Are you ready for Cobalt?

October 16th, 2013

This is Alwin, of, with a heads up on a major event:

Next week, we’re going to release new versions of all programs for Windows and Mac, called “Cobalt“. With Cobalt, we’re bringing all products to the same version level, at the same time introducing a big change to our license/update system. A change that will make your (and our) life easier and will result in better and more frequent software updates.

I cannot reveal all the details yet, but I do want to make sure you’re ready for it.
Please take the time to read through this entire article, it’s that important.

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Posted by alwin

Create your CLZ account today

October 10th, 2013

Check your inbox for yesterday’s email about creating your CLZ account.

CLZ Accounts and the website
A CLZ Account is a multi-purpose account for users, which can be created and managed through the website.

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Posted by Syts

Free CLZ Cloud storage & syncing for everyone!

June 13th, 2013

CLZ Alwin here, with the June 2013 edition of the CLZ Newsletter.
Just 3 topics today and they’re closely related, it’s all about the CLZ Cloud!

  • New naming : CLZ Account and CLZ Cloud
  • CLZ Cloud storage and syncing is now free for everyone!
  • Coming soon: Improved CLZ Cloud syncing with custom images and more data fields

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Posted by alwin