Adding Movies Automatically


The Add Movies Automatically screen is the fastest way to add movies to your database. It enables you to connect to our central database and download detailed information to your own collection. You can search by title or by barcode then add the movies directly to your collection, or to your wish list. Click the links below to learn more about the various options available to you in the Add Movies Automatically screen.


Searching by Title

To search for a movie:

  • Type the title into the Title Field.

  • Click Search Now on the right, or press enter on your keyboard to start the search.

  • Movie Collector will search our database for appropriate matches. Click the + next to the result to view all the different regional matches we have for that title.

  • Double click on one of the search results to see a detailed preview on the right.

  • Use the columns and preview to select the correct movie from the search results, then click Add Selected.


When a Movie is released in different regions (USA, Europe, Asia etc.) they often have minor differences, for example, the audience ratings in Europe differ to those in the USA, that's why it's important to select a regional match when adding your movies; it ensures you get the most accurate information in your database.

When searching by title you will usually see lots of results for just one movie, each result is for a different release. To find an exact regional match we recommend searching by barcode but you can also find exact matches with a title search. Here are some tips to help locate accurate, regional matches.

  • Check the columns, they provide useful information about the result provided such as the format, release year and region.
  • Use the preview on the right to check the cover image matches your movie, if you'd prefer a different cover, right click on the result from the search queue and click 'Find Cover Image'.
  • If there are lots of results, use the 'Editions' filter to narrow down the search results to a specific region.
  • If you are adding T.V. Series, use the 'TV Series Only' check box to search our database for TV Series.
  • Still can't find an exact match? Try searching by barcode.

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Searching by barcode

Adding movies by performing a barcode search is not only easy, it also has its advantages:

  • It instantly returns only *one* result, the exact edition that you own.
  • This one result is automatically shown in the Preview Panel, no double-click needed.

You can search by manually typing the barcode into the barcode field. If you have an iPhone or Android, check out our barcode scanning app CLZ Barry.

Click here to learn more about using a scanner with our software.

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Add to Collection or Wish List

Movie Collector includes Collection Status filters, making it easy for you to manage both the movies you own, as well as the movies you want. When adding movies, you can choose whether to add them to your Collection or to your Wish List.

At the bottom left of the Add Movies Automatically screen you should see options to Add to:

  • Collection
  • Wish List

You can learn more about managing your Wish List on our website. Click here for more information.

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Queue Mode

Important: Queue Mode is a Pro Only feature. Click here to learn more about the differences between Standard and Pro.

Queue mode allows you to add movies in batches. You can add multiple titles and/or barcodes to the search queue then search for them. Queue mode is the most efficient way to add movies to your database. Combined with a barcode scanner, it makes light work of even the largest collections.

To enable queue mode, click the 'Show Queue' button.

With the Search Queue visible you can start queueing movies.

  • Type the title or barcode into the appropriate search field then click Add to Queue.
  • Once you've added your movies, click Search All.
  • Once the search is complete, click on a title in the queue to view the results.

You now have three options for adding your movies:

  • Add Anyway: This will add the selected movie to your database without any additional information, using only your title/barcode information. This is useful if no results are found in our database. You can add the movie title to your database then add more information manually.

  • Add Selected: This will add the movie you've selected to your database. First, click the movie in the Search Queue, select a result by clicking on it or checking the box next to it then click 'Add Selected'.

  • Add All: This option will remain grey until you click a result from the Search Queue, then select a movie from the Search Results. You can use the check box next to the movie then move to the next movie in the queue. Once you've selected a result for each movie you can click Add All to add the movies to your collection.

Tip: You can select and add multiple movies from the search results. For example, if you search for 'The Matrix', you'll get a lot of results from our database. If you own all 3 movies, you can check the boxes next to each release then use the Add Checked option to add all of them. This allows you to add all 3 titles with just one search!

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New Releases

The new releases tab includes movies released within the past month, as well as upcoming releases. Extremely useful for adding titles to your Wish List. Just click Refresh to see the latest list of new releases. If you already own one of these releases it will appear blue in the list.

Most Popular

Do you wonder which movies are most popular in our database? Do you have the number one most popular movie in your database already? Click on the "Most Popular" tab and hit refresh to see the Movie Top 50.

Figure 7: Add Movies Most Popular

If you see a lot of blue colored titles: congratulations! You own a lot of popular movies! Maybe you will see some titles that you forgot about and still want to get? Click the checkboxes in front of them and click "Add Checked" to add them to your collection.

This Top 50 is refreshed every week (usually Monday morning GMT+01) so that's when you can use the refresh button again. You can also visit the Top 50 online right here.

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You can find the settings in the top right corner of the Add Automatically screen. From here you can change the Data Language, check the connection and view the main Settings screen.

Data Language:

If you prefer your plots in your native language you can control this via the Data Language setting. Click the Settings icon in the top right corner of the Add Movies Automatically screen to change the language. This allows you to control the language of the information you receive from our database. You can choose from:

  • English
  • Nederlands
  • Español
  • Français
  • Deutsch

N.B. If our database doesn't have localized plot information for the movie you are adding it will default to the English version but you can always update the movie at a later date to check if we have new plot information.

Check Connection

The Check Connection icon allows you to test if you have a working connection to our database. If you aren't getting any results from our database, click this icon to check if you have a valid connection. If there is a connection problem you will be notified of it here. If you are unable to Connect to our database please contact us via our Support Form.

Search Settings

Click the Settings icon in the top right corner to access the Settings screen. The settings screen allows you to control the functionality of the Add Automatically screen as well as controlling what information is (or is not) downloaded.


The 'Proxy Settings' are only required if you connect to the internet via a Proxy. The option to enable adult content will enable adult movies to be shown when using the Add Automatically screen. This option is disabled by default, if you want to receive adult content you must enable this option.

The option to Edit Movies after you add is only available when using the Direct Search mode, i.e. add one movie at at a time. This option will not work when using Queue Mode.

Edit Add/Update Automatically Settings

Here you can control which fields will be modified when you add or update a movie in your collection.

The settings screen is split into 3 sections.

Add/Update Settings

The Add/Update Automatically settings enbable you to control which fields are downloaded or updated. You can apply different settings for adding a movie and updating a movie.

Update Automatically:

  • Leave Empty - Does not download anything
  • Download - Downloads data from our central database (if available)

Add Automatically:

  • Leave as is - Leaves the existing information, does not download anything
  • Update Empty Fields only - If data is missing from the selected field, it will be updated, otherwise it will not be changed
  • Replace Current Data - Replaces your existing data with the information from our central database

Cast & Crew Details

The details tab allows you to control the maximum size of the Cast and Crew information that is downloaded. If you don't want to receive any information for a particular cast/crew member, set it to zero or click the option 'Do not retrieve character names'.

Web Site Links

When you add a movie, Movie Collector will automatically add links to the entry in your database. These links are generated automatically based on the title you search for. If you prefer not to receive these links, or you wish to limit the amount provided you can do so via this screen.

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Can't find your movie?

Tried all possible searches but still can't find your movie? You may want to add the movie manually.