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Note for existing customers: These great new feature are only available with Book Collector v7 and above. Still on Vee 6, or older?

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With CLZ mobile for Android (Android Operating System version 1.6 and up), you have your collection within the palm of your hands at any time. Check which Books you already own and which ones are on your Wish List. Right there, in the store. You can export your collection via Wi-Fi or by USB using our Windows or Mac software.

When you install CLZ mobile for the first time you will be shown an example database. This is replaced by your own when you export your collection for the first time. The example database allows you to see how your collection will look once imported.

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Export via Wi-Fi



  • Book Collector v7.1 or above
  • Android 1.6 or above


  • OS X 10.5.8 or higher
  • Book Collector 3.1 or higher
  • USB requires 3.4.1 or higher

To export via Wi-Fi you will also need need:

FAQ: Why do I need to install Bonjour?

Important: Windows does not have anything built in to detect the ip of your phone therefore Bonjour is necessary when exporting via Wi-Fi.

Bonjour is installed automatically if you use itunes or you can install it separately.

If you don't want to use Bonjour, which is understandable, you can of course still export using the USB cable.

Note that if you install it separately it will be known as the 'Bonjour Print Service'.

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How to Export

Exporting via Wi-Fi can be broken down into 2 main stages.

  1. Preparing your Android device to receive your collection.
  2. Preparing your collection for export.

1. Preparing your Android device

  • Launch CLZ mobile on your Android
  • Tap your devices Menu button (this differs per Android device, you may notice 3 dots, 3 lines, or the word 'Menu')
  • Tap Import to make the device visible on your network

Your device is now ready to receive your collection.

2. Preparing your collection

  • Start Book Collector
  • Click File > Export to > CLZ mobile Mobile Application
  • Select 'Export via Wi-Fi'
  • click 'Refresh' to search your LAN for your Android device
  • Select your device from the list of available devices by clicking on it
  • You can chose to export All Books, or just those selected in your Main List
  • You can also chose if you want to update, or replace the collection on your device
  • Click the Export button to start the process.

Tip: If the 'Start Export' button remains grey, ensure that you've clicked on your device name from the list of available devices. If you don't select a device, you will be unable to export!

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Export using USB-cable for Android phones

Exporting via USB is a quick 2-step process:

  1. Export to zip
  2. Import to Android

1. Exporting your Book Collection to a zip file

  • Connect your Android to your computer as a USB storage device*
  • Start Book Collector
  • Click File > Export > CLZ mobile Mobile Application
  • Click Export to File
  • Click 'Browse' and select your desktop
  • Click All Books then click Start Export
  • A zip file of your database will be exported to your desktop
  • Locate the zip, it will be called ''
  • Copy this file to the Root Directory of either your phone or SD card

* If you aren't sure how to enable USB storage mode on your device you may need to contact the manufacturer.

Note: You can export to any location, not just your desktop, then copy the zip file to your device later. The zip file must not be renamed and it must be placed on the Root Directory.

2. Importing the file to CLZ mobile

After you've successfully exported your collection to a zip file, it's now time to import into the CLZ mobile application.

  • Open the CLZ app on your phone.
  • Tap the three dots/lines in the ActionBar or tap the Menu button on your device and select: Import
  • Tap the three dots/lines/menu button again and select: Import from File and wait while your collection is imported.

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