Mike Franden (USA)
Keep track of my collection
"I want to thank you for Music Collector program. I do have several CD's and Vinyl albums that I'm going to use this program for. I also have over 1,200 Christmas recordings that I'm entering, in it's own database. (I actually did have it al entered but lost everything when things were supposed to be transferred to Windows 10, and I've since moved back to 7).
What an incredible amount of information Collectorz has provided to me, and I share it with others. Thank yo so much for a program that allows me to keep track of my collection, and prevent me from buying duplicates. I can now track the song titles, who preforms them and what recordings they can be found on. I just don't have the words to thank you enough.
Please also note that Athan-Jon de jager has been extrodingly patient with me asking for help on several occasions. Athan has explained things to me, (sometimes more than once), and has come to my rescue many times. He's polite, very knowledgeable, and explains things to me so I can understand what I'm doing wrong. Athan is a valuable asset to your organization. I do thank him for his help, I'm asking you if you can thank him as well. You have made an incredible valuable program that is going to help me out greatly. Now, I've taken up enough of your time.
Thank you so very much."
David Evans (Canada)
The best
"I have to tell you how much I like Music Collector and CLZ. It’s the best music database application I know. And I think it’s great how you keep refining the program and adding useful features to it.
Keep up the great work!""
Michael Rueff (Netherlands)
Way easier
"I stumbled upon your web site. After giving it a try, I downloaded the pro version of music collector. My collection is fast approaching 1000 CDs. I was using a spreadsheet to maintain my collection. I am finding this program way easier. I love the graphical view of each album cover.
I have a long way to go before my entire collection is scanned into the database, but I know it will be way too easy with this program."
Andrew Roy (Canada)
Pays for itself
"You have a great product with Collectorz Music. My collection of music exceeds 2500 items and I need the indexing capability to find my way around the collection. In addition, your product pays for itself several times a year. When I am about to buy a CD/DVD, I often quickly consult Collectorz Music database. In so doing I have, on a number occasions, avoided buying Discs/files that already exist in my collection."
Robert Best (Australia)
A pleasure to work with
" I'm collecting vinyls since 1961 and through all the years I've been trying to organize my collection many many times but with no big results. Only the CLZ-software provides all a real vinyl freak can ask for and I can imagine that your software would also be very practical for professionals.
It's a daily pleasure to work with!!!"
Günter Hein (Germany)
The joy
"I have a vinyl collection....close to 2,000....accrued since the 50's. Have a USB Turntable that converts them to CD's. Definitely very manual project....but the joy of listening to them again...and often remembering where you were when you worth every minute..."
Larry Nuese (USA)
"Thanks for the music catalogue programme been after a database for years and this is fantastic."
Tony Taylor (United Kingdom)
Flexibility of the database
"I am impressed with the level of support you offer, with the flexibility of the database, and with the fact that it actually seems to be updated quite regularly (unlike almost all the other music database software)."
Frank Little (United Kingdom)
"I think your software is great, and I'm enjoying working with it. It's going to take me quite a while to catalog my huge (5,000+) CD collection and then I'll start on the vinyl. Hope I get it all done before I die!
Thanks again for your hard work at making this a fun program to use!"
Kevin Rowe (USA)
The software is fantastic
"As a CD Trustee user for over 10 years I was hesitant at first to switch software, but with an upgrade to Windows 7 64 bit my hand was forced. The user interface with allowed me to upload my exiting database to Music Collector was flawless and easy. The software is fantastic and I anticipate many years of use."
Bobby Caliendo (USA)
"This piece of software is fantastic.
My collection contains jazzrock and and vinyl. And every album is find in the database. Wauw!"
Joost Royackers (Netherlands)
So a perfect software
"I would only say that the Music Collector Pro database with CLZ are outstanding, amazing, fantastic...and so on. I've never seen before so a perfect Software like this!
I am a dancemusic collector since 1985 and for me must be a database extremly flexible what exactly your software are!

Congratulation for this.
The Pro version are very fair priced and worth every cent!!!
I have 4 hours, but i can't live without it anymore!"

Fabio Ricci (Switzerland)
Very imppressed
"Hi. I downloaded the free trial of your Music database and am very impressed. Love the scanning function. The database search is very wide reaching.
Love the fact that Various artist I tested the search function and love that albums can be entered with search ability on song & artist.
I had been using Access. i'm Very impressed."
Peter Xuereb (Australia)
"I purchased your CD Collectorz software & love it, and have since bought Movie Collectorz Software for my 1,000 plus DVD & BluRay collection and just LOVE them both.
I bought a barcode reader and it is just soooo good entering the DVDs. I haven't finished entering them all yet, but I've been wanting this kind of database for years & years. The search facility for tracks on the CD database is MAGIC.
Keep up the good work"
Lawrence Taylor (New Zealand)
"I've been happily using your product for about ten years now (the nerdy joy of entering a record into the database is almost as good as listening to it)."
Greg Peterson (USA)
Such wonderful software
"I just recently bought the Music Collector Pro software for my Mac and have started entering of all my vinyls and CD's. The more I go through the process, the more I discover, and the more I realize there is a lot more to learn.
Actually my collecting started approximately 62 years ago -- time flies, but the music has always been rewarding. When I get finished with the music aspect . . . perhaps I'll start on the DVD's.
Thank you for such wonderful software, as it fulfills a wish for cataloging all my music and having the flexibility and convenience of locating exactly what I want . . . and when I need it.
My best to your company, and I wish you continued good success."
Russell Page (USA)
I love Music Collector
"I love Music Collector I've used it since V7! The only database I've seen where I can share iPhone and store on my PC.
Can't wait to see V10....where are the screen shots? ;-)"
Jim Bolden (USA)
Very impressed
"Got the Music one from you today. Very impressed about the database! Even very old cd covers, of very seldom cd´s, available.
Checked out a lot of programs before, than found your one through an ad."
Steffen Schade (Germany)
Wow am i amazed
"i found this today a database to store all of my old vinyl and cds> wow am i amazed at this i am gonna buy it and the scanner it will save me loads of time"
David Mcnally (USA)
Not a chore!
"Still cataloging my music. Not a chore with a good database program!"
Dave Gay (USA)
This is a GREAT idea!
"I have some 2,000 cd's and maybe 3,500 vinyl titles...
This is a GREAT idea!"
Jim Boxley (USA)
Keep track at all times
"I would like to take this opportunity to say that I am very Happy with My Music Collection Database....
It is so Awesome that I can keep track of my collection at all times. It keeps growing and I enjoy it gracefully."
Todd Simon (USA)
"Entered my CD-collection and LP's, now halfway through my 7" vinyl collection (2,000+).
Music Collector is and remains amazing! Only once have I needed support and even that was great."
Frans van der Mark (Netherlands)
Easy to use
"I just wanted to say that I bought the Music and Movie versions of your software. I'm finding them so easy to use that I'm thinking of purchasing the Book Collector version.
Any CD on your database that doesn't have the cover artwork I'm able to get a copy from Google images 99% of the time.
Thanks again for such easy to use and affordable software."
Bruce Day (Australia)
Quick and easy to use
"Just a quick "hello", and THANK YOU for what looks to be a WONDERFUL product!
I've wanted to organize my collection of Early Music for some time and didn't know to turn. And with nearly 2,000 CDs, I was losing track of what I have, and where I have it!
I've started entering my CDs into the database and find it's very quick and easy to use!
I'm really enjoying myself, too!
Thanks again, and it's nice to know there are so many "helping hands" available if I need assistance."
John Nowacki (USA)
Order in my disorder
"I HAD to say to Collectorz Team that I've just upgraded Music Collector to version 9.0 Pro and it's fantastic.
I've been using Music and Book Collector for many years now and every new version is a surprise and always beyond expectations. This new version that can link the database to my music files is what I needed. Absolutely GREAT.

Thank you so much for putting order in my disorder ;-)"

Luca Richard de Bella, Italy 
Does everything I need & more
"I can't tell you how much I love this software. It does everything I need and much more.

I've always wanted to catalog all my CD's and tried to create my own database. However, I kept having to add fields and go back to edit every single CD. About 2 years ago, I gave up.

I've only cataloged about 150 in Music Collector, but, it's been a breeze. I know I've yet to discover all the ways it can manipulate the data, but, I'll get there.

I really like that it doesn't eat gobs of memory and there's no 'terminate-stay-ready' embedded in the software and sitting in my systray. (I hate those things.) Simple to use straight-forward software. I'm in heaven.

I believe this is going to save me a great deal of money, as I have a tendency to purchase duplicate CD's because I can't remember if I already own it. The online music retailers are going to be very unhappy and so will my friends, to whom I give all my duplicates.

Now, I can see the light at the end of the CD cataloging tunnel and it's not an oncoming train. I hope you get rich off of this; you deserve it for saving my CD collecting butt!

Thank you !"

Sheryl Dudley 
I am impressed
"I just spent some time scanning in about 150 of my 700 CDs.
Your software is amazing.

I have just started exploring it and already I am impressed. As an engineer and programmer, I understand the complexity of good database and user interface design.
I am looking forward to finding new features as I go further.
Keep up the good work."

Dwight Hutton 
I had to write to say Bravo!
"I recently purchased your Music Collector Pro software and after entering about 250 CDs (a fraction of my collection) I had to write to tell you how pleased I am with the database.

So far, there's not a single thing that I haven't been able to achieve.
Too often people take good products for granted so I had to write to say Bravo!"

Velpo Robertson 
The right cataloging system
"Thank you for a brilliant product!

I had been searching ages for the right cataloging system as I had 4,000 albums vinyl, over 3,000 7"singles, 2,000 12"singles and about 2,000 CDs to input and of course all the vinyl has to be manually input (I cheat by treating it as a CD then changing tracks etc.)"

John Killick 
Enjoy Music Collector
"My name is James C. Gebbia I live in the desert southwest in the wonderful state of Arizona in the great country of the United States. I first want to say your database for collectors (mainly CDs) is great! I have at the time of writing this 11,021 silver pressed factory CDs not including 99 cdrs of various colors that are band and/or band authorized issued. I add about 25-50 CDs monthly to my collection.

I have been using Music Collector to manage my cd collection now for about 3 years. I mainly listen to all genres of rock music from 1964 to present. I really enjoy Music Collector, it keeps my collection very well organized alphabetically by band name, title of cd, year released, label and number of tracks.

Without Music Collector I wouldn't know what to do with my collection. I love to add to the database when I find that rare CD that's not in the database, but thats pretty uncommon."

James C. Gebbia 
A sophisticated program
"I have an ever-growing admiration for Music Collector and the many nice features in it. I've been going through my Artists List, changing names to the style of "last name, first name". After many manual reformattings of the Sort Name for entries in the AL, I just now discovered what you've provided in the "down arrow Generate" button. What a nice feature! And it's not the first time I've said that to myself as I've continued to process our music collection into Music Collector!

You have really developed a sophisticated program! And being a retired teacher of, among things, relational database theory, I have some idea of how much work must have gone into making Music Collector as good as it is."

Ron Wyllys 
Absolutely fantastic
"Music Collector is a fantastic Program for Music Fans and Collectors who want to have the data of their Record-Collection with all details in one database. I tried different programs before. None was better than this! You buy it once for a very low price and you get a very good support plus regular updates.

You guys are doing a great Job and you know exactly what we collectors need. Go on like this! Thanks a lot for your great work! The program is absolutely fantastic."

Gero Falletta 
Luxurious solution
"I am really happy to have found your software. For years I wanted to organize my CDs in a database but backed off because of the tremendous amount of time it would have cost me (and that would have meant just the title and maybe the songtitles).
With the additional data your program collects including the cover photo (where it is available) it is a luxurious solution indeed!"
Peter Rozsenich 
Your software makes this so easy
"I actually purchased music collector and have been using it for the past week or so ! - I'm slowly but surely cataloging my CD collection. The software works very well and more than justifies my purchasing of it ! - I really never thought I'd ever be inclined to really database all my cds but your software makes this so easy.

(maybe I'll move onto my DVDs next!?!)"

Nigel Carver 
Great program
"Great program - really like the new add CD features with search of all the databases.
My wife loves her movie database - enters all the movies she has watched in the last 15 years or so. Spends hours on it."
Evan Brown 
Great database
"Great database, cheers for all the improvements."
Nigel Jarvis 
A satisfied customer
"I just wanted to send you an email and say that I have been using Music Collector a long time now and I just LOVE it. I would recommend it to anybody looking for a music database.

It doesn't crash, it has excellent features and the upgrades are good too.
Keep up the good work.
Wendy Chapman a.k.a. a satisfied customer"

Wendy Chapman 
Everything that I wanted and more
"I had searched the internet for any type of music collector database, and each one did not have the features I was looking for. I evently came across your version through the "google" search function and you have everything in your program that I wanted plus more.
I will be recommending this program to others, as friends/ family etc are looking for the same product as well.

Many thanks for a great product, keep up the good work."

Sonia Gambrell 
Extremely impressed
"I have around 400 CD's and was keeping track of them in a database I had originally set up in Dbase IV under DOS years ago then later duplicated it under Access 97 and have been using it ever since. It was very time consuming keeping it updated.

When I purchased Audiograbber I liked the CDDB feature and thought there had to be a database program to catalogue CD's that also used CDDB so I started searching and evaluating various programs. I finally settled on Music Collector earlier this year using version 4.4.3. I reached the 25 limit and decided to buy it as it did everything I required and I was extremely impressed with your work.

Since that time I have also started collecting DVD's so when I had enough money to register decided to purchase Movie Collector at the same time. I did not even bother evaluating other DVD database programs, I bought it on the strength of Music Collector."

Michael Tod 
Thanks for a great program!
"I tried various programs for cataloguing my CD collection (hovering around 1,300 at the moment), and nothing impressed me until I found Music Collector. It is very easy to use, the interface is attractive and the extensive reports that can be printed out in various formats make this program the best for my purposes.

I have a fair number of obscure classical CDs that don't exist in any on-line database (yet), but even then MC attempts to help out with as much info as it can clean from the discs. I have not had to use support, save for losing my registration key when I changed computers, but from the limited contact I have had with Alwin Hoogerdijk, I know that if/when the time comes, my questions/concerns will be dealt with quickly and efficiently and, most important of all, with a personal touch.

Thanks for a great program!"

Chris Mounteer 
This keeps getting better and better
"I have a collection of about 750 CDs and host a number of music quizzes each year. I have a lifelong, anally-retentive interest in which bass player is the cousin of so-and-so's keyboard player, and have always maintained a data-base (of sorts) of my music. As a teenager in the 70's I used a type-writer to detail track listings, personnel and the really boring bits that no-one else is interested in, such as recording studio, artwork etc.

I found details of your web site in our national Sunday newspaper, the Sunday Times. Someone equally anally-retentive wrote to the computer section enquiring as to how he could document his CDs. I kept the article and contacted you from that. Hope this info is of help.

Thanks for answering a 25 year old prayer. Your database is fantastic. I found that by saving the jpegs of CD covers from Amazon in the My Pictures file I can import them into my Cd database. This keeps getting better and better (but my wife and kids think I'm a bit obsessive)! Logging on to Collectorz is like going back to the mothership :)"

Philip Couch 
"I have just downloaded your music programme and I think it is AWESOME. I have been looking for something like this for some time but haven't found anything like it. I bought the Davilex Music Manager and found it cumbersome to use whereas yours is user friendly.

I have 1,300 CD's to catalogue so you can see typing that into a database would tiresome (especially if you are like me with two fingers). So far I have entered 170 CD's into your programs database so you can see very easy to use.

So thanks for coming up with this great program. I have told other friends of mine about it because like me, they are music fans and have large music collections."

Harry Kerr 
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Try Music Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 100 albums.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Music Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.1.9
release date: Feb 2, 2017
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