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Catalog your home DVD library in no time at all.
Just enter titles or scan barcodes for automatic cast, crew & cover art.

Automatically catalog your personal DVD library

Automatically download cast, crew, cover art, movie plots, episode lists and more. Just enter the movie title or scan the barcode on the box.
Scan your hard-disk for movie files.

Browse, sort and search
your DVD library

Browse your movie library in cover flow. Sort lists any way you want. Find movies quickly and easily.
Keep track of your collection and wish list. Never buy dupes again.

Export your library to the mobile app, share it online

Export your movie collection and wish list to the CLZ Movies app, available for iPhone/iPad & Android.
Upload your library online, for easy access & sharing with friends.
BTW, I love your program. My collection is over 2,000 DVDs not counting the boxed sets. Makes it a lot easier to keep track of my collection; and the iPhone app really helps when I shopping for movies.
Alex Acosta - February 19, 2015

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows and Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

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No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: Cobalt.9.5
release date: Jan 27, 2015
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: Cobalt.9.2
release date: Feb 26, 2015
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   Movie Collector PRO
+ Book Collector PRO

US $99.90

US $74.90

US $25 discount

three pack


   Movie Collector PRO
+ Book Collector PRO
+ Music Collector PRO
US $149.85

US $99.85

US $50 discount

Full Pack

Full Pack

All 5 PRO editions for Windows:
Music + Movie + Book +
Comic + Game Collector PRO
US $249.75

US $149.75

US $100 discount

Browse your movie library

Use Movie Collector's main screen to browse, sort and search your movie library. Choose from multiple views and layouts:

Easily add new movies to your library, by title or by barcode

Adding new movies to your personal movie library database is quick and easy,
just search our central online movie database by title or by barcode and select the movie and/or DVD/Blu-Ray edition you own:

Our central online movie database will then automatically provide full movie details, cover art and episode details for TV series:

Movie information:
  • Movie title
  • Release Year
  • Studio
  • Genres
  • Cast & Crew (with headshot images and IMDb links)
  • Plot Summary
    in English, France, Dutch, Spanish or German. (use the Data Language setting to choose your preferred language)
  • IMDb Link
  • IMDb Rating
  • Runtime
  • Country & Language
  • Series (e.g. "Harry Potter")
For TV Series:
  • Episode Titles and Plot descriptions
  • Episode Guest Cast and Crew (Director, Writer)
  • Episode Screenshot Images
  • Episode Runtime and Original Air Date

Images and Videos
  • Front Cover
  • Back Cover
  • Backdrop art (used as background)
  • Movie Poster
  • Movie Trailer Videos (YouTube)

Edition specific details:
  • Format (DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, VHS, etc...)
  • Barcode
  • Edition release date

Cataloging movie files

Movie Collector can also catalog your movie files. Just let it scan your computer for digital movie files,
then link the files to your movies or episode entries. After that, the movies can be played right from your movie details panel:

FREE CLZ Cloud storage, for online backup, syncing and sharing

Movie Collector comes with free cloud storage for your collection data, using our own CLZ Cloud service.
Use the CLZ Cloud to:
  • Always have an online backup of your movie library.
  • Synchronize your library between devices, e.g. between your desktop computer and your iOS device.
  • Publish your movie list online, to share it with friends and family.
    (this uses a free view-only version of our online software "Movie Collector Connect").

Available add-ons:

Movie Collector Connect

Upload your movie library online, then add and edit movies from anywhere using the online software.
Movie Collector Connect

CLZ Movies mobile app

Export your movie library and wish list to your phone or tablet and always carry it with you.
Export your collection to iPhone, iPad or Android CLZ Movies is available for iOS & Android.

CLZ Barry scanner app

Speed up your DVD and Blu-Ray cataloging with the CLZ Barry wireless barcode scanner app.
Barcode Scanner for Android and iOS CLZ Barry is available for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) for US $7.99.

Here's what customers have to say about Movie Collector:

You progressed right along
"Just so you know I've been using movie collector since 2004 and I love it. It's a great program but I think it's even more wonderful that as technology progressed such as iPhones you progressed right along with it. It's so convenient to be able to pull up my movie library on my iPhone when I'm at the store so I don't re-buy movies I already own."
Erik Hann (USA)
Incredible program
"I've been using this incredible program since 2003 and still use it today, thank you very much. The Movie Library Collection has over 1,000 entries."
Claude T. Girouard (Canada)
This is GREAT!
"I received my bar-code scanner Thursday and spent most of yesterday using it to add DVDs and Blue-ray movies to my library. This is GREAT!
I will recommend your program software and scanner to all my friends and family.
Thanks again. "
William DeHart (Germany)
A dream come true
"All the work put in over the 14 plus years is a dream come true for me.
I've started loading my DVD list. It'll take a while with over 600. My wife and I love movies and we've been very selective and I think we have built quite an eclectic library!"
Howard Mills (United Kingdom)
The bee's knees
"If you've got more DVD's than you can remember, then you need this product - plain & simple . It's the bee's knees of DVD library products."
John Fenech (Australia)
Off the charts!
"Just wanted you guys to know that I received my Scanner Package along with Movie Collectorz Pro Version Disc Monday, 9 Aug 2010 and I was pleasantly surprised at how efficient the two products work together.

I had my entire library of DVD's organized in the software in a matter of 45 mins or so!
The software is great and the scanner is outstanding! On a scale of 1 to 10 I would rate your products a 20!!! (off the charts!)

Keep up the good work!"

Ronald Golden 
A Breeze
"I am using the Movie, Music and Book Collector softwares and have all three on my IPod Touch.
These are great software that help me to catalog what's in each of my library and I can see at a glance on my Ipod Touch what I have already so I do not duplicate it.
Cataloging over 1,275 movies was a breeze with the Opticon scanner."
Bernadine Dill 
Excellent Work!!
" I want to tell you that MOVIE COLLECTOR IS FANTASTIC!! It is far away and above any of the competitor products! They cannot compare to you. Believe me, I know. Over the last year or so, I have tried every solution that I could find for storing my DVD library and sharing that information with my iPhone, and none of them worked worth a damn.

Using UPC codes is critical, in my opinion, since that gives you the exact results for the DVD that you own, and Movie Collector is the ONLY app that I've tested that works easily and completely with imported UPC codes. A Title search gives you only the basic info, not specific to your DVD, unless you want to comb through the dozens and dozens of Title results to find the correct one. (By the way, the Symbol scanner that I have on my system works perfectly with your software.)

When your revised Clz Movies app became available, I finally went ahead and tried Movie Collector. OMG!! What a beautifully designed piece of software, both on the desktop and for the iPhone.

Then, when I exported my Movie Collector db to the iPhone, it worked perfectly the FIRST TIME, and the resulting database on the iPhone is a complete pleasure to use. All very well designed and seamless between desktop and iPhone. As I have done a lot of programming myself, I really appreciate your fine work.

Anyway, once again, Excellent Work!! "

Gary L. Maedl 
This is a godsend
"I would just like to say what a fantastic program Movie collector is.
I have been using it for about 4 years now and find it a wonderful tool. I especially like to be able to carry my library around on my iPhone, this is a godsend when your in a DVD store and not sure if you have a particular title or not.

I also recently changed platforms from windows to mac and found the support people fantastic.
I would recommend this program to anyone who loves movies and needs a good data base."

John Romeo 
A dream came true
" is absolutely brilliant.
I have been waiting for this idea for over 3 years. I have over 600 movies and I often share them with my co-workers. I was tired of writing down the movie titles and trying my best to remember my new purchases along with some older purchases. I kept telling my co-workers that one day I would create an MS Access database and list all my movies. That was two years ago and at that time it was still incomplete.

Finally a dream came true.
Collectorz create the very software I needed for my crazy hobby.
Collectorz made the process of entering all my movies seamless and quick. Not only can I categorize, print and enter my movies in an expedient manner, my co-workers can now browse my movie library online.
I have not finished adding my movies, but I must tell you, it has not only been fun using the barcode scanner, but entering the movie titles manually has also been rewarding.
Trust me when I say this software is excellent and well worth the price of convenience.
Keep up the good work...."

Pamela Swain 
Your program ROCKS!!!
"I found your website and I started with the free trial of the standard version and input the first 50 DVD's I had and it took me 10 minutes to enter the barcodes and about 5 minutes for all the barcodes to be searched and downloaded to my library.

So I bought the Standard Version then after realizing that friends borrow my DVD's I upgraded to the PRO.
Your program ROCKS!!!
It has everthing I want it to do that, your program finds every title I've entered and if the barcode isn't found typing in the name of the movie always worked.

Now I can order a few 100 more DVD's to add to my current 297!!! :-)


Andrew Johnson 
It does what it says!
"Movie Collectorz is one of the best software I have used in recent years. It does what it says!

I am very happy with the ability to scan and add movies to the library. I have more than 400 movies from Hollywood and India. Apart from keeping track of the titles for insurance purpose, ability to view the covers and meta data on my media center is a bonus.
I can not wait for iPhone/iPod touch version to come out.
Thank you for creating such a simple to use application"

Gaurav Garg 
Highly recommend it to anyone
"After using this program and finishing off inputting all the movie data, using the CueCat, which finally got working, I think the program would have been more than worth the total amount that I ended up paying (which you have refunded to me, true to your word).

I'd have been willing to pay $100 for this program if I'd realized just how extensive and amazing it truly is. I can keep track of the movies I lend out, never buy another duplicate (I found 6 duplicate DVD's), input new DVD's or Blu-Rays as I buy them; it's just a great program and I'd highly, highly recommend it to anyone.

Next, I'm going to start cataloging my books. I can just take the CueCat upstairs, plug it into my computer, run Book Collector and start scanning my books from my library. I'm very excited about it."

Caroline Ross 
Exactly what I needed
"I compared other products with yours in my research before I purchased and obtained recommendations from individuals I know who highly recommended your product. It does appear to do exactly what I needed for my large DVD collection, almost 800 as we speak.

The barcode entry really makes it easy when you have that large of a collection to start entering. I was able to complete entering my 800 plus movie library in almost no time using the barcode entry method. It was really a lot of fun because it allowed me to get acquainted with all my movies all over again."

Paul Autry 
It's just what I want
"Just want to let you know that I am looking forward to getting the software with in a few weeks and it's just what I want for my library.

I have a large library starting and what I like about it the most is that if I loan something out it will let me know instead of losing it and not getting back. And love the way you can do the covers and everything so if I have a friend that wants to look in the library instead of the sheets I have printed out for my case they can see the cover and what is on each one of the disc in my box sets or just a single disc.

So I just can't wait to get the software and thanks for comming up with this I love it. "

Nathan Lancaster 
"I LOVE your product. I use it all the time and purchased this for my father (81yrs) because he is tracking his DVD collection in gulp, Wordperfect in a table. He was skeptical---but, when I showed how easy it is to add a DVD and have all the information available (director, time, etc.). He was hooked.

I have been using the DVD collection software for a couple of years now. The "loan" feature is why I originally purchased it...because my daughter and her friends were borrowing DVD to watch in her dorm room at college. I was losing track of which ones she had, because we were tracking with notes on post-its. Ever since having your software, that is no longer an issue.

I also periodically print out my library information and put the printout in our safe deposit box for insurance purposes. I would never be able to remember all the titles we have if we should have a fire."

Lisa Vasquez 
Hear from more delighted customers »

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows and Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Movie Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: Cobalt.9.5
release date: Jan 27, 2015
what's new »
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: Cobalt.9.2
release date: Feb 26, 2015
what's new »

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