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Catalog your DVDs automatically

Automatically download cast, crew, cover art, movie plots, episode lists and more. Just enter the movie title or scan the barcode on the box.
Scan your hard-disk for movie files.

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your DVD collection

Browse your movie database in cover flow. Sort lists any way you want. Find movies quickly and easily.
Keep track of your collection and wish list. Never buy dupes again.

Export your data to the mobile app, share it online

Export your movie collection and wish list to the CLZ Movies app, available for iPhone/iPad & Android.
Upload your database online, for easy access & sharing with friends.
BTW, I love your program. My collection is over 2,000 DVDs not counting the boxed sets. Makes it a lot easier to keep track of my collection; and the iPhone app really helps when I shopping for movies.
Alex Acosta - February 19, 2015

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows and Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

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No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

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Latest versions:

for Windows: Cobalt.9.5
release date: Jan 27, 2015
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Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: Cobalt.9.2
release date: Feb 26, 2015
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   Movie Collector PRO
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US $99.90

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three pack


   Movie Collector PRO
+ Book Collector PRO
+ Music Collector PRO
US $149.85

US $99.85

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Full Pack

Full Pack

All 5 PRO editions for Windows:
Music + Movie + Book +
Comic + Game Collector PRO
US $249.75

US $149.75

US $100 discount

Browse your movie database

Use Movie Collector's main screen to browse, sort and search your movie database. Choose from multiple views and layouts:

Easily add new movies to your database, by title or by barcode

Adding new movies to your personal movie database database is quick and easy,
just search our central online movie database by title or by barcode and select the movie and/or DVD/Blu-Ray edition you own:

Our central online movie database will then automatically provide full movie details, cover art and episode details for TV series:

Movie information:
  • Movie title
  • Release Year
  • Studio
  • Genres
  • Cast & Crew (with headshot images and IMDb links)
  • Plot Summary
    in English, France, Dutch, Spanish or German. (use the Data Language setting to choose your preferred language)
  • IMDb Link
  • IMDb Rating
  • Runtime
  • Country & Language
  • Series (e.g. "Harry Potter")
For TV Series:
  • Episode Titles and Plot descriptions
  • Episode Guest Cast and Crew (Director, Writer)
  • Episode Screenshot Images
  • Episode Runtime and Original Air Date

Images and Videos
  • Front Cover
  • Back Cover
  • Backdrop art (used as background)
  • Movie Poster
  • Movie Trailer Videos (YouTube)

Edition specific details:
  • Format (DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, VHS, etc...)
  • Barcode
  • Edition release date

Cataloging movie files

Movie Collector can also catalog your movie files. Just let it scan your computer for digital movie files,
then link the files to your movies or episode entries. After that, the movies can be played right from your movie details panel:

FREE CLZ Cloud storage, for online backup, syncing and sharing

Movie Collector comes with free cloud storage for your collection data, using our own CLZ Cloud service.
Use the CLZ Cloud to:
  • Always have an online backup of your movie database.
  • Synchronize your database between devices, e.g. between your desktop computer and your iOS device.
  • Publish your movie list online, to share it with friends and family.
    (this uses a free view-only version of our online software "Movie Collector Connect").

Available add-ons:

Movie Collector Connect

Upload your movie database online, then add and edit movies from anywhere using the online software.
Movie Collector Connect

CLZ Movies mobile app

Export your movie database and wish list to your phone or tablet and always carry it with you.
Export your collection to iPhone, iPad or Android CLZ Movies is available for iOS & Android.

CLZ Barry scanner app

Speed up your DVD and Blu-Ray cataloging with the CLZ Barry wireless barcode scanner app.
Barcode Scanner for Android and iOS CLZ Barry is available for Android and iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) for US $7.99.

Here's what customers have to say about Movie Collector:

My collection is over 2,000 DVDs
"BTW, I love your program. My collection is over 2,000 DVDs not counting the boxed sets. Makes it a lot easier to keep track of my collection; and the iPhone app really helps when I shopping for movies. "
Alex Acosta (USA)
would truly be lost without it
"I truly do love your software.
I first purchased it several years ago and update every year. While my movie collection is not as large as many of your customers, I would truly be lost without it.
I also give a list of the titles every year to my insurance agent as I have ny DVD's separately listed on my homeowner's insurance to insure adequate coverage."
Jim Graflund (USA)
Less than two hours
"I would like to add my very positive comments on how simple and effective Movie Collector is. I loaded up over 200 DVD’s in less than two hours. The features are tremendous and the screens are visually impressive."
John Simmonds (USA)
Great product
" I think you have a great product that helps me manage my collection easily!"
Steve Hatfield  (USA)
Easy to use
"I just wanted to express my appreciation and delight with your movie collection software. It is very well done, easy to use and exactly what I was looking for. Best one I found out of 8 "comparable" products. Thanks again! "
Duane Cabrera (USA)
Good program
"Thank you for making a good program better. I have 3 kids who take advantage of my collection. With the loan feature I'm able to keep it from diminishing."
Robert Regyis (USA)
So worth the money !!
"LOL wow, looks like our collection we have over 1600 and this program is so worth the money !! Especially when Walmart has crazy sales on DVDs and seasons ! No more doubles !"
Stephanie Jesmer-Harrison (USA)
"Now, please do let me say here that your program is fabulous, no, really incredible, especially for a computer dolt and dunderhead like me. I started inputting my collection last night and so far it works superbly, it is very easy to use and intuitive in it's design, and very quickly becomes comfortable for someone like me to use and I will here say enjoy. I have somewhere north of (1,000) movies and TV series in my collection to input, which will take a while but probably not long, I'm already midway through the B's after only one evening's work on it."
Andre Arnold (USA)
Proving invaluable
"I would just like to say how pleased I am with Movie Collector which is proving invaluable, especially as my DVD collection is currently approaching 400 titles and growing by the week. I am also beginning to add some Blu-ray titles, although I only have about 20 at the moment."
Graham Bennett (United Kingdom)
Awesome application
"Awesome application. Movie Collector. I have around 4,000 films on Dvd or Digital Files. Love using the Cloud to allow friends to view and ask for loans."
Bud Chapman (Brunei)
By far the best
"Up to now, I have tried several applications for managing my (large-about 3.000 movies) collection! Movie Collector is by far the best and most easy to handle..."
George Paleologos (Greece)
"Can't tell you how many DVD's and CD's that I bought duplicates of (because I didn't remember if I had them) before Collector Movie & Collector Music. Now if you had Collector Recipes for my wife, I wouldn't spend hours looking for a recipe for her. is the cats meow!"
Larry Nuese (USA)
Organization is the Key
"Organization is the Key and with Collectorz Movie Collector it easy to find the Science Fiction or Fantasy movie that I want in my collection.
Neatly alphabetically sorted and separated between DVD and Blu-ray Disc.
784 movie titles containing 1278 Disks."
Paul Dubey (USA)
1.536 and growing
"Without you help, my collection would be a mess. Thank you.
51 blu-ray, 1.065 dvd, 18 iTunes, 125 laserdisc, 1 umd, 55 video cd, 1 video disc, 166 vudu and 53 other = 1.536 and growing."
Dennis Jankowski II (USA)
So beautiful
"I love it so much, I have bought your other programs: book, music, comic, game. Please tell whoever is in charge that these programs are so beautiful, they might as well be described as an art form. Wonderful in every sense of the word, a thousand times more than I could ever hope for in such programs.
There are so many things that are so much better in your programs than your competitors, I couldn't even begin to say how great they are. The fact that so much info can be downloaded simply by adding an ISBN is amazing. For my series on DVD and Blu-ray, they are rather HUGE with information, so it's so wonderful to get all the episodes downloaded with dates, writers, directors, etc. FOR EACH EPISODE. I have dozens of other things I glowingly praise to myself each day I use this program. Thank you again.
I've never written anything like this about any program I've purchased, but I felt I had to write to you. Thank you again!!! "
Shon Edwards (USA)
2,000 Movies
"I have some 2,000 movies about 900 are DVDs. I started my collection in 1979. Why I collect them is difficult to explain but why does any collector do it. It is great for having a couple in for dinner and a classic movie and we are doing that this weekend."
Robert Adlam (USA)
Collection of 5,500 titles
"Without your program I couldn't possibly find anything in a collection of 5,500 titles and 11,000 discs! You're a life saver."
Douglas MacLean (USA)
Have found a few dubbies
"Oh dear ... I think we have too many films .... nearly done on the actual cataloguing and I'm on 819 but because we have lots of TV shows one season will show as 1 'film' but in fact in our DVD cases it might take up 8 slots in our sleeves ... so in disc terms we're around 1,200 discs (or maybe more) ... haven't finished organising yet but it's been worth it all !!! Have found a few doubles too that have now been given as pressies to friends !!! How would I cope without your software ?? I guess the answer is 'I wouldn't !'"
Mandy Inglis (United Kingdom)
User friendly programs for everyone
"I honestly have recommended this program to many people, even one last night at 'Best Buy' who was just going to start digitizing his movie collection. Your customer service is just as terrific as your program. I've just downloaded your 'Music' program and I am now looking forward to using it.
Keep up the fantastic work and we will keep recommending your efforts and success at having developed a user friendly programs
for everyone from Novice to Expert. "
Lawrence Townsend (USA)
Incredible program
"I've been using this incredible program since 2003 and still use it today, thank you very much. The Movie Library Collection has over 1,000 entries."
Claude T. Girouard (Canada)
"Been adding to my movie database throughout the day ... on film 402 and sooooooooooo many more to add ... this will take forever !! Am getting rid of all the boxes & storing in a DVD case ... Loving how much more space I have though ...
Am enjoying this de-cluttering :-)"
Mandy Inglis (United Kingdom)
G R E A T !
"I just wanted to let you know what a GREAT program you have with Movie Collectorz. I have film titles on 16mm, 35mm, VHS, Laser Disc, DVD and now Blu-ray. I would guess that I have several thousand titles.

I live in the Los Angeles area, and have a number of friends who are in the film industry, and have bought a couple of them copies of your program.
It is great, however, I have one complaint: I like it so much, that I become a bit obsessive with it and spend WAY too much time with it, as it is so enjoyable. "
Vince Connor (USA)
An amazing product
"I bought (after downloading the Trial) Book Collector in December and am loving it soooo much ~ thank you :-) ... Now my Hubby said I think it's time to buy the Movie Collector ... so we're just testing it and we're so impressed ~ it's wonderful to see it's exactly the same (I know it sounds obvious but not every companies seems to get that !!) ... fairly certain we will be buying the Pro edition within a few weeks ! ~
Thank you so much for such an amazing product .. I know this won't be for everyone as lots of people like to see their collection but we're trying to 'downsize' before moving and we don't want to get rid of anything ~ your collector software will allow us to put the hundreds of DVDs in small(ish) storage cases and have all the 'covers' and info to hand on our laptop ~ Brilliant :-)"
Mandy Inglis (United Kingdom)
In order!
"Thanks for all that you do! You have put my music and movie collection in order! You rock!"
Steve Hicks (USA)
Very good experience
"When a collection reaches more than 2,000 entries only you dear programers can help.
A very good experience along the several updates. Congratulations to you."
Kalliope Pappamikail (Portugal)
Just want to say THANK YOU
"I recently discovered MovieCollector while trying to help a friend with his (obviously) movie collection...he has a few thousand DVD and Blu-Ray, and is basically our neighborhood sharing point for any films. But he was having troubles figuring out who had what film, and what he even had (especially with sequels etc) so basically, I went looking for a solution, and found your wonderful software!

5 minutes testing it.....and he bought the pro version with a laser scanner!

A couple weeks later, I was looking at my book collection (rough guess, between my wife and I at least 10k) and realized....I know a company that makes a book collection software.......

10 minutes later...........bought it.

So basically, thank you for making some really great software that has made 2 new customers very happy....and these 2 will definitely recommend your products to others!"

William Ebaugh (Germany)
Keeps getting better
"The best collection software keeps getting better.
The new features go beyond the typical new release fluff changes; they represent real advancements to the look and feel of the program as well as improvements to the interface and control of the data.
I could not manage my collection of over 5,000 titles without it."
Douglas MacLean (USA)
More fun
"Just looked at the new upgrades coming, can't wait to order. Looks like more fun to catalog collection!"
Carletta Mosby (USA)
Fixed it as spromised within 24 hours
"Had a small problem with movie collectorz, bluray-, dvd icons etc where not displayed anymore...
customer support fixed it as spromised within 24 hours... awesome :)"
Andreas Kilb (Germany)
Love your products
"Love your products and customer service and web based movie connection for my movie collection!"
John Holden (USA)
Hear from more delighted customers »

Download the free trial version or buy the full version

Try Movie Collector Free

Download your free trial edition
Available for Windows and Mac OS X.
The free trial is limited to 50 movies.
(Of course the full version has no limits.)

Buy Movie Collector

No database limits, full access to online data, free cloud storage.

Choose between Standard or Pro:

US $29.95 or US $49.95

Latest versions:

for Windows: Cobalt.9.5
release date: Jan 27, 2015
what's new »
Mac OS X
for Mac OS X: Cobalt.9.2
release date: Feb 26, 2015
what's new »

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