Editing Movies

The Movie Collector Database provides your movies with numerous movie data. Still, you will probably want to add some additional details to your movie. For example where it's stored, purchase price, extra liner notes or add other additional information.

The Edit Movie Screen

To edit an movie's details, you will need to fire up the Edit Movie Screen. You can do so, by selecting the movie you want to edit, right-click it and select: Edit movie. Another way to get there, is to select the movie and choose: Edit > Edit movie from the File Menu.

Figure 1: The Edit Movie Screen - Movie Collector 7

Editing Movie Details

When you want to edit an Movie's Details, like add additional infirmation, change the physical location of where your movie is stored or add a personal note, you need the Edit movie Screen.

  • Select an movie from your list

  • Click the Edit Movie button on the toolbar:

    Figure 2: Add Movie Automatically Button

  • Just browse through the different tabs and see what information can be added and edited.

  • When done, hit the OK button and watch the Details panel change to reflect the changes you made.

Note: Read the Field Reference topic (under Reference in the left menu) for more details.