Game Collector for Windows - Features & Screenshots

Main screen in No Folders / Images ViewMain screen with Platform Folders / Cover Flow View

Adding games to your database

Browsing your game collection

Exporting and sharing your game list

Managing and editing your database

Adding games to your database

Automatically catalog games.
Instantly download full game details and cover art.

Cataloging games by Title

An easy way to add games to your database:
  • 1. Enter the game Title and select the Platform, and click Search Now.
  • 2. Select your game from the Search Results.
  • 3. Click Add Selected to add the game to your database.

Add Games Automatically by Title

Cataloging games by Barcode

  • Scanning barcodes is the fastest way to catalog your games.
  • No need to enter the titles of the games and no need to select your specific edition, the search results will automatically return the exact edition of the game that you own.

Add Games Automatically by Barcode

Need a barcode scanner?
Then check out our CLZ Barry scanner app for iOS and Android.

  • Scan barcodes using the built-in camera of your phone or tablet.
  • Instantly transmit scanned barcodes to your desktop computer (Windows or Mac).
  • Or: scan barcodes while offline, then send them all to your PC or Mac in one go.

CLZ Barry is available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) for US $9.99.
For more information : check out the CLZ Barry website.

Mobile barcode reader app

Adding multiple games in one go using the Queue Mode (Pro edition only)

The Queue Mode lets you queue multiple title or barcode searches for batch searching and adding. Great time-saver, especially in combination with the Opticon OPN-2001 memory barcode scanner or the CLZ Barry barcode scanner app for iOS and Android.

Add Games Automatically

The online game database

All game data and cover images are provided by our own online game database.
This database currently contains over 44 thousand games on over 100 different game platforms.

Automatic data for games

For games, Game Collector automatically downloads:

Game information:
  • Game Title
  • Platform
  • Genres
  • Release Date
  • Developer and Publisher
  • Description
  • Audience Rating (ESRB and PEGI)
  • Series (e.g. "Mario")
  • Barcode
  • Format (Cartridge, UMD, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray Disc, etc.)
Images and Videos
  • Front Cover
  • Back Cover (when available)
  • Backdrop Art (used as background)
  • Game Trailer Videos (YouTube links)

Game Data

Supported game platforms

The online game database supports over 100 game platforms, including PC, consoles and handhelds, of the current generation and also all older platforms.

Current generation:
Previous generations:
Classic video game consoles:

Over 100 different consoles supported

Finding more cover images online

In some cases our online game database may not give you a cover image, or a cover image that does not exactly match your edition.
That is where the Find Cover Image tool comes in. It lets you find cover images anywhere on the internet (using a Google Images search) and add them to your database in just a few clicks.

Find Cover Image

Adding Hardware & Accessories

Next to your games, you can also use Game Collector to catalog your gaming hardware and peripherals. Add your game consoles, handhelds, controllers, guitars, drum kits, microphones, light guns, balance boards, camera's, etc... Use the Find Hardware Image tool to find images using Google Images and add them to your database with one click.

Add and Edit Hardware

Browsing your game database

The main screen of Game Collector gives you many ways to view, browse, sort, group and search your database. The screen can be fully configured to your own liking.

Images View, List View and Cover Flow

Switch Game Collector's main panel (top right) between Images View, a nice wall with cover image thumbnails, List View. a list with multiple data columns or Cover Flow View, a cool 3D presentation of the front covers of your movies.

Images View:

Main Screen in Images View

List View:

Main Screen in List View

Cover Flow View:

Main Screen in Cover Flow View

Group games into Folders

Browse your games as one long list in No Folders mode, or group them into folders, e.g. by Platform, Publisher, Genre, etc.. You can even use multi-level folders, e.g. first by Platform, then by Genre.

Main Screen with Platform Folders

Manage your Collection and your Wish List

Manage the items you own and your wish list using the In Collection Status field.
Flip between your Collection and your Wish List with the tabs at the bottom left.

Wish List

Statistics: Bar Charts and Pie Charts

View collection statistics in bar charts or pie charts.

Collection Stats

Searching your game database

  • Use the Quick Search box on the toolbar to search in all fields of your entire database.
  • Or use the Filter screen to build and save advanced filters, using brackets, AND, OR, NOT, equal, not equal, greater than, less than, "contains" and wildcards (PRO edition only).


Searching and Sorting

Customizing Game Collector

Details View: Templates and Styles

The Details View (lower right) shows the full game details.
Several layout Templates and color Styles are available. Here's some examples:

The Vee Five template:

Vee Five Template

The Trailer template:

Vee Five Template

Main screen Layout

Choose from several layouts for the panels in the main screen.

Example main screen layouts

Configurable Fonts & Font Size

Configure the font type and font size to suit your needs.

Different font types and sizes

Choose your List Columns

Configure the List View to your own liking, choose the columns *you* want to see.


Sorting/ordering your game list

Sort your lists any way you want. Simply click a column header to sort on that column. Or define and save your own multi-field sort orders in the Sort Field Selection screen.

Sorting your game list

Exporting and sharing your game list

Organizing and browsing your games in Game Collector is fun. But it's even more fun (and useful!) to take your data and use it online, on your mobile device or to export it to other programs.

Export game data to the CLZ Games app for iPhone, iPad and Android

Browse your database and your wish list while on the road with the CLZ Games mobile app for iPhone / iPod touch, iPad and Android. [ More information and screenshots here » ]

Export your collection to iPhone, iPad or Android

Share your database online with Game Collector Connect

Publish your Game Collector database online. Access and modify your database from any computer & any mobile device.
Share your game list with friends and family. [ More information and screenshots here » ]

Game Collector Connect

Printing lists

Print game lists, choosing your own columns and sort order, or print one game per page with full details.


Export to HTML pages (PRO only)

Export your game database to HTML files, for uploading to your own website.

Export your collection to HTML

Export data to CSV or XML format

Export your game data for use in other programs like Excel.
Export all data to XML format or use the fully configurable CSV export.

Export to Text

Network support

Share one database file on a network and access it from multiple computers:
  • A lock file system automatically prevents concurrent editing
  • When one user is already using a database in Writable mode, subsequent users will automatically open the database in Read-Only mode
  • In Read-Only all editing features are hidden and disabled, allowing viewing and searching only
  • Create Read-Only workstations by running a forced Read-Only installation (start the installer with the /readonly command line parameter)

Managing and editing your database

Adding games to Game Collector is quick and easy. But Game Collector also provides many useful tools to manage and edit your database entries.

Editing your game entries

The Edit Game screen is the place where you can edit all game properties. The many available fields are grouped into eight tabs.

The Main tab

Edit Game

The Details tab

Edit Game

The Personal tab

Edit Game

The Description and Notes tab

Edit Game

The Covers tab

Edit Game

The Screenshots and Links tab

Edit Game

Editing multiple games in one go

Select multiple game entries in the main screen and choose Edit Multiple to make the same modifications to all the selected games in batch.

Edit Multiple

Alternatively, use the Next / Previous buttons in the Edit Game screen to quickly make similar changes to many games, one by one.

Loan Manager

  • Track which games you loaned and to whom.
  • Track Loan Date, Due Date and actual Return Date
  • Add extra notes for each loan
  • View all Loaned items, all Overdue items or entire loan history
  • Use a barcode scanner to loan and return games.
  • Batch scanning support (e.g. with the OPN-2001, Flic or CLZ Barry).
  • Automatic overdue notifications when starting Game Collector.

Loan Manager

Auto Capitalization & Automatic Sort Titles

Titles download from the online game database are automatically capitalized, e.g. typing "big brain academy" will automatically change into "Big Brain Academy".
Sort Titles are generated automatically too, making sure that titles like "The Elder Scrolls" are sorted correctly.
Of course, both are completely user configurable in Tools / Options.

Auto Capitalization settings

Auto Capitalization settings

Automatic Sort Title settings

Sort Title settings

Managing your pick lists

Edit your pick lists (e.g. Platforms, Genres, Formats, etc..). Add, Edit, Remove and Merge entries.
Assign your custom images to items for use in the tree and list panels, and the Details View.

Edit Lists

Setting Field Defaults

Set default field values, that get filled in automatically every time you add a new game.

Field Defaults

Field Names / User Defined Fields

Change field names to your own preferences.
Use the User Defined fields to set up extra data fields for your own needs.

Field Names

Try Game Collector Free

Download your free trial edition. Available for Windows.

Try Game Collector Free

Download your free trial edition.
Available for Windows. Customers
about Game Collector :


"Your software is amazing and through all these years is becoming more and more beautiful and powerful!"
Maurizio Pistelli
January 19, 2017


"Awesome collection program. I always use it :)
Thank you for making this, i'll be a long time customer."
Ricardo Cruz
December 13, 2016

Preventing me from buying duplicates

"I have had your CLZ games product for a few years and really enjoy it. It makes my collection a lot easier to use and has saved me a lot of money in preventing me from buying duplicates of things. Also I really like the fact that people can look at my collection publicly. It really has been great."
Cliff Friedel
December 03, 2016


"This is the game collection software I have been looking for. I even bought an inexpensive windows machine to use it. For those of you having hard time adding games you can simply make a list and import from text. I have output my game lists to CSV files and imported. The software does all the rest.
Great program!"
Rich Trabucco
October 24, 2016


"Been a satisfied customer for a few years now using the movies
and game software."
Carol DeMoss Storey
July 09, 2016


"Thanks guys. Keep up the awesome work. Best app I've ever bought."
April 06, 2016


"I recently found, paid and started using your Game Collector,
and are really happy with it.
Thank you for a cool program that i have needed for a looooong time :)"
Morten Nielsen
October 09, 2015


"First, I'd like to say that I just downloaded the trial a few minutes ago, and so far, I'm blown away at how awesome it is! The detail that you have gathered to pull down with the game data is unreal! And so far, the system is quite easy to use. I'm truly floored by it!! :)"
Brad J
August 21, 2015

Great software

"Thanks again for great software. You have no idea how this has 1) increased the organization of my collection; and, 2) cost me a fortune by realizing I’m missing a game here or there to complete a particular series ;-)"
Steve Tallon
December 02, 2014


"Wow, I love my game collector software. Thank you so munch!"
James Allen
June 22, 2014

Great software

"Thanks for this great software, by the way! I'm totally blown away by it; it's very impressive and thorough."
David Evans
June 18, 2014

Amazing product

"Thanks for an amazing product which really helps me out.
Have searched for these types of software for a long time and got recommended by a site to your software."
Mattias Andersson
January 30, 2014

What I've been looking for

"Picked up the Game Collector program several months ago. I collect riichi (Japanese mahjong, not that solitaire title matching game) titles from several outdated, foreign consoles. The program is exactly what I've been looking for.
I also collect various mahjong video game related items (promo swag, soundtrack cds, etc.). While those things aren't actual video games, I just customized a category for them. For example, I have several character figures that were only given out as promo items in Japan. I just made a custom "promo item" spot for these types of items in the "console" description. Used a nice photo of the figures themselves, instead of a cover image and, still able to catalog these things, right along side the rest of my video game collection.
Thanks for a great program."
Rodney Varney
December 20, 2013

Saving me hours

"I just recently bought your Game Collector and the corresponding Connect feature and so far am mostly satisfied with the software, so, thanks for your work and for saving me hours of creating BASE databases manually.^^"
Josef Kimpel
September 26, 2013

Easy to use

"I just wanted to say thank you for this easy to use software."
Peter Schmid
September 12, 2013

SO easy to scan

"I want to say up front that your software and mobile apps are SO FREAKING AWESOME!!
I have been trying to "stump you" with some of the rare game and movie titles that I own, but your databases are very detailed and quite vast (I think there was only one game -a Japanese import where you didn't have much info or a screenshot.)
Everything else is SO easy to scan, catalog and sync."
Jeffrey DeSocio
July 25, 2013

Catalog our games

"First and foremost I just wanted to thank you for finally giving me and the rest of us collectors an app and program that gives us a great way to catalog our games. Huge fan."
Joshua Jackson
July 10, 2013

CLZ Games

"All I know is that if it wasn't for CLZ Games I would have wasted a significant amount of cash on duplicates. Once I reached 300-400 games it was hard to track."
Cody JR Smith
June 28, 2013

True collectors

"I really need to get the movie and game editions of this software! I can't keep track! GOD Bless everyone at for excellent software for true collectors...."
Anthony Laufnick
March 18, 2013

Organize and keep track

"I currently have the Game Collector Pro and it has been one of the greatest things to organize and keep track of my collection."
Paul Deluna
November 21, 2012

A superior product

"I am a former user of Intelliscanner. I started to have problems with their software but after repeated requests for help, I was simply brushed off. I began to look for another solution to my extensive DVD, CD, & son's video game collections and found
This is by far a superior product & since I have started to work with it, I get amazed with it each time. BTW, I was able to use the scanner I already had by installing a driver for it.
I highly recommend the products from"
Ralph Di Pancrazio
August 05, 2012


"Nu mijn zoon Game Collector heeft ontdekt kom ik er met mijn Music Collector bijna niet meer tussen...."
Frans van der Mark
July 11, 2012

The best got better

"The holy grail of finding a database program has always been trying to find a program that seems to be tailor made for you. I can honestly say that the Collectorz series comes about as close to that feeling as you will probably get.
The design is intuitive, everything seems to be in a logical place and easy to find. Adding items is as simple as clicking on Automatic, which will bring in over 80% of the information you need or Manual which will allow you to enter everything yourself. Its power is hidden behind the hood so a lot of the time you dont see automatic routines running in the background. The statistical side of your collection is well catered for with charts and numbers that will make you smile.
Its hard to fault this set of programs, I highly recommend them, and with Collectorz Games V5 now released and installed on my machine, the series of programs look the same as my Comic and Movie editions. Coverflow, background images, web links and advanced collector fields have all been intergrated and made available to the hardcore game collector.

The best got better and I cant thank the designers enough. This can only be acheived by a company that listens to its customers, these guys listen and adapt. Buy with confidence, you wont be dissapointed"

Craig Giles
July 10, 2012

Changed my life!

"Let me start off by saying I absolutely love game collector. I have tried many different ways over the years to try and catalog and organize my large collection of games, to no avail. I have purchased both the iPad and iPhone apps, as well as the scanning program, and of course the software itself.
Your program has changed my life!"
Jason Hepburn
July 09, 2012

They are awesome!

"I own movie, music and game collectorz for my pc and ipad 2 movie app. They are awesome!
It's the best way to keep inventory on what you own. I have over 2,300 dvds, cds and video games.
Keep up the great work!"
Edward J Herrera
May 31, 2012

Where Has This Been All My Life

"I am a pretty big retro game collector and up until recently the way I have been keeping track of my collection is pen and paper until I discovered GAME COLLECTOR and CLZ BARRY.
They make keeping track of your collection easy and if you have a lot of games on lots of consoles it makes finding them easy. You can set it up to directly add games to your library quick and easy.
Well worth the money you wont be dissapointed."
Via Android Market
May 13, 2012

Such a great program

"I love your Game Collector program, it's is such a great program with amazing'up-to-date' servers. An absolutely fantastic cataloging program! Great job! =D"
Stefan Richards
December 05, 2011

It is perfect!

"A while ago I began to make my own game organizing programme and I invested a huge amount of time in it but then some weeks ago I got a condition with my brain which causes me to have problems concentrating and remembering, so I had to stop designing my programme further.
So when I saw yours, I thought it was a bit expensive at first and almost didn't buy it but then I got so happy when I did. It has EVERYTHING I ever wanted in an organizer, it is perfect! Thank You so much for this programme, now I can really organize my 500 games."
December 02, 2011

Great work!

"Amazing Android apps!
Now is on my PC, iPad, iPod Touch and now my Android phone! Great work!"
Maurizio Pistelli
September 05, 2011

One of the finest

"One of the finest programs i've ever seen."
Eugen Janke
August 31, 2011

Fantastic software

"This program is excellent.
I have categorised my video game collection perfectly and the server is amazing.
Again, though - fantastic software."
Stefan Richards
June 06, 2011

Wonderful program

"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for producing such a wonderful program.
I very rarely buy software like this as quite often I can set up something myself and customize it to what I want. However when I downloaded a trial version of Game Collector I brought it almost immediately once I saw how well designed it was.
I recently upgraded to the Pro version and am disappointed that I did not do so sooner.

Thank you again."

Louise Martin
January 16, 2011

Just What I Was Looking For

"I've just purchased Game Collector and I must say that this is wonderful application.
I'm working with it for a week and I even can install additional files/patches and launch an installed game from within the Game Collector application. Just what I was looking for a long time.

Oh and before I forget, the support is not good.... it is GREAT thanks for everything."

Ludo Oerlemans
May 27, 2010


"One happy Game Collector user here!
And I should ever buy an iphone, no doubt about it that i'll get the app too :)"
Eddy Vandersteen
March 29, 2010

Love The Apps

"Love the apps. I use Movie and Game on my computer and iPhone all the time.
I was very happy when I discovered these great databases. Just what I was looking for, and they both have evolved into what I eventually expected a great app to be.
Keep up the great work."
Robert Pieprzica
March 29, 2010

Brilliant program

"I now proudly own your excellent program!

Brilliant program and a brilliant support team, perfect!

I can't thank you enough, you've been much easier to deal with than any other company I've encountered! Microsoft could do with taking some tips from you about customer support!! :)"

James Stringer
September 09, 2009

My 1,367 games

"I love Game Collector and Clz Games. I have it already on my Iphone and lets me track my 1,367 games. You have no idea how many duplicates I used to buy on accident.
And it's great not having to lug a big binder full of lists around.
Now, I'll be able to start doing the same thing with Collectorz Movies!!
Thanks again."
Brian Huffman
June 19, 2009

Awesome piece of software

"Hi Guys -
Well just got this a few days ago and find it an awesome piece of software to use and it's something I've really needed for some time.

I'm scanning everything to show the true state of my collection as I have just CD's,CD's & Manuals and box'd editions and when I'm done it will make buying online via Ebay etc alot easier and I won't end up buying the same game twice like I have done in the past.

My scanner has been running hot since and I hope it doesn't blow up :lol: as I'm only 1/5th (400 entries so far)of the way through my PC game collection. Ian"

Ian Eldridge
June 01, 2009

WELL worth the price

"I just ordered the Flic scanner from and received it a few days ago. I have to say that I am greatly impressed and pleased with this product and the application it impacts.

I own both the movie and videogame database software applicatios and I just have to say, this stuff is WELL worth the price! I recommend these to all my friends and colleagues. the Flic Scanner is simply...the Best!

Thank you and I will continue to patronize your site.
"Another satisfied customer""

Sherman Bunche 3rd

It does everything

"I am planning on writing a review of your game collector software for my blog and I just got to say your software is awesome, it does everything! :)"
Travis Brown

Some quality programs

"Just a quick reply. This is the third program I've purchased from you and again you have really put out some quality programs.

Each one has been the kind of program I would have written for myself. Thanks."

Drew Headley

SO easy to use

"Thanks for coming to the rescue again! I love your product and was so sad to be without it when the computer repair shop said the motherboard of my new laptop had caught on fire, and a chip had melted right through the board, filling their shop with smoke.

This was in the middle of restoring my hard drive. It was bad enough to be without my computer--but to find out that Game Collector had not been backed up wast he final straw. Now Game Collector is working again, thanks to you.

And it is SO easy to use. I tried other software, but the interfaces were awkward and just not very attractive. Populating my game database is a breeze. I love the resizable images of the box covers; I don't have room to keep all the game boxes, but I love the art.

Keep up the good work and terrific service!"

Diana Diehl

10 out of 10

"The game collectors software is great.
It's so good in fact, that it makes me want to go out and buy more games just to add them to the database. It's great for letting me list, inventory and view my collection.
I give it a 10 out of 10."
Zaki Woodyard

Highly recommended product

"AWESOME! Your product and website are fantastic. I am EXTREMELY pleased and gladly throw money your direction for a valid license. Well deserved!

Your product is extremely friendly to use, practically 95% automated, loaded with excellent features, and very appealing. The HTML output for boasting rights alone is worth the price of admission.

Highly recommended product! I am extremely satisfied. THANKS!"

Rob Anderson

Too unbelievably good to miss

"I heard about your program on a newsgroup posting, so I grabbed the demo off your website. After playing with it for 15 minutes or so I was easily convinced that yours was the kind of application that I had been searching for someone to make for many, many years, and I promptly bought the Pro version online.

Now I finally have the option to properly sort and catalog all my games, ranging from any system, and at the touch of a button can instantly find out anything I want to know about my collection. I used to have a website where I did that for myself (using php / mysql), but with your program and its online search capability, the effort required is completely painless in comparison, and I am deleting the database for my website as I write this.

Its rare that I ever make a point of writing to a software publisher, rarer still that I purchase software online, but your product is just too unbelievably good to miss. I love that you've thought of so many things that I, being the perfectionist that I am, always thought important when it came to categorizing games.

The 'The' naming convention and sort option is fantastic, and I am very greatful that all games beginning with The don't automatically get classified under 'T'. To some, it may be a small point, but for me its just one more reason as to why your product is perfectly suited to my needs."

Jonathan Hullah

[ Hear from more delighted customers]