Comic Collector for Windows - Features & Screenshots

Main screen in Publisher and Series folders / Cover Flow ViewMain screen in Publisher and Series folders / Images View

Adding comics to your database

Browsing your comic collection

Exporting and sharing your comic list

Managing and editing your database

Adding comics to your database

Automatically catalog your comic collection. Instantly download full issue details and cover art.

Cataloging comics by Title

An easy way to add comics to your database:
  • 1. Enter the title of the comic series, and click Search Now.
  • 2. Select your series and issues from the Search Results.
  • 3. Click Add Selected to add the comics to your database.

Add Comics Automatically by Title

Cataloging comics by Barcode

  • Scanning barcodes is a fast way to catalog your comics.
  • No need to enter the titles of the comics and no need to select your specific edition, the search results will automatically return the exact comic issue that you own.

Add Comics Automatically by Barcode

Need a barcode scanner?
Then check out our CLZ Barry scanner app for iOS and Android.

  • Scan barcodes using the built-in camera of your phone or tablet.
  • Instantly transmit scanned barcodes to your desktop computer (Windows or Mac).
  • Or: scan barcodes while offline, then send them all to your PC or Mac in one go.

CLZ Barry is available for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) for US $9.99.
For more information : check out the CLZ Barry website.

Mobile barcode reader app

Adding multiple comics in one go using the Queue Mode (Pro edition only)

The Queue Mode lets you queue multiple barcode searches for batch searching and adding. Great time-saver, especially in combination with the Opticon OPN-2001 memory barcode scanner or the CLZ Barry barcode scanner app for iOS and Android.

Add Comics Automatically

Cataloging New and Upcoming Releases

Easily add your new comic book purchases by selecting them from the New and Upcoming Releases list.

New and Upcoming releases

Checking the Daily Updates

Check which comic books in our online database have been updated.

Add Comics Automatically by Daily Updates

Bookmark your favorite Series

Add your favorites series to the Favorites tab, so that you can always find them easily.

Add Comics Automatically by Favorites

The online comic database

All issue details and cover art are provided by our own central online comic database.
This database currently contains over 270 thousand comics for over 39 thousand series.

This online database is continously being added to by data submissions from Comic Collector users. On top of that, all data, preview art and sollicitations for new issues are added months in advance using the excellent data feed provided by Diamond Comics.

Automatic data for comics

For comics, Comic Collector automatically downloads:

Issue information:
  • Series Title
  • Issue Number + Extension (A, B, C, etc.. for variant covers)
  • Barcode
  • Issue Title, Crossover and Story Arc
  • Publisher and Imprint
  • Release Date
  • Cover Date
  • Edition
  • Format and Number of Pages
  • Plot summary
  • Genres
  • Color
  • Cover Price
  • Age
  • Country
  • Language
  • Lists of appearing Characters
Creator lists:
  • Writers
  • Artists
  • Pencillers
  • Inkers
  • Colorists
  • Letterers
  • Cover pencillers
  • Cover inkers
  • Cover colorists
  • Editors
  • Editor in chief

  • Front Cover
  • Back Cover (when available)
  • Preview Art
  • Series Backdrop Art

Comic Data

Finding more cover images online

In some cases our online comic database may not give you a cover image, or a cover image that does not exactly match your edition.
That is where the Find Cover Image tool comes in. It lets you find cover images anywhere on the internet (using a Google Images search) and add them to your database in just a few clicks.

Find Cover Image


Automatically download backdrops for series or use preview art.

Set your own series-level Backdrop in Edit Series / Backdrop.

Set your own issue-level Backdrop in Edit Comic / Images / Backdrop.

Browsing your comic database

The main screen of Comic Collector gives you many ways to view, browse, sort, group and search your database. The screen can be fully configured to your own liking.

Images View, List View and Cover Flow

Switch Comic Collector's main panel (top right) between Images View, a nice wall with cover image thumbnails, List View, a list with multiple data columns or Cover Flow View, a cool 3D presentation of the front covers of your comics.

Images View:

Main Screen in Images View

List View:

Main Screen in List View

Cover Flow View:

Main Screen in Cover Flow View

Group comics into Folders

Browse your comics as one long list in No Folders mode, or group them into folders, e.g. by Genre, Format, Director, etc.. You can even use multi-level folders, e.g. first by Publisher, then by Series.

Main Screen with Publisher Folders

Manage your Collection and your Wish List

Manage the items you own and your wisfantastiflist using the In Collection Status field.
Flip between your Collection and your Wish List with the tabs at the bottom left.

Wish List

Statistics: Bar Charts and Pie Charts

View collection statistics in bar charts or pie charts.

Collection Stats

Searching your comic database

  • Use the Quick Search box on the toolbar to search in all fields of your entire database.
  • Or use the Filter screen to build and save advanced filters, using brackets, AND, OR, NOT, equal, not equal, greater than, less than, "contains" and wildcards (PRO edition only).


Searching and Sorting

Customizing Comic Collector

Details View: Templates and Styles

The Details View (lower right) shows the full comic details.
Several layout Templates and color Styles are available. Here's some examples:

The Vee Five template:

The top 2 images show the Backdrop style, where the backdrop image is used as the background

Vee Five Template

Main screen Layout

Choose from several layouts for the panels in the main screen.

Example main screen layouts

Wraparound Covers

Wrap the Wraparound Covers in your database

Wraparound Covers

Configurable Fonts & Font Size

Configure the font type and font size to suit your needs.

Different font types and sizes

Choose your List Columns

Configure the List View to your own liking, choose the columns *you* want to see.


Sorting/ordering your comic list

Sort your lists any way you want. Simply click a column header to sort on that column. Or define and save your own multi-field sort orders in the Sort Field Selection screen.

Sorting your comic list

Exporting and sharing your comic list

Organizing and browsing your comics in Comic Collector is fun. But it's even more fun (and useful!) to take your data and use it online, on your mobile device or to export it to other programs.

Export comic data to the CLZ Comics app for iPhone, iPad and Android

Browse your database and your wish list while on the road with the CLZ Comics mobile app, which is available for Android and iOS (compatible with iPad, iPhone and iPod touch)

Export your collection to iPhone, iPad or Android

Share your database online with Comic Collector Connect

Publish your Comic Collector database online. Access and modify your database from any computer & any mobile device.
Share your comic list with friends and family. [ More information and screenshots here » ]

Comic Collector Connect

Printing lists

Print comic lists, choosing your own columns and sort order, or print one comic per page with full details.


Export to HTML pages (PRO only)

Export your comic database to HTML files, for uploading to your own website.

Export your collection to HTML

Export your collection to HTML

Export data to CSV or XML format

Export your comic data for use in other programs like Excel.
Export all data to XML format or use the fully configurable CSV export.

Export to Text

Network support

Share one database file on a network and access it from multiple computers:
  • A lock file system automatically prevents concurrent editing
  • When one user is already using a database in Writable mode, subsequent users will automatically open the database in Read-Only mode
  • In Read-Only all editing features are hidden and disabled, allowing viewing and searching only
  • Create Read-Only workstations by running a forced Read-Only installation (start the installer with the /readonly command line parameter)

Managing and editing your database

Adding comics to Comic Collector is quick and easy. But Comic Collector also provides many useful tools to manage and edit your database entries.

Editing your comic entries

The Edit Comic screen is the place where you can edit all comic properties. The many available fields are grouped into eight tabs.

The Main tab

Edit Comic

The Details / Contents tab

Edit Comic

The Creators & Characters tab

Edit Comic

The Covers tab

Edit Comic

The Personal tab

Edit Comic

The Plot & Notes tab

Edit Comic

The Links tab

Edit Comic

Editing multiple comics in one go

Select multiple comic entries in the main screen and choose Edit Multiple to make the same modifications to all the selected comics in batch.

Edit Multiple

Alternatively, use the Next / Previous buttons in the Edit Comic screen to quickly make similar changes to many comics, one by one.

Auto Capitalization & Automatic Sort Titles

Titles download from the online comic database are automatically capitalized, e.g. typing "action comics" will automatically change into "Action Comics".
Sort Titles are generated automatically too, making sure that titles like "The Avengers" are sorted correctly.
Of course, both are completely user configurable in Tools / Options.

Auto Capitalization settings

Auto Capitalization settings

Automatic Sort Title settings

Sort Title settings

Managing your pick lists

Edit your pick lists (e.g. Genres, Publishers, Creators, etc..). Add, Edit, Remove and Merge entries.

Edit Lists

Setting Field Defaults

Set default field values, that get filled in automatically every time you add a new comic.

Field Defaults

Field Names / User Defined Fields

Change field names to your own preferences.
Use the User Defined fields to set up extra data fields for your own needs.

Field Names

Loan Manager

  • Track which comics you loaned and to whom.
  • Track Loan Date, Due Date and actual Return Date
  • Add extra notes for each loan
  • View all Loaned items, all Overdue items or entire loan history

Loan Manager

Try Comic Collector Free

Download your free trial edition. Available for Windows and Mac OS X.

Try Comic Collector Free

Download your free trial edition.
Available for Windows and Mac OS X. Customers
about Comic Collector :

Saves me money

"Thank you all for such an awesome Software program, online capability and the app. I love and have them all. They make organizing and documenting my collection so much easier. Saves me money by not buying duplicates on accident too! I don't know what I would do without all of these now. Keep up the amazing work team!"
Robert Welch
January 04, 2017

Great products

"Keep up the good work there as every aspect of the Comic Collectorz and Collectorz in general software, app, and connect are vital and great products!"
Tory Moody
December 19, 2016

Great product

"Thanks again for the great product (and great support) – it always comes very highly recommended."
Erik Tye
November 29, 2016


"First off, wanted to reiterate what others have said already about the title auto-complete feature you've added recently and say thanks. It has definitely saved a huge amount of time and made the software seem much more dynamic and personal.
As a comic book collector, I have to say I also very much appreciate the logic you have added to suggest the last edited volume number of a particular comic title as the volume number I probably want to modify. With some comic titles having many different volume numbers, this helps significantly.
The second reason for my note is to see if you would consider adding collectorz products for card collecting (e.g. Magic: The Gathering, Sports Cards, etc.). I'm currently using other software for these but think the interface and quality you put into your products could really set you apart in this arena as well.
Just a suggestion. Keep up the great work."
Steve Pilgrim
October 28, 2016

The best

"I would like to first say, I think you have the best comic collecting software available, period! Thank you for what you do. The comic collecting community really appreciates all of your hard work."
John G.
October 11, 2016

Big fan

"Just wanted to say I am a big fan of your product and it makes it so easy to bring up what I own when looking to buy an issue. It takes the guess work out of trying to remember if I already have it or not, lol...which used to be hard to keep track of with this many books."
‎Brian E. Jenkins
September 09, 2016


"You have a TERRIFIC product and great support which side really appreciate."
Walt Stadnisky
September 05, 2016

Love the comic database

"You people are amazing...always updating and giving us a super database to use. Thanks and congratulations . I love the comic database..."
Florence MacArthur
September 03, 2016

Always use it

"I love your service and have ever since I downloaded it. I renewed my membership 2 months early because I know I will always use it. I love that all the users are able to add variants when we come across them. Rowdy does an excellent job of updating the database. Most days if I add a new variant it is in the database the next day."
Joe White
August 16, 2016

Real easy and fun

"Just bought your comic book data base software and app today. I work from home and found myself adding comics to the data base instead of focusing on work. :) You have made this real easy and fun. I remember when I was a kid and attempted to catalogue my comics by creating a custom FileMaker Pro project. I know I've only touched the surface of what the software can do, but I am loving it and cannot wait to learn how to really use it."
‎Seth Feierstein
August 12, 2016

God send

"I'm at the stage that CLZ's comic database is the only way I can manage my collection and it does it perfectly. I've had it for a few years now and happily renew my update plan every year. Good work guys!"
B McGowan
August 04, 2016

I always recommend you guys

"Love this software ! just to let you know, that on ANY post, message board etc....that someone asks about collecting software I ALWAYS recommend you guys!!! keep up the good work!"
Christopher Arnould
July 08, 2016

Track your collection

"I've sold several people on the comic version. Having a way to track your collection on your computer and your phone (when in stores) is awesome!
I've used the program for years now and love it!"
Brendan Flood
July 08, 2016

A pleasure to work with

"I just wanted to let you know that I have returned to Collectorz after a long hiatus. As I dove back into comic book collecting, I decided I really wanted to update my records of books I own and what I need to sell. I used to use Comic Collector many years back but had long since lost the database and key, etc. I downloaded the newest version's trial and took it for a spin.
The updates and upgrades you have made since I owned it (first incarnation of Barry and before) have made the software a pleasure to work with. Barry works even better than before. The iOS application is wonderful. The database is even more comprehensive than I remember it. I could go on forever, I think.
Suffice to say, I am an extremely pleased customer and am considering purchasing additional products. I am kicking myself for not bundling with the Book Collector when I had the chance."
Christopher Weaver
May 26, 2016

Done in just a week

"I love your product, for 15 years I have been trying to catalogue all my books and had to quit because of time constraints, but with your db I got it done in just a week, thank you."
Chad Hill
April 13, 2016

Invaluable tool

"Thank you for your time, your application and online database is an invaluable tool for any comic collector."
Frank Swallow
April 06, 2016

Solid from the start

"I just wanted to say thank you to Alwin and the entire Collectorz staff for the great work you continue to do. I started using your Comic Collector six years ago when support ended for my previous database program ended. The transition was smooth and I continue to be amazed and pleased at the ongoing improvements that occur with the software.
I look forward to new e-mails that detail where Collectorz is going, because I think the program has really improved every year even though it was solid from the start for me.
Thanks for everything!"
David Riley
April 02, 2016

I love your app

"First I love your app on all platforms. It's saved me from countless duplicate purchases because I have a large collection."
Jason Juniewicz
March 31, 2016


"And please keep up the great work you guys are doing I enjoy your products so much and there a such a lifesaver for a movie, book and comic junkie who purchases way too many of them (according to my girl ;-) ). I especially enjoy being able to update the databases while reading the comic books!!!! Makes the experience of reading a comic book so fun for me!!!!"
Christian Theroux
March 28, 2016

Customer for life

"It's really nice that your team values it's customers feedback like that. You will have a customer for life in me and I constantly tell people in comic shops and other places about how great your service is. Please keep up the hard and great work you guys do."
Joe White
March 02, 2016

At my fingertips

"I absolutely LOVE your comic inventory products! They are extremely user friendly and the sync/database features are incredibly powerful, leaving my entire collection literally at my fingertips at all times. So convenient and completely worth every penny spent!"
Marc Nuzzo
February 27, 2016

By far more than I hoped for

"Thank you for all your help and I do want to say - your program is amazing. It is by far more than I hoped for. I bought a scanning tool to read the bar codes and it is definitely very easy and great to use."
John Hepner
February 25, 2016


"Really impressed with how your application has evolved since I first downloaded a trial years ago. While it isn't as complicated (and therefore, powerful) as some other apps (the windows native $300+ apps primarily), it's grown far beyond the adequacy required for me to recommend it to my thousands of followers and 10s of 1000s of website visitors. Your company should be very proud for crafting such a wonderful, affordable tool that puts power in the hands of any collector, even those on tight budgets. Thank you for making it easy for me to recommend."
Christopher Larkin
February 22, 2016

Better and better

"I just used you guys' comic software for an update today. I just wanted to thank you for always being on top of things and making it better and better. You guys rock!"
Coniah Grimes
January 30, 2016

GREAT program

"First of all, GREAT program! I spent a month entering everything manually on another IOS App, but only 2 days on yours."
Rory Wade
January 03, 2016

The best software

"First of all, you guys are doing a great job. This is the best software that I have ever used to keep track of my comics books."
Juan Negron
January 01, 2016


"I just wanted to share how pleased I am with your program. I purchased it this year and I separately bought a bar scanner. I have entered over 19,000 comic of my collection which is probably in excess of 50,000. I am thrilled with how easy it is and how much info there is in the program. I am estatic at being able to share my database with others since my ultimate goal is to sell the physical books and just have ecomics with a very limited paper collection. I have renewed with your Christmas special and as I said, I am thrilled with your program. All things should be as efficient and good. Please keep up the great work."
John Hepner
December 13, 2015

Great program

"Seriously, why didn't I get with collectorz sooner? Great program and super fast, plus, totally customizable! Comics are well under way and I may have to invest into more categories. Thank you!"
‎Benjamin Thomas
November 09, 2015


"I use this software for keeping track of my comics. 1st of all, it's simply amazing. I paid for the premium software on my PC, plus I paid for the app on my phone and tablet. Not really sure how anyone can be serious about collecting without software."
‎Joe Thorington
October 20, 2015

Keep track

"I love your app! I use it constantly to keep track of my comic book collection."
David Morris
October 02, 2015

I love your comic collectorz software

"I just want to say how much I love your comic collectorz software. I enjoyed the trial a few years back and had to update to the full fledged version once my limit was reached. It helps to streamline the databasing process nicely and the regular updates help to further make the software more user friendly and intuitive. Thanks so much for this."
Coniah Grimes
September 29, 2015

Fantastic job

" This is a wonderful program and I intend to be using it for a very long time. The price is excellent for the value you get. You all have done a fantastic job keeping this up to date. Well worth the monthly price."
Adam Ludlow
September 25, 2015

So pleased

"I am new to the software and have been undertaking the large project of adding all my comics to the database and I have been so pleased with how easy the process has been! I hate learning new software and I have found this process to be amazingly painless."
Jeff H.
September 05, 2015

Simple to use

"Love the database. Keeps track of things very well & simple to use, keep up the great job!"
Brendan Jones
September 04, 2015

Worked like a charm

"Cloud Sync 2.0 on Android Comic Collectorz app worked like a charm at Wizard World Chicago Comic-Con this weekend for me. Impressed how I could update my wish list at the show, sync, come home and the PC app told me there were changes to sync to.
My only suggestion? Make it easier to move something on my wish list to my collection on the mobile app, e.g. via a "Move to collection" menu! Thanks Alwin and guys! It's why I've been a customer for years!"
Scott Jeslis
August 25, 2015

Finally get my collection cataloged

" I really enjoy the software. It's been great to finally get my collection cataloged."
David Desmond
August 10, 2015

Love your comic software

"Hi guys! I love, absolutely love your comic software, both PC and the Online versions. They have made my databasing so much easier. Thank you for such an amazing solution to comic book organization!"
Robert Welch
August 04, 2015

You are awasome

"SERIOUSLY! I'm a Mac user who used ComicBase for my scanning of products (it just *seemed* to be faster) via Parallels.

With your last several revs of CC Pro, I am THRILLED to tell you that combined with even an iPhone 6 Plus (and completely ignoring my kick-ass handheld BT barcode scanner) and barry/buddy, your product makes my tasks very easy.

Overall, I've probably had to submit a handful of covers to you (hope you like my high-res scans) and I will start doing the back cover to do my part to make your database more complete. That being said, I love the native app, the low use of resources that lets me run it ALL THE TIME, and the way you continue to develop the app.

Thank you for making this very low-cost investment a thrill to use!

I'm going to get the Movies app for my mother as soon as my old MacBook Pro is back from factory recall repairs and I give it to her. She'll love it for her huge movie collection.

You are bringing joy -- thanks for being so awesome!"

Christopher Larkin
July 26, 2015

Thank you guys for the Alphabet Bar

"OMG thank you guys for the Alphabet Bar. It seems so simple a thing to do, but i'm sure it took a lot of coding. It makes life so much easier for your customers. Once again, thank you very much. :)"
John Hammond
July 26, 2015

The alphabet bar

"Thank you! LOVE the alphabet bar update!"
Fred Varnal
July 25, 2015

Love the software

" Love the software. I don't know where I'd be organizing my 22000+ with out it!"
Brian Rosenthal
July 15, 2015

Proven right

"I want to thank you for your quick response to this matter. I am grateful for your help in fixing this . I am glad to have been proven right once more in purchasing this program as well as your other products. The ease in getting fast , reliable help is gratefully appreciated.
Once again, thank you for your assistance"
Michael DaRonco
July 14, 2015

Glad I found when I did

"I am simply weggeblazen (I tried Google Translate to capture "blown away" in Dutch ... hope it is correct) by Comic Collector Pro.

Since 2006, I increased my trading card collection from a shoe box of 200 to over 20,000. The first thing I did after organizing the first 1,000 of these was obtain cataloguing software. The best has "easy" to understand input screens/processes, strong help features, robust search capability, customization for cards not currently found in the product, extensive data on variations of cards (foil, etching, auto sig, game-used memorabilia, etc.), and value information. However, I was remiss in taking the same approach to my burgeoning comics collection.

I started collecting comics in August, 2013, and have amassed over 5,000 titles (floppies, graphic novels, hardcover collections, etc.). In November, 2013, I started building an Excel workbook to try and get a handle on what I had. Thus far, I have only been able to properly catalog less than 500 items from my collection.

I downloaded the trial version of Comic Collector Pro at 6:54PM local last night. After creating a new database and entering only 10 titles, I knew THIS was THE product for me. Around 10PM, I had gone "all-in". I purchased and fired up CLZ Barry on my Samsung Note Edge, installed Buddy for Barry on my quad-core beast and proceeded to stay up until almost 3AM working on my collection. The first 56 items (only references, art collections, and graphic novel collections from "Age of Ultron" through "Blackest Night...or roughly 2.5 shelves-worth) are in and I've probably hit "Submit to Core" over a dozen times. Not because the Comic Collector Pro database is short on info but because I have the TIME and EXCITEMENT to help the great folks at improve their already outstanding product.

When compared to the software I use for my trading cards, I wish THAT offering was developed by If given a choice, I would much rather have the "Submit to Core" capabilities in that program versus the link it has to valuation data. (Now, if Comic Collector Pro was linked to, say, Overstreet for monetary worth information...I'd never leave my desk!)

Oh, yeah. I did say "I had gone 'all-in'." above. I took advantage of the "Heat Wave Offer" and purchased ALL of the Collector Pro offerings. You see, my family and I have over 400 game discs, just under 1,000 movie discs, at least 500 music discs, and well over 4,000 books. I'm glad I found when I did.


Don LaPointe
July 12, 2015

So much easier

"I just wanted to say "Congratulations" and you people are amazing.....You are making it so much easier with your software...
Love my Comic Database......and will look into the Scanner."
Florence MacArthur
July 11, 2015

Well over 15,000 in my collection

"I’ve been collecting comics since about 1978 and now have well over 15,000 in my collection, so being able to keep track of them (and in particular where I’ve stored any particular issue) is very important to me. In the past I’ve used two different free catalogue programs: the first was very basic and only stored minimal information: characters and creators and a few other things. Not even a cover image, and the search facility was virtually non-existent. The second one was a major improvement, and one aspect I particularly liked was that by simply clicking on a character’s name you got a list of all the books he appeared in. I used that program for several years, but unfortunately it wasn’t designed to handle a collection the size of mine, and as I added new books over time it ran slower and slower: at the end, opening the data file took literally twenty minutes and while adding a book was virtually instantaneous changing any of the details could take up to five minutes. In addition the developer had moved on to something else: while he still answered queries there weren’t going to be any upgrades. I knew I had to find something else.

I came across Comic Collector at the beginning of this year and was very happy with the trial version. But remembering the problems I’d had with the previous program, I wasn’t ready to pay the purchase cost until I was sure it could handle a collection the size of mine. I e-mailed a query and got a reply from Sytske almost by return, assuring me that it could. The speed of her response impressed me – I realised that this was a company that cared about its customers rather than taking their money and forgetting about them. My order went in straight away and I am totally satisfied. I am enjoying entering my comics manually – I prefer doing it that way as I can control the amount of data against each one. I currently have more than 10,300 entered and there has been no loss of performance. If you are new to comics or an experienced long-term collector, then this program is the answer to your dreams."

Gordon Davie
July 06, 2015


"It handles my 65,000+ collection with no problems too and I'm constantly suggesting it on different comic book related pages.
Keep up the awesome work."
Larry Bell
July 06, 2015

Thanks for a great App!

"Does 14,065 Comic Book's seem a lot? Nope! Thanks for a great App! It has worked tremendously in cataloging my collection!"
Erick Bryan
June 07, 2015


"For V15 build 3. I can finally upload my entire collection to the cloud. I am doing back-flips here from the excitement. All 61,562 comics are now online. THANK YOU so much for taking care of the large collection upload problem. You are now my comic database software provider forever now."
Larry Bell
May 06, 2015


"I just started using the software,find it great and am making great progress with my 25,000 comic collection!"
Aldeo Bernard
March 16, 2015

Catalog my comics

"This is the best purchase of software that I have made yet! Really love that I can catalog my comics. I am enjoying learning about the software too!"
Paul PiJuan
March 09, 2015

Outstanding inventory program

"The comics, which I inventoried thanks to your outstanding inventory program, actually belong to my son. Now he can easily identify those comics he desires to sell. I appreciate Collectorz standing by its product and commitment to customer service, which is often lacking these days."
Desmond Wieland
March 02, 2015


"Once again - superb, fast and resolved in less than 12 hours. You guys are the bomb!! That's why I use (and recommend) this program."
Duncan Bird
February 27, 2015

A lifesaver

"I have been using your comic collector software since 2007/8 and haven't had any regrets. It has been a lifesaver in helping to keep track of all my comics. The integration of of the iOS apps (barry, etc) for scanning and shopping has been great."
T.S. Patterson
January 17, 2015


"I purchased the iOS version of CLZ Comics and tested it out with the "demo" version of the desktop application. What sold me was how easy it was to transfer the data from the desktop application to the iOS application. The other item that really sold me on your product was the yearly subscription. I am happy to pay for good software and services. I would rather do that than invest my time and energy into something I get for free that may not be around in the future; plus I am a software engineer and I appreciate what goes into building software products and web services."
Ray Glassmeyer
December 02, 2014


" I wanted to thank you for such a fantastic product/ software. Every since I found this product, I have been such a supporter and fan!
Thank you for the good work and keep it up!"
Luis Landaverde
November 21, 2014

Wonderful program

"First off, I cannot thank you enough for creating this wonderful program! I've been an active user of Comic Collector for the past year, and it's revolutionized the way I keep track of and organize my collection. I utilize your software every day and have enjoyed nothing but great experiences.
Truly, thank you so much."
Logan Peterson
October 31, 2014

Great program

"Great program, guys! Glad I found it."
Jeff Caplan
September 10, 2014

Great software

"Thank you for your great software, love my comic collector program."
Kris Bairstow
September 02, 2014

All of this cataloged

"Thanks to you & your software for allowing me to keep all of this cataloged. I can't praise your software enough and whenever people ask about a program to catalog their comic collections I push them your direction after showing off how great my collection looks and how easy it is to use.
Larry Bell
September 01, 2014

Just a word of thanks!!

"For years I used various ways of listing my small but well-loved comic collection including notepad, excel and simple databases and then I discovered your program!!
It took a few days to enter the comics but what a difference it has made! I now know what comics I own, how many of them and all that extra info that would normally have taken ages to enter manually.
I have now moved home and all my boxes need sorting and I'm actually looking forward to sorting them yet again this time with their locations included! Thank you for what I believe is the best program on the market! Of course, the addition of a price guide would be the icing on the cake but I can wait for that!!
Thanks again!!"
Phil Naylor
August 14, 2014

The very best

"By far the very best comic software on the market today!!"
Julius Lembo
July 18, 2014

Within the hour

"I downloaded the trial version of your Comic Collector and within the hour updated to the Pro Edition because this was EXACTLY what I have been searching for. Thank you thank you thank you."
Nick Schiano
June 30, 2014

The best on the planet

"Really, REALLY appreciate the help and the speed in which I received it. This furthers my belief that Comic Collectorz is the best on the planet."
Duncan Bird
June 05, 2014

Love the program

"In just one evening I was able to put half my collection in already. I absolutely love the program."
Jeffery Sterner
May 15, 2014

Finding the gaps

"Thanks to collectorz I now spend most of my free time looking through my comic collection and finding the gaps. Which is fine except thanks to being a completecianist, I then find the missing issues, which can be expensive sometimes.
Also I am 40 comics away from 10,000. If not for comic collectorz I wouldn't have a clue what I owned. Hence the reason I own 4 copies of some comics.
Best software purchase I ever made."
Wayne Mallett
May 11, 2014

Great update

"Wow, what a great update to Comic Collector. A simple but fantastic new tool. So great to be able to add comics and move them directly to on order rather than have to edit the comics from either the collection or wanted and change their status. Hurrah. Thanks."
Timothy Hacker
March 07, 2014

Great product

"I do love the upgrade on the comic collector it is a great product and has allowed me to get organized with my collection."
Allen Klein
February 16, 2014


"I purchased the Comic Collectorz Mac edition in December along with Barry
and the iOS app. I am stunned at how well everything works and
how it is so well integrated."
Jason Morin
January 28, 2014

Love love love

"I love love love your comic collecting app. It's incredible, and I can't see anything doing the job better than you guys have done it."
Chas Naylor
December 22, 2013

Catalog my comics

"I love being able to catalog my comics like this. I also want to say how really appreciative that I am. Anytime I have had a problem I get a really quick, easy and helpful response. I wish there was more people out there that took care of their customers like you guys do."
J. Linton
November 16, 2013

made my comic collecting easier

"I have the phone app as well as the pc version and I love them both!
You guys have made a product that has definitely made my comic shopping / collecting much easier!"
Ryan Reynolds
October 18, 2013

Keep track

"I can't wait for the update I love this software! It's easy to use and helps me keep track of my every growing collection and see where I might have some gaps."
Jason White
October 16, 2013

Very quickly

"Done. Just bought the full Comic Collector. Best function on it is the capacity to find and add multiple titles very quickly. Like how you've included a trade paperbacks & Hardcover books in the search as I'm buying the Marvel Ultimate Graphic Novel series."
Peter Xuereb
October 10, 2013

Track of my collection

"Your clz comic product are great. I use it to keep track of my collection and to help me when I go to shows and seeing what I need."
Michael Botticelli
October 02, 2013

Love this software to pieces!

"My comic book collection - 9,048 comics, trade paperbacks and graphic novels and counting! I have short boxes and bookcases elsewhere. Keeping this all straight has never been easier thanks to Comic Collector. Getting my wish list ready for cons, pulling books to get autographed, updating with new additions (or sales) this software to pieces!"
Glenn Anderson
October 01, 2013

The best software

"I also wish to thank your company for creating by far the best software and database for organizing a comic book collection."
Justin Fleming
September 23, 2013

Fantastic App! [CLZ Comics for iOS]

"The title says it all. Fantastic app, really useful with lots of great features - it keeps getting better. Amazing company who provide constant useful info and updates through Facebook - such a dedicated team!
They put most other software companies to shame.
If you have a large comic collection, or it's starting to grow, this is THE only comic database app you should buy - I tried others and they were nowhere near as good! Updated now for iOS 7 and it looks great, very in keeping with the OS whilst still providing all the functionality you could need!"
September 20, 2013

Never leave home without it

"Just wanted to say the Comic Collector and the iPhone app are the best!!
Now I never leave home without my collection."
John Tancredi
September 01, 2013


"I'm friends with a few other collectors here and there, and trust me, I'm not going to be able to recommend your software enough. I don't care about the software at this point...that's totally secondary. What I think is amazing is the level of care and communication you've exhibited to a total stranger. I'm in awe of your actions, Sir.

The key you sent works and I'm connected. I'm a firefighter/EMT and on-duty today. I can't wait to get home tonight to start going through some of my short boxes and getting everything entered. I even have the Overstreet Price Guide being delivered to my house on Monday so that I can also input current values for my older books.

As soon as I learn my way around the Standard Edition, you can rest assured that I'll be upgrading to 'Pro.'"

Richard Cerzosimo
August 24, 2013


"I've been a paying customer of your service for two months now -- two of the best months of my 16-year comic-collecting career. I've tried to catalog my collection many times before, but until now, I've never been happy with how I did so."
Josh Marowitz
August 18, 2013

Having a blast

"Look at the madness you have started... now I can finally see what I have... once I input it it. I do data entry during the week, but I am having a blast entering my collection into Comic Collector Pro. Thanks!"
Sam Prus
August 13, 2013


"I just wanted go give out kudos to a great comic database application. I've been a pretty hard core comic collector for over 25 years with many thousands of comics in my collection. For a long time I have been looking for some kind of tool that could easily help me catalog my collection. And you all have done it!
Your application is just what I needed. It's quick, easy and highly effective. My only regret is that I didn't have this application many years ago as I'm currently in the process of cataloging my entire collection.
Thank you for such an awesome comic tool!"
Therron Harrell
August 05, 2013

You amaze me

"I was typing an e-mail for a feature I've been trying to figure out and ended up coming across how to do pretty much exactly what I had in mind, so wanted to let you know how impressed I was that yet again, you amaze me by how well set-up you are! Thanks for being so AWESOME and having this functionality already in mind, taken care of & addressed!"
Omkar Shertukde
June 26, 2013

Great job

"Just wanted to drop by & say Thanks again, for Comic Collectorz! Just Love how easy it's been keeping track of all my Comics. Please keep up the Great job.
Thank you."
Robb S. Havok
May 25, 2013

User friendly

"First I would like to say I love the Comic Collectorz software. I have a large collection and the software is user friendly and has a beautiful design."
Stephen SteinCruz
May 18, 2013

LOVE your software

"I would first like to say that I LOVE your software and it has been the answer to all the problems I was having with cataloging my comics."
Dave Baxter
May 10, 2013


"I just wanted to say how amazing this is! I also have the app for my phone. I have been looking for something like this for years. The amount of work that went into this just blows me away."
Jennifer Graevell
April 29, 2013

Wonder how I ever functioned without it.

"After losing too many comics over the course of five decades, I decided to start collecting again. I wanted to be able to keep track of what I have, so I purchased the Comic Collector software last month, and wonder how I ever functioned without it.

I am a disabled veteran, and am missing several fingers. It makes for very slow typing sometimes. The bar code scanner support was/is the best thing for me. Now I can load over 100 comics per hour into my database. Trying to type them in was frustrating and slow.
You have a lifelong customer."

Frank H
April 23, 2013


"I've uploaded my collection and already have it downloaded to my iPad...AWESOME!!! This is so helpful when walking a comic convention for deals."
Patrick Durkin
March 21, 2013

The best

"My wife purchased me the comic collector software and a C37 scanner for my birthday last september. I absolutely love it, and think it is the best collection software hands down.
However I left my scanner out one day and our new dog decided that it looked like a tasty snack."
Matt Camenzind
February 24, 2013

My entire collection in hand

"I love mine, I have it synced to both my iphone and my ipad. It was the best investment I ever made.
I can now go to the store with my entire collection in hand and never worry about a duplicate."
Jonathan M. Thompson
February 20, 2013

My collection

"833 comics until I reach 15,000 unique (not doubled) comic books in my collection."
Clint Adams
February 19, 2013


"I couldn't find another way to send you guys and gal a compliment on the software and app for my iPhone. I have cataloged over 12k comics and the ap for my phone comes in quite handy when looking to pick up missing books."
Jeff Jones
February 18, 2013

Awesome software

"I bought the Comic Collector last week and I am half way filing my collection, I just want to say thank you on having awesome software and the Catscanner is a lifesaver!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jesse Morrison
February 13, 2013


"Btw, I was thrilled when you added the in app barcode scanning and the ability to sync collections among all devices using the connect feature. It makes things so much easier, especially for my large comic book collection.
I have been using various collectorz programs for years and have never been happier with them as i am now."
Robert Moffatt
January 31, 2013

Saved me a ton of work!

"Just wanted to give a shoutout. I finally was able to catalog every comic book in my collection - over 5,000 counting some duplicates - and the sorting and statistics features make it easy to organize and possibly sell my collection.
I just finished getting my whole jumbled mess sorted, recorded, and reboxed in publisher/title order, and when I found an issue I missed it was easy to find where to slip it into place.
Awesome product, it saved me a ton of work!"
Ken McAndrew
December 22, 2012

10,600th comic in collectorz

"Just added Catwoman 14 as my 10,600th comic in collectorz.
I still need to add a lot of comic books that are not in the database yet!"
Andy De Maertelaere
December 07, 2012

I couldn't be happier

"I wanted to take the time to send you all an email, first stating that I absolutely love what you guys have done and are doing with the software.
I couldn't be happier and the software is the best thing I've ever taken advantage of to keep my comic collection in check."
Joseph Nazelrod
October 15, 2012

So much more fun

"I've been using your comic collecting software for about a week now. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!
Seriously. It makes comic book collecting so much more fun and alot easier. You guys have a great thing going here.
Keep it up!!!"
Brent Pierce
September 18, 2012

Haven't stopped

"Well I ordered the Comic Book version on Tuesday of last week and received it on Thursday of the same week.(AWESOME!!!!) I installed it and was pretty easy to do.
I bought it for my husband's collection. I am guessing he has over 5,000 comic books. I started scanning this weekend and haven't stopped.
THIS SOFTWARE IS GOLD!!!!! My husband loves it, and so do I. I've been doing all the scanning. I 'm not sure if you do this already, but if you don't you should sell this software in comic book stores and at comic book conventions.
I'll keep you posted on what his final count is. I'm curious myself.
THANK YOU !!!!!!! : ))"
Maria Perez
September 04, 2012

[ Hear from more delighted customers]