Customizing Movie Collector


When you start Movie Collector for the first time, it uses the default layout shown below. The Tree List on the left, with the Main List and Detail Template shown on the right. Movie Collector allows you to change or hide each pane depending on your preference. You can also change/move columns and change the detail template to suit your needs. Click one of the topics below to learn more.


Main Screen:

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Screen Layout

You can change the layout by clicking View > Screen Layout

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Detail Template

There are two possible ways to change the Detail Template:

  • Click View > Details View Template then select one of the available templates.

  • Or right click anywhere on the Detail Template.

If you have experience editing xsl, or you'd like to try your hand at creating your own templates you can find a tutorial on our website which explains how to modify the templates to suit your needs. This does require some technical knowledge. Click here to view our tutorial.

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Customizing the Toolbar

You can customize the toolbar to contain your most frequently used items. To customize the toolbar right click anywhere on the Toolbar, then click Customize. You'll then see the screen below.

To add new icons, click and drag them to the toolbar. To remove existing icons/spaces, click and drag them anywhere outside of the toolbar then release.

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To add or remove columns, click View > Choose Columns or right click a column header from the Main List.

You can change the order of your columns by clicking and dragging them to another position.

Changing the Font

If the default font size is too small to read, or you'd prefer to use a different font for displaying your collection, you can change them via Movie Collector's menu.

  • In the Movie Collector menu, click View > Change Font Size
  • Here you can increase/decrease the size of the font
  • To change the font, click Tools > Options

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