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FAQ: CLZ mobile apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

When I click Export, I get "Error connecting for transfer".

This error occurs when your device was found (via Bonjour), but still the software cannot connect to the device for the actual data transfer.

Possible causes and solutions:

  • Unstable Wi-Fi connection: Move closer to your Wi-Fi access point.
  • Wi-Fi disabled: After a few minutes your mobile device could become idle and disable its WiFi automatically). To fix this, go to your mobile device preferences screen and in "General" or "Wifi"Settings" switch off "Auto Lock" - or something similar that locks your device after a few seconds.
  • App not on Import page: Make sure your mobile app is still on the Import page, try the Export again and don't navigate away from the Import page while the Export runs.
  • Firewall software blocking the connection: Make sure that your Collectorz.com software is allowed to connect "through" your firewall.
    Try switching off all firewalls, and be sure not to forget the Windows firewall. Also disable Windows Defender if you are on Vista.
  • Router problems: If the above solution don't work, then the problem is most likely caused by your router. First, try rebooting the router (disconnect it from power, wait 10 seconds, then reconnect). If that doesn't help, check if the manufacturer has any firmware updates available for your router. Updating the firmware to the latest version could also resolve connection problems.

Finally, if you keep having problems exporting over Wi-Fi, consider transferring over USB!

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