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Organize your DVDs and Blu-Ray Discs in no time at all.
Just enter titles or scan barcodes for automatic cast, crew & cover art.

Organize your DVDs automatically

Automatically download cast, crew, cover art, movie plots, episode lists and more. Just enter the movie title or scan the barcode on the box.
Scan your hard-disk for movie files.

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your DVD collection

Browse your movie database in cover flow. Sort lists any way you want. Find movies quickly and easily.
Keep track of your collection and wish list. Never buy dupes again.

Export your data to the mobile app, share it online

Export your movie collection and wish list to the CLZ Movies app, available for iPhone/iPad & Android.
Upload your database online, for easy access & sharing with friends.
BTW, I love your program. My collection is over 2,000 DVDs not counting the boxed sets. Makes it a lot easier to keep track of my collection; and the iPhone app really helps when I shopping for movies.
Alex Acosta - February 19, 2015

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Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows and Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

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No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

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Latest versions:

for Windows: Cobalt.9.5
release date: Jan 27, 2015
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: Cobalt.9.2
release date: Feb 26, 2015
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Full Pack

All 5 PRO editions for Windows:
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Comic + Game Collector PRO
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US $100 discount

Browse your movie database

Use Movie Collector's main screen to browse, sort and search your movie database. Choose from multiple views and layouts:

Easily add new movies to your database, by title or by barcode

Adding new movies to your personal movie database database is quick and easy,
just search our central online movie database by title or by barcode and select the movie and/or DVD/Blu-Ray edition you own:

Our central online movie database will then automatically provide full movie details, cover art and episode details for TV series:

Movie information:
  • Movie title
  • Release Year
  • Studio
  • Genres
  • Cast & Crew (with headshot images and IMDb links)
  • Plot Summary
    in English, France, Dutch, Spanish or German. (use the Data Language setting to choose your preferred language)
  • IMDb Link
  • IMDb Rating
  • Runtime
  • Country & Language
  • Series (e.g. "Harry Potter")
For TV Series:
  • Episode Titles and Plot descriptions
  • Episode Guest Cast and Crew (Director, Writer)
  • Episode Screenshot Images
  • Episode Runtime and Original Air Date

Images and Videos
  • Front Cover
  • Back Cover
  • Backdrop art (used as background)
  • Movie Poster
  • Movie Trailer Videos (YouTube)

Edition specific details:
  • Format (DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, VHS, etc...)
  • Barcode
  • Edition release date

Organizing movie files

Movie Collector can also organize your movie files. Just let it scan your computer for digital movie files,
then link the files to your movies or episode entries. After that, the movies can be played right from your movie details panel:

FREE CLZ Cloud storage, for online backup, syncing and sharing

Movie Collector comes with free cloud storage for your collection data, using our own CLZ Cloud service.
Use the CLZ Cloud to:
  • Always have an online backup of your movie database.
  • Synchronize your database between devices, e.g. between your desktop computer and your iOS device.
  • Publish your movie list online, to share it with friends and family.
    (this uses a free view-only version of our online software "Movie Collector Connect").

Available add-ons:

Movie Collector Connect

Upload your movie database online, then add and edit movies from anywhere using the online software.
Movie Collector Connect

CLZ Movies mobile app

Export your movie database and wish list to your phone or tablet and always carry it with you.
Export your collection to iPhone, iPad or Android CLZ Movies is available for iOS & Android.

CLZ Barry scanner app

Speed up your DVD and Blu-Ray organizing with the CLZ Barry wireless barcode scanner app.
Barcode Scanner for Android and iOS CLZ Barry is available for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) for US $7.99.

Here's what customers have to say about Movie Collector:

"I have close to 14k movies and I'd never be able to organize, remember them all without the combination of Movie Collector and CLZ Movies (so I don't get duplicates). I've been using Collectorz products for close to 10 years and recommending them to friends and customers for most of that time."
Mike Dickert (USA)
Simplified my life
"I will also take the time to thank you so much for all your amazing products. It has simplified my life regarding organizing and keeping track of all my records."
Ulf Widen (Sweden)
A Real Boon
"I have been a fan of movies and tv shows since I can remember, and when I started collecting dvds 5yrs. ago, the Collectorz program helped in a major way to organize it all.
I now have over 4,000 movies and 100 tv shows, and this program has been a real boon for me!"
Jason Doucette 
A Great Organizer
"You have been wonderful.
You've always answered my questions--even if they were non-sensical.
You have been prompt and exact.
I have been a loyal purchasser of your software--probably bought the first system you published. It is a great organizer, and, of course by now, I know pretty well how to organize what I want listed.
Yeah! for the good guys."
Barbara Simmons 
Can't Wait To Get Started
"Just discovered this program and can't wait to get started!!!
I can FINALLY organize my Collection of Movies. Not to mention all of the Games for 3 Teenage Boys! Thought I was doing good keeping my dvd titles in alphabetical order.
This is MUCH better! How did I ever manage without it?"
Susan Black 
The topping on the cake
"I am an organizing nut; love to organize everything so I know where the stuff I have is located.
Can't tell you how many of this and that that I have duplicated over the years because I could not find that one item I needed or wanted.?

I have my two grandchildren living with me and all of us love our movies. I have some 3-4 thousand; some on VHS, Laser, DVD and now the start of something really great - Blue Ray.
One of my grandkids will yell, where is Monkey Trouble and off I go to see if I can find that one, even though I have a somewhat-organized alphabet list. Your program gives me the topping on the cake because I can now go a step further and tell them a bit of what the movie is about and even show them a picture of the cover on the movie.

You have done a marvelous job and someone "Up There" must have led me to your website.

As I say, I hope this e-mail gets to you to let you know your hard work over the years will be appreciated by me and I will pass the word to get you some more business - for this product and others that you have available."

George Fernald 
Easy and even enjoyable task
"I am writing this email to express my gratitude to you and your team for developing one of the best databases for collectors I have ever seen and used.

With the enormous collection of movies I currently own, it is now possible to digitally store, identify, and retrieve each and every movie in its own separate category. This used to be a very time consuming and cumbersome task. Now that I have your great movie collector edition, selecting and organizing my movies has become an easy and even enjoyable task.

Thanks again for making such a great, user-friendly collector database. I am always looking forward to seeing what new and exciting developments are coming out next from your software team! "

Chad Rogers 
Has made Life so much easier
"I am writing to express my Gratitude for the Movie Collectorz Software. Not only is there a user friendly platform, it has Superior Functionality with a Professional & Conscientious Support Team that other companies only wish they could achieve!

Several Years ago after experiencing another program and attempting to build my own data base, both of which were less than desirable, I stumbled across the Collectorz website and purchased the program. While time and events did not permit a full time commitment to “data entry” on my part, I was still impressed with the program.
With a Collection (bordering on obsessive and still growing) of approximately 3,000 each VHS and DVD, I knew this to be exactly what I needed to organize my movie collection and be able to offer viable proof to the Insurance Company. Finally, this past year I upgraded my computer and took advantage of upgrading to Movie Collector 5 and must say I AM REALLY IMPRESSED with the progression of the Program, the Team work and the Community which supports it all!!
The automatic down load for as much information as possible, the flexible ability to personalize data fields, searches, print outs and numerous other features far exceeds any expectations I may have had. With my ever growing collection, and still being somewhat restricted by time and events, I make as many entries as possible when possible. In Striving for perfection and consistency of Data on my part has proved to make this a slow but Beneficial process that will be a forever work in progress.

Overall the Movie Collectorz Software has made Life so much easier and the Dream of having a Full Catalog and Accountability will soon be a Reality.
You are My Hero!! You can never be Praised or Thanked enough for all that you do!! Please keep up the great work and I look forward to what the future may bring. "

Christine Chonacki 
It really is the best!
"I just purchased your "Movie Collector" program and I cant tell you how happy I am! I only have 200 movies, but it was time to organize them. I found Movie Collector so very easy to use without even having to look at the user manual. Everything is user friendly and so simple that my wife, who is not good with computers, can access and navigate will no problems.

You guys/gals did a great job and I was happy to purchase your product. I will be telling all my friends about "Movie Collector" because it really is the best! THANKS!"

Brian Bennington 
A few hours
"This is one fantastic piece of software! It's worth every bit of the price. I was able to organize my 266 movie collection in a matter of a few hours."
Bob Taylor 
"I am very pleased with the ease of use, the flexibility for customizing fields and the ability to printout my lists in a variety of ways. This program has helped me to organize my movie collection quickly and efficiently.

I downloaded the free version to see if it was worth it and purchased the product within the hour. I have spent the last 2 hours or so entering the titles of my DVDs into the search pane and I just finished printing my new catalog of my DVD collection. I have over 250 DVDs and they are now organized. THANK YOU!

I will look carefully at your other products and I look forward to organizing my book collection as well."

Richard Mailloux 
Hear from more delighted customers »

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows and Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Movie Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: Cobalt.9.5
release date: Jan 27, 2015
what's new »
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: Cobalt.9.2
release date: Feb 26, 2015
what's new »

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