Movie Collector reviews from customers:

Movie Collector reviews in 2017:

Great addition
"The new image feature is fantastic...what a great addition to the program thanks."
Larry Fraser (Canada)
February 17, 2017
"Long time fan. I've spent the better part of a month cataloguing my entire movie collection and digitally converting the media to my pc (all legit) my wife and I love how easy it is to just look up a movie watch the trailer and then launch the movie from the PC."
‎Anth Russell‎ (USA)
February 06, 2017
Your excellent support
"I must finally congratulate you on your excellent support. I have been a regular computer user since acquiring my first IBM PC in 1982, and have over the years used a lot of different software, both for work and leisure, and there are few, if any, other programs that have provided me with such an excellent support as you have. In spite of my initial problems, which is quite normal, my introduction to Movie Collector has been a pleasure."
Hasse Nyman (Spain)
February 02, 2017
"I've been faithfully using your Movie Collector program since early 20004, and am so glad your software is receiving so many accolades. That speaks volumes about your business practices, even in this day in age when customer service is almost non-existent or answered as though they didn't even read my questions."
Joseph Rose (USA)
January 27, 2017
Huge improvement
"Thank you SO much for the new update to the way the search engine works when entering a movie title into the "Add by title" section of the Movie Collector! What a huge improvement over previous iterations! Now I can actually see what I'm looking for at a glance as various choices pop up in the search box in real time. A huge benefit. Thank you!!!"
Taig Stewart (USA)
January 19, 2017
The best software
I received your email message regarding the unexpected problems you experienced last week, and wanted to tell you that I also noticed a problem when adding some newly acquired movies; however, the problems were minimal, and certainly not the end of the world.
You took steps to correct the problem and all is well. You still have the best software around for our collections, and I wanted to say thank you. I hope you get much more positive mail than negative, and that you don't let the vocal children upset you. In truth, I had all but forgotten about the brief issue until I read your email.
Still, we are appreciative of your ongoing hard work, and your excellent team of dedicated people making our lives better."
Don Butler (USA)
January 13, 2017

"These guys are awesome. I have used this app since ver 5?
I love the app the updates and the care of all the folks on your end that make these apps the BEST possible. I tell all my friends to get them."
‎George Atwood (USA)
January 12, 2017

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Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
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Movie Collector reviews in 2016:

Nobel Price
"I´m in the midle of a work on Bob Dylan and got about 20 movies and movieclips " SOMWHERE " in my studio concerning the guy. But without Moviecollector.....Welll where the F... are they ? So you see...I´d rather lose my wife than MC !!! Please don´t tell her I said that !!!
Thanks for beein´there for me in times i´m on my way to lose control and sanity. In my world also YOU deserves some kind of NOBEL PRICE, Just like Bob do !!!"
Michael Kallaanvaara (Sweden)
October 24, 2016
Awesome piece of software
"Just wanted to drop you a line and say what an awesome piece of software you guys have here. I played around with the trial for quite awhile before purchasing and I'm still impressed with what I can do. I've used it to catalog my entire dvd collection and I'm also using it as a front end for my HTPC. It's also being used to catalog and launch my game collection. It has replaced 3 separate programs for me. And you guys surprised me on the speed that my movie requests get added to the core. Usually just a few hours. I plan on upgrading to the PRO version very soon.
Thanks for a wonderful experience."
Matt Hoffman (USA)
September 12, 2016
A breeze
"I've used the PC application and this app (on an old iphone first before moving to android) for quite a while and absolutely love it, and the CLZ Barry app has made cataloging my collection a breeze. Keep up the awesome work!"
Allen Smolenaars (Canada)
September 10, 2016
"And man, I am loving this program! I just discovered the ability to link to video files on my HD and play them immediately. Awesome."
‎Victor Osaka (USA)
September 08, 2016
A pleasure to use
"As collections go, mine is quite small, about 600 movies. But for years I've wanted to categorize them, and also have a mobile version for my ipad, so if I'm out and see something of interest, I can check to see if I already own it. Mobie Collector does that and WAY more. What a pleasure to use. You have paid great attention to detail. Very intuitive, sensible graphics, and the interface is good. So thank you."
Richard Mills (USA)
August 22, 2016
Fantastic program
"BTW...I've mentioned it in a past correspondence with you, but I love the new look and changes you're making. Fantastic program!
Keep up the excellent services you're providing!!"
Lacy Flora (USA)
August 16, 2016
You raise the bar and make it better
"I have been a customer since Ver 9 or maybe a little longer, but I have emails back to 12/2012. Just when I think the software has reached it's peak, you raise the bar and make it better. The Ver 16.4.1 is a very fine example of that. Adding the search when you type feature....well who would have thought that would make such a big difference, but it does.

My collection is down from a high of 1,350 DVD/BD or so. Something more manageable at 535 now with a good 75% in Blue Ray. And now with the mobile app, cloud syncing and all the other features, I find myself walking around and making sure I am not buying the same movie twice with a simple search on my Note 4 Samsung. I have done that a couple of times in the past. SO, you are actually saving me money as well as providing a great service. Keep up the great work."

Rich Niles (USA)
August 11, 2016
The best piece of software
"Your movie collector program continues to be the best piece of software I use everyday. I have over 3,500+ movies in different formats and the program lets me keep track of everything I need, with syncing to my iPhone so I don't buy a duplicate."
Bruce Gauthier (USA)
August 08, 2016
I can’t wait to get going with it
"Thank you so much! Everything looks good, I can’t wait to get going with it today. Great software! Love the ability to use a bar code scanner ,makes entering discs fast."
Rob Chism (USA)
July 28, 2016
I know which box it is in
"Haven't we all been there? I have to climb thru the boxes to get to a movie....but thanks to "Movie Collector" and the Great Folks at "Collector Z"...I know which box it is in. Thanks..."
Larry Nuese (USA)
July 22, 2016
It keeps me organized
"I have the movie collector z and love it keeps me organized as have over 3thousand movies and also have on I phone so can look at list to see if have before buying it again love it."
Donna Emken (USA)
July 21, 2016
The finest available
"Thank you for the prompt response. And thanks for the assistance, your instructions worked great and i have my movie data back on my hard drive. Way back when i started with an IBM 1086 to create a data base for my film collection. Eventually i came across Clz. You and your team have a great personal touch to your subscribers and i think the finest movie program available. Again i thank you for the timely help and look forward to the upgrades to come."
Gary (USA)
July 04, 2016
Great program
"Thank you for making a great program, and beautiful, and always being updated."
Tarcisio Gomide Filho (Brazil)
June 30, 2016
Absolutely awesome
"The software has been absolutely awesome and I have been very loyal to Movie Collectorz and love the product.
My collection is not very large compared to some of the people on the forum. I only have 1582 movies. But your soft ware and the way it integrates the collection to a mobile device is a great tool to keep track of what you have."
Lee Bolte (USA)
June 22, 2016
I would be lost without you
"I started this collection when DVDs first came out. Had around 600 Vhf which wore out after a while and started out at $100 each. So it is an old collection. At first tried spread sheets (what a mess) then you started and have been with you since. A lot of my friends use you also. As I said before I would be lost without you."
Lee Godfrey (USA)
June 19, 2016
"The more I learn about your marvelous Movie collector the more i love it. For me it seems you've been thinking of everything we could ask for.
This Moviecollectorprg is very easy to start with. I have been a Cineast since I was 14 Year of age. By the way I am only 86 now and a big computerlover ... and organizer."
Ingvar Malmberg (Sweden)
June 14, 2016
Has saved me money over years
"This is one of my favorite programs and has saved me money over years by letting me know that I am about to purchase a movie that I already have in my collection. My wife and I have found the trailer feature useful when trying to select a movie for viewing."
Joe Tillman (USA)
May 30, 2016
So amazing
"Just a huge thank you for the work you and your team do to make your software and apps so amazing. I am databasing all my comics and movies."
Robert Zogby (USA)
April 29, 2016
I would be lost without it
"Collectorz, you guys/gals have been awesome!! I've been using your movie program for years and with close to 2k movies, I would be lost without it! Excell spreadsheet by itself just couldn't cover it when you have all of the info you provide! Thank you and keep up the great work! I always mention your program whenever I talk with movie enthusiasts."
Dan Rodriguez (USA)
March 29, 2016
Great product and great support!
"I wanted to thank you for the quick resolution of my problem with the latest Android updates of CLZ Movie. I have been using your product for years, great product and great support! Happy Easter!"
Antonio Ferrentino (USA)
March 28, 2016
Top notch
"Mr. Hoogerdijk and team,
As a Senior Developer for nearly 30 years, I would like to simply state that your product is top notch.
I also, want to state that you are running your business (IMHO) in a very fashion - you are providing updates and information to us customers, you appear to be listening to us in regards to issues. And you answer emails in a timely fashion - all for a product that costs $15.00.
I recently paid $150 for a piece of software that should be nearly plug-n-play and it took a week to get it to work, support failed to help and they only relied on their FAQ section to answer all question.
At any rate, keep up the great job - if you ever need a tester just let me know - I manage world wide testers for companies and I consult for multiple companies on how to make their products & Support better.
p.s. no charge for testing - it would be an honer :)"
Robert Springer (USA)
March 06, 2016
Top quality
"By the way, your products are among the very best Mac software that I have. I use them almost daily, and they are top quality. Cheers!"
Susan Lynch (USA)
March 06, 2016
I Like It!
"I Like It! (about the new Card View feature).
Makes the display appear a whole lot nicer - easier to see my movie collection. I’ve been using your software for a number of years – my movie collection has grown to 1,540 titles. I do not enjoy buying the same movie twice."
Paul Newell (USA)
February 25, 2016
Beautiful user interface
"I've been using Movie Collector for a number of years with 1,140 movies in the database. Because of the beautiful user interface the first thing I do after entering a movie in the database is to "recycle" the DVD case and file the disc in my numerous nylon "CD cases" all cataloged by genre using Movie Collector. This way I have over 1,100 movies that only occupy a couple of shelves on the bookcase. (Plus my whole collection is portable.)
I have enjoyed using your excellent product and use it often on my desktop or sitting on my couch with my home theatre PC and 55 inch display. I often use my tablet (Android) and the Movie Collector app to gather information on the movie I'm watching, update notes, data and to put other movies on the "wish list".
Having just received an email from Alwin regarding the latest version I of course upgraded - the "cards" display feature is another welcome addition.
Again, thanks very much. It isn't often that you find software that is easy to use, reliable and above all so functional due to it's flexibility."
Ned Willis (Canada)
February 25, 2016
Keep track of my movies
"This is the software I have been using for 5 years to keep track of my movies, tv shows. Etc. Great software and I recommend highly"
Blair Fraser (Canada)
February 18, 2016
Awed at the setup
"Love all your work. You really have helped me add value to my collection with such an awesome catalog tool interface. Friends come over and are awed at the setup."
Michael (USA)
February 18, 2016
So easy
"I just want to complement you with the ease of moving Movie Collector (and Music Collector) from my older computer to my brand new Core i-7 computer.
I transferred the files from the old computer to the new computer via my home network as both computers are wired via ethernet. It could not have been easier. No copying files from the old to a USB or portable hard drive.
Install worked flawlessly except for cover pictures but the maintenance tool fixed all issues.
Congratulations for making the process so easy."
Blair Fraser (Canada)
February 17, 2016
Truly excellent software
"I use both the movie and comics collector software and I wanted to thank you for some truly excellent software that I use constantly."
Hannibal Swift (United Kingdom)
February 12, 2016
Collectorz is just perfect!
"I just signed up for your movie database today. Previously I’ve been using Bento and they have stopped supporting it, so I was on the prowl for something new. Collectorz is just perfect! I love all the features and the ease with which it connects to my devices.
So - I have no technical questions, I just wanted to congratulate you on a fabulous piece of software. I will be recommending you to my friends."
Jonathan (Singapore)
February 11, 2016
Well done
"The quick response and action is very much appreciated. The application is really well done, certainly exactly what I was after and will continue to use."
Graeme (Australia)
February 03, 2016
Don't double up
"Thank you for making movie software and iPhone software. All my movies are on computer and phone so I don't double up on DVDs I have. Hope the program will be around for lots more years to come."
Steven Benson (Australia)
January 28, 2016
Wonderful software
"That worked and my movie collector is now restored! YAAAAAY! I will continue to be a loyal customer and pass the word about your wonderful software. I shall raise a glass tonight and toast to you and your whole team! Cheers!"
Tracy Johnson (USA)
January 24, 2016
Love your product
"First, I love your product. I had to say it. I'm known as "that movie guy" in the family and your tool finally allowed a functional database I could actually use on my phone; thank you."
Derek Bradford (USA)
January 23, 2016
The BEST support team
"You have the BEST support team I have EVER encountered! I came to work today, my laptop with Win10 did some updates on start-up and now the movie collector is working just fine - darned operating system. But I will print this so I have all of your wonderful advice close at hand. Thank You!"
Heather Jones (USA)
January 21, 2016
"THANKS AGAIN FOR A FANTASTIC Product - we have over 2600 Movies and the application is real snappy! We've been using it for over 8 years now."
Nick Nair (USA)
January 15, 2016
Great product
"Congratulations on Collectorz 15th Anniversary. Glad to see you had a good time in London! Many thanks for a great product in Movie Collector and iPhone app and the excellent support you provide.
Best wishes for a happy and successful 2016."
George Spence (Australia)
January 01, 2016

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Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
what's new »
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
what's new »

Movie Collector reviews in 2015:

Additions and upgrades
"You guys are doing great and continue to impress me with your additions and upgrades. The orphan file tool really help me a lot, the first run of the tool and I cleaned up over 6000 orphaned files. Thank you very much."
Russell Fisher (USA)
December 15, 2015
"I just want to express my thanks to all of you for continuing to run your company the way you do. Your records will show you that I have been a customer for quite a long time even though I do not take advantage of everything in Movie Collector. My DVD collection is reasonably large and Movie Collector has been a godsend. It always works and there has never been a problem with the updates. I do not run any other program that has been this reliable! I am 85 years old and run two computers at home so have some basic knowledge of how computers work. You have made it so easy to understand and so dependable, that I just wanted to say thank you."
Doug McK (USA)
November 30, 2015
The best of the best
"Your team and software is by far the best that I have come across. I don't leave many reviews for anything but felt compelled to say something. I have been a long time user of Movie Collectors and I have to say it's amazing. I am in the software every day. I know this is a powerful tool and I haven't even touched the tip of the full potential this software can do. I use movie collectors as a media server database as well. I absolutely love the feature of linking the file location of my movies. I don't even have to bother looking into a media server. I search for the movie I want click play, and cast it to my smart tv and bam, I'm watching it. Please keep up the great work. If I ever get to the Netherlands I will be sure to drop by if permitted. Thank you again for all that you have done. This is one happy guy."
Josh Martin (USA)
November 16, 2015
"I recently had the great pleasure of bumping in to your software product and I must say I am in awe of the great features you have put in to the product. In a word, AWESOME! Hands down, your fully integrated ability to catalog and then view the videos all in the same user interface sets your application apart from all others."
Robert Ginn (USA)
November 14, 2015
My 1,700 blu-ray collection
"Your application makes my 1,700 blu-ray collection reachable and understandable! It's so easy to choose movies and keep them updated with seen/unseen! Can't wait to see what new features and GUI you got in the latest version!"
Adriano Gutierres (Luxembourg)
November 04, 2015
"Your software is excellent I work in Video rental for nearly 30 years now retired. I honestly have trialed every movie organizer to sort my collection and after 4 years of trialing, I decided yours wins hands down."
Jacki Stanley (USA)
October 23, 2015
The best
"Been meaning to tell you but the alphabet button bar is one of the best improvements I have seen - very useful."
Alan Archer (Thailand)
October 09, 2015
Thank you
"I was going to send you my Lottery winnings from last night….but I didn’t win…. All I can say is “Thank You”.
Thank You for your patience with this 68 year old man. Thank You for the Professional Way in which you helped me….and Thank You for Putting Up with Me. You are “A Very Fine Young Man”. You have confirmed what I have known for a few years….”CollectorZ Software” and “The CollectorZ Team” are the best on the Planet.
Thank You So Much for Your Help…"
Larry Nuese (USA)
September 24, 2015
Most useful
"And I have to say, Book Collector & Movie Collector are the most useful and customizable programs I own. Your purchase/license model where the program will still work if don't upgrade (unless I really need/want the new features) is excellent. And Collectorz is by far the most responsive online organisation I deal with."
Rob Bleckly (Australia)
September 23, 2015
Absolutely the best!
"The iPhone and iPad apps are somewhat limited in features compared to the version for Mac. The version for Mac computer/laptop is a great software for your movie library. I used to use Microsoft Word for making my movie list. Needless to say, I was so happy when I found this program for my Mac. It's super easy to use and adding movies is a snap. They are constantly making improvements to the program so if there is something about it you don't like right now submit your suggestion and they will work on improving it.
I also have the iPad and iphone versions of this program it's very handy in the event I'm not at home or have access to my laptop when I need to see if I have a movie in my library. I would recommend this program to anybody who has a large movie library that they need to catalog.
Happy happy joy joy feelings! Thanks to Alwin and the CLZ team."
scubadoodle98 (USA)
September 13, 2015
Loving it
"Just a note to say THANK YOU for your continued enhancement of Movie Collector. I'm loving it and wanted to say thanks!"
Mark Hahn (USA)
September 03, 2015
New Update File Links "wizard"
"I just used this feature, I found it just searching the menu for any way not to have to go through 15,000 movies/seasons in 2 db files one at a time. I still had not finished that from building a new computer years ago and now I built a new one again. The problem was always the path change for the covers and this time I was really dreading it.
But I happened upon the New Update File Links "wizard" and finished it in both DBs in under 15 minutes combined. I have a 1TB SSD for c drive in this one (really FAST). I would not have ever finished the manual update of cover locations.
Another very useful feature."
Kenneth Stinnett (USA)
September 01, 2015
Love the DVD collectors
"Keep up the good work. Love the DVD collectors addition, don't know what I'd do without it. Hold on.... I do know what I'll be doing without it, spending hours searching for that one film I've not seen for ages."
Jim Copeman (United Kingdom)
August 18, 2015
Absolutely the best for collectors!
"With everything going digital these days, collectors like me really missed to look at all those cool covers in my collection, but with COLLECTORZ i finally manage my collection including all those fancy covers virtually....and even having the option to use several virtual shelves!
I am using this beautiful piece of software some time now and its getting better and better, especially with the latest build making the thumbnails look real great!"
Michael Dobernig (Austria)
August 04, 2015
Windows 10
"I expect you know that it works anyway but I have just upgraded to Windows 10 and your Movie Collector works great."
Colin Gleed (United Kingdom)
August 03, 2015
Easy to use
"I am an avid movie collector who has tried several software programs which failed miserably, were not stable failed after I scanned and manually installed well over 500 movies which took hours and hours to put them in. The software was clumsy and painstaking to use. By luck and chance I came upon collectorz which creates an easy to use, beautiful interface with all the cover art and astonishing and useful info about the movies, cast, creation of the movie and a comprehensive insiders look at all the detail you could want.
I just finished a gorgeous project to create an insert with full extension ball bearing drawer slides as a proper place to have complete access to my entire collection. It will hold well over 1000 to1300 DVD and blu ray discs which I will finally be able to see whenever I wish. Since I am retired and disabled with an arthritic spine which makes me use an electric wheelchair to get around.
My movies are very important and having this kind of database is really a godsend. the back and forth interface is brilliant and I have 5 devices to put them on,maybe over kill but so satisfying to just know I have them. If you have a movie collection and simply want to know what they are, you can scan the barcodes, or simply start typing in the name or other info.
I just can't imagine a better designed, well thought out impressive software that has matured over 15 years into something akin to a work of art. Getting to look at all the original cover art ads a beautiful glimpse into what the film makers intended to put on film with the proper flavors of their design."
Keith Robberding (USA)
July 31, 2015
"Wow, nice improvement with the generating of thumbnails! Thanks. Very noticeable and improved."
Nathan (USA)
July 30, 2015
I really enjoy using it
"Just wanted to reply and say "Thanks for your help" this did in a few seconds what would have taken me many hours to do manually. The functions in Movie Collector are fantastic and I really enjoy using it. Also wanted to mention what a great addition the select by first letter is. Thanks again."
George Smith (USA)
July 27, 2015
New and superb solutions
"I just would like to drop a few words saying that the new Alphabet bar has given your programs a whole new dimension in all ways. You must be the busiest software company around as you always come up with new and superb solutions."
Ulf Jensen (Sweden)
July 26, 2015
So much easier
"The Alphabet Bar is one of the best features added and works great. Thanks for that, it really helps. I separated my db a long time ago into 2 different db's. One has about 3400 discs and the other has about 9800 and this saves a tremendous amount of scrolling. It is SO MUCH EASIER to click on starting letter then very little if any scrolling to find a listing."
Kenneth Stinnett (USA)
July 24, 2015
Nothing beats Movie Collector!
"By the way, this program is awesome. I have been using it for eight or nine years, probably longer. There are many free apps for tablets and phones, even some for the PC (or cloud based). However nothing beats Movie Collector!"
Kris Lyth (USA)
July 09, 2015
Great product
"Let me congratulate you and your good wife on creating such a great product. You have saved me so far about 6 weeks work."
Mike Carbery (United Kingdom)
July 05, 2015
The most impressive
"Many thanks for your speedy reply and your help in getting me up and running. Now all I have to do is to start the task of typing in no less than 622 Film & TV titles!
In passing I selected to purchase your database as it was the most impressive. You provided a lot of useful details on your very comprehensive website, which is more than I can say for the others I’ve looked at over the past week or so, even though some of them claim to be free! One little factor that helped me decide was the fact that I noted that you do not restrict rating titles to the abstract 1 to 5 star rating system. I’ve never been in favour of it. I’ve always rated my own titles from 0 to 10 as a field entry in my existing Access database for Film and TV titles.

0 = Not yet watched (or in the case of a TV series I haven’t watched enough episodes to make up my mind).
1 = Abysmal (Why did I waste money on this turkey?).
... all the way to ...
10 = Superb!

Anyway, again many, many thanks for your speedy reply and help."

Robin Hood (United Kingdom)
May 22, 2015
I have 5.400 movies now
"I was skeptical about this big new version of movie collector. I have 5.400 movies now, I don't go out much LOL! This version has made things easier for me with a big data base. The synchronize with CLZ Cloud has most of the kinks worked out & is super sonic faster than Version 9. (I just added 10 movies; which took some time on my part to enter all the data & covers I wanted, but the synchronization took very little time at all).
I probably do not use half the features that you have available (I really do have a very old cell phone for emergencies), but for my needs this works. I have 3 databases and I choose to keep them separate, 2 are minuscule compared to my main Database.
Searches seem faster.

I like the carbon template (dark), especially the new feature to switch between front & back covers!


Gordon Hartman (USA)
May 20, 2015
what a mile stone
"Wow, what a mile-stone in syncronising with CLZ Cloud. It‘ s now much easier and more comfortable to syncronise between my computer and IPad, IPhone. And it takes only a few second.
Thanks so much."
Johannes Schmid (Austria)
May 06, 2015
The best I have seen
"BTW, this program is the best I have seen. I have recommended it to several of my friends. Keep up the good work!!"
Jim Houston (USA)
April 13, 2015
Cataloging my DVD collection
"Everything seems to be pretty intuitive so far and I've had no problems using it - obviously "hubby" did a good job setting it up. I just retired and I'm (finally!) getting round to that long overdue task of cataloging my DVD collection so this software has been an absolute godsend.
Many thanks to you both for your foresight in creating it."
Brian Marchant (United Kingdom)
April 07, 2015
Headache-free program
"First I would like to thank everyone at Collectorz for providing me with a headache-free program that allows me to finally organize my digital movie collection. With Collectorz I've been able to bring my entire library to my finger-tips with incredible detail, giving me an amazing overview of my collection and making my decisions on movie night a breeze!"
Daniel Borg (Canada)
April 06, 2015
Cataloguing software
"Okay, so we can start this message off by agreeing that when it comes to cataloguing software, you quite easily demolish your competition. In fact I have been on board the Movie Collector bandwagon for longer than most. I bought it long before a scanning app and so on. I still have my sweet USB scanner that looks like it came straight from the 1970s! You have turned Collectorz into an absolute force. It is the catalyst by which all others will forever be judged."
Adam Reichl (USA)
April 02, 2015
"Purchased your dvd movie collector software and I LOVE IT!!!!
I live in a small space and had put all of my DVD's in storage books but missed being able to just see a cover and decide on something to watch. Your software lets me see my covers or look for a title and it is perfect! The software was so easy to use and fast. I've got less than 500 movies but they all fit so nice in the books and take so much less space.
Thank you for the great software!"
Teri Stewart (USA)
March 31, 2015
"Our movie collection totals just under 2,000 movies and of course is growing. CLZ is an extremely visual Db. It brings excitement back into a Movie collection. Keep up the FANTASTIC work."
Patrick Frink (USA)
March 20, 2015
My collection is over 2,000 DVDs
"BTW, I love your program. My collection is over 2,000 DVDs not counting the boxed sets. Makes it a lot easier to keep track of my collection; and the iPhone app really helps when I shopping for movies."
Alex Acosta (USA)
February 19, 2015
"Just purchased the Movie Collector program from you guys its amazing :-)"
Christopher Flegg (Canada)
February 01, 2015
Outstanding program
"Thank You Very Much for your quick reply to my problem. I have used your Movie Collector program for years. All I can say is OUTSTANDING PROGRAM and OUTSTANDING SERVICE. Please keep up the good work."
Gregory Wacha (USA)
January 14, 2015

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Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
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Movie Collector reviews in 2014:

would truly be lost without it
"I truly do love your software.
I first purchased it several years ago and update every year. While my movie collection is not as large as many of your customers, I would truly be lost without it.
I also give a list of the titles every year to my insurance agent as I have ny DVD's separately listed on my homeowner's insurance to insure adequate coverage."
Jim Graflund (USA)
December 15, 2014
Wonderful product
"I just have to say when I first became involved with your product I was excited just to have a way to know what I had and begin some sort of organization. Over the short period that I have had this product I have seen it evolve into a wonderful tool that provides me all sorts of information and tools that I never knew I needed. Thanks for the wonderful product!"
Doug Horn (USA)
December 12, 2014
Great product
"This is a great product with really good people who care ... who will truly help you in anyway they can to make you satisfied. Even if you are, like me a little old and require more help than most: Thank you all!!"
Jack Marner (USA)
November 30, 2014
Less than two hours
"I would like to add my very positive comments on how simple and effective Movie Collector is. I loaded up over 200 DVD’s in less than two hours. The features are tremendous and the screens are visually impressive."
John Simmonds (USA)
November 25, 2014
Movie Connect
"Dearest movie collecting software overlords, Your new update to the connect pages are AMAZING.
The ability to add/edit movies from a mobile browser is FANTASTIC! I couldn't be happier right now. Seriously though, wonderful update. I'm incredibly happy."
Justin Block (USA)
November 21, 2014
Great product
" I think you have a great product that helps me manage my collection easily!"
Steve Hatfield (USA)
November 16, 2014
The best money I have ever spent
"Your software is the best money I have ever spent.
I truly believe your software package along with your phone apps, and add-ons is the best on the market."
David Hamilton (USA)
October 17, 2014
"I think your software is amazing. I started using your software in the late 90's, and so far haven't look for anything else but the regular updates from CLZ. Thanks for your (All CLZ Team) time and dedication to keep this software what it is, a golden pot at the end of the rainbow, and making it better with each update."
Armando Torres (USA)
October 01, 2014
Absolutely wonderful
"I have to tell you I FINALLY sprung for the Android app and did the cloud thing. It's absolutely wonderful. As soon as I get all my movies in I'll be adding Music collector!"
Doug Horn (USA)
September 29, 2014
Nothing like Movie Collector
"There is nothing like Movie Collector. It is fantastic, including the link with the Ipad. Congratulations!"
Pedro Sabugo (Brazil)
September 21, 2014
"I have close to 14k movies and I'd never be able to organize, remember them all without the combination of Movie Collector and CLZ Movies (so I don't get duplicates). I've been using Collectorz products for close to 10 years and recommending them to friends and customers for most of that time."
Mike Dickert (USA)
August 30, 2014
Easy to use
"I just wanted to express my appreciation and delight with your movie collection software. It is very well done, easy to use and exactly what I was looking for. Best one I found out of 8 "comparable" products. Thanks again!"
Duane Cabrera (USA)
August 26, 2014
Amazing software
"First I want to thank you for such an amazing software!
I purchased the standard Movie version some time back and it has been an awesome tool for me!"
Amy Burroughs (USA)
August 08, 2014
On top of the list
"I own hundreds of movies and I never knew that a program like this ever existed. Now, I can catalogue my vast collections and manage more effectively. I didn't review other programs but this one was on top of the list and I go with my instinct and I am happy I did."
Terence Jailall (USA)
July 18, 2014
Movie Collector
"Thanks for making such a great movie collector application!"
Andrew Reynolds (USA)
July 10, 2014
You progressed right along
"Just so you know I've been using movie collector since 2004 and I love it. It's a great program but I think it's even more wonderful that as technology progressed such as iPhones you progressed right along with it. It's so convenient to be able to pull up my movie library on my iPhone when I'm at the store so I don't re-buy movies I already own."
Erik Hann (USA)
July 01, 2014
Your software
"Folks, you're the best! I've always loved working with your software."
George Carman (USA)
June 15, 2014
Movie Collector
"Just hit my next goal for Movie Collector. Technically I have 1,040 But since I go by content, (there are a few dvds that have four movies in one case) I now have 1,060. Thank you so much for making this program so it is easier for me to see what movie/tv show I don't already have."
Courtney Lewis (USA)
May 26, 2014
The best
"Please continue to improving your software because it's the best out there on the market."
Denis Menard (USA)
May 25, 2014
Couldn't do without it
"The Movie Collector program is AWESOME!
I couldn't do without it, especially when shopping for new discs. So well thought out. Fields for EVERYTHING a collector could possibly want to enter."
Les Perkins (USA)
May 01, 2014
Just a big thank you!
"I've always tried to imagine the perfect piece of software. Never thought it would happen until I used Movie Collector. Absolutely perfect. Support (I admit I could have done more research) was outstanding. Does everything I desire except I can't click on the actress and have her appear in my living room. Oh well, can't have everything.
Stunning job. You are to be congratulated, skip the "to be" part, my congratulations to all involved. If you ever consider a Canadian branch, let me know. I'd be proud to work for such a perfection driven outfit."
Graham Thomas (Canada)
April 23, 2014
The best
"As always you guys have the best collector software and also the best customer service of all the software on my machine."
T. Gavin (USA)
April 08, 2014
"Let me tell you that after years of using CATraxx and CATVids I have just purchased Movie Collector and Music Collector. I ran the export / import process and it all worked - perfectly. Best of all, I could see that it all worked in the trial version so I bought the licenses straight away. Well done."
Glenn Crippa (Singapore)
April 04, 2014
Good program
"Thank you for making a good program better. I have 3 kids who take advantage of my collection. With the loan feature I'm able to keep it from diminishing."
Robert Regyis (USA)
February 28, 2014
Great product
"Thank you very much for the follow up and diligence in support to customers.
It is because of this I continue to utilize the great product of Movie Collector as my database indexer for my hobby of film collecting."
Ryan Hsu (USA)
February 25, 2014
A keeper
"I just purchased the desktop and Android version of your movie software, and I'd like to say I'm very impressed, it's the best I've tried, and I've downloaded and installed/tried and eventually uninstalled 10-15 different apps, and yours is a keeper, works very well"
John Chapman (Canada)
February 17, 2014
Find them in a second
"Thx to you guys for all the help, the regular updates and fantastic apps. I have well over 1,000 DVDs (not many by some standards I guess) but I have them all in 100 slot folders and because of your App can find them in a second."
Bill Max (United Kingdom)
February 13, 2014
Great product
"I just wanted to thank each of you personally for adding the "Title First Letter" as a folder option. I have over 2,000 movies and it sure helps to get quickly to each alpha group. I had suggested it, and I am sure others, quite some time ago. Thanks again, great product."
Mike Dillard (USA)
February 09, 2014
So worth the money !!
"LOL wow, looks like our collection we have over 1600 and this program is so worth the money !! Especially when Walmart has crazy sales on DVDs and seasons ! No more doubles !"
Stephanie Jesmer-Harrison (USA)
January 12, 2014
"Now, please do let me say here that your program is fabulous, no, really incredible, especially for a computer dolt and dunderhead like me. I started inputting my collection last night and so far it works superbly, it is very easy to use and intuitive in it's design, and very quickly becomes comfortable for someone like me to use and I will here say enjoy. I have somewhere north of (1,000) movies and TV series in my collection to input, which will take a while but probably not long, I'm already midway through the B's after only one evening's work on it."
Andre Arnold (USA)
January 10, 2014
So easy and fun
"Just want to say thank you! I bought Movie Collector and CLZ Barry last night and cataloged over 200 movies in less than 45 minutes. It was so easy and fun - even my wife and kids were amazed.
I cannot wait to move on to my 4,000+ cd's, lp's, etc. with Music Collector!"
Chris Simpson (USA)
January 09, 2014
"This is such a fantastic program that I will be using it for the rest of my life. To my knowledge there is not other program that can compare to your program. All I have to do is import my text file listing my movie titles and you system does the rest for me. All I have to do is point and click and presto, all the information for the movie is instantly added to my database. Simply fantastic program."
Larry E Weidner (USA)
January 03, 2014

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Movie Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
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Movie Collector reviews in 2013:

Proving invaluable
"I would just like to say how pleased I am with Movie Collector which is proving invaluable, especially as my DVD collection is currently approaching 400 titles and growing by the week. I am also beginning to add some Blu-ray titles, although I only have about 20 at the moment."
Graham Bennett (United Kingdom)
December 31, 2013
Awesome application
"Awesome application. Movie Collector. I have around 4,000 films on Dvd or Digital Files. Love using the Cloud to allow friends to view and ask for loans."
Bud Chapman (Brunei)
December 27, 2013
By far the best
"Up to now, I have tried several applications for managing my (large-about 3.000 movies) collection! Movie Collector is by far the best and most easy to handle..."
George Paleologos (Greece)
December 19, 2013
Finally going to get organized
"I'm excited to start using this program again. I purchased this a very long time ago when it first came out...but I didn't really implement it. Now, with the iPhone scanner app, I'm finally going to get organized."
Danny Fitz (USA)
December 14, 2013
"Can't tell you how many DVD's and CD's that I bought duplicates of (because I didn't remember if I had them) before Collector Movie & Collector Music. Now if you had Collector Recipes for my wife, I wouldn't spend hours looking for a recipe for her. is the cats meow!"
Larry Nuese (USA)
December 04, 2013
Don't buy more then one copy
"Program is great to have on phone and computer so that we don't buy more then one copy as it is hard to remember over 1,000 movies."
Laura Moller (USA)
November 26, 2013
Not buying dupes
"Thanks for a nice application, it has saved me lots of moneyfrom not buying dupes from the bargain bins, and also reminding me how much stuff I have bought but not yet watched :-)"
Lars Olof Norell (Sweden)
November 04, 2013
The best
"I love collecting movies and your program is the best that I have ever seen."
Dale Caudle (USA)
October 28, 2013
Simplified my life
"I will also take the time to thank you so much for all your amazing products. It has simplified my life regarding organizing and keeping track of all my records."
Ulf Widen (Sweden)
October 26, 2013
Loving this new version
"Am absolutely loving this new version and the new payment system."
Donald Harvey (USA)
October 26, 2013
Find any movie easily!
"By the way, many thanks to! My movies are in my computer, on my iphone, and online. Alphabetized on the shelves for anyone to find any movie easily!"
Chris Luce (USA)
October 02, 2013
Organization is the Key
"Organization is the Key and with Collectorz Movie Collector it easy to find the Science Fiction or Fantasy movie that I want in my collection.
Neatly alphabetically sorted and separated between DVD and Blu-ray Disc.
784 movie titles containing 1278 Disks."
Paul Dubey (USA)
October 01, 2013
MILES ahead
"I must say that this program is MILES ahead from any other Similar program. I cannot commend you enough for the amazing quality, that this programs brings to any collectors of movies, films, books, comics, etc..
Thank You for giving me the best organization of my multimedia organization possible."
Michael Diaz (USA)
September 29, 2013
1.536 and growing
"Without you help, my collection would be a mess. Thank you.
51 blu-ray, 1.065 dvd, 18 iTunes, 125 laserdisc, 1 umd, 55 video cd, 1 video disc, 166 vudu and 53 other = 1.536 and growing."
Dennis Jankowski II (USA)
September 28, 2013
So beautiful
"I love it so much, I have bought your other programs: book, music, comic, game. Please tell whoever is in charge that these programs are so beautiful, they might as well be described as an art form. Wonderful in every sense of the word, a thousand times more than I could ever hope for in such programs.
There are so many things that are so much better in your programs than your competitors, I couldn't even begin to say how great they are. The fact that so much info can be downloaded simply by adding an ISBN is amazing. For my series on DVD and Blu-ray, they are rather HUGE with information, so it's so wonderful to get all the episodes downloaded with dates, writers, directors, etc. FOR EACH EPISODE. I have dozens of other things I glowingly praise to myself each day I use this program. Thank you again.
I've never written anything like this about any program I've purchased, but I felt I had to write to you. Thank you again!!!"
Shon Edwards (USA)
September 25, 2013
2,000 Movies
"I have some 2,000 movies about 900 are DVDs. I started my collection in 1979. Why I collect them is difficult to explain but why does any collector do it. It is great for having a couple in for dinner and a classic movie and we are doing that this weekend."
Robert Adlam (USA)
September 19, 2013
Collection of 5,500 titles
"Without your program I couldn't possibly find anything in a collection of 5,500 titles and 11,000 discs! You're a life saver."
Douglas MacLean (USA)
August 30, 2013
Have found a few dubbies
"Oh dear ... I think we have too many films .... nearly done on the actual cataloguing and I'm on 819 but because we have lots of TV shows one season will show as 1 'film' but in fact in our DVD cases it might take up 8 slots in our sleeves ... so in disc terms we're around 1,200 discs (or maybe more) ... haven't finished organising yet but it's been worth it all !!! Have found a few doubles too that have now been given as pressies to friends !!! How would I cope without your software ?? I guess the answer is 'I wouldn't !'"
Mandy Inglis (United Kingdom)
August 10, 2013
User friendly programs for everyone
"I honestly have recommended this program to many people, even one last night at 'Best Buy' who was just going to start digitizing his movie collection. Your customer service is just as terrific as your program. I've just downloaded your 'Music' program and I am now looking forward to using it.
Keep up the fantastic work and we will keep recommending your efforts and success at having developed a user friendly programs
for everyone from Novice to Expert."
Lawrence Townsend (USA)
July 30, 2013
Never enough
"No matter how many movies I collect, it is never enough!"
Doug Bruner (USA)
July 28, 2013
Soooooo happy
"I have just upgraded both to V9 and also downloaded the IOS version of Movie Collector for my phone. Soooooo happy.
Thanks once again, this is an amazing program, have used it for some years now."
Bud Chapman (Brunei)
July 04, 2013
What a great product
"Finally!! The software I've been looking for. What a great product. I love the look of the GUI and the info it shows about the movies. I can edit anything I please and just recently figured out the individual episode controls so that each episode fires right from the screen list.
This product works well with VLC Player. It's so much easier to rip my hundreds of titles to HDD and use this product to manage them.
I created several databases. One for the movies, one for the TV shows, and one for the music dvds. The info that downloads for the TV shows is WOW! I was so addicted to loading the movies in the first few days after purchase I spent 5 hours straight on the first batch...and did nothing but brag about it to friends and family. I have recommended this to all my friends that love their multimedia set-up as much as I do.

I was so impressed I purchased the .mp3 software as well. I consult a few radio stations and it is the perfect solution for data-basing and searching songs that aren't loaded into their existing automation software and playing from a second tower through the broadcast console during request shows.
Again thanks."

Steve Hatter (USA)
June 12, 2013
"I have nearly 6,000 movies. Finding your program in 2005 was a godsend!"
Dan Sturgill (USA)
June 07, 2013
Incredible program
"I've been using this incredible program since 2003 and still use it today, thank you very much. The Movie Library Collection has over 1,000 entries."
Claude T. Girouard (Canada)
June 06, 2013
I would be lost
"I have over 12,500 Movie Titles (approx. 1,900 Movies -as some are in multi pack sets) and have been a user of Movie Collectors for years. I would be lost with out their automatic inventory. I also just ordered the Cat Scanner pen, to make adding new Movies even more easy, Love It :)"
Bart Rejrat (USA)
May 31, 2013
You make life good
"I have 4,019 of my 5,175 movies linked to my Collectorz data base.
That's almost both my 3 TB harddrives! Love it. This way my DVDs do not get scrached and my lazy self does not have to put them away.
You make life good. Thank you."
Jason Heisch (USA)
May 17, 2013
Would be lost without it
"My Collectorz Movie has all my movies and box sets and I would be lost without it. I also use Connect which is especially helpful when I am at the store and I can check my database to make sure I don't buy a duplicate, (or triplicate which has happened before connect!)"
Scott Semrau (USA)
May 17, 2013
Keep track
"I love how easy it is to catalogue my movies and keep track of what I already have just by typing in the barcode :)"
Karen A. Cook (USA)
May 14, 2013
Catalogued in detail
"Over 1,300 movies. Thanks to the program I have the all catalogued in detail."
Stacy Jo Rush (USA)
May 13, 2013
By far the best solution
"The combination Movie Collector, CLZ Movies and syncing via Connect, is by far the best solution I have found in order to get track on +4,000 titles in a variety of formats - I got it a few weeks ago, I will keep on evaluating for a few months, but for the first time ever I even consider deleting my Excel-chart..."
PeO Andersson (Sweden)
April 16, 2013
I like it a lot
"Just upgraded to the lastest MAC version, nice clean up grade. Really slick links to IMDB. So far I like it a lot. Nice Job"
Ron Malouin (USA)
April 14, 2013
"I have been using the Movie Collector for several months now and I am impressed with the software. I have 2,600 plus movies (some are on the wish list). The program does not slow down or hesitate no matter how much information I input.
I only had one issue that Alwin straightened out for me and he was quick to do it. This tells me that your level of customer service is very high."
Jackie Beard (USA)
April 11, 2013
Great company, great people
"I wanted to thank you for the prompt attention you gave my problem of paying when i did not have to pay. Also wanted to tell you the new version is great. Still so easy to navigate over the whole program and so easy to use.
Great company, great people."
Stephen Parlefsky (USA)
April 04, 2013
Keeps getting better
"Cheese!!! Who says you can't build a better Mouse Trap?
You guys are the cats meow. Just took my first trip with MAC/9 and I Love It.
Thanks to "All" at Collector Z. It just keeps getting better."
Larry Nuese (USA)
April 03, 2013
Faster than a speeding bullet
"You guys were faster than a speeding bullet and friendlier than Peter Parker.
You fixed my problem with ease and no further cost.
I am impressed. A big thanks."
David Glorioso (USA)
March 20, 2013
"Been adding to my movie database throughout the day ... on film 402 and sooooooooooo many more to add ... this will take forever !! Am getting rid of all the boxes & storing in a DVD case ... Loving how much more space I have though ...
Am enjoying this de-cluttering :-)"
Mandy Inglis (United Kingdom)
March 16, 2013
"I am happily enjoying the program.
I want to complement you on your quick service and all of the very helpful emails you send about the program."
Greg Schasiepen (USA)
March 12, 2013
G R E A T !
"I just wanted to let you know what a GREAT program you have with Movie Collectorz. I have film titles on 16mm, 35mm, VHS, Laser Disc, DVD and now Blu-ray. I would guess that I have several thousand titles.

I live in the Los Angeles area, and have a number of friends who are in the film industry, and have bought a couple of them copies of your program.
It is great, however, I have one complaint: I like it so much, that I become a bit obsessive with it and spend WAY too much time with it, as it is so enjoyable."
Vince Connor (USA)
February 27, 2013
An amazing product
"I bought (after downloading the Trial) Book Collector in December and am loving it soooo much ~ thank you :-) ... Now my Hubby said I think it's time to buy the Movie Collector ... so we're just testing it and we're so impressed ~ it's wonderful to see it's exactly the same (I know it sounds obvious but not every companies seems to get that !!) ... fairly certain we will be buying the Pro edition within a few weeks ! ~
Thank you so much for such an amazing product .. I know this won't be for everyone as lots of people like to see their collection but we're trying to 'downsize' before moving and we don't want to get rid of anything ~ your collector software will allow us to put the hundreds of DVDs in small(ish) storage cases and have all the 'covers' and info to hand on our laptop ~ Brilliant :-)"
Mandy Inglis (United Kingdom)
February 24, 2013
Brilliant piece of software
"Utterly brilliant!
Thank you so much for support´s patience, you´ve turned an already brilliant piece of software into a simple UI. Getting under the skin of MovieCollector can be tricky but the results are invariably great."
Gary Leach (United Kingdom)
February 22, 2013
"What a pleasure it is to be a part of an organization that keeps expanding service and innovation for your customers.
Version 9.1 of Movie Collector is evidence that is customer based.
Thank you."
George Dyer (USA)
February 20, 2013
"Your software is incredible. I could not handle all my DVDs without it.
And I might add your customer support is also commendable.
Thank you very much again and again."
George Schneider (USA)
February 18, 2013
Over the moon
"I recently purchased the MoviePro upgrade and am totally over the moon with it.
I especially like the 'Light Wood' look - I think this looks sooo cool!
Thanks once again for some FANTASTIC programmes."
Paul Cowell (United Kingdom)
January 29, 2013
In order!
"Thanks for all that you do! You have put my music and movie collection in order! You rock!"
Steve Hicks (USA)
January 25, 2013
much more smoother
"I've been using the updated 9 for a few weeks now. Seems much more smoother than the 8 especially with the amount of movies I have in there. Great app!!"
Duane Hyer (USA)
January 11, 2013
"I just want to say Thank You for the way you do business.
Not only is your Movie Collector software great but you are "not" constantly trying to nickel and dime us to death with every update like a lot of other software companies do.
Even your latest upgrades are very affordable.

Once again, THANK YOU! Keep up the great work!"

Dennis Ouellette (USA)
January 09, 2013

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Movie Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
what's new »
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
what's new »

Movie Collector reviews in 2012:

"Thank you, Sytske! This worked great. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly and during the holidays. Your software is fantastic.
Merry Christmaz to you and your family!"
Jesse Nesser (USA)
December 25, 2012
"To be honest guys this is the BEST PACKAGE SOFTWARE out there, I spent months typing all my Films in a Excel format with Formulas advising me what was lent out to friends and family and the different kind of films such as Action/Comedy/Drama UNTIL I CAME across CLZ just made my life 1,000 times easy."
Leo Phoenix (USA)
December 24, 2012
OCD Virgoness
"I LOVE LOVE LOVE the program, so organized and efficient. Appeals to my OCD Virgoness."
Laura Sherwood (USA)
December 19, 2012
Great job
"I'm using Movie Collectorz and Music Collectorz for many years. Last year I added the Android add-on for both and they didn't disapoint me. Yes, i'm totally satisfied about the features of my collectorz programs.
Maybe there are beter programs and apps, I can't imagine but it could be. The main reason that i still using the Collectorz software is there incredible support. Very fast response and always a usable answer.
Great job guys. Keep the good working up!"
Peter Lammersma (Netherlands)
December 19, 2012
Above and beyond
"I would like to thank you and the rest of your staff. You guys have gone above and beyond.
I am extremely satisfied with the program and the service that I've gotten from you guys!

Bravo-Zulu....military talk to you guys."

Daniel Nazario (USA)
December 15, 2012
"The look is great. I chose the Metro template.
The feature I like most is the link between actor/director to IMDB. This whole update is awesome."
Martin Schlissel (USA)
December 14, 2012
Efficient and professional
"You guys are the best! For you to have a program to allow recent upgraders to move to the latest edition is amazing, but for you to tell me about it without my having to ask is outstanding customer service.

I have always valued your services for my movies and CDs and now I can do so with complete confidence that I will be taken care of. This is especially great because I think my initial emails were confusing and somewhat angry, but you have always been efficient and professional.

Thank you again."

Ken Russell (USA)
December 13, 2012
Best one ever
"Well you outdid yourselves on this upgrade, best one ever. It is so clean & simple.
The "glass" background is a real nice touch. The transparent background in the details section is super cool.
Hopefully it will not take too long to master all the new features............... Thanks"
Dave Conger (USA)
December 13, 2012
Unicode support
"First of all, thank you very much for the new release of your Movie Collector!
It's really gorgeous, especially the unicode support (works perfectly)."
Paul Friesen (Germany)
December 13, 2012
Very good job
Many thanks for the new license key of the new version of Movie Collector.
After a first start I like it very, very much especially the new program appearance (icons etc.) is much more professional and appropriate for the Movie Collector. Fantastic!
I use version 7 of the Book Collector (all of the icons look very old-fashioned :-( )and hope a new version will be as great as the new Movie Collector.

The new page design is very fantastic, too, and the page text regarding image background is now much more readable and looks clean and modern.
You have done a very good job!!!

Now I look forward to seeing more of Movie Collector after I finished this email."

Olaf Oliver Riemer (Germany)
December 13, 2012
Very good experience
"When a collection reaches more than 2,000 entries only you dear programers can help.
A very good experience along the several updates. Congratulations to you."
Kalliope Pappamikail (Portugal)
December 12, 2012
You give me what I like
"I really like the new main interface with the list of folders and items in hierarchical order on the left and the items on the right. Much more logical and useful. Thanks for all the hard work.
This would be a good direction for Music, too. (hint, hint). Most of the time, I feel like developers just change stuff for the sake of change and usually make it worse.
As usual, you guys just seem to read my mind and give me what I like. If only Microsoft would do this!"
eMusicMan (USA)
December 12, 2012
Just want to say THANK YOU
"I recently discovered MovieCollector while trying to help a friend with his (obviously) movie collection...he has a few thousand DVD and Blu-Ray, and is basically our neighborhood sharing point for any films. But he was having troubles figuring out who had what film, and what he even had (especially with sequels etc) so basically, I went looking for a solution, and found your wonderful software!

5 minutes testing it.....and he bought the pro version with a laser scanner!

A couple weeks later, I was looking at my book collection (rough guess, between my wife and I at least 10k) and realized....I know a company that makes a book collection software.......

10 minutes later...........bought it.

So basically, thank you for making some really great software that has made 2 new customers very happy....and these 2 will definitely recommend your products to others!"

William Ebaugh (Germany)
December 11, 2012
"Just got MC V9. Very cool! Good job to all of you! I look forward to discovering new stuff I can really use.
The new interface is very nice. I haven't gotten into the "extras" yet, but what I can see on start-up is excellent!"
Ernest Edward Putt Jr. (USA)
December 11, 2012
Far superior
"Love the new Movie Collectorz software.
The 'folder genre' list is now very good indeed and the look and feel of the whole interface is far superior. I look forward to exploring all the new features in depth just thought I should give you my immediate reaction to all your hard work."
Alan Gardner (USA)
December 11, 2012
Keeps getting better
"The best collection software keeps getting better.
The new features go beyond the typical new release fluff changes; they represent real advancements to the look and feel of the program as well as improvements to the interface and control of the data.
I could not manage my collection of over 5,000 titles without it."
Douglas MacLean (USA)
December 11, 2012
VERY happy
"By the way, I have to say:
- your programm is the awesome!
- your support is great!
- your price is unbelivable!
- your customer (me) is VERY happy

Thank you from Switzerland."

Saverio Carfora (Switzerland)
December 10, 2012
This is GREAT!
"I received my bar-code scanner Thursday and spent most of yesterday using it to add DVDs and Blue-ray movies to my library. This is GREAT!
I will recommend your program software and scanner to all my friends and family.
Thanks again."
William DeHart (Germany)
December 09, 2012
More fun
"Just looked at the new upgrades coming, can't wait to order. Looks like more fun to catalog collection!"
Carletta Mosby (USA)
December 07, 2012
"Thank you for inquiring, but I am so satisfied by your application that I have been working on it for the past day and a half.

I was successful in downloading the program into my Sony Vaio and then I did the same thing with my Apple computer with no trouble.

I was just printing my list of 64 films that I have integrated with no major troubles. It is so easy especially when you are a little bit familiar with such applications.

So congratulations, you have made just another happy customer with me. My next step is to buy a storage system, either mecanical or electrical found on Amazon. but I will do that after New Years...

So thanks again, it is very rare to receive such close attention from the sellers these days; it's refreshing; just keep doing it; it's appreciated."

Richard Theriault (USA)
December 06, 2012
Best software I ever owned
"I absolutely LOVE the Movies products. By far, the best piece of software I have ever owned. 850 movies now at my fingertips - and I can finally provide the catalog to family members, most of which love to come by and borrow them."
Kevin Kelly (USA)
November 25, 2012
One of the best support teams
"Thank you for coming back to me so quickly and thank you for the extra discount. I am very grateful to receive this.

It's great to see that you are taking care of your existing customers as well as potential new customers.

I've got to say that you have one of the best support teams out there and look forward to using your products for many years to come.

I have taken advantage of the offer that you have given me and have now upgraded to pro. So thank you again for that."

Gary Casserley (United Kingdom)
November 20, 2012
Fixed it as spromised within 24 hours
"Had a small problem with movie collectorz, bluray-, dvd icons etc where not displayed anymore...
customer support fixed it as spromised within 24 hours... awesome :)"
Andreas Kilb (Germany)
November 16, 2012
Great customer serivce
"I wish to thank Chris Davidson for a great job attending to my problem updating the Movie Collector app. Over 3 days, Chris patiently took me step-by-step on different ways to solve the problem. If one idea did not work, he'd come up with another. This went on until I managed to update successfully.

Great customer service. Many thanks Chris!"

Noy Dy-Liacco (Philippines)
November 16, 2012
It's a great program
"I have been been using Movie Collector for a lot years and think it's a great program which keeps getting better all the time. And you provide some of the best customer support I've ever worked with."
Raymond Williams (USA)
November 09, 2012
Love your products
"Love your products and customer service and web based movie connection for my movie collection!"
John Holden (USA)
October 30, 2012
The best
"Love your software; the best I've tried, for cataloging my collection!
As an artist, movie star images rank among my favorite subjects."
Dale Lewis (USA)
October 30, 2012
Thank you
"Collectorz World

I just wanted to send you an email to say "thank you". I just received your reply to my problem this morning and I can say I have never had a problem resolved so fast as this was. Thank you again for your fast response and not only did you resolved my original problem but I never knew about the right click until I received answer with the additional info on the right click on the MAC OS X and it fixed that problem also.

It sure is great to have someone who knows what they are doing.
Great program & service!"

Bob Crutchfield (USA)
October 27, 2012
In a word, FANTASTIC!
"I can hardly wait for the scanner to arrive. So far, the customer service from your company is great. I appreciate the informative emails.
I have practiced adding some things to my database without the scanner and have been exploring the other characteristics of your program.
In a word, FANTASTIC! I have more than 4,000 movies in my collection and a large number of books (not as many) as well.

Thanks a lot for this program!"

John Bernhardt (USA)
October 10, 2012
So much fun
"I love it! I was about to do a manual inventory of my DVD's in Excel then it occured to me that there has to be a program out there that does this automatically for me. It is so much fun and easy to document my DVD's.
This may sound funny but the moment I clicked on the first movie I was researching I was in love with the program. I will continue to play around with the software to see it's full potential.

Thank you for having a brain bigger than mine and designing something that would free up a lot of my time."

Evette Murch (USA)
October 10, 2012
"Just Purchased you product yesterday, I LOVE IT! Wish I'd known about your pruduct sooner.
Michael Kenyon (USA)
October 09, 2012
Couldn't do without
"I started with Movie Collector Pro Windows v4 years ago and have upgraded ever since.
I do not know what I would do with my collection of over 1,600 dvds if it wasnt for the database."
William Stonehouse (United Kingdom)
October 03, 2012
Handy when I am shopping
"Just want to say I bought your movie and book systems and could not be happier. So great to have all my movie list handy when I am shopping."
Robert Walterman (USA)
October 02, 2012
You guys have the best
"Just a note to say you guys have the best manual / troubleshooting / help files I have ever seen. After having to use the manual a few times over the years, there has always been a hold my hand and walk me through solution."
S. Gavin (USA)
September 17, 2012
"This program, one made by collectors, is the best thing I have ever seen. Wonderful! It sure saved me an immense amount of time and aggravation! I really can't express enough how much I love your software. A few years ago, I used an older version of Microsoft Access to catalog about a thousand books, and that was such a major project that I soon gave up when I tried to use it to make a DVD catalog. At that point, I Googled programs for it, and your program appeared to be the best organized as easiest to use, so I purchased the pro version right away. Best investment I have made in a long time! Wow! Just so easy to use! I had a catalog of my 333 movies (And growing weekly) in no time at all. You made it a lot of fun to do, and now I don't even have to print it out.
I have a great way now to share the list with my friends and family, and I have the mobile app on my smart phone, too. Now I won't buy a duplicate DVD ever again. I can't think of anything better or easier.
Thank you very, very much!"
Jim Smedley (USA)
August 27, 2012
Passed the 4,200 mark
"Our movie collection has passed the 4,200 mark. I'm greatful for the location function.
And i'm REALLY greatful for the good support from the staff.
Have the app. on my samsung galaxy SII, always nice to be able to look in the
collection when im out shopping."
Kenneth Bögh (Denmark)
August 26, 2012
Love the ease of use
"I have used Movie Collector for several years and love the ease of use. I have refered several people to your web site and know a couple that also use Movie Collector and or at least one other program.
Thank you for the great programs."
Harvey Terry (USA)
August 20, 2012
"I just finished downloading all of my movies and I am amazed at how all encompassing your software is. You made a daunting task a breeze and a pleasure."
Clem Reker (USA)
August 17, 2012
Love it
"Just wanted to pop in and say that i have been using your movie and book software for a while and still love it. I would love to be able to upgrade to the newest versions, but due to health issues, I cant afford even the reasonable charge to upgrade my programs.
Which the versions I have is still excellent. Please keep up the terrific work you all do."
Terre Teel (USA)
August 17, 2012
Be lost without it
"I have had your movie collector for years and would be lost without it.
Thanks, keep up the stellar work."
Bill Howard (Canada)
August 15, 2012
List my DVDs
"Great way to list my dvds."
Antony Byron (United Kingdom)
August 10, 2012
Very happy with Movie Collector....
"I just wanted to let you know that I am very happy with movie collector! It is a joy to spend time with my film collection together with movie collector. I have sent a couple of mails with questions and every mail has been replied quickly and with my utmost satisfaction."
Edwin Biekart (Netherlands)
August 07, 2012
"This program is amazing. I love how I can sync with my smart phone and see exactly what movies I have when I go shopping."
Stacy Jo Rush (USA)
August 04, 2012
It is simply the best
"If you collect, you NEED this, it is simply the best!"
Thom Koshinsky (USA)
August 04, 2012
1,200+ movie collection
"Thank you for an amazing program and the ipad app. The two of them in combination has solved my sorting problems, I am eternally grateful and so is my 1,200+ movie collection.
Keep up the fantastic work!"
Marcus Persson (Sweden)
July 29, 2012
Fun to use
"Great programs and fun to use."
Andrew Burton-Fullick (United Kingdom)
July 22, 2012
"Love your software, been using Movie collector for years. Just started linking my movie files in the database. SWEET!!"
Jason Heisch (USA)
July 14, 2012
"One of the best programs onthe market. GREAT JOB!"
Emory Hook III (USA)
July 04, 2012
"I am most excited about the fact that I can use my little bar code scanner to manage my loaned movies both in and out. Awesome!"
David A Carey Sr (USA)
June 30, 2012
Mike Kohler
"I currently have 2,700 DVDs I just added to your software and we love it.
We've been collecting DVDs since 2000 and haven't stopped. I built my own software to inventory them using a scanner but got too busy to continue development so I was excited to see that you've taken your software to that next step.
Barcode for Barry is awesome. I was able to scan all our movies in 2 days. We've bought the whole suite and are very happy with results so far..."
Mike Kohler (USA)
June 28, 2012
Bally awesome!!
"Hey guys, just like to give you all a big thanks... lost my database locally due to being to drunk to drive a computer!!!
lo and behold, I was able to import it back from connect... bally awesome!!"
Terence K Morrison (Australia)
May 30, 2012
4,800+ movies
"Without your help, I could not have kept up with my 4,800+ movies"
Stephen Chance (USA)
May 30, 2012
"A great way to keep your collections organized."
Alden Bodwell (USA)
May 30, 2012
For years
"I've been using Movie Collector for years.
Do I like it? Do bears s**t in the woods?"
Barry Chitwood (USA)
May 30, 2012
All 573 movies
"On Movie Collector, I upgraded to Pro, got the online connection to see my movie list from my cell phone, and got all 573 movies logged in. Working well!
I enjoy friendly people. And good software!"
Mark Riggenbach (USA)
May 28, 2012
Working perfect
"Hey Collectorz :)
I just received my Opticon C37 ccd scanner today, and it working perfect :)
Now i can make my movielist. Thank you so much! its AWESOME!"
Kim Skammelsen (Denmark)
May 21, 2012
Great Program
"I would like to let you know that this is the greatest program that I have found yet and well worth the price. I have been looking for a program of this nature for a very long time, it is so easy to use because I have thousands of movies and t.v. series in my collection.And all my movies are in so many different formats and with your program, It makes it a breeze to keep up with them, So again, I say THANK YOU FOR THE TIME AND EFFORT AND THE PASSION,AND I DO MEAN PASSION OR BETTER THE PRIDE, YOU PUT INTO THIS PROGRAM !!!"
William Hartmann (USA)
May 16, 2012
I would be lost
"I would be lost without your software. Especially with a large collection like mine."
Ronald Sobieski (USA)
May 16, 2012
Keeping track
"Great program for keeping track of Movie, Music, Book, Game or Photo collections.
I especially like the Movie Collectorz!"
Harvey Terry (USA)
May 11, 2012
Wow, simplicity!!
"Scanned in 100 dvd/blu rays within 20 minutes.
Cue Cat scanner took a little getting used to, but once I got the hang of it - wow, simplicity!!
I had about 5 movies that didn't come up right away. But the tool to scan by title and then pick out the correct version worked like a charm."
Linda Pattison (USA)
May 10, 2012
It is brilliant
"Just wanted to say I have just started using the movie database and it is brilliant,
catalogued about 250 dvd's with a bar code scanner in about half an hour."
Perry Panayiotou (United Kingdom)
May 08, 2012
In about an hour
"Did an entire inventory of DVD's (Only 300) in about an hour last night with the scanner. Love it!!!!!
I'm still figuring things out, but I sure like this software..."
Goose Gosswiller (USA)
April 22, 2012
Thank you a 100 times
"Thank you a 100 times - I have been a Mac user for over 10 years and could not find a decent programme to catalogue my music cd or movie collection - have over 4,000 music cds and 2,000 movies. :-D
Thanks again for creating these programmes."
Margaret Lunel (India)
April 20, 2012
595 DVDs in a flash
"Love your product. Scanned 595 DVDs in a flash...with my iPhone!!!
Recommend it to anyone that will listen. I just show them my collection and all of the features. Cool."
Mark Klug (USA)
April 13, 2012
Wonderful programs
"hi guys i ordered a barcode scanner from you and just to let you know i received it today in great condition and operating well.
i just wanted to say thank you for a quick delivery time and thank you for having such wonderful programs and acc as well. i have already used it tonight when i got home and its fantastic and if i scan anything not on the data base i will have no hassles in sending it back to the data base to assist further collectors.
Once again thanks for all your help and services.
Sincerely one very happy customer from Australia."
Drew Dilena (Australia)
April 05, 2012
Excellent software
"I just bought Movie Collector and I love it!!!!
Thank you very much for this excellent software! ;-)"
Antonis WolfBack (USA)
April 05, 2012
The best ever
"Hi and greetings from near Sydney Australia!!! I'm a 60 year old grandmother of 6 and I love the software!!!
For over 12 years I have been using an Excel spreadsheet to collate my 1,000+ private movies. But I got to the stage that sometimes I couldn't remember the title but I could remember the actors. I could not believe how simple it was to tranfer ALL my movies across!! All there is to do is to "update online" each title & change DVD cover (which is worth it ) and then by using the searh field eg: for an actor and then it pulls up all the movies associated with the actors! YEAH!
The best ever for so little cost!!!"
Ingrid Layton (United Kingdom)
March 24, 2012
Great list of stats
"I absolutely LOVE Movie Collectorz.
So easy to add and great list of stats. 1,124 movies / TV Series, 82.6% DVDs 17.4% Blu-rays."
Colin Hartley (United Kingdom)
February 29, 2012
I love it
"I love it. The best edition yet. Keep up the good work guys & girls!!"
Curtis Thomas (USA)
February 24, 2012
A dream come true
"All the work put in over the 14 plus years is a dream come true for me.
I've started loading my DVD list. It'll take a while with over 600. My wife and I love movies and we've been very selective and I think we have built quite an eclectic library!"
Howard Mills (United Kingdom)
February 20, 2012
Super impressed
"I am super impressed with it. The display and versatility of the program to handle the inputed information is terrific. It's offering way more than I expected...and the trailer previews are fantastic.
Wonderful product! Thank you."
Niall McGrath (Canada)
February 06, 2012
Your great software
"Thanks, Alwin!

I'm really enjoying adding my movie collection to your great software. I especially love the "Barry" app that allows me to scan them in using my iPod!
I like to do a little programming at times, but never took the time to develop something for myself, and you and your crew have done a great job, it's exactly what I wanted! I have a large DVD / BluRay collection that keeps getting larger, and sometimes it's hard to remember exactly what I have.

Again, thank you!"

Hobert Hampton (USA)
February 02, 2012
I'm really enjoying using it
"I'm new to your software and decided to buy movies first as my collection of over 3,000 DVD's and Blu-Ray's was getting a little hard to manage. I've started cataloguing them all now (will take forever haha) but it's a great programme and I'm really enjoying using it.
Once I'm done with movies I will grab music and books.
Keep up the great work."
Mark Brown (USA)
January 26, 2012
1,795 numbered and in order
"I love my Movie edition, without it I would have bought so many doubles.
I am up to 1,795 movies now and I am able to keep them numbered and in order on my shelves so they are easy to find.
I tell everyone that has lots of movies to get this program!"
Melissa Armington (USA)
January 17, 2012
Don't stop making it better
"Been a Movie Collector user since 2005 when I purchased my first version. Have watched it grow through the years.
Finally broke down and grabbed Buddy for Barry and LOVE IT!! Will be scanning my entire collection in this weekend on my day off and maybe even springing for a connect account as well.

Don't stop making it better."

Michael Simons (USA)
January 09, 2012
Best apps on the planet
"Best apps on the planet, I have more than 1,900 movies, and it is a charm to work with this app.
Love it."
Rene St-pierre (Canada)
January 05, 2012
Be totally lost without it
"Over 5,000 DVD's successfuly listed be totally lost without it guys."
Carl Mitchell (USA)
January 03, 2012
A fabulous program
"May I say what a wonderful piece of software this is.
I've invested in the Pro Version, CLZ Barry and the iPhone and iPad apps and Im really happy. This is truly a fabulous program.
Well done to the team."
Bill Max (United Kingdom)
January 01, 2012

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Movie Collector reviews in 2011:

"Just received the Dec Newsletter and want to say Merry Christmas to you all!
Hope that you all have a Happy, Healthy, Prosperous New Year! So happy that you are all doing well.

Can't tell you enough how wonderful the Movie Collectorz is for my DVDs. I love being able to catalog my dvd's AND be able to keep track of my DVD's when my daughter borrows them!
Take Care!"

Rebecca Arsenault (USA)
December 23, 2011
Love Collectors
"Collectorz totally rocks for large and small DVD and Book collections.
We have all of the different database softwares and have been using it actively since July 2008. Love Collectors.
The hubby just gave me the Android apps as an early christmas present."
Lori Carroll (USA)
December 19, 2011
Big help
"To make a long story short, I am up and running and love the setup so I have purchased a year contract (note: George refers to Movie Collector Connect). That should give me time to get my network up and running such that I can let my local and long distance family see my collection of movies.
My main reason for setting this up online now is for my two grandchildren who are living with me and are avid movie watchers. My young grandson is just on the edge of reading so he can now read the descriptions of movies and know what he really wants to watch. For the past 3 years, I have had to tell him what each movie was all about - drove me crazy because he loves so many different movies. Have to love him and now he is so proud that he can read most of the words and his vocabulary is growing daily.

Thanks again for your help - sorry I am so long-winded in saying thanks, but your product has been a big help in my "Love for Movies" life."

George Fernald (USA)
November 21, 2011
Love the Movie Program
"I so love the Movie Program..
I own over 1,700 movies and this helps me keep track of them so I do not buy double on them. Thank you for creating this!!"
Melissa Armington (USA)
October 10, 2011
Awesome program guys!
"I just got Doug Benson's new comedy CD that includes a bonus DVD of his short lived TV show on Comedy Central and your movie program found it; even the correct image.
Awesome program guys!"
Chris Lambert (USA)
September 28, 2011
So great app!
"I use Movie Collector on my iPad, every time I go out shopping for movies I update beforehand so I don't end up with two copies of the same movie! So great app! Keep up the good work!
Many greetings from Belgium."
Steven Loyens (Belgium)
September 27, 2011
Very very nice
"Greetings from Brazil.

Just to tell you I love the version 8.1, which introduces the new "Cover Flow".
This 3rd viewing mode is very very nice. Thank you!"

Pedro da C. Federighi (Brazil)
September 21, 2011
Coolest program EVER
"Coolest program EVER. I've been looking for something like this for the past 10 years.... I'm glad i finally found it!!!!"
Phil Cameron (USA)
September 18, 2011
Worth every penny
"I've been using the software for about 2 and a half years now, with only ever the most minor of problems, which I've contacted the help team about, and EVERY time I have had a reply back within 24 hours.
The support team, and management, are the most courteous and helpful people I have come across on the net. The software supplied by Collectorz is easy to use and understand, and, in my opinion, is worth every penny I have spent on it.

All I can say is, keep up the good work Collectorz team!"

Chris Cann (United Kingdom)
September 18, 2011
You guys ROCK!!
"Thank you so very much, to tell you the truth, I did not expect such a quick response and great customer experience. I usually don't do testimonials however you guys ROCK!!
I love my database being on the web so I can bring it up any time and anywhere. I have about 600 DVDs and Blu-rays at home, and your Software gave me the ability to place them in a large binder and stored all the covers instead of running out of space filling the cabinets.
I also use your software as a table of contents to my DVD collection now and I don't have to worry about buying Blu-Rays of movies I already owned on DVD. Did that Twice.
Please keep up the great work and thanks again ."
Dale Kelly (USA)
September 16, 2011
"Today I registered all my DVD's and Blu ray movies on my Movie Collector, bought the android app and exported them all to my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc...
NEAT :-)"
Kjell Olaf Winther (Norway)
September 11, 2011
A great item!
"The CLZ Movies HD app for the iPad is a great item!
It makes it simple to show guests a listing of available movies, rather than showing them an Excel spreadsheet or inviting them into my computer room to see the list on Movie Collector.
Score one for the Collectorz team!"
Marty Troum (USA)
September 10, 2011
Well done
"Wow guys this is so great. Others on market don't compare to collectorz. So cheap thanx guys can't wait for next 13 years. Your support is also spot on well done..."
Peter Worthington (Australia)
August 21, 2011
"♥ the new Movie Collector for Windows + CLZ Barry for iPhone! You guys are awesome! :)"
Maia Drachensteen (Norway)
August 10, 2011
The bee's knees
"If you've got more DVD's than you can remember, then you need this product - plain & simple . It's the bee's knees of DVD library products."
John Fenech (Australia)
August 08, 2011
Terrific program
"Thanks again for the terrific program and working with me on the switching of the licenses between platforms. Keep up the great deliveries on your product features and terrific customer support."
Andrew Ramkisson (USA)
August 04, 2011
"I finished entering my collection of over 2,000 dvds this weekend.
It was pretty straightforward and user-friendly. I'm very happy with my purchase."
Tim Hatridge (USA)
August 01, 2011
A bonus
"Well what can I say except Movie Collector is fantastic. I am really enjoying the program.
Everybody who loves their movies should have this , I've been telling some of my friends about too. Thank You Collectorz for the upgrade on my recent purchase.
I was very impressed with version 7 and now to have version 8 is a bonus. Thanks again."
Jason Coutts (Australia)
July 20, 2011
This is BIG
"V8 is the best media software anywhere! CONGRATULATIONS.
I downloaded V8 the day of release and tried everything to use the backdrop image as a template and now find out you have added the backdrop template feature.
Thank you this is BIG for us movie fans."
Jerome Beazley (USA)
July 19, 2011
"It truly does just keep getting better. And I have never come across any software backers that support the product like these guys do. If you have a problem or question you can't find the answer to in the FAQ or manual, in far less than a day, your answer will be in your mailbox.
I love the automated finding of trailers. While there were many independent and foreign films in my collection I had to search out youtube for trailers, it found workable ones for nearly all. Having a trailer embedded, using trailer setting under view is really great.
Sorry for the commercial but I am quite happy with it."
John Touchton (USA)
July 15, 2011
Worth it
"The trailer part alone was worth the upgrade fee!"
Urban Olsson (Sweden)
July 14, 2011
"Just upgraded to Movie Collector 8 for Windows. I just have to say - BLOODY BRILLIANT! Thanks you guys. I am having so much fun updating each and every disc in my collection.
Just updated my Dr Who Series 5 box set and to see all the new relevant episode data appear is a dream come true. This is always what I wanted from this software; the hard work done by someone else!!
Roderick Lane (United Kingdom)
July 13, 2011
Outdone yourselves
"You guys have outdone yourselves on moviecollector 8. The embedded trailer is too cool! You have yourself one very happy, and loyal customer! You guys rock, and thanks for this awesome update!!!"
Derek J Kirkendall (USA)
July 13, 2011
Awesome job
"First, hands of to all you guys for an awesome job you guys/gals did in this new Movie Collector "Vee 8".
I've been a customer since your first version of the MC (or close to it, I believe), and just when I thougt there's nothing else to add to this already excellent software, you guys kept "Pushing the Envelope" and brought a whole bunch of cool new features.
You guys rock!"
Armando Torres (USA)
July 13, 2011
A big thank you
"No questions. Just a big thank you and your team for the update to Ver 8 of the movie collector.
I never knew that compiling a cataloge could be so easy. I will certainly pass the news on to my friends."
Dugald McMillan (Australia)
July 13, 2011
Love the enhancements!
"I downloaded it today and love the enhancements!"
Chuck Nance (USA)
July 13, 2011
Great job
"Downloaded this morning and ran the auto update. 655 movies later all is running well...
Great job, clean release and everything looks awsome. Great job team!!!!!
Time to explore now..."
Dennis Bussow (USA)
July 13, 2011

"Just download v8 and am loving updating my catalog. The episodes for TV series and the trailers being added. i love it. It is so worth the upgrade price."
Jay Orlikoff (USA)
July 12, 2011
Love the new update
"I LOVE the new update. Thanks to everyone involved. I REALLY love the addition of the trailers. Again I thank you all. Oh yea, and the additional info on the TV Series is WONDERFUL!"
Charles Darlage (USA)
July 12, 2011
Blown away
"it took only a few minutes after downloading Vee 8 to find myself blown away.
The base line conversion of my existing data base was seamless but to get the new data uploaded i have to highlight a small portion of my collection and hit auto update. if i try the whole collect (8,000 discs) it stalls. except for that minor, one time inconvenience this update had actually succeed in placing the bar so far above anything out there they might as look for another project to work on.
The episodes guide it fantastic especially since i own a lot of complete series sets and it makes picking one to watch a breeze. thank you to the whole team for such a commitment to excellence."
Douglas MacLean (USA)
July 12, 2011
Worth the upgrade
"Thanks for the new features! Been waiting FOREVER for the the ability to change icons, especially for the audio. Also the trailer, poster and new layout is awesome too.
Worth the upgrade for sure!"
Nate Mayer (USA)
July 12, 2011
"I'm playing around with it now, FANTASTIC improvement on the TV side by the way, the episode info is KILLER!"
progrocktv (forum) 
July 12, 2011
SUPER upgrade
"Thanks guys for a SUPER upgrade. So much packed into this one. Best upgrade of them all!"
cjschaff (forum) 
July 12, 2011
The best out there
"I bought this software a long time ago.
I find it to be the best out there. It does every thing for me.
Thanks for your very wonderful program. I have almost 3,000 movies added."
Glen Olsen 
June 05, 2011
Saved me from duplicates
"I've been using your movie collector software for over six years and all I can say is job well done! Without it I would never be able to keep track of my dvd collection and your IPod application has saved me from making duplicate purchases on many occasions. Keep up the good work!"
Tim Cronian 
May 08, 2011
The feature of dual syncing
"Just a quick message to say thank god I purchased the Collectorz Connect software!
My 5 month old laptop decided to pack up about 2 days ago, along with nearly 1,600 scanned movie barcodes stored on the collectorz movie software. I strongly urge EVERYBODY to purchase the Connect software, as I would be very upset if it wasn't for the feature of dual syncing!
Chris Cann 
April 06, 2011
Well thought out product
"I am very happy with the Movie Collector software and am excited about the improvements you've made over the last several years.
Our collection is just over 1,100 titles and we were able to catalog the entire collection in just one weekend with very few challenges. Thank you for an excellent, easy to use, well thought out product!"
Shay Chapman 
April 05, 2011
I love it
"For some due praise, I love, love love Movie Collectorz.
I have just finished loading 1,441 DVDs using the scanner and only on a few occasions did I have to go to the net to find the covers. My wife is very happy because now she can browse our collection and read the plot to find one that she is in the mood for.
I only have another 1,200 to go and you will not hear a complaint from me... I love it

Thank you guys so much for make life a little more exciting."

Brett Kriewaldt 
April 01, 2011
The service is great
"I have been a movie collector for nearly 25 years. It was very difficult to maintain my large collection of DVD's and Bluray disks. I was using Excel to do the job, but it just wasn't working for me. I found the Collectorz web site and used the trial software for a day or two and I was hooked. I purchased the Pro Edition and have never looked back. I was able to scan all of DVD's and Bluray's within hours using my Honeywell barcode scanner. I am impressed. The software is unbelievable. The service is great and so are the owners!!!"
Donald Myers 
March 22, 2011
Great Product
"Thanks for making such a great product!

I've got over 3,000 dvds and I've created a disc filing system that I could NEVER manage without your software.

PLUS the iphone/ipad app is fantastic for helping me NOT purchase duplicate dvds because I forgot that I already own it."

Dennis Poggenburg 
March 18, 2011
All I can say is WOW!
"I have been using the Collectorz Movie software for about a month and all I can say is WOW!
When you have as many movies as me and my wife do (1,559 so far) you have a lot of trouble keeping up with them. The worst part is when you go to the store and see a movie that you love, buy it, and get home and realize that you already have it.
Thanks for making this software, it is AWESOME and has already saved me at least as much as I spent on it!"
Daniel McClung 
March 03, 2011
Superb program
"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for your great software.
I purchased your Movie Collector Software (for MAC) and a cuecat scanner. I plugged it into my MAC, and was up and ready to go in just a few minutes.
In less than 3 hours of work I had all my 200 DVD's cataloged. My older program which did not support the scanner feature has been scrapped, and this is now my choice for doing this. I am anxiously awaiting your Comic Collector for MAC and will purchase it as soon as it comes out.
Thanks for the good work and superb program.
Super Job!!

P.S. I have also purchased the Iphone App which will allow me to make sure I don't have a DVD next time I go Shopping. Great Tool."
Randy Miller 
February 23, 2011
"We thought we had about 4-500 movies. It was impossible to remember what we have and if someone borrowed one, just cross your fingers that they brought it back. After I bought movie collector, with the handy dandy little scanner, I realize there are 1000 so far and a whole unit of dvd's still to go through, not to mention videodiscs, betamax, and vhs.
That little scanner is awesome, and without it I never would have had the patience to compile a full list of movies, let alone be able to search for actors/directors/genre, etc"
Nikki Gonzales 
February 01, 2011
Worth the price by itself
"As a collector with almost 2,800 movies, TV shows and concerts Movie collector is an invaluable tool in maintaining my collection. Add the fact that you can just scan the barcodes and input information automatically is worth the price by itself.
What would have taken weeks of data entry was accomplished in a couple days with Movie Collector. Download the trial version and see for yourself.
Long live"
Ronald Sobieski 
January 29, 2011
Preventing the purchase of dups
"I am approaching the 4k mark of my movie collection. Having Collectorz is invaluable to knowing what is in my collection, locating the movie that I want when I want it, picking what to watch (by genre/actor/director, and from preventing the purchase of dups.
And having the android app is a must."
Kurt Young 
January 29, 2011

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Movie Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
what's new »
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
what's new »

Movie Collector reviews in 2010:

Best money I ever spent
"I have the OPN-2001. I got it the day I ordered my software 2 years ago.
I got my 500+ DVD collection entered in about 2 hours and the portion of my book collection that had bar codes entered in about an hour.
Best money I ever spent.
I was able to scan everything without having to bring each item back to my desk. I highly recommend it to anyone with a large collection."
Brian Miller 
December 17, 2010
"I wanted to let you know how happy I am to finally see the scan and add feature. I have been a customer since version 5 and had used your software nearly everyday until one of my sticks of RAM decided to corrupt my movie collector database. I had stopped using your software for a few months as at the time I had roughly 650 digital copies of my movies and I really did not want to manually add them all again.

Now I have over 700 and decided to check out what you have done with the software. To my surprise, version 7 introduced the scan and add feature, this feature has saved me countless hours of adding movies to my database. I added all 713 movies in a matter of a couple hours rather than days or weeks. The thing that took me the longest this time was just making sure the search grabbed the correct movie and even that was quick and painless.

Another thing I would like to add is being a previous customer, this is the first time I purchased the pro version and I can say that I will not be going back to the standard version as the integration with Windows Media Center is beautiful. I use a Media PC on my home theater system and have actually never used Windows Media Center, though now that I have seen first hand how well it can work when there is data for each movie I will now be using it on a regular basis.

Thank you so much for adding the scan and add feature, I can open up movie collector again and have all the movie covers and details and now I don't have to scroll through a boring folder with all my movie files. My friends also appreciate that there are details for each movie again, it is quite hard to pick something to watch when you just have a folder filled with over 700 movies and no details on them.

Thank you!!"

Sean Marginet 
December 06, 2010
I may be your biggest fan!
"I went on a shopping frenzy this year. I've found MANY incredible sales on DVDs (mostly used) and I actually bought almost 2000 DVDs this year. It's not uncommon to buy 10 to 20 discs in one day.

At one sale (two stores going out of business) I bought 130 DVDs in one day! (At $1 a piece!) There's no way I could have managed so many new arrivals in such short order without your program. It's been invaluable to my collecting.

I tell everyone it was obviously designed by people who understand collecting because it has every piece of information a collector would want to know or enter.

I may be your biggest fan. And on top of that, all this wonderful, personal service from you. (I even tried to encourage one of my retailers to carry your software. But he felt it would be just as easy, and cheaper, for his customers to buy direct from you. -- But they need to know about it first.)

Your ipod application I tell people is my favorite application on the planet! It is essential for me to take whereever I shop to see if I already have a title.

I also bought your Music Collector. One of these days I'll tackle THAT other extensive collection of mine. As slow as work as been (I'm a freelance video editor - produced a lot of bonus features for Disney DVDs, in fact) you'd think I'd have the time. But I guess my "spare time" this year has been spent shopping!

I had to buy a new video projector a year ago. I went overboard and bought a very high-end machine (SIM 2). DVDs now look so great, the projector just sits up on the ceiling, and like Audrey from Little Shop of Horrors, says, "Feed me. FEED ME!""
Les Perkins 
December 02, 2010
By far the best yet!
"I have been using this program for about 5 years now. The latest version is by far the best yet ! So easy to use, and seamless integration through to my IPod Touch.
I had been looking around for years to find a program like this, and now here it is !

Even some of my rare movies are found with ease on your database.
Tech support guys are quick to respond and very helpful (If you do need help). Keep up the good work guys ! You truly have an amazing program!"

Geoff Bowman 
November 08, 2010
So Simple
"Your software program has been a God send.
Thank you so much it has made the task of sorting my husband's ( grumpy old man that he is) 1,001 :) DVDs so simple. We now know exactly what is in the collection and are no longer overwhelmed by trying to search for titles when we want to watch a movie.
Now I need to sort his CDs, probably about 1,000 of them also.
Thank God I am retired and have the time to do this, it's great to have all the DVDs in pouches now and not taking up so much room in the house. The hallway was full, now I can move the furniture if I need to leave in a hurry!... LOL"
Maria Williams 
October 28, 2010
So easy to use
"I just love Movie and Music collector as they are so easy to use when you have the bar code reader.
Any one who has a lot of CDs or DVDs I can recomend these programs.
Well done Alwin and team."
Craig Samson 
September 30, 2010
Off the charts!
"Just wanted you guys to know that I received my Scanner Package along with Movie Collectorz Pro Version Disc Monday, 9 Aug 2010 and I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient the two products work together.

I had my entire library of DVD's organized in the software in a matter of 45 mins or so!
The software is great and the scanner is outstanding! On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate your products a 20!!! (off the charts!)

Keep up the good work!"

Ronald Golden 
August 11, 2010
easy to use & simple to follow
"Collectorz team!

First let me say I have been searching for sometime now for a better way to ensure that I don't repurchase DVD's I already own. I have a collection of DVD's and Bluerays of well over 2000 titles so remembering them is getting hard! I found this program while searching for a video store system thinking that was the only way I would be able to keep track of what titles I have and who I have loaned them to friend wise.

The software is a amazing, it's easy to use and simple to follow. I am amazed at how very little time it takes for a newbie to pick it up and run with creating a list. I now have all my movies listed and with the added iPhone app CLZ Movies, I can now ensure that I take my collection list everywhere I go!

The communication from the Collectorz team has been second to none, making me feel like I not only purchased a great functioning software I am part of a greater community. I have no hesitation in recommending this awesome software bundle to anyone, it not only saves you money (from repurchasing titles) it saves you time (taking them back to the store because you already own them!)

Look forward to the next release guys! Keep up the great work!"

Haydn Pollard (Australia)
July 06, 2010
2,500+ Movies
"Been using collectorz for about 4 years now on both PC and MAC. And now on iPhone!
Nothing comes close when cataloging my 2,500+ movies. iPhone version is fantastic."
Marcel Verheyden 
May 29, 2010
A Real Boon
"I have been a fan of movies and tv shows since I can remember, and when I started collecting dvds 5yrs. ago, the Collectorz program helped in a major way to organize it all.
I now have over 4,000 movies and 100 tv shows, and this program has been a real boon for me!"
Jason Doucette 
May 02, 2010
2,703 Movies
"I have been useing Movie Collector for some time now and very happy with it.
2,703 movies and before when I had 1,000 I was using Excel speed sheet.
Thank you"
Dave Cayer 
April 29, 2010
Quick and Easy
"I have been using Movie Collector for many years now and I have to say that it is quick, easy, and very efficient and allows me the chance to get to my DVD collection in seconds.
Thank You!"
David Reid 
April 29, 2010
Practicle and Easy
"Running the movie software now for about 2 years and I can say like everybody here that it is practicle and easy. I even started a file of all the movies I've seen and on paper I counted already over 300 movies (series + episodes excluded).

When somebody asks me if I know a database-program for catalogin movies, books, music or comics, I know what to recomend.

COLLECTORZ.COM all the way."

Ronny Busson 
April 28, 2010
Great and Practical Software
"I am an avid DVD collector with over 3,000 DVDs. Couldn't magage my collection without Movie Collectorz (since 2003).
I also include my VHS Tapes, Blu-Rays & Laser Discs. It is so flexiable and easy to use. With four different video storage locations in my home, Collectorz is the only way for me to know exactly where each title is located.
Great & practical software guys."
Patrick O'Rourke 
April 28, 2010
A Great Organizer
"You have been wonderful.
You've always answered my questions--even if they were non-sensical.
You have been prompt and exact.
I have been a loyal purchasser of your software--probably bought the first system you published. It is a great organizer, and, of course by now, I know pretty well how to organize what I want listed.
Yeah! for the good guys."
Barbara Simmons 
April 27, 2010
Can't Wait To Get Started
"Just discovered this program and can't wait to get started!!!
I can FINALLY organize my Collection of Movies. Not to mention all of the Games for 3 Teenage Boys! Thought I was doing good keeping my dvd titles in alphabetical order.
This is MUCH better! How did I ever manage without it?"
Susan Black 
April 17, 2010
Does What It Says
"WOW simple little program, easy to use, does what it says, and made my cataloging so much easier.
Thanks. I'm beyond happy with my choice of Movie DB software!!!!"
Dave Parella 
April 08, 2010
A Breeze
"I am using the Movie, Music and Book Collector softwares and have all three on my IPod Touch.
These are great software that help me to catalog what's in each of my library and I can see at a glance on my Ipod Touch what I have already so I do not duplicate it.
Cataloging over 1,275 movies was a breeze with the Opticon scanner."
Bernadine Dill 
March 30, 2010
I Really Enjoy It
"I have had this program for about ten years now. I really enjoy it.
It makes cataloging my large movie collection easy. Thanks guys."
Shannon Birkholz 
March 30, 2010
CLZ Movies
"I just showed the Clz Movies iPhone app to a friend who uses the PC app, and she said "that's a good reason to buy an iPhone!""
Lesley Longhurst 
March 30, 2010
Wonderful Program
"Love my Movie Collector Program - it's helped me from buying the same DVD twice several times now.
Thanks for your wonderful program. It's so easy to use."
Wendy Jaroslawski 
March 30, 2010
The Movies I Have
"Since I started using Movie Collectorz, I could tell which movies I have.
Before I ended up buying the same movie that I have.
Sabrina Nalley 
March 30, 2010
1,847 And Counting!
"1,847 and counting!
My credit card company keeps sending me thank you notes and you guys keep my DVD's organized!!!!"
Daniel Billington 
March 30, 2010
A Godsend
"I can never remember what titles I have got, so it's a godsend that I have Music & DVD Collectors, otherwise I would be buying the same CD's or DVD's over again.
Keep up the good work, and can't wait till you introduce the Blackberry programe."
John Daw 
March 30, 2010
Thumbs Up
"I love, love, love Movie Collector!
I have been using it for several years now. I have not ventured to use the online app yet, but I should. It would keep me from buying duplicates.
Thumbs up to you guys!"
Julie Wedgworth 
March 30, 2010
Keep Me From Buying Duplicates
"I LOVE Collectorz's Movie Collector and the Clz Movie app!
Not only does it keep me from buying duplicate movies, I can also find any movie in my 1,000 plus collection in seconds!"
Robb House 
March 29, 2010
So Simple
"I have Movie and Book collector - and still uploading...
I love finding the movie and book and adding it - so simple... I also love how I can "loan out" and know Who has got What - and When they took it...
Last year I found that I had "lost" 4 movies - from the previous year - lending them out and not getting them ...back.. of course everyone I asked did not have them.
Very expensive lesson - Thank you Collectorz for enabling me to take control..."
Justine Wright 
March 29, 2010
The Best Thing
"The best thing Movie Collector did for me was free up space. By getting rid of the jewel boxes and using the index field to locate the DVD I want in a hanging file folder, I have my entire 600 movie collection stored in 4 drawers instead of occupying all the space on 4 walls."
John Thomson 
March 29, 2010
Paid For Itself
"I use Collectorz for my movie collection. I have around 800 movies. This wonderful database paid for itself the first week shopping and was able to check (via blackberry) what I already had in my collection.
It's great to know I will no longer buy duplicate movies!"
Nadine Fortier 
March 29, 2010
Outstanding Program
"My wife and I use Movie Collector to keep track of our 2,714 movies.
Its an outstanding program and I recommend it to everyone!"
Ronald Sobieski 
March 13, 2010
Fantastic Program
"As I near 5,000 [yea five THOUSAND] DVD movies in my collection, I can't imagine how else I could have kept track of all of these titles without Movie Collector.
This is a fantastic program !"
Rick Van Horn 
March 12, 2010
Beyond My Expectations
"I purchased the Movie Collector this weekend and am extremely pleased with it's capabilities, especially based on the price. This product went well beyond my expectations in features and ease of use.

We current have about 50 duplicate movies since our collection was so disorganized, so this will not only be great for finding movies, but will save money at the store by eliminating the duplicate purchases!

Dianne Cutter 
March 07, 2010
Excellent Work!!
" I want to tell you that MOVIE COLLECTOR IS FANTASTIC!! It is far away and above any of the competitor products! They cannot compare to you. Believe me, I know. Over the last year or so, I have tried every solution that I could find for storing my DVD library and sharing that information with my iPhone, and none of them worked worth a damn.

Using UPC codes is critical, in my opinion, since that gives you the exact results for the DVD that you own, and Movie Collector is the ONLY app that I've tested that works easily and completely with imported UPC codes. A Title search gives you only the basic info, not specific to your DVD, unless you want to comb through the dozens and dozens of Title results to find the correct one. (By the way, the Symbol scanner that I have on my system works perfectly with your software.)

When your revised Clz Movies app became available, I finally went ahead and tried Movie Collector. OMG!! What a beautifully designed piece of software, both on the desktop and for the iPhone.

Then, when I exported my Movie Collector db to the iPhone, it worked perfectly the FIRST TIME, and the resulting database on the iPhone is a complete pleasure to use. All very well designed and seamless between desktop and iPhone. As I have done a lot of programming myself, I really appreciate your fine work.

Anyway, once again, Excellent Work!!"

Gary L. Maedl 
February 24, 2010
A Super Investment!
"It's totally great!! I can't tell you how great this thing is!

I have about 2500 movies. It didn't take me very long to log all of them. All of the features of how I can look up movies in my collection is amazing. I've needed something like this for a long time. This was a super investment.

I'm just beside myself I'm so happy with it. My brother recommended the movie collector to me and I'm so glad that he did. I'm absolutely thrilled with it. :) The last time I was this impressed and excited about something I could use was when they created Amazon!

WOOOHOOO! Collectorz is the best!!
Thanks for creating such a useful tool!! :)"

February 22, 2010
Very, very happy
"I just want to let the people at know that I am very, very happy with their software.
I purchased the Movie Collector about 2 weeks ago and can't tell you how much I love it!
Putting the info for my collection on my computer couldn't have been any easier. In fact, I love it that much, I just purchased the Music Pro version today.

Another plus was the customer service. There was an issue with some info on my order. I contacted them and had an answer with the correct information the next day. Very impressive!

So, thank you for everything. I will be letting everybody I know how cool this software is!"

Sue Uibel 
February 09, 2010
This is a godsend
"I would just like to say what a fantastic program Movie collector is.
I have been using it for about 4 years now and find it a wonderful tool. I especially like to be able to carry my library around on my iPhone, this is a godsend when your in a DVD store and not sure if you have a particular title or not.

I also recently changed platforms from windows to mac and found the support people fantastic.
I would recommend this program to anyone who loves movies and needs a good data base."

John Romeo 
January 26, 2010
Great idea, great program!!
"Just wanted to say how happy I am with Movie Collector.
My collection consists of 1021 DVD's and counting. I can't tell you how many times having all those movies in a data base, has saved me from buying duplicate movies.
Great idea, great program!!"
Harold Webber 
January 21, 2010
Better and better!
"As a Mac and iPhone user of your movie collector products, I just wanted to say thanks. This is one of my favorite apps and you guys just keep making it better and better!

My Blu-ray / DVD collection numbers over 500 now. This app is a must have if you find yourself standing in Best Buy wondering if you already have that movie and in what format(s)? Pull out the iPhone and find out for sure!

Keep up the good work!"

Jeffrey Scharf 
January 01, 2010

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Movie Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
what's new »
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
what's new »

Movie Collector reviews in 2009:

It's a Must Have
"I have just purchased and download the iPhone App and it works great!!

I have currently approx 1,250 movies in my collection (with more to add) and having access to the collection via the Clz iPhone app is fantastic!
As a workaround I had been printing my Collection to a pdf list and then loading that on my iPhone via a "files" app, but having the Clz app is the only way to go, it's a must have for any collector!!

On the strength of you comp upgrade I have also just purchased Music Collector Pro. It will be my next project after I get my Movie Collection fully up to-date."

Andy O'Donnell 
December 15, 2009
It is a godsend
"This is the greatest movie cataloging software I have used. It is a godsend.
I have close to 400 movies and I can keep track of all of them now.
Thank You"
Steve Barnes 
December 06, 2009
A tremendous help
"I do enjoy this software. Especially being able to transfer the collection to an IPhone.
There have been many times I would be out in a store and see movies on sale and, naturally, I would buy some. When I would get home with them I would usually find I purchased a few duplicates.

This software has been a tremendous help in reducing these duplicates. Although my daughter does complain - she would be the recipient of the purchase, if it wasn't returned!"

Steve Donoghue 
December 05, 2009
I am totally organized
"I just wanted to tell you how awesome your programs are.

I have several hundred movies in different formats and was dreading getting them all organized, even though I needed to. I discovered Movie Collectorz because it was available for my iPhone.
What an incredible program.
It took me two days to get everything logged and now I am totally organized. It was worth every penny and I've told several of my co-workers about it.

Thank you for making my life easier and more organized."

Gregg Gray 
November 30, 2009
It is a godsend!
"With over 6,700 dvds in my collection, movie collector dvd software is a godsend!
In seconds I can enter or look up any movie title and see all the film's information."
Peter S. 
November 29, 2009
Our own Blockbuster store
"I was dreading cataloging my DVD movie collection and broke out into a cold sweat even thinking about it. I'm delighted that I found Movie Collector and I had my 418 movies in the database in about 2 hours!

It's an incredibly simple and fast program and I can't remember the last time I fell so in love with a piece of software!
There are so many movies my husband and I haven't seen and it's like we have our own Blockbuster store in our house!


Shawna Newton 
November 12, 2009
A definite collector
"You guys are great. I have Movies, Books and now Music.
Another thanks for giving me a tool that makes me a definite collector and not just an unorganized "hoarder"."
Bob Dorsey 
October 27, 2009
Great program!
"BTW, if it weren't for the scanner, I'd have gone insane entering my movies.
We have something over 2000 individual titles of videos.
Great program!"
James Hobby 
October 27, 2009
Better Organization
"I'd like to thank you for having such a wonderful software that is very easy to use and though I have a very V-E-R-Y long way to go getting my collection entered it is going to be worth it in the end.
I just wish I had found your website a long time ago!

Thanks to your website and showing the Ziotek carousels we're having better organization then what we've had which was leather bound cases which take up a ton of precious space.
Absolutely love the new organization."

Sue Novak 
October 03, 2009
A dream came true
" is absolutely brilliant.
I have been waiting for this idea for over 3 years. I have over 600 movies and I often share them with my co-workers. I was tired of writing down the movie titles and trying my best to remember my new purchases along with some older purchases. I kept telling my co-workers that one day I would create an MS Access database and list all my movies. That was two years ago and at that time it was still incomplete.

Finally a dream came true.
Collectorz create the very software I needed for my crazy hobby.
Collectorz made the process of entering all my movies seamless and quick. Not only can I categorize, print and enter my movies in an expedient manner, my co-workers can now browse my movie library online.
I have not finished adding my movies, but I must tell you, it has not only been fun using the barcode scanner, but entering the movie titles manually has also been rewarding.
Trust me when I say this software is excellent and well worth the price of convenience.
Keep up the good work...."

Pamela Swain 
August 31, 2009
Pure Awesomeness
"To tell you the truth, it really doesn't bother me if you give the program away for free, or the full blown price, I'll pay the full price just because the GREATNESS of the program, AWESOME customer support, and no BS,... Like the great Kun-Fu Panda would say... CollectorZ Team is "Pure Awesomeness"

Once again, thanks for your great support!"

Armando Torres 
August 26, 2009
Absolutely brilliant
"Many thanks for Movie Collector.
I have had to wait until I could get time off work, in order to use it, and am still experimenting. From my limited use this week, I have found it absolutely brilliant, and am so glad I took the risk of purchasing the Pro edition, with the Opticon scanner.
I had thought that it was going to be a nightmare to install, and use, as I am no genius, with computers. However my fears were put to rest, when I started to use it."
Gary Parker 
August 22, 2009
"This is not a problem message.
I just wanted to say that, I have purchased the Pro Movie Edition and have an Opticon 2001 scanner.
In the last three days, since installing and cataloging, over 400 DVDs have been cataloged. It has been very easy to use.
Thanks for Great database."
Robert M. Lampson Sr. 
August 09, 2009
A Great Product!
"I downloaded and use the Ipod addition of Movie Collections.
It's great, no more duplicate movies. I take the Ipod to Wal-Mart and I have the complete list of 1,600+ movies with me. NO more guessing, Do I or Don't I...

Thanks a Great Product."

Charlie Mathieu 
June 27, 2009
So nicely done
"First and foremost, let me thank you for one of the most outstanding software products I have seen.
I am a recent owner of your moviecollector product and I am totally blown by how useful it is considering I have about 600 movies. In movie collectors, you have one of the best options I have seen in this type of product.
The exporting to CLZ (Ipod Touch).
That is one of the reasons why I shelled out $50.00 for your product."
Douglas Gonzalez 
May 25, 2009
This is a great product
"I just purchased Movie Collector and then immediately purchased CLZ Movies for my iTouch.
You did GREAT!!!!
What a great program Movie Collector is (I have had Music Collector for several years & love it) and what a great app CLZ Movies is. Thanks for your efforts in creating both.
It's great to be able to have access to what movies I have anywhere I go and I am especially looking forward to the iTouch/iPhone app for Music Collector.
Novel Posey 
May 21, 2009
Awesome App
"I just want to say I found you and Dinh awesome customer supporters ;-)

The CollectorZ movie app on my PC and iTouch is awesome! It's intuitive making it easy to use. It's got all the features I need. We've never found it so easy to find a movie we want to watch and then know exactly where to put it when done.

Along with the dedicated customer support it's a great app, well done!"

Patrick Ladd 
May 20, 2009
Great programme
"It is a great programme.
I am looking forward to being able to scan the info though as I believe it will be a lot faster than manual input.
Clz Movies sounds like a good idea. I currently have about ten dvds that I bought on the spur of the moment as I did not realise I already had them."
Paul Watson 
May 15, 2009
iPhone MovieCollector
"I love the iPhone MovieCollector. I find it easier to use and it is more engaging to others browsing my collection than my old List Pro data base.
I think a lot of the appeal comes from the cover images - it allows browsers to thumb through in a manner similar to the way they thumb through my actual collection of DVDs."
Ken Thomson 
May 15, 2009
The best
"Just wishing to thank you for such a fantastic product.
I have been using Movie Collector for some years now and your latest version is the best.

I have a collection of some 800 DVD/Blu-ray movies and it works perfectly and is so easy to add new movies with the associated data from the auto add function.
Great job guys and best wishes from the land Down Under."

Frank Hall 
May 14, 2009
Good work Collectorz!
"I have just bought the new Movie Collector for my iPhone and imported 1416 movie titles into my iPhone.

It is tremendous to have all this information at your fingertips. When I go to buy a new movie a couple of clicks tells me if I have the movie already. It even imports the cover image for quick identification.

Good work Collectorz and Apple."

Bryan Butler 
May 13, 2009
I LOVE Movie Collector
"Thank you so much for developing this iPhone app- I've been waiting for it. And an extra big thank you for not making it so that it has to interface through iTunes. I HATE iTunes! I LOVE Movie Collector, and having it on my iPhone is going to be huge.

I'm a huge fan of Movie Collector, and have been waiting for the iPhone version. I can't tell you how many times I've wished I could access my movie database "on the spot." Now I'll be able to.
I'm telling all my friends to get it!"

Don Hess 
May 13, 2009
Big time fan
"Big time fan of the Movie Collector software.

Been waiting for the iPhone version for ages and thrilled its now live, and gladly purchased. Loving the software.
Commendations to the staff on this application, £5.99 very well spent, and am sure it is one of the more complex iPhone applications about, dont think I have any other app that syncs data from another piece of software on my computer other than iTunes......

Thank you....."

Jaime Graham 
May 11, 2009
Works as advertised
"I have been using the program since 2003 and I couldn't be happier with the way Movie Collectorz has developed.

I too like the iPhone app very much. It works as advertised. I have 2,254 movies in my collection and it only took about 3 minutes to upload. All of the images scroll smoothly. It's great.

Thanks again for such a great app. I look forward to its continued development."

Jason Roberge 
May 11, 2009
Great service
"Wow - I must honestly say this was one of the best online customer experiences I have had to date. Not only did you answer my question quickly and effectively, you proactively updated your records and alerted me to a promotion I am eligible for.

Congratulations on your great service - watch out Amazon!"

Tom Wicky 
May 05, 2009
VERY user-friendly
"Thanks for the GREAT products!
I have the trial on both the movie and book and LOVE them! I have tried BUNCHES of free database programs for my collections and although some were fairly good, NONE of them has the ease of use AND the LOADS of OPTIONS of changing fields and field names.
Some other programs ARE able to change fields, but NOT with as many choices as you have and some won't let you NOT use certain default fields.

Your programs are VERY user-friendly!

Again, thank you for such cool and easy to use programs."

Sally Boling 
April 30, 2009
The insurance company
"This program saved me $2,600.00 as I had my movies stolen, had a back up of the database, redownloaded the program, printed it and gave it to the insurance company.

Thanks for the great program guys."

Jaime Rodrigues 
April 29, 2009
Makes life so much easier
"I love your Movie software program beyond measure.
I have thousands of movies, TV shows, and documentaries.
Before it would take me hours to find something that my wife and I could agree on. Now I just make an HTML page with your export options and keep it updated on her computer as well and we can review everything from the laptop right there on the couch without having to rifle through drawers and reams of CD holders or cases to find just what we are looking for.

The folders option that allows you to see each genre makes life so much easier.
Thank you again and I'll be back for the music software in the future."

JR Claiborn 
April 27, 2009
Your program ROCKS!!!
"I found your website and I started with the free trial of the standard version and input the first 50 DVD's I had and it took me 10 minutes to enter the barcodes and about 5 minutes for all the barcodes to be searched and downloaded to my library.

So I bought the Standard Version then after realizing that friends borrow my DVD's I upgraded to the PRO.
Your program ROCKS!!!
It has everthing I want it to do that, your program finds every title I've entered and if the barcode isn't found typing in the name of the movie always worked.

Now I can order a few 100 more DVD's to add to my current 297!!! :-)


Andrew Johnson 
April 26, 2009
A quality product
"Having been hurt during the Viet Nam war, it's really difficult to do the things I used to. So one of things I occupy my time with is my computer and music.

It's really hard these days to find software out there that you can really interface with - and I must say that being a member of Movie Collector for about 6 years, your product is one that I get the most enjoyment from.

So from a vet who can't get around much - thank you for a quality product."

March 11, 2009
Serious kick ass support
"And by the way this is some serious kick ass support. I only sent the email to y'all a few hours ago. Not often in the electronic world you get a personalized fast response that actually fixes the problem too. Hats off to you.

I am going to post a link on on of the forums I hang out on for my home theater stuff. I hope you get a few sales from it.
I have been using a copy of your software for a few months and decided I had to pay y'all for the product you created. It has saved my ass a couple times and I know it will be money well spent.
Thanks again, I cant wait to get using Movie Collector."

Jolice Wiedenhoff 
February 18, 2009
This is lifechanging!!
"Guys - i just wanted to thank you for coming up with Movie Collector.

I recently bought your software for my PC and separately for my wife's Mac. I also bought an Opticon scanner through yourselves.

This is lifechanging!!
After a week of barcode scanning I have now thrown away 2,000+ DVD cases and filed away all of my discs and leaflets in folders.
My spare room is a spare room again - no longer an annex of Blockbuster!!
And not just have you given us a room back... DVDs are also so much easier to locate.

Just wanted you to know that your software is awesome and we love it... Thank you!!"

Jaime & Sara Graham 
February 18, 2009
It does what it says!
"Movie Collectorz is one of the best software I have used in recent years. It does what it says!

I am very happy with the ability to scan and add movies to the library. I have more than 400 movies from Hollywood and India. Apart from keeping track of the titles for insurance purpose, ability to view the covers and meta data on my media center is a bonus.
I can not wait for iPhone/iPod touch version to come out.
Thank you for creating such a simple to use application"

Gaurav Garg 
February 16, 2009
"Outstanding customer support. Any and all inquires I had were responded to within a day. All with a pleasant and personal responses. I wish I could say this for all of my experiences with ANY other companies.

A great product at a great value with AMAZING support.
The ease of use for the value, the wealth of information that it provides for any one with a substantial collection of movies with just a few clicks. OUTSTANDING.

Also the forums.
The way the owners help each other (I ended up with a double of all the images) The forums helped me with that SO easy. I did not have to ask, A quick search on the forum and I found it was already posted. 2 different ways of fixing it.

I had Movie Collector for a long time. Ran into computer problems and was without it for a period. I not only missed it, I NEED IT.
Again thanks for EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!"

Derrick Thompson 
February 12, 2009
A customer for life
"I just wanted to take the time to thank you for a job well done! Your product, Movie Collector, is priceless for those of us with large collections; I've been using it for years.

Keep up the good work and you will have me as a customer for life!"

Tim Cronian 
January 20, 2009
I own 3.267 DVDs
"I just HAVE to leave this note of thanks to you all for such a wonderful product.

I've been using Movie Collector for several years now and I'm always delighted to have great organization to my substantial DVD collection. I own 3.267 DVDs and, thankfully, they're all organized.
This is a great product that I rave about everyday.

Thank you all for the tremendous job you're doing. I really appreciate it. By the way, your updates are always fantastic and with each update, the job gets easier and easier."

Carl Miller 
January 16, 2009
Exceeds my expectations
"This has to be the best program for keeping track of my collection.
I cannot believe how easy it is to find movies or movies with certain actors in by searching for key words. It is brilliant.

After buying many expensive programs that fail to deliver what they state it is refreshing to purchase a program that exceeds my expectations. Also thank you for the after sales service and help with my initial problems (which I might add were my fault).
You hear of so many problems of traders ripping people off on the internet that you forget that there are reputable people also. I understand you get a lot of nasty emails but I am certainly not one of them.

I would recommend your programs to anyone. Thank you again."

Ron Stokes 
January 14, 2009
Soooo satisfied
"I have purchased this program and I am soooo satisfied with it and when I need something from you guys.. I try not to make myself a pain... I just ask for help.. and I have always gotten a quick response.

I have changed computers (ALL PC's) like three times since I purchased the program and I have had a little problem ... but it WAS MY PROBLEM, after I go back through the instructions.. it all works out..
You guys are doing a wonderful job.

Keep up the GREAT work.. I would hate to know I had all these movies and no program to tell me what I have..."

Gayle Dover 
January 10, 2009
Fantastic program
"I have entered almost half of my movie collection (1.500+) and wonder what I did before learning about your program.

The spread sheet I created to catalog my collection has long since been archived, but after using Movie Collector and finding 2 duplicate movie entries that were in my spreadsheet I'm now ready to delete it. :-)

Thank you for a fantastic program. Back to entering more movies from my collection; I'm so glad I took a weeks holiday."

Alan Arbon 
January 03, 2009

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Movie Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
what's new »
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
what's new »

Movie Collector reviews in 2008:

The topping on the cake
"I am an organizing nut; love to organize everything so I know where the stuff I have is located.
Can't tell you how many of this and that that I have duplicated over the years because I could not find that one item I needed or wanted.?

I have my two grandchildren living with me and all of us love our movies. I have some 3-4 thousand; some on VHS, Laser, DVD and now the start of something really great - Blue Ray.
One of my grandkids will yell, where is Monkey Trouble and off I go to see if I can find that one, even though I have a somewhat-organized alphabet list. Your program gives me the topping on the cake because I can now go a step further and tell them a bit of what the movie is about and even show them a picture of the cover on the movie.

You have done a marvelous job and someone "Up There" must have led me to your website.

As I say, I hope this e-mail gets to you to let you know your hard work over the years will be appreciated by me and I will pass the word to get you some more business - for this product and others that you have available."

George Fernald 
December 31, 2008
Truly rocks!
"I just downloaded and tried your Movie Collector application and it is totally awesome. I will be ordering the Pro version very soon and maybe your MP3 collector program as well!

I already own DVD Profiler 3 but it does NOT allow me to add movies by title and it is bulky and very limited compared to your program. I added an image of a movie I have and that was so cool. This program truly rocks!

I am a clinical chemist and I know quality software when I see it. Yes, those were the days when I grew up on DBase, R:Base, FoxPro, Delphi and Access. Whatever your api is written in says wow and screams GREAT CODING AND AWESOME INTERFACE....


THANK YOU AGAIN X 100,000 TO THE THIRD DUDE! order on its way!!!"

Rick L. Sprinkle 
December 27, 2008
Spread the word
"This is just a note to thank you for the GREAT support you've given me over the last few months. Other computer & software companies could learn from you folks!

I'm telling everyone I know about your product---I just wish I knew more people that collected movies like I do so I could spread the word about your product even more."

Donald LeDuc 
December 25, 2008
Highly recommend it to anyone
"After using this program and finishing off inputting all the movie data, using the CueCat, which finally got working, I think the program would have been more than worth the total amount that I ended up paying (which you have refunded to me, true to your word).

I'd have been willing to pay $100 for this program if I'd realized just how extensive and amazing it truly is. I can keep track of the movies I lend out, never buy another duplicate (I found 6 duplicate DVD's), input new DVD's or Blu-Rays as I buy them; it's just a great program and I'd highly, highly recommend it to anyone.

Next, I'm going to start cataloging my books. I can just take the CueCat upstairs, plug it into my computer, run Book Collector and start scanning my books from my library. I'm very excited about it."

Caroline Ross 
December 22, 2008
A terrific product
"Once again. THANK YOU and BLESS you! I only mentioned I'd noticed an email about the new version --- haven't had time to check it out further, and then, bam!
Here it is!

You folks have a terrific product (and for someone who has about 2,000 VHS and DVD movies, it's a god-send!) AND your service is exceptional - unbelievable in a world that sometimes seems to forget about THAT part of a business!

Happy Holidays! Mine will be better, thanks to you folks as I have some time off - work for a school district - and was hoping to get my BIG movie and music collections under control ... and now I can!"

Mary Scott 
December 20, 2008
Your software is the best
"I have just received the preview email to say v6 of Movie Collector is available and without even downloading a trial first I have upgraded to v6 with my 50% off.

I am a long time registered user v3 of your software and believe in the quality of your product so much there was no need to try it first. I know it's a big leap of faith but your software is the best. Anyway It's 2.45am here in Sydney and I just needed to let you know. Keep up the great work Team!

ps. Just to add I downloaded v6 and added 500+ dvd v5 file to v6 format and it's working great, now I am going to get some sleep :)"

Barry J. Tomkinson 
December 10, 2008
I am at 687 DVD's
"This a compliment. Not a request for service. Your transition was fantastically smooth, with no issues.
Great work to everyone, and I look forward to many years of collecting. Right now I am at 687 DVD's with another 52 BD.

IKEA is my friend when it comes to storage racks."

Richard Niles 
December 10, 2008
"Boy, it's SO SELDOM that one deals with a company like yours which OBVIOUSLY values its Customers by doing what you did for me. With other companies, I would have been told "too bad, buy the right one" but you guys are AWESOME to cover what was obviously MY mistake.

If you ever need a testimonial for your BEST BUSINESS PRACTICES, don't hesitate to quote me.

I look forward to using your system for my movies.


Charles Culp 
December 05, 2008
Real value
"I say again that I think this is an impressive product.

I started originally to build a database using Microsoft Access, but got depressed in having to start again with a new Database each time I thought of something new that I wanted to add. I then did a quick Google search and found

Although I hate spending money on software (especially if I can write something myself), I was so impressed with Movie Collector that within 5 minutes I had registered it. It's great that there are companies producing quality software tools at very affordable prices.

I am an Electronics design engineer and write a fair bit of software for many "Embedded" systems, so I appreciate the time that goes into developing products such as MovieCollector, and hence its real value."

Robert Stephen 
December 05, 2008
Simply Great
"I'm so happy with your DVD collector that I purchased the Music Collector last night as well, I also ordered the scanner last week. I was playing around with it a bit and found it to be just as great as the DVD collector.

I will let you in on a little secret; I purchased these programs back in 2001 (approximately) I quit using it because I was always working and never had time to use it.

I asked you a question about the DVD Collector and you gave me the answer so quickly and efficiently that I could not believe the incredible service you provide, "Simply Great" especially for this day and age when people just want to sell then cut and run.
Years ago before buying your program I tested several others, yours was so far beyond what anyone else had so I purchased yours.

Thank you."

Roman Garza, Jr. 
October 29, 2008
"I am writing in connection with my recent order for your movie collector software, and laser barcode scanner. Congratulations-----they are both brilliant!

They make cataloging my DVDs so quick, and easy, it is unbelievable. Incidentally, I have been accused of being lazy for using a scanner to catalogue my DVD collection, but I think I am having the last laugh. It makes the process an absolute breeze!"

Terence Maurice 
October 14, 2008
I am absolutely THRILLED
"I did download the trial version, and I am absolutely THRILLED with what I can do with this exceptional and high quality product. It is EVERYTHING I have been looking for, and MORE! I finally have a professional database to catalogue my dvd collection!

Thank you! I will absolutely be purchasing Movie Collector Pro this weekend!"

Suzan Zagar 
October 13, 2008
Outstanding customer support
"I am a devoted user of Movie Collector Pro. Since I first bought the software several years ago, you have made many excellent additions and improvements.
I have recommended your Movie Collector program to my family, friends and anyone who will listen to me. It is easy to use, very reliable (bug proof!), and it has all of the capabilities and features that make it a very powerful tool.

And last but not least, I think that one of the best elements of your software is your outstanding customer support. For me, Movie Collector Pro has become an important and valuable investment for my movie collection."

Robert Penn 
September 23, 2008
The perfect program
"I have been using Movie Collector for almost a year now and I think it is one of the best programs I have seen in a long time. It's very, very close to being the perfect program.
Thanks for a job well done."
Jay Graff 
September 08, 2008
Exactly what I needed
"I compared other products with yours in my research before I purchased and obtained recommendations from individuals I know who highly recommended your product. It does appear to do exactly what I needed for my large DVD collection, almost 800 as we speak.

The barcode entry really makes it easy when you have that large of a collection to start entering. I was able to complete entering my 800 plus movie library in almost no time using the barcode entry method. It was really a lot of fun because it allowed me to get acquainted with all my movies all over again."

Paul Autry 
July 24, 2008
Very happy with it
"I recently purchased your movie collector product and am very (!) happy with it. It took me almost no time to enter the 700-odd VHS videos I have and I will now move on to entering the DVDs. Bedankt!"
Rolf Knitter 
July 21, 2008
Slick program
"You guys rock!
This is really a slick program for interfacing all of my dvd's and other items to my home theater system via Media Center."
George Perry 
July 17, 2008
Great product
"First off I'd like to compliment the whole crew at collectorz for a great product. I've checked out different software and have found nothing that's more comprehensive then yours.

Good job and keep up the great work."

Tom Fagan 
June 30, 2008
Have paid for itself
"Thanks for a great piece of software at a fantastic price. I first used the trial version and was very impressed. With nearly 3,000 DVDs to trawl trough, your Movie Collector software have paid for itself over and over."
Kevin Rush 
June 27, 2008
Very professional
"Would just like to say what a great job you have made of this fantastic software, i have been trying to keep a record of my dvds with a spreadsheet, which was basically a poor way of doing it, but this product has made my life so much easier and it looks very professional, i actually enjoy updating my database, keep up the good work.
Regards Ian"
Ian Reay 
June 06, 2008
Done in just a few hours
"I love the movie collector software. I had borrowed a wireless bar code reader from the office and had my entire collection (about 185 entries) done in just a few hours over the course of the weekend."
Larry Hunter 
June 03, 2008
Movie Collector rocks
"Dropping extreme movie manager in favor of movie collector was one of my best decisions.
Movie Collector rocks and makes managing my 600+ DVDs a breeze, thanks!"
Steve Guns 
May 15, 2008
Easy and even enjoyable task
"I am writing this email to express my gratitude to you and your team for developing one of the best databases for collectors I have ever seen and used.

With the enormous collection of movies I currently own, it is now possible to digitally store, identify, and retrieve each and every movie in its own separate category. This used to be a very time consuming and cumbersome task. Now that I have your great movie collector edition, selecting and organizing my movies has become an easy and even enjoyable task.

Thanks again for making such a great, user-friendly collector database. I am always looking forward to seeing what new and exciting developments are coming out next from your software team!"

Chad Rogers 
April 29, 2008
Saves me a ton of time
"Been using Movie Collector for Years. Saves me a ton of time. I have a massive DVD collection due to buying 2 to 4 per week since they first came out. And I get many as gifts. Every new release keeps getting Better."
Jack Bradley 
April 28, 2008
"This software is awesome!! I love the details and thoughtfulness that has been put in such as, automatically loading a link I just copied when I click "add URL." I love the options choices and intelligence the software has when downloading movie information."
Justin Brewer 
March 26, 2008
My DVD OCD under control
"I've been using your software for more than a year and my collection has been growing along with the features and updates that you guys provide.

I just wanted to let you know how great it is to finally have my DVD OCD under control. I'm very happy with the software over the years. As many people as I tell about your software... Thanks for making things easy for me and to the customer support staff, quick response and you don't talk to me like I'm and idiot (Ex: "Is the computer plugged in?"), what else can be said but thanks."

Luis Garcia 
March 10, 2008
Has made Life so much easier
"I am writing to express my Gratitude for the Movie Collectorz Software. Not only is there a user friendly platform, it has Superior Functionality with a Professional & Conscientious Support Team that other companies only wish they could achieve!

Several Years ago after experiencing another program and attempting to build my own data base, both of which were less than desirable, I stumbled across the Collectorz website and purchased the program. While time and events did not permit a full time commitment to “data entry” on my part, I was still impressed with the program.
With a Collection (bordering on obsessive and still growing) of approximately 3,000 each VHS and DVD, I knew this to be exactly what I needed to organize my movie collection and be able to offer viable proof to the Insurance Company. Finally, this past year I upgraded my computer and took advantage of upgrading to Movie Collector 5 and must say I AM REALLY IMPRESSED with the progression of the Program, the Team work and the Community which supports it all!!
The automatic down load for as much information as possible, the flexible ability to personalize data fields, searches, print outs and numerous other features far exceeds any expectations I may have had. With my ever growing collection, and still being somewhat restricted by time and events, I make as many entries as possible when possible. In Striving for perfection and consistency of Data on my part has proved to make this a slow but Beneficial process that will be a forever work in progress.

Overall the Movie Collectorz Software has made Life so much easier and the Dream of having a Full Catalog and Accountability will soon be a Reality.
You are My Hero!! You can never be Praised or Thanked enough for all that you do!! Please keep up the great work and I look forward to what the future may bring."

Christine Chonacki 
February 11, 2008
Man this thing works perfectly
"I just wanted to mention. I have been manually inputting movies and it was a chore in the beginning. Now I have a CueCat scanner and man this thing works perfectly! Just a swipe with the CueCat and the Collectorz program is off and running.

The CueCat hooks up with no problem and within seconds of plugging it into any XP machine your off and running. If you don't have a scanner either because you didn't want to spend the cash or didn't think it would be much of a benefit, take it from someone that manually input over 200 movies. You want to scan bar codes instead of manually inputting the information.

The CueCat is relatively cheap so cost should not stop anyone. It completely eliminates input errors and it scans fast!

Just my 2 cents worth of input, hope it helps someone else decide to use a scanner."

Scott Kettman 
February 10, 2008
Over 1,200 DVDs
"Thanks so much for this last Version !!!! The "Episodes & Features" addition of running time & First air date really make this collector complete! I'm working on that right now with all my TV DVds!

I so glad the "Collection Status" "On Order" button that was added. It really helps me manages my collection. (Now over 1,200 DVDs)."

Gordon Hartman 
February 08, 2008
Over 1,800 movies
"I've been using your Movie Collector program for many years and it is the best by far! I have over 1,800 movies and the program works flawlessly."
Bruce Gauthier 
February 08, 2008
It's just what I want
"Just want to let you know that I am looking forward to getting the software with in a few weeks and it's just what I want for my library.

I have a large library starting and what I like about it the most is that if I loan something out it will let me know instead of losing it and not getting back. And love the way you can do the covers and everything so if I have a friend that wants to look in the library instead of the sheets I have printed out for my case they can see the cover and what is on each one of the disc in my box sets or just a single disc.

So I just can't wait to get the software and thanks for comming up with this I love it."

Nathan Lancaster 
February 01, 2008
The larger the better
"Thanks for a great dbase program! Made my life so easy keeping track of my movies and I'm no longer buying duplicate movies with the iPod feature.

Back to the movie store I go! The scan tool was just a feature I could not have lived without, I didn't want to start a database and spend months typing the info into a program for my 1000+ DVD's, HD, BluRay and VHS movies. I think it actually took me 4 days, while watching TV to do so. And the ability to add movies that were not found automatically was also a nice feature.

I would, and have, recommend this program to anyone with any size collection! The larger the better!"

Bob Morgan 
January 14, 2008

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Movie Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
what's new »
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
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Movie Collector reviews in 2007:

A very great and useful program
"I am using my database almost daily (who isn't). First in the beginning, that was about 3-4 years ago when I first tested the demo version of Movie Collector 4, I was surprised that I finally had found something that worked the way I needed it to work.

When after a year or so my nice home made Access database begun to suffer from it's inconsistence and largeness I begun searching for a professional program. The ability to get movie details from an online source was one of the main topics I was looking for, but also the different viewings, sorting and filter function that I needed to migrate my collection to a new program. All of this I found in Movie Collector!

After that I had tested the program for about 6 months I bought my self a copy and begun to move the collection from Access. As the years went past my database just grew and grew and the way I worked with the collection slowly changed to fully take advantage of the features in the program.

Then one day a new update was announced and was I happy after installing it. The new version 5.0 had almost everything that I now was looking for. I would like to praise the new 5.3 version. The filter and viewing features are super, thank you for a very great and useful program. It really helps me in my daily work with my movie collection."

Andreas Ringsparr 
November 28, 2007
Easy to use
"A few weeks ago, I bought another DVD-Movie catalogue program and after entering in the information for about 50 movies, I wondered what the advantage of the program was, when I could create a data base in either Word, Excel or Access, and do the same thing because nothing was automatic and I had to enter all the information in myself.

I then wrote a friend asking if they knew of a good program for keeping track of my DVD Movies, and they directed me to your site and I d/loaded Movie Colllector. I entered in a couple of titles and was amazed as to the ease of use, and the thoroughness of the Movie information that was included automatically. It even imported the information from the other program. I bought your program immediately.

I buy the DVD Movies and make copies so I can watch the copies and keep the originals in pristine condition. I store the DVD's in several locations. Those I loved and I want to watch over and over. Those I'd like to see again sometime. Those I have not seen, and those I would not want to watch again, but I'm too cheap to throw them out. Your program makes it so easy to keep track of the movies and their locations. What a gem of a program you and your team have created. It is also great to have help files that covers everything and you don't have to guess what is being said. But best of all I like to install a program and just start using it without jumping through hoops.

Your program is intuitive and easy to use with a shallow learning curve. Thank you for this, and for keeping your program so affordable."

Paul Houghton 
October 24, 2007
The end buying the same movie twice
"Thanks for a great piece of software. This is just what I needed to keep track of my little collection of 200+ DVDs and 100+ LaserDiscs.

It is so easy to add movies, then edit the details and add the few covers, that are missing in your database. And I'm able to contribute with my own scanned covers, thereby giving something back for others to use. I just love that I'm able to customize almost everything and make it personal.

The export function to HTML is so nice. Now I'm able to view my DVD collection from all over the world. And export to my PDA - This is the end buying the same movie twice! Right now I can't think of anything missing - but keep up the good work!"

Henrik Bach Gravesen 
October 18, 2007
Such a great product
"I just want to thank you guys for having such a great product. I have already loaded over 250 Movies and have had no problems at all. The search engine has found most of the movies without any trouble and of those it couldn't find I have managed to insert cover pictures and details very easily.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work."

W.F. Kilpatrick 
October 13, 2007
I love the barcode scanning function
"After having switched from my own Access database to MovieCollector to keep track of my 1,300+ DVD collection, I love the barcode scanning function and the automatic download of DVD details as much as the loan management function.
At last I know where my DVDs disappear to!!"
Jens Seidl 
September 24, 2007
The best on the market, period
"Your support has always been excellent, extremely quick and responsive. Your program has been and is the best on the market, period.
I will be putting a note on my website regarding your product and excellent customer service, everyone who needs a program like this should own yours, period.
Thanks again!"
Leonard Webb 
September 18, 2007
Compete with Blockbuster Video
"WOW! What a program!
I have a collection of movies numbering in the thousands that could seriously compete with Blockbuster Video.
Your program seamlessly put my collection together in a way I never thought possible. I am still learning its functions and can only say its great!
Great Job!"
Jack L. Glasser 
August 31, 2007
Idiot proof
"I am just dropping a line to say thank you, Movie Collector Pro is up and running and is the best programme I have its magic, simple to use Idiot proof and a credit to you and your staff.
If a 70 year old can master the programme without reading the instructions it has to be good.
With thanks Joy."
Joy Brown 
July 15, 2007
We like!
"Just a quick note to say how much we like your movie product.
Kids go to the pc now to check what movie they want to watch. I'm going to set up an old pc right by the bigscreen so we can be lazy and see the movie list from the couch."
Rod Short 
July 13, 2007
Excellent customer service
"I just now bought and downloaded the new version of Movie Collector and your excellent customer service is part of the reason why."
Scott Kornfeld 
June 01, 2007
Keep track
"I love this program, thanks for providing it.
I have been using Movie Collector for a couple of years now and I have never found anything similar to keep track of over 500 DVD's by index number and track what I loan out."
Bert Foxx 
May 23, 2007
Absolutely love
"As a purchaser and user of your software I do absolutely love how your program maintains my collection of 2,000 DVD's!"
William Bianco 
May 18, 2007
"Your programs are all great, but I use Movie Collector almost daily, and have "sold" it to several other people, when they saw how amazing the program is.
Thanks again."
Deborah Lorenz 
May 15, 2007
For us die hard collectorz
"Your software is one of the few ones I highly endorse to family, friends and co workers. Not many programs stand up to the test of time but yours certainly does. Especially for us die hard collectorz."
Noel Lutsey 
May 14, 2007
The best one out there
"My compliments to the Chef(s). I just upgraded to Movie Collector 5 and it is Great. Your program is still the best one out there."
Dick Schumacher 
May 10, 2007
Very pleased
"I've been using Movie Collector and Music Collector for some years now, and I'm very pleased with both (I've also just updated to the latest version of Movie Collector)"
Michael Curtis 
May 07, 2007
It rocks!
"I use Movie Collector Pro and have been thrilled with it. The program notified me of an available update that was a paid update...I paid immediately and updated the the way, it rocks!
Best program I've ever used."
Ron Dickerson 
May 07, 2007
I can't wait to see what's next
"I've been using Movie Collector 4 for the last 4 years and I love it (I use it on both my desktop and laptop). From what I've seen, the changes in the new version are excellent.

I just bought an IPod a few months ago, I spent last night playing with the program and also found the box set option to be very useful; I have quite a few collection sets yet I list the movies individually so finding them now is much easier. My dvd collection is borderline insane, and I have been carrying a list with me to ensure no duplicates. This makes keeping and maintaining my inventory and keeping track of loans almost effortless giving me more time to watch movies.

I myself have been programming since 1985 and was so glad somebody else has gone to all the work putting Movie Collector together. I can appreciate what it involves.

Keep up the GREAT work; I can't wait to see what's next !"

Tim Cronian 
May 04, 2007
Extremely pleased
"I am professionally a Database administrator and I am extremely pleased with your product as you have developed it so far. I like the latest update to the Movie Collector.
I have been using your products to gather several of my collections together and want to also get another one or two of your products."
Conan Whalen-McKain 
May 04, 2007
Beyond my wildest dreams
"I find it to be the best cataloging programing that can be purchase/obtained, along with the other programs that are offered by Not only do the programs function beyond my wildest dreams, but the support offered is comparable to none.

I do not know of any other languages, but I can truthfully say that there are no words in the English language that describe my satisfaction with not only movie collector, but the other programs that I have purchased from I am now waiting and saving up my money from my disability checks so that I might purchase a scanner to assist me in my cataloging."

Elystan Hapgood 
April 24, 2007
Very easy
"I want to say that I love this program. It is very easy to input information and get any missing information via "search" with either the title or barcode. AND I can print lists the way I want them printed, and in a professional looking manner; not the usual text format I have found in other programs.

I love, love, love this program."

MaryAnn Melberg 
April 20, 2007
"I thank you for all of the support. I will continue to use products affiliated with your company and will recommend them to everyone that I know."
Christopher Taylor 
April 16, 2007
"I send this e-mail just to let you know that I LOVE your products. I have a fairly large video collection (that my 4 daughters and 3 sons-in-low 'borrow' from) and constantly ask for my new movies.
Since publishing on my web site (my .mac account), I can now direct them there. Although in the past I've also kept the data on my Treo 650 - using ListPro."
Jack Martin 
April 12, 2007
A big fan!
"I really love your programs. You can definitely list me as a big fan! I refer everyone I can to you (our IT manager recently signed up after he said he needed to catalog his books).
Thanks again for a great program! And thanks for being so great about support also."
Linda Hill 
April 10, 2007
800 DVDs
"Your products are great. I have over 800 DVDs and would not know what to do to inventory my collection if it were not for Movie Collector."
John Lindewirth 
April 05, 2007
Great product, great price
"I've added my collection of 800 odd movies to the database and automatically updated them which is a fantastic feature.
I find the software easy to use. Great product, great price - well done."
April 02, 2007
It works great
"I just wanted to say I am very pleased with your product. It works great. My DVD collection is very large. Your product helps me manage what I have and people borrowing movies.

Again great job and thank you."

Richard M. Bivone 
March 30, 2007
The best movie database
"I really think that Movie Collector is the best movie database for the Mac and I've tried many other applications. I said on Version Tracker (in November 2005) : « This product is not just a Windows software ported on the Mac, it's a great software for the Mac ».

Movie Collector is a great application and I recommend it to every Mac User."

Lionel Attuly 
March 29, 2007
Extremely user friendly
"I searched the internet for months trying to find a catalog program for my movies. At that time I had 1650 VHS tapes and it was impossible to keep up with them without some sort of catalog. When I found my search ended.

The program was so extremely user friendly I had all 1,650 movies cataloged in less than 2 days. One of my favorite features is the loan management. I can't tell you how many times I have loaned movies out and never gotten them back because I had no idea who I loaned it to.

I don't have the need for any of the other products but I assure you, if I ever do, I know exactly where to look. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my program. I recommend it to everyone I know."

Kurtis Quilhot 
March 28, 2007
The best I have seen
"The "Movie Collector" is the best software I have ever used. It surpassed my expectations by a mile. If I had to design a program I couldn't even come close to what you have to offer. I ordered the backup disk and it came in 4 days.

Your product and service is the best I have seen. Thanks."

Don Castagnola 
March 24, 2007
Something this cool
"I've been looking for something to keep track of all these movies & shows but never expected to find something this cool with the cover art, info & the loan feature. very nice. thank you so much.

Collectorz is the best!"

Mark Miller 
March 20, 2007
Great program
"You have an absolutely wonderful program that works very well and I love it. Keep up the excellent work and thank you for a great program."
Robert Romanoski 
March 19, 2007
The perfect software
"My Movie collection has over 700 titles in it, just over 500 on DVD. I have been using your Collectorz Movie Collector for about a week now, and I am completely satisfied with it. I have found nothing that it does not have a data field for.

I have been entering my collection and every time I think "I whish the software would have a data space for this type of information", I look a little deeper, and there is a spot to enter what I want. It seems that your software was designed by a real movie collector. I love it.

Thank you so much for creating the perfect software."

Joe Carroll 
March 15, 2007
Comprehensive list
"Wanted to tell you how VERY USEFUL Movie Collector is. I purchased the program a couple of years ago and put all of my movie collection in it. I had over 700 movies and collectors sets.

My home was burglarized and I would have had trouble providing a list of all the movies I had to the police and insurance company. However, thanks to your program I had a comprehensive list and they will reimburse me for all the movies (Almost $17,000 worth!). Bless you!"

Becky Dew 
March 14, 2007
Very functional
"I am extremeley pleased with your software. This is great, very functional, and easy to use software and I have been telling a lot of friends about your software."
Robert Penn 
March 13, 2007
The greatest thing
"I currently use Movie Collector for my DVD's and think it's the greatest thing in the world."
Michael Cipriano 
March 12, 2007
Eeasy to use
"What an awesome software program! I have been searching for a software package to catalog my DVD and music collection and have tried several, but none can compare to's software. It is fast, easy to use, the internet data downloaded, including the covers (front & back!), is thorough, and the functionality is great. The one piece I especially like is the personal tab where I can create my own drop downs and lists for my movies.

I group my movies by actor, or Academy Award winners, and this page allows me to create those kind of categories. The one thing I would like to see is an Academy Award information tab. What nominations and awards did the movie recieve? I am inputting that data on the personal tab and that works for me. Other than that, I can't say enough good things about the software.

I can't say enough good things about the Flic scanner as well. My collection of movies and music is HUGE, and I did not want to have to add them manually. The Flic scanner solved that.

The problem I was having was on movie night with friends. They would look through all my DVD's for 30-40 minutes just to find the one they wanted to see. With the software, they can now enter criteria to find something to watch and it takes less than FIVE minutes for them to decide. Last night, my friends wanted a comedy with Tom Hanks that was fairly new, less than five years old. In a matter of about one minute, they had a movie picked out.

Thanks again for helping me to get organized and making movie night more enjoyable at my home."

Charlie Parrish 
March 08, 2007
"Your program is excellent and provides many more features, much more efficiently than any of the other five similar programs I had on trial.
You appear to have thought of everything and the feature list is extremely comprehensive without being overloaded."
Richard Renkawicz 
February 26, 2007
The best piece of software
"I've been using Movie collector since the earliest version. It is a great product and a great help for me. I wouldn't be able to manage my large dvd collection without it.
It is the best piece of software I've purchased ever."
Ayberk Kuday 
February 22, 2007
The very best
"I am an old/new member who thinks your software is the very best cataloging product available."
David Sherman 
February 21, 2007
Beats the competition hands down
"I just wanted to let you guys know, I consider myself an expert at computer technology, I am the system administrator for one of the top 10 hospitals in the country (USA).

I have methodically researched many products to find a software package to meet my needs and I must say that your product beats the competition hands down, without a doubt your software offers the user more options than any similar software that anyone could find searching the internet!

Good Job! My hat is off to you and please please, keep up the good work!"

Mike Sickinger 
February 11, 2007
"Thank you for having the best software and device (scanner) which is something I have looked for a very long time.

I was creating my own catalog of DVD movies, by typing the info into a word processor, so I would know what was in my collection. It was constant trouble updating, and having a movie's description moving down the page and into another description.

Yesterday I received my scanner from you and spent the rest of the night scanning into your program! IT IS A DREAM COME TRUE! Thank you for your creativity and knowing what people really want, and especially what I needed. Whoever devised the process and the program, thank you!"

Clarence Schenk 
February 10, 2007
Easy to use
"I am extremely satisfied with the movie collector software. It is easy to use and to update."
Kurt Elasavage 
February 08, 2007
Almost daily
"It's hard to believe that it's been almost 5 five years since I purchased Movie, Music, and MP3 Collector. I use Movie Collector almost daily and I love it."
Roger Schlarb 
February 08, 2007
WELL worth the price
"I just ordered the Flic scanner from and received it a few days ago. I have to say that I am greatly impressed and pleased with this product and the application it impacts.

I own both the movie database and videogame database software applications and I just have to say, this stuff is WELL worth the price! I recommend these to all my friends and colleagues. the Flic Scanner is simply...the Best!

Thank you and I will continue to patronize your site."

Sherman Bunche 3rd 
February 07, 2007
Must be movie collectors yourselves
"I have to congratulate you all for creating this programme as I've been shopping around for a long time & not found anything quite close to what you have. You must be movie collectors yourselves I think."
Ronnie Lim 
February 06, 2007
Continue to recommend
"I really enjoy the program but I also appreciate the high level of customer support. I'm very glad I went with Collectorz and I'll continue to recommend your products to any who will listen."
Michael LaPointe 
February 06, 2007
A real timesaver
"I am a tester for a living, and for the life of me, I can't find anything wrong with it! Works as advertised - a real timesaver, and an intuitive, natural tool I'll be using again and again.

Thank you for making this outstanding product available..."

Mike Norman 
February 06, 2007
Exceeds any product out there
"I love this product. I researched several products like this and yours was the clear cut winner. It far exceeds any product out there."
Chuck Hergenroeder 
February 03, 2007
"Love your program, the ease in loading, understanding and using it is fantastic, and I see your support is as outstanding as your software.
Adrien G. Valcourt 
January 18, 2007
Pperformed beyond my expectations
"Just wanted to let you know that this piece of software is awesome!! It has performed beyond my expectations.
I am an application developer and I was going to build an app. You guys made the effort totally unnecessary. Thanks again."
Jovernian A. Givhan 
January 13, 2007
A marvel in all aspects
"For years I've been trying to setup my DVD collection. A perfect disaster untill I found you ! Your program is a marvel in all aspects, and in one small afternoon I managed to database sixty DVD, pictures and all.

Thanks for a very fine help, and I wish you the very best luck in your venture."

Alain Demoustier 
January 13, 2007

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Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
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release date: Feb 2, 2017
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Movie Collector reviews in 2006:

The best
"I really love Movie Collector! I have over 1300 DVDs and can't imagine how i would manage them without MC. Absolutely the best i've found anywhere.
I tried several other free and trial version movie management softwares and when i discovered Movie Collector that was it. It truly is the best."
Michael Bostic 
November 22, 2006
Use it everyday
"You guys have a awsome program and I use it everyday. And I tell my family and friends all about it."
Robert Mutchie 
November 22, 2006
You guys should win an award
"First, I'm an actor who loves to collect movies so let me say "Dank U" for a very intuitive, user-friendly program that makes maintaining a movie collection a joy, not a chore! You guys should win an award for this software!
Thank you! Danke! Merci! Grazzi! Gracias! Multso Mess! Spaseba!"
George Cahill III 
September 25, 2006
You are amazing
"I just cannot believe you folks! Not only do you make almost perfect products, but you upgrade them every time I turn around! And, on the two occasions when I've had problems, you answered my emails within hours and, here's the incredible part, your answers contain the solutions I was looking for!

You folks have no idea what that means to me. Most of the time I have to send and receive 2 or three letters-or spend 20 minutes on the phone-just to get the folks on the other end to understand my question! You people understand what I am asking (apparently having learned to both read and comprehend!) and know what to do. You are amazing, you are awesome, I am not worthy to own your products... but I'll keep them just the same. YES, you have my permission to quote me to anyone at any time.

If anyone has any doubts about your programs, they should give them a try! And there's another thing! Free trials, that don't expire! How cool is that? Having a limit instead is just incredible!!! No pop-ups to say BUY, BUY, BUY!

I have to go now, because I just fixed the Movie and Music collectors (about 2 minutes following your email instructions) and I've run out of good things to say about you! But I'll grab my thesaurus and be back at you some day!


Barry Solomon 
September 19, 2006
An asset
"We love this program, it has made our movie collection an asset to us instead of a headache! I have told many about the software and that it is the First actualy briiliant integration of Life and the Web I have seen in the 20 years I have been using computers."
Christa Lajoie 
September 06, 2006
Great programs
"Still is the best program I encounter so far, even in the earlier days when it was first launch. Movie Collector was, is, and I'm sure still be the best in the future.
Thanks for your great support and great programs."
Armando Torres 
September 01, 2006
Very user friendly
"The best program I have seen, I use it to catalog my dvd collection which numbers in excess of 1,700 movies.
I find it very user friendly and would recommend it to any collector."
Glyn Parry 
August 11, 2006
Easy to use and understand
"In case you're wondering; I'm sticking with your software because of 3 reasons:

1. its very easy to use and understand. (Very refreshing coming from a very savy computer user who's used to bloated software. )
2. Its very customizable. I can make it do anything I want (almost)
3. I can export my data. Its not "stuck" in your software."

Steven Hartman 
August 08, 2006
Well worth the cost
"The Software is one of the most useful and user friendly I have purchased on line after "try out" - It is the best for purpose I can imagine and I can only say thank you for your efforts in writing it.
Well worth the cost and will recommend it to others."
Anthony Millett 
August 08, 2006
"I LOVE your product. I use it all the time and purchased this for my father (81yrs) because he is tracking his DVD collection in gulp, Wordperfect in a table. He was skeptical---but, when I showed how easy it is to add a DVD and have all the information available (director, time, etc.). He was hooked.

I have been using the DVD collection software for a couple of years now. The "loan" feature is why I originally purchased it...because my daughter and her friends were borrowing DVD to watch in her dorm room at college. I was losing track of which ones she had, because we were tracking with notes on post-its. Ever since having your software, that is no longer an issue.

I also periodically print out my library information and put the printout in our safe deposit box for insurance purposes. I would never be able to remember all the titles we have if we should have a fire."

Lisa Vasquez 
July 25, 2006
Has everything I was looking for
"I have to tell you that I LOVE your software... I have told everyone I know about it, it's awesome@!

The only thing I would change is.... well to be honest I can't think of anything right now... I know I had one, but it's not coming to me... Bottom line is your software has been well thought out and has everything I was looking for, and I can't wait to finish adding my 400+ dvd collection, the nice thing was what I did add, which was about 1/2, was done in about 8-10 hours, vs 8 to 10 days if I had done it the regular way. :) For that I thank you...."

J. Wren 
June 28, 2006
It really is the best!
"I just purchased your "Movie Collector" program and I cant tell you how happy I am! I only have 200 movies, but it was time to organize them. I found Movie Collector so very easy to use without even having to look at the user manual. Everything is user friendly and so simple that my wife, who is not good with computers, can access and navigate will no problems.

You guys/gals did a great job and I was happy to purchase your product. I will be telling all my friends about "Movie Collector" because it really is the best! THANKS!"

Brian Bennington 
June 22, 2006
"Movie Collector and Book Collector are great and no one is even close to you in customer satisfaction. Your update process puts everyone else to shame.
Thanks again."
Gary Nettler 
May 15, 2006
The best software
"I just would like to take this chance and tell you how great I think your softwares are. I could assure you that Movie Collector for example is the best software I've ever used in my life! Topping that with this timely and prompt series of replies and personalized messages.

I simply cannot say except "You guys are marvelous"."

Shehab Helmy 
May 15, 2006
What I was looking for and more
"I've used the Movie Collector program for just a few days now and wanted you to know... the more I use it the more I love it! It's going to take me awhile to catalog my 300+ dvds but when finished I will have a dynamic, professional data base to be proud of.

Thank you for your great product. It is just what I was looking for and more."

Peter Bergman 
March 07, 2006
Happy with a program
"I do have a couple of suggestions for improvements, but in the fifteen years I've been using personal computers, I have rarely been this happy with a program. And you update them about every other day, which is wonderful.

I've paid hundreds for (different types of) programs that don't work half as well, and 2 months after you buy them, they want to sell you the newer, better version for big bucks! I love the way you people do business!"

Barry Solomon 
February 13, 2006
A high five for work well done
"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how happy I am with the Movie Collector software. I have been looking for something that would do all of the little things that this software does for a long time. Thanks for putting together such a great little piece of software.

I am pretty much a computer geek myself, but this is easy enough that my parents are able to put movies in and make their own lists "Without my constant intervention,".

I know how seldom it is that you must get a high five for work well done and thought I would pass one along. Thanks again."

Scott Sutton 
January 26, 2006
A few hours
"This is one fantastic piece of software! It's worth every bit of the price. I was able to organize my 266 movie collection in a matter of a few hours."
Bob Taylor 
January 16, 2006
Great product
"Just wanted to thank your for such a great product. I am constantly amazed at the depth of useful functions in Movie Collector. I love this product!

I recently removed all of my DVD's from the original packaging and put them in sleeved albums to save space. I numbered each sleeve and with your software, was able to index and print a catalogue of my collection of 700+ DVD's. My family can now browse through the catalogue, pick a title and go directly to the disc.

The entire collectorz team desirves a big pat on the back!"

Tom Barclay 
January 03, 2006

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

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No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
what's new »

Movie Collector reviews in 2005:

I was impressed
"I am currently playing with the trial version, and you have done a great job. We have over 300 movies and thus far I have created an Access DB to catalogue them. Frankly what a waste of time, so when a friend told me to check out your site is was impressed and have passed on the site a a number of others."
Lance Smith 
December 20, 2005
Well written and intuitive
"This software is perhaps one of the most useful tools to come along since VisiCalc! The marriage of internet information from various sources with a database coupled to one's PC -- is not only productive, but fun to use too!

Movie Collector software is well written and intuitive - it flows as if the authors/programmers actually used the product as an end-user. Just a thought I would pass along a note of appreciation for the fine job indeed."

Bob Hall 
December 09, 2005
Magnificent job
"Once again you guys showed what a great customer service is CollectorZ.Com, and an awesome program that there's no words to describe it, just GREAT!!! In all my computing experience, I never been so satisfied with a program that is so little in price and so big in features (Movie and Music Collector).

Thank you guys for the magnificent job you all are doing."

Armando Torres 
October 25, 2005
Your product is the best
"Just wanted to say thanks for a great product. I have been using Movie Collector with the Flic barcode reader for about a week. I now have my collection completed with 589 entries! It was very easy to get everything set up and enter all the movies into the database. More importantly, your product is the best I have found at getting the information OUT.

The filtering and use of thumbnails is excellent! Also, I have printed out my collection using a number of filters. I have a wonderfully grouped catalog that I can show to my guests to help them select a movie from my collection.

Thanks and keep up the great work! I can't wait to see what you come out with next!"

Jonathan Schmidt 
October 21, 2005
Full credit where it is due
"This is one of the best value programmes I have ever bought. The design is so well matched to the purpose of the programme that its come to feel like an extension of my own way of thinking about movies.

It is extremely easy to use; does what its meant to in a no-fuss way; has a very clever data structure that allows databases to be created of emormous size, whilst giving easy and effective methods of ordering and finding records you need to look at and excluding those you don't.

Full credit where it is due. You deserve to win a lot of awards for what you have done."

Josiah Hincks 
October 03, 2005
Thanks for the great products
"I've used both your Movie and Music programs for a few years or so now, and they are just the absolute best! And your quick and personal customer support is beyond compare. Many thanks for the great products, and the great service!"
Don Hess 
August 30, 2005
Just so damn sexy
"Just thought I'd add my name to your list of happy customers. I recently bought your Movie Collector software, and I feel to compelled to let you know just how amazing I think it is.

For years now I've been laboriously cataloguing my DVDs (current count about 580) using Microsoft Access, for insurance purposes if nothing else.

Your software has turned what had become a chore into an obsession! It's just such a comprehensive and powerful tool, and the end result is just so damn sexy! Being able to export to the web with a click of the mouse is just fantastic, and makes the database so much more secure and accessible.

The program is so well designed that I've barely even glanced at the help files - everything is just so easy to work out. How you guys read my mental wishlist I don't know, but please keep up the great work!"

Iain Faulkner 
August 18, 2005
Does a very good job
"I have Movie Collector. I think the barcode scanner support is brilliant. I really like the software. It's easy to use, pretty customizeable and does a very good job.

I don't write my own code. The measure I apply to assesing software is whether I would write it differently if I DID write code. I can't think how I would make Movie Collector better.

Thank you for a great product."

Mike Blevins 
August 05, 2005
Extremely pleased
"We have been using the pro version of the movie collector for a few years now and are extremely pleased with how it works.
One of the greatest features is the ability to export the movie list so that we can put it on our palm pilot to be able to reference all of the movies that we have when in the stores."
Peter Sheldon 
July 05, 2005
Excellent to use
"This a long overdue note to pass on my thanks for producing a great product. I have been using Movie Collector Pro for some months and have found it excellent to use. I have certainly researched other products but none compare to this.

The ease of use, appearance and and auto updates make this a superb tool for any serious collector. Keep up the good work."

Andrew Marks 
June 29, 2005
This package has everything
"I'm a software developer that has written many programs for personal use because there are always certain features I want that aren't available in the commercial software available. This package has everything I could think of and a few things I would have never thought of.

One of my best software purchases ever. Well done."

Greg Taylor 
May 28, 2005
Very impressed
"I've just purchased your Movie Collector software (pro version). Very impressed (which is unlike me) - congratulations on a very fine piece of software! So far I can't find anything it won't do for me but I'll keep trying.
I'm using the filter and export to html facility to provide a custom web site for the kids. In this way I can control what films I'm happy for them to watch and they only see movies suitable for them - easy to control as they grow older.

Keep up the good work!"

Andrew Stamp 
May 23, 2005
Extremely flexible
"I must say I am truly impressed with this product. It has made my life so much easier.

I was in the process of designing my own database when I decided to do a web search just in case something like this existed. Thank goodness your page came back in my Google search. After downloading the trial version, I decided to purchase your product within 10 minutes. (I can't wait to start loading my books and cd's. Yes, I bought the combo package.)

The product is easy to use, user friendly, and extremely flexible. If I could offer one piece of advice, you might consider expanding your source documentation a little. I had to add a movie manually. When it came around to loading the cover, it took me a little time to figure it out. Screen shots in the source documentation would have been a time saver.

Thanks developing such a wonderful package. Keep up the good work!"

James Gibson 
April 28, 2005
I am very,very impressed
"I have just finished inputting our DVD collection in to Movie Collector. Congratulations; everything you could want in a data base. You have certainly done your homework in putting it all together and the loan section takes the guesswork out of tracking down who borrowed what.

I am very,very impressed. I will now look at the cd version as we have a vast collection of cds."

Rob Jacobs 
March 18, 2005
Highly commended
"After 3 years of using Movie collector I have to say just one word : great!
It works well, regular updates to stay on top of developments, error and crash free program. Highly commended."
Paul Spaas 
March 12, 2005
A job well done
"This is the most thought out and user friendly software I have ever used. A job well done. I will certainly recommend to everyone I know."
Mark P. 
February 21, 2005
I'd catalog my collections all day long!
"I subscribed to both Movie and Music Collector a few years ago and loved it then, but got sidetracked with other things. Now that I'm back (updated and also subscribed to Book Collector), I love your programs more than ever! If I had more time, I'd catalog my collections all day long!

Thanks for your great products. Your prices are incredibly fair, and your software is quite useful to me, an avid collector. Please keep up the good work!"

Cindy Castelli 
February 11, 2005
A wonderful product
"I've dreaded putting my DVD collection into a database: I've put it off for years. With about 12 hours of work, I've cataloged 385 DVD's! This would have taken me MONTHS to manually install all the information. In addition, I've found duplicates and sorted the DVD's into categories.

THANK YOU for a wonderful product !"

Rob Mages 
January 26, 2005
How I ever lived without it
"Just wanted to compliment you on a wonderful product, I've used it for about a month and don't know how I ever lived without it, nice job to everyone involved with Movie Collector."
January 18, 2005

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Latest versions:

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release date: Feb 16, 2017
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release date: Feb 2, 2017
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Movie Collector reviews in 2004:

"I am very pleased with the ease of use, the flexibility for customizing fields and the ability to printout my lists in a variety of ways. This program has helped me to organize my movie collection quickly and efficiently.

I downloaded the free version to see if it was worth it and purchased the product within the hour. I have spent the last 2 hours or so entering the titles of my DVDs into the search pane and I just finished printing my new catalog of my DVD collection. I have over 250 DVDs and they are now organized. THANK YOU!

I will look carefully at your other products and I look forward to organizing my book collection as well."

Richard Mailloux 
December 23, 2004
Your software made this easy
"Great software! To catalog them forever. I work in the I.T. field and am very proficient in Microsoft Access. I was going to build my own database, however, I knew I would never find the time to input all of the dvd info.
Your software made this easy. In fact, I was able to add them all to my catalog in just a few hours.
Great job!"
Joseph Settecase 
December 15, 2004
You guys Rock!
"Your Movie Collector Software is, without a doubt, the easiest program to use. I have spent years searching for a decent data base program, without luck. My wife bought this for me as a gift and I spent all weekend cataloging my collection of 238 movies and Television shows.

You guys Rock!"

Bill Persell 
May 25, 2004
What a timesaver
"Congratulations on a super product! I have been cataloging my movies using Microsoft Access, logging in the actors and information. It was very time consuming.

I like Movie Collector's ability to go online and retrieve the information about each movie - what a timesaver! It even gives the front and back cover pictures.

I don't think I could have ever done that in Access. Looking forward to years of service from this product!"

Don Diven 
April 29, 2004
The product is wonderful
"Wow! The Movie Collector is great. I now know I have 445 movies and only 1 duplicate. I entered almost all using my barcode scanner and let the software search the databases. What a time saver. The product is wonderful.

Thank you."

Al Alberts (USA)
February 04, 2004
Within a few hours
"The product is fantastic!! After cataloging 50 DVD's I purchased the product and had my 300+ collection in the system within a few hours using the UPC from my DVDs.

If I had this software a year ago, I could have saved myself approximately $100 in duplicate DVD titles."

Nick Miokovic 
January 06, 2004

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Movie Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
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Movie Collector reviews in 2003:

Splendidly simple and effective
"Just a note to thank you for the new "Add a Movie" wizard interface in v.4.1. It is splendidly simple and effective.

Even though I had mastered the ins and outs of the advanced interface in v.4.0, I find this new wizard even better and it will most certainly be appreciated by newbies.

Once again, thanks. You have not only honored the feature requests I have sent you, but you continue to improve an already great product. That's what great Shareware authors do, and it is MUCH appreciated."

Guruka Singh Khalsa 
December 04, 2003
High quality
"Movie Collector is truly a great program, having so much thought put into it, that it is small wonder it has gained so many top awards along the way.

As with any program worth its salt, no matter what the complexity involved; one should be able to grasp the basic concepts within a few minutes without having to read a complicated manual. Movie Collector easily comes into that category, where even the most inexperienced user can run the program to its full potential without having to read anything at all!

Thank you for a great program of such high quality."

Michael Lambert 
October 02, 2003
Can't believe how easy it is
"My mother has just purchased this program for me and I have to say it is absolutely brilliant! At times I feel like I am running a video store and keeping track of our DVD's can be a nightmare, of which you have solved.

I cant believe how easy it is to use and the range of data input information is incredible. Shall be recommending to all!"

Natalie Shears 
July 07, 2003
You are always improving it
"I just have to say you guys are the best. I have been using your program for about a year now. At first I used the demo and then purchased the full version.

I am very critical with programs especially the ones you pay for. The reasons I love this program is that you guys update it constantly. Meaning you are always improving it. That's great. Basically that means that you are always improving my investment.

Next is that the program is just great. Easy to use and print. I mean come on I put a movie in within secs not minutes. I have over 400 movies and you know a brotha needs to keep them organized."

Bald Guy 
April 16, 2003

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Movie Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
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Movie Collector reviews in 2002:

Very pleased
"My mom likes to buy DVDs for us kids as gifts during the holidays. She mentioned one day that she was surprised I hadn't created some sort of software for managing our collections of DVDs. Something that we could easily print, or an online database. That way she would know what movies we have so she wouldn't buy us duplicates.

So, I set out on a quest to find such software. And with the aid of my trusty Google searchbar, I found the site I had previously found a movie database software from a different company. I tried it out, and was very disappointed. So, the search continued. I thought it would be cool if you could just enter in the title of the movie and the software would fill in the rest. Well, that's when I found your software, and I was very pleased with it. So, I purchased the software for my mom.

I especially like the check-out feature. People are always borrowing movies from them, now they can keep track of who had them."

Tim Larson 
November 20, 2002
Simple, no fuss package
"Just a quick email, loved Movie Collector! I hadnt even finished entering my first record before I decided to purchase it! Simple, no fuss package that offers everything I could want from a catalogue program. Very good value and easy to upgrade....I`ll be back for mp3 collector on payday!

Best of luck....I never thought much of shareware until today!"

Tim Wilson 
September 18, 2002
Yours was the best
"I was looking for a movie database program to catalog all my movies.
I went to and looked under the "Home Inventory" catagory. I downloaded a number of different movie cataloging programs, and tried them all and yours was the best."
Patrick Fenton 
September 16, 2002
I am happy with my Puchase
"I found out about this movie collector program from a friend who lives in Adelaide. Because we are both Major movie collectors of DivX movies and Tv Series. After hearing about movie collector, I type the name of the software in to I was amazed how good this software is. It downloads all the information about the movie and also downloads the covers.

I was going try to use it without buying the program, but because I found the program was so good. I decided that I might as well buy it. This is the second thing I have ever puchased over the internet.

I am happy with my Puchase. Thanks"

Pradip Marek 
August 14, 2002
There really is nothing else
"I've been searching for a program like this for years. Even though VCRs don't use them anymore, all other programs I've found only allowed a 4-digit starting position. I was looking for a program that allowed me to enter a time counter kind of starting position. I found it in Movie Collector. That was enough to make me want to purchase it, but then I found all the other features and fields I could enter.

I think anyone who writes a program for cataloguing movies should just give up now. After using Movie Collector, there really is nothing else.

I like Movie Collector so much, I wrote to WebAttack and suggested that they add it to their website. I've even bought Music Collector and it's also great."

Rob Warenda 
August 02, 2002
Exactly what I wanted
"I downloaded the evaluation copy from ZDNet and instantly knew this was the product that I was looking for! I've tried quite a few others, but Movie Collector was exactly what I wanted!"
Steve McDonald 
July 23, 2002
Excellent job
"I have a rather large DVD collection of over 400 movies and I've wanted to sort them in a database for a very long time.

I then found your Movie Collector program which I played around with for a few minutes before I decided to use it for my movie collection. As soon as I hit the trial limit of 25 movies I went online and bought a license for the program.

Excellent job!"

Johnny Berggren 
July 01, 2002
Has made my life a lot easier
"I had been using Deluxe Organizors from PrimaSoft Inc. for years for my Movie collection and Music collection and my wife is using Recipe collection for her recipes. I am a lazy person and hate to type or cut and paste all the time so I got on the web and found your products.

It was so much easier than the Deluxe Organizer that I just changed over to you. Don't get me wrong, PrimaSoft makes a very good product, but I needed something that took less time to input a larger amount of info in a lot less time. I still work for a living. Your product has made my life a lot easier."

John Moran 
May 31, 2002
I love the new version
"I just wanted to take the time in a more public forum to let you know that I love your software... and I love the new version. I really apperciate all the hard work that you guys do.

I needed this software because I was buying duplicate movies too much. Now I use it for way more than that. From having the collection online so my friends can use me as a video store to being able to select a Romantic Comedy Adventure (thank you for Ver2!!!)."

May 18, 2002
Good work
"The program is awesome. I have over 300 dvds and i was using a Microsoft access database i made. I saw yours on and i had to have it.
It really is one of the best programs i have ever used. Please keep up the good work and know that the work you do is appreciated and used a lot.

I do some PC programming so i know this stuff is hard and you did an excellent job. Thanks."

Ron Norris 
April 15, 2002

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows & Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

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No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

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US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: 17.0.2
release date: Feb 16, 2017
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: 16.2.4
release date: Feb 2, 2017
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