Activating CLZ Cloud

CLZ Cloud (previously known as Sync & Share) is a free service for storing and backing up your collection database in the cloud. It is also the recommended way for syncing data between devices, e.g. from your Windows or Mac software to your iOS app, but also between iPhone and iPad.

If you own multiple devices, e.g. iPad and iPhone, you will need a free CLZ Cloud Account so that you can sync data between your two devices.

Using the CLZ Cloud service is free for everyone, including Pro edition owners, Standard edition owners and owners of the mobile apps.

Creating a CLZ Account

Note for existing Connect users: The steps below are only required if you do *not* already have a CLZ Account. If you already have an account, skip to the Activating step below.

To use CLZ Cloud you need to create a CLZ Account.

  • Click here to go to the My CLZ page
  • Enter your email address into the box provided and click Sign Up
  • After creating your account you can change your username and password
  • Most importantly, you can activate CLZ Cloud
  • Click the appropriate link on the right to activate CLZ Cloud

You can now use your CLZ Account to sync your data via CLZ Cloud.

Activating CLZ Cloud

If you already have a CLZ Account (previously a Connect Account) then all you need to do is login to your My CLZ page and activate CLZ Cloud.

  • Click here to go to the My CLZ page
  • Enter your Username and password. You can also use your email address to login
  • Once logged in, click the links on the right to activate CLZ Cloud