Linking your movies for Connect

Before uploading your movies to Connect from the Windows or Mac software, you need to "link your movies". Let me explain what linking is exactly, and why you need to do it.

Movie Collector Connect and Linking

Movie Collector is built around the central online movies database. For the online user databases in Connect, all factual movie details (like cast, crew, plot summary, edition details, etc...) and cover images are used and shown directly from that central, shared database.

This factual movie data is not stored per user. Instead, it is stored only once, in the central database, then linked to for every Connect user that owns that movie.
This factual data is not uploaded to Connect when you sync your data from Movie Collector. It only uploads your personal data fields like Collection Status, Purchase information, Notes, Rating, etc...), plus the link to the corresponding entry in the central database (basically just the CLZ Movie ID of the central entry).

So in order to see full Movie details and cover images in Connect, it is essential that your local movie entries are linked to the corresponding entries our central database.
Without linking, your movie entries will show up as simple Title / Year / Format entries, with just your personal data. No cover image, no cast & crew lists, no plot summary.

How to link your movies

First, if you have been using the Add Movies Automatically screen to catalog your movies, selecting and downloading the data from our online movie database, then most of your movies will already be linked.
You will only need to link the movies that you added manually.

The fastest and easiest way to link your movies is to use the Link Movies screen in your Movie Collector program for Windows or Mac. It has been designed to let you link many movies quickly. Read the Sync with Connect topic for more information.

Alternatively, you can link while in the Connect online software, by clicking the little link icon. However in Connect, linking can only be done one-by-one.

The advantages of the Linking and Data Sharing system

This system of linking and sharing central data has many advantages:
  1. Automatic Updates: When our content managers update the movie information in our central database (e.g. to add a better cover image, to improve the cast list, or to fix a typo), you will immediately see those changes in your online collection.
    No need to "Update Movies Automatically". You online collection always automatically shows the latest and greatest version of the data and cover art.

  2. It's FAST: Sharing the factual movie data means that its retrieval can be optimized (e.g. by caching), resulting in a smooth experience when browsing your online movie collection. Also, uploads from your desktop software are lightning fast, because only your personal data and a simple ID value needs to be uploaded.

  3. It's efficient: Shared factual movie data is only stored once, which means our servers are not clogged by duplicate copies of data and images (that are all the same for every user anyway). This made it possible for our systems to make daily backups of your collection data.

What if a movie is not in the central online movie database?

Hopefully this won't happen too often, but here's what you can do to handle this situation and to help us improve our central online movie database:

  • First, you can upload and keep un-linked movies in your Connect collection. Unlinked items will show up online with just Title, Year and Format information. Plus your personal data of course. And if your local entry had a cover image, it will even be uploaded to Connect automatically.
    TIP: For movies not available in our central database, make sure to include the barcode in your unlinked entry, so that our Content Team can spot popular "un-linked" barcodes and add them to the central database. As soon as they do, your entry will automagically be transformed into a full entry with all movie information.
  • Also, if you *do* have full information for that movie, maybe even scanned the cover image, then please Submit it to us for inclusion in our database. You can do this from the Windows edition of Movie Collector using Edit / Submit to