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Automatically download full book details and cover images.
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Scan your hard-disk for ebook files.

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Browse your book library in cover flow. Sort lists any way you want. Find books quickly and easily.
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Export your book library and wish list to the CLZ Books app, available for iPhone/iPad & Android.
Upload your database online, for easy access & sharing with friends.
I wanted to write a short note and say thanks for a great product. I have been able to organize my library in ways I never thought possible. When I have encountered issues (user error), or had questions, your customer support was solid and immediate. I am grateful to all of you for your hard work and wonderful product. I hope your year ends well, and that 2016 is a strong one for you.
Richard Bush - December 03, 2015

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Latest versions:

for Windows: 16.1.3
release date: Dec 22, 2015
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for Mac OS X: 15.6.2
release date: Dec 04, 2015
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Browse your book library

Use Book Collector's main screen to browse, sort and search your book library. Choose from multiple views and layouts:

Easily add new books to your library, by ISBN or by Author and Title

Adding new books to your personal book library database is quick and easy,
just search our central online book database by ISBN or by Author and Title.

Our central online book database will then automatically provide full book details, cover art and author information.

Book information:
  • ISBN
  • Author
  • Title
  • Publisher & Publication date
  • Plot summary
  • Language
  • Genres & Subjects
  • Format
  • Number of Pages
  • Dimensions
  • LoC Classification
  • Dewey
Book Images:
  • Front Cover
  • Back Cover (when available)

Author information:
  • Author images
  • Links to the author's pages on Wikipedia
  • Birth and death dates and cities

Cataloging e-book files

Book Collector can also catalog your e-book files. Just let it scan your computer for e-books,
then link the e-books to your book entries. After that, the e-books can be opened right from your book details panel:

FREE CLZ Cloud storage, for online backup, syncing and sharing

Book Collector comes with free cloud storage for your collection data, using our own CLZ Cloud service.
Use the CLZ Cloud to:
  • Always have an online backup of your book library.
  • Synchronize your library between devices, e.g. between your desktop computer and your iOS device.
  • Publish your book list online, to share it with friends and family.
    (this uses a free view-only version of our online software "Book Collector Connect").

Available add-ons:

Book Collector Connect

Upload your book library online, then add and edit books from anywhere using the online software.
Book Collector Connect

CLZ Books mobile app

Export your book library and wish list to your phone or tablet and always carry it with you.
Export your collection to iPhone, iPad or Android CLZ Books is available for iOS & Android.

CLZ Barry scanner app

Speed up your book cataloging with the CLZ Barry wireless barcode scanner app for iOS and Android.
Barcode Scanner for Android and iOS CLZ Barry is available for Android and iOS.

Here's what customers have to say about Book Collector:

Great product
"I wanted to write a short note and say thanks for a great product. I have been able to organize my library in ways I never thought possible. When I have encountered issues (user error), or had questions, your customer support was solid and immediate. I am grateful to all of you for your hard work and wonderful product. I hope your year ends well, and that 2016 is a strong one for you."
Richard Bush (USA)
Keep track
"I love the software as I have many books and we read a lot of library books as well...I can keep track what we have and what we have read."
Jessica Malley (USA)
Without Book Collector, I’d be in a real pickle.
"I just downloaded the latest version of Book Collector, and was tickled to see the little gear sitting next to the Alphabet Bar. I clicked on it, and voila…I now have a choice of filtering by title or author.
Thanks so much for adding this, and making it easy to configure.
Once again, your work makes my life a whole lot easier. My library continues to grow. Without Book Collector, I’d be in a real pickle."
Dave Novick (USA)
Collectorz program
"I told a French friend who was the prior of a monastery in France about your Collectorz program. He downloaded it and with it was able to find a book that even the French National Library in Paris did not have, so he used the program for his monastery library work and admitted that it sped up his work very much."
Pachomius Vu (United Kingdom)
Brilliant software
"Thank you so much. This is brilliant software. I added my entire book library last night, and the loan feature is perfect.
No more losing track of who has borrowed books."
Billy Woods (Australia)
Very friendly
"Thank you for creating the library software - very friendly and cheap!!"
Joy Pang (Singapore)
Served us so well
"We use this for a small community library. The program has served us so well for over 4 years. Our community loves it and it makes it so easy for us to keep track of the books that are borrowed and returned."
Roxane Bethour (USA)
Excellent service
"I want to take this opportunity to thank you wholeheartedly for your most timely and helpful reply to my dilemma regarding splitting my library into 3 sections. I can't tell you how much I value your excellent service and going above and beyond 'The call of duty'."
Thomas Bennett (USA)
Completed my library
"So happy to have "completed" my library after many many months of work! Count: 3655!!! Now I can FIND things, and all my books are so much better organized. I'm just cleaning up now, trying to complete records and add editors and translators to the proper field, if I can figure that out! Just now playing with how to sort the columns so I can have a printed copy of the essentials by location. Thank you for helping me with what felt like an overwhelming project!"
Ann Hearn Tobolowsky (USA)
A dream come true
"Sending greetings and gratitude to you from the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area. Your creation is a dream come true for me! I have thousands of books to get cataloged and organized. I have been wanting to do this for years and you have made it so simple for me.
Thanks again for this incredible product! I hope this turns out to be as great as I think it is so I can create my dream library."
Karen Lipscomb (USA)
I love Barry!!
"I use Book Collector for a small private school library. I recently used Barry for the first time to enter a box of new books we got from a book fair. Oh my goodness, it was WONDERFUL - so easy and quick!!
I love Barry!!"
Martha Gaal (USA)
A real improvement on many levels
"I am also taking the opportunity to congratulate you all for the great product that Book Collector is. The new version is a real improvement on many levels.
I love the easy and comprehensive way I can manage my rapidly growing library of over 2,200 books. Without it I wonder how I could manage to have any control.
Keep up the good work."
Patrick Gossweiler (USA)
Simple to use
"Thank you for your software! It is simple to use with a pleasant interface while being functionally detailed. Soon when I have entered more titles and our database reaches a critical size, we will download a few iphone apps so my parents can view what they have while traveling.
The app capability made the difference in us choosing your software. Already a friend of my parents has asked me to catalog their books for them when I complete our library.
No doubt, I will use another license of your software to do that."
Martin (United Arab Emirates)
Great tool
"Although I haven't yet had time to fully explore all of the features of the software, I have been greatly impressed with the features that I am already using, and overall I find the software very user-friendly and a great tool for managing a personal library.

It's the sort of thing I dreamed of having 20 years ago when I first started building my collection, and I have recommended it to several friends with large collections like my own.
The fact that you have people available to offer such excellent customer support makes me all the more impressed with your company"

Kelly M. Fiske (USA)
All together
"I LOVE my book collector. I can take my list with me every where I go.
I buy 20 to 30 books a month. My local library sales them for $.25 cents each. I was always calling home to see if I had it. And I buy kindle books online.
This keeps them all together."
Lisa Cox Williams (USA)
Serve my purpose, and more!
"You may or may not recall that I was in contact with you at the beginning of the year asking questions because I have inherited a large library of antique books and classic 'literary' literature in many languages and I was asking if Book Collector would be suitable.

Well, after careful consideration I have purchased the Mac version of Book Collector and even though I haven't had time to catalogue many books it does seem to serve my purpose, and more!
Last night I showed it to a friend who 'is in the know' about cataloguing systems, library databases etc and he was quite impressed with all the options and the user friendly set-up."

Amalia Zimmermann (Spain)
Love Book Collector so much
"Hi Collectorz!
I would like to share The Yellow Library which is my home library that my husband and I designed (DIY). :)
I want to inspire booklovers everywhere to dedicate a special room for their books!
My book blog is named after it :). I love Book Collector so much that ive been recommending it to all my booklover friends and blogged about it"
Aimee Lorraine Keh-Lee (USA)
Very easy to use
"Busy catalogueing inherited library of over 1,000 books. Reached 711. Love your program. Very easy to use. Thanks for a great program."
Andre Bouwer (USA)
Saved me time and money
"Once again, the book collectorz mobile app has saved me time and money.
Me+ bargain book shelves at the book store + "wow can't believe I missed this book"= check to see if I have it in my library."
Veronica Andree (USA)
I am amazed!
"I am amazed! No matter what I need to do to enter old or new books in my library into Book Collector, your program has a way to do it. I am so impressed.
When I complete this project, I shall surely purchase Music Collector for my A/V and sheet music collection.
Thank you for easy-to-use, intuitive software. Your online searchable manuals are excellent."
Warren Rubin (USA)
Wonderful programme
"Being a librarian, I have been asked to start and am using you wonderful programme. Persuaded them to buy your programme and it works well!"
Sonia Worthington-Smith (USA)
1,285 books listed
"I have 1,285 books listed in my book library. The only way I can keep from buying books I have already read is taking my Ipod, which has the App, with me to the store and the local public library.
In fact I bought the Ipod because Collectorz had an App for it."
Richard Feese (USA)
The best
"I like the hard work you guys put in to build the best book collector's organizing set of tools that will enable me to do just that with all my books. I purchased all the tools but have yet to get it entirely functional because I have too many other things going on right now too. But with a little more time I will be set up.
I am anxious to discover just how large my personal collection is (my guess is about 2,000 books), to have it organized, an to enjoy the full functionality of it all. I will be happy to share before and after photos of my current mess versus my organized structure that is one of my primary projects now, including a new custom build home library with floor to ceiling bookcases in my office.
Thanks to all you folks in Amsterdam, Steve from Oklahoma City"
Steve Copeland (USA)
Great product
"I absolutely love the app and the program. I love the price even more.
I have always dreamed about creating a list of my extensive book collection (5,000 +), by inputting the ISBNs. However, all the products out there are ridiculously expensive or are not really Mac OSX compatible.
I love the fact that I can use my iPhone as the scanner and keep a list of my library in an accessible format. This is something I've been waiting since I started graduate school.

Congratulations on a great product."

Marcel Ponton (USA)
This software is amazing
"I was looking for some software that would help me to take my library and get it under control. A fellow Pastor told me that he used Book Collector on his PC and thought it amazing.
I purchased a copy on that recommendation and started to use it. I have to admit that at first it was confusing and a bit overwhelming and the instructions were not the best.
BUT, this product is fantastic. It does everything I wanted. It takes the ISBN number and looks up the book in the CLZ Book Database, it then downloads copy of the cover and all of the pertinent information as well as a summary of the book to your database.
You then input your library information as well as your own notes, annotations, plots, characters, key words, etc. It also asks you for the information of your purchase date, price, where you bought it, etc.
I also allows you to choose categories (and add your own) so that future searches can be done quickly and easily.
It also has a lending tool. You can loan a book to someone and mark that book as "lent out" and it will track the date you loaned it, to whom, where it is and if you want, remind you to seek the return of it after a period of time. Now I won't wonder what I did with a book.
It also allows you to track in your own library where you have the book, in other words, at home, in the office, at school, etc. So, if you take it elsewhere you can mark that and when you look for the book you at least know where you last took it.
BUT THE BEST FEATURE is the scanner tool that you can download for your iPhone or iPod touch. The CLZ Buddy scanner turns your iPhone into a scanner that will pick up the ISBN bar code off your books and automatically fill it into the add feature of the software on your computer. It will allow you to add multiple ISBN's to the que before you search the database. Then you touch "search" and it finds all the info and displays it. You then touch "Add" and all the books are added to your software. It is amazingly simple.
Finally, if you want you can get the mobile app for your iPad or iPhone or iPod touch and download your library database from your computer (via WiFi) to your other device. So, if you are at a meeting and want to reference one of your books, just look it up. If someone asks if you have a book, check whether you do. Or if you are out at Barnes and Noble and see a book but can't remember (happens to all of us) if you already own it, just pull out your iPhone or iPad and check to see if you already own it. No more double purchases.
Well, enough said. This software is amazing. I don't know how I ever got along without it.
Enjoy! It is worth the price."
Dan Curnutt (USA)
Excellent job
"Love this software. I have a library with several hundred books and was able to add a hundred in just a few minutes. There were a few were the ISBN and book did not match but over it did an excellent job."
Micheal R. Dickerson (USA) to the rescue
"How to catalogue your library ....
You may think that I joke about my tea library, collectable books and shelf-improvement library - I kid you not - and I cannot bear to part with a book.
So! to the rescue. It's terrific and they offer a scanner and app."
Jennifer Petersen (USA)
Great tools
"Spent most of the day working on building and filling bookcases with books for our "library" - enjoy using the software by - great tools to catalog books and movies!"
LauraLee Dooley (USA)
I seriously love this
"I am a recently disabled Army Medic. I have some cognitive problems involving memory among other things. The VA informed me that I should look for software to increase my organization and to combat the memory loss.

I discovered a trial of your program yesterday. Awesome!
I hope this tool will help me organize my books as well as I think it will. It's easy to navigate (important for me!), it's a good memory support tool (no more lists of where I put stuff) and it had a trial (kick the tires).

I seriously love this and am going to recommend it to me Doc at the VA mental health clinic. It really is great.
Thanks for building it!"

Ethan E. Harris (USA)
I am having a blast
"First, you should know I am a software engineer, having been in the business for nearly 30 years. I have coded more languages and environments than I care to remember! :-)

I must tell you that, when I saw the Web page advertising your Books collection database, I was enthusiastic. Here at last was what I needed to grapple with my 2,000 book library! I was not sure how well the software would work, but I took a chance and downloaded the premium version.

I cannot express adequately how literally overjoyed I am at using your software. It actually exceeds my professional expectations in every way. I found the tool intuitive to use, friendly, and IT WORKS!!!!! I am having a blast using it, and will unhesitatingly recommend it to all my friends.

Working, high-quality software is a rarity - as you must well know.
THANK YOU for deviating from the norm and producing such an exemplary product."

Jacques Caillault (USA)
An excellent product
"Before retiring I was involved in the development and distribution of several database applications internal to the company for which I worked. I want to congratulate the development team for producing this fine product.
I reviewed several other products online before purchasing this one and I am convinced I made the right choice. Ease of use and flexibility are two of its strongest points. The user can accept the default field values and definitions or customize for personal use.
As delivered, it is oriented toward a collection of fiction but it can be easily customized to include nonfiction or to configure for nonfiction only. The inclusion of the Library of Congress and Dewey decimal fields are particularly valuable in a nonfiction collection.
Data entry is easy. The user can key in field values manually or key in only the ISBN number and have the program automatically search for the remaining fields including a picture of the book cover. I have had only one question and got a prompt response by e-mail but the product is so intuitive that I solved my problem before getting an answer from customer support.

All in all an excellent product with a fair price."

Cass Moret (USA)
A pleasure to work with
"Since a couple of days I'm working with your Book-Collector Software. You have done a great work, to make this computer program.
Every day I take 25 books of my Collection and put them in the database. I have a collection about 1,200 books about karate, martial arts, spirituality and Asian philosophy.
It is a really pleasure to work with it and it is so easy to do!
Thank you very much.

The Dokan Karate Foundation, The Netherlands"
Andre Brockbernd (Netherlands)
Wonderful Software
" First let me say that I have over 2,000 books and almost 1,000 DVD's and as you can imagine it is extremely hard to keep track of everything. I was constantly buying seconds and even thirds of books and movies. I had tried my best to keep track of them by writing everything down, but inadvertently would miss some or not have the list with me when I purchased new items. Very frustrating and expensive.

I heard about your product for books on television and decided it would be worth a try to at least organize and store the information on my computer, so I purchased the Book Collector software and a CueCat scanner. I got to work and after four days had my complete library of books organized and on my computer.
I was truly surprized by how many extra copies I had (all that money wasted that could have been spent on books I didn't have). I was so impressed that I purchased the Movie Collector and in two days had all of my DVD's organized and on my computer.
I love the fact that on both programs there is the loan section so that when my family borrows movies or books I know who has them and can get them back. (And now they know its on my computer so they know I'm keeping up with it hahahaha).

I recently got the Book Collector update and can I tell you I LOVE IT. It was Wonderful!!!!! I was able to get book covers that had not been available before without having to scan the covers myself. Also I have about 300 E-Books that I wasn't able to show covers for that now I can. GREAT.
I also love the fact that I can link my E-Books to my Book Collector so that I can read them from the site if I choose. This was really helpful when my Nook crashed about a month ago and I was out of town working.
I also love the fact that it is easier to pull up individual authors and see their books even the anthologies where they might be second, third, or sixth author. Thank You So Much....
I just purchased the iPhone App for book collector and exported my books to my iPhone and it is a great tool. Already I have had friends asking me about books I have and I don't have to say that I'll check when I get home.
Again Thanks For The Wonderful Software, I can't wait to see what comes next."

Alanda Lemings (USA)
Well worth the money
"We have been using this program for about 6 years now. I just need to upgrade mine to the newer version. But…I can’t say enough good about it.
We actually broke down and for Christmas bought the “Books” scanner. Oh my goodness!!! I have the older version but it was awesome just picking up the book and scanning the barcode. LOL! I would then attach the scanner to my computer and download. I did only work on 2 shelves at a time in case we missed something it was easier to go back to the shelf and narrow it to the book.
We also have the movie collectorz and I have the photo program. Between the books my husband and both brought into our marriage and then starting homeschooling? I hear you…we have ummm…close to 6,000 books. We are actually working on turning the kids toy room into a library and using it as such for our little homeschool group.This has been great for tracking all of my homeschool curriculum!

I didn’t realize we had as many movies as we did until we started scanning. We still had walls of VHS when got the Collectorz program….We ended up 2000 videos/dvds. We have since gotten rid of alot of those…=)
This program is great. I have no connection to the company accept as a purchaser and someone who has used it and swears by it! I am a photographer on the side and love the photo program.

Yes…when a friend wants to “Borrow” a book…you can log it in. I sent a friend of mine (as a joke) a reminder that her books were coming due…LOL. I don’t worry about loaning a book out anymore and forgetting who I loaned it too. My friends all understand and agree…so they sign the card.

Anyway…I love it and it is well worth the money."

Ginger Mack Porter (USA)
Fast and easy
"I just finished cataloging about 50 books. It was fast and easy with the scanner.
I still have two big boxes of books to catalog but with the scanner working it won't take long."
Gary Thorne (USA)
Can Do So Much
"I really love this program for my class library. I teach 4th grade (9 & 10 year olds). The price is great (especially the deals) and affordable on a teacher's salary.
It is easy to use and can do so much. It's easy to customize.

...I've told all our teachers about it! I also got the Movie Collector for my mom for Christmas (again thanks for having the special deals).

Thank you for all the hard work you do to keep the quality up."

Natalie Cox-Barglowski (USA)
1,100 books
"I have been using the book program for over a year. I have logged over 1,100 books.
It has helped me keep track of books lent out to friends and has prevented duplicate purchases."
Susan E. Rubinsky (USA)
No More Buying Duplicates
"If you haven't heard of this software it's great. I have my entire library of 1,000 plus books and all our DVDs cataloged. It uploads to my iPhone, so no more buying duplicate books or DVDs.

Not to mention, that I now have a record of everything in case of a house fire. The best part is you just scan the bar code and it pulls in all the information from the internet."

Ann'a Youngs Zimmer (USA)
Boxes Under The Bed
"I love your Book Collector!!!!!!
In my one bedroom apartment I have 8 1/2 bookshelves, a book library cart and paperbacks in boxes under the bed. I now know exactly what is in there.
Finally a program that lets me add ALL the information I need to know."
AnneMarie Cox (USA)
Saves Me From Buying Duplicates
"I use Collectorz for all my Quilting books. I have a huge library full and this sure saves me from buying duplicates! (Yes, us quilters tend to do that!)"
Mary Chester (USA)
Nothing but fun
"I have to tell you that I am absolutely THRILLED with my Book Collector!!
I have had nothing but fun scanning in my books!!

I went all around the house, picking up every book I found and scanning it. Then I went into the guest room where I have three floor to ceiling bookcases completely full of books. I've managed to get about seven shelves scanned so far and would have them all done if I had the time, but I'm just doing it when I have the free time.

I just love my Book Collector and have told everyone I know about it, including a reading group on Yahoo. From the comments I've received, you'll probably be getting more orders for it.

Thanks so much for coming up with a program that is truly user friendly and organizes books quickly and efficiently but is so fun to use!!"

Teresa Z. 
I'm hooked for life!
"I've never wanted to write to a company thanking them for their product before (although I've been known to write a complaint or two!), but I'm so impressed with BOOK COLLECTOR that I had to do it!

Before discovering this program, I'd been toying with the idea of creating an Access database for my 1,200+ library of books, but I couldn't keep it simple enough to actually get started. I wanted cross-references, AND lots of categories and sub-categories, AND a method for keeping track of each book's location, AND a way to record my own synopses and notes, AND. . .well, I wanted it all.
The whole thing just seemed too much like work, so I gave up and did a google search for book inventories, and (gasp!) there you were!
I browsed through the many screenshots, read the FAQ's and testimonials, and I couldn't believe it!
It was as if you'd been reading my mind!
What impressed me even more was the fact that I used the support link to email a question about the program, and I got a super-fast response. I wasn't even a customer yet, but you took the time to answer me right away. That's an awfully good indication of the kind of support I'd enjoy once I actually purchased BOOK COLLECTOR.
So that's what I did, and now I'm hooked for life!

Not only is BOOK COLLECTOR exactly what I wanted (and then some), but it's fast, reliable, easy to use and (WOW!) stable. Ordinarily, I tend to lose interest in the repetitive process of entering information, but this program is actually fun to use!
In fact, I keep discovering more great features - like the ability to enter the websites for authors, publishers and so forth, and have an active, underlined hyperlink with each of their books. This is something I never would've thought to include in the database I was trying to plan! And that's just the most RECENT feature I've gotten excited about!

I'm over a quarter of the way through entering my books in BOOK COLLECTOR now, and even though my collections of DVD's and music CD's aren't nearly as large as my library of books, you can count on the fact that I'll be buying MUSIC COLLECTOR and MOVIE COLLECTOR in the near future.
Also, I have a large collection of stones and crystals, and while browsing your FAQ's, I got the idea to try out PHOTO COLLECTOR for keeping track of them. So, that another one of your apps I'll be needing! I simply cannot get over the versatility of these amazing programs! They're worth every penny!

So, please accept my heartfelt thanks, and forgive me for using this support link to send this to you. - I know I'm probably overlooking something obvious, but I couldn't find another email address to use, and I simply HAD to tell you how happy I am with BOOK COLLECTOR!

Michelle Gonzales 
Top of the line service
"I started using Book Collector in 2003. Even then, it was the best product available for my needs - to record the books I have read. It is a great tool to take with you to the book store or library. Last week I decided it was time to upgrade. I am thrilled with the improvements, especially with the "Add book automatically" feature. With simply an ISBN, all the book's information is loaded from the internet.

But even more impressive than great software at a good price, is the service delivered.
I am ecstatic."

Janet Agney 
None better
"What a great company you are and I do love your software - it is the best book collection software there is out there and believe me I searched through all of them until I found this one.

Anyone who collects books or has a large library (or small) should have this software - honestly there is none better."

Rita Wood 
Easy to use
"I read the email newsletter and was nice to hear about what you are doing.
We had over 1,600 books entered in 4 days of daughter's visit. She flew in from Dallas, TX to WI to help her dad get started on entering his books - we have a loooong way to go but I am able to enter and use the program after a little coaching from her.

Great product and easy to use once you know the 'lingo' and what to look for - we have books off the floor now and in bags waiting for space on the shelves - but nothing can come into the library until it is logged in - daughter's rule!

Thanks again."

Patti Anderson 
So intuitive
"Book Collector is an amazing program.

It is so intuitive that my 7-year-old has taken on the task of scanning in our books for our new home library. She has successfully scanned in over a hundred books this weekend and could even manually search for older books with ISBNs successfully using your interface.

Granted, she is a very bright 7 year old, but your interface and database makes it possible for her to be our chief librarian.

It is absolutely amazing what you have done with this program!"

Josephine LeBeau 
A breeze
"Book Collectorz is so fantastic!

I've used it to create a library for our school. It acts as our card catalogue and it is wonderful! Its super easy for teachers to use, making finding books by subject a breeze. Its also easy to manage "checked out" books through its Loan feature. Its been quick and easy to add new books automatically or manually, and makes taking inventory a breeze.

I love that I can tag books by their topics to create easy reference themed lists for display; Poetry, Valentines Day, Feelings, ABCs, . . . . I am by no means a computer whiz, knowing only the "basics" on my Mac, but this program was easy to learn, modify for our needs, and teach to others. Their manual and online support are thorough, quick, and strait forward enough for even me to follow.

The school administration has been so impressed with how organized and slick looking this program is. It really makes me look like I'm doing way more than I actually am : )

I love, Love, LOVE it!Now I can't wait to organize all of my books at home!

Katie Thomas
Beverly Hills Presbyterian Preschool-Parent Librarian"

Katie Thomas 
One of my best buys
"I would like to thank you for two things; first, a first class piece of software and second, for the way in which you handle the updates.

Buying your program for managing my book collection was one of my best buys."

John Slann 
Too good
"The overall experience is simply too good to be true.
Last night, though I was under the weather with a sinus infection, I scanned another section of books from my library, came upstairs to the PC and unloaded all the info from my scanner into the book list I'm building. It's so easy even a sick person can do it!

My plan is to print Dewey labels for each book and organize accordingly. Any bibliophile loves to putter away time with his books, but Book Collector gives you more tools to putter with.

Someone will say to me, "Say, do you have something on acid rain?" With 2,000+ books, I've finally lost control of having each book at my fingertips. I can no longer retrieve its location from memory... Book Collector makes finding the book a fun process. A few clicks and it gives me Title, Author, Subject(s), and Dewey number.
Since everything is shelved by Dewey number, how easy is that?!

I LOVE this product... it includes absolutely everything a bibliophile could want."

Vicki Ruzicka 
No more double purchases
"Please allow me to say how much I enjoy your Book Collector application!

It made the much needed difference in how I organize my library. not only that, but now I can periodically export my DB to a CSV file, which I carry with me around on my Windows Mobile PDA - hurray, no more double purchases."

Erez Shapira 
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