What’s cooking for desktop, Connect and mobile?

January 31st, 2017

This is CLZ Alwin, with the first 2017 CLZ Newsletter.
Today I will do a quick list of this month’s releases (all mobile) and will then move on to a “What’s Cooking” overview for each of our editions: Windows/Mac (v17 coming up!!), Connect, iOS and Android.

  • This month’s releases:
    • CLZ Music 4.4 for iOS: now allows adding/editing track lists.
    • CLZ Comics 4.3 for iOS: Improved Add Comics screen.
    • All iOS apps: Tabs in Edit screens, more folder options.
    • CLZ Books 4.3.9 for Android: “Unrecognized ISBN” screen.
  • What’s cooking?
    • for Windows and Mac: version 17!
    • for Connect
    • for iOS
    • for Android

CLZ Music 4.4 for iOS: now allows adding/editing track lists

  • Now edit track lists to modify Title, Artist or Length.
  • Manually enter track lists for manually added albums.
  • Drag and drop tracks to change their order.
  • Sync your customized track lists to the CLZ Cloud!

CLZ Comics 4.3 for iOS: Improved Add Comics screen

  • Switch between By Title and By Barcode using tabs at the top
  • All panels are now resizable (list, details, camera)
  • Search-As-You-Type suggestions when adding by Series title.
  • Barcode scanner now integrated in Add screen, next to the queue.
  • Barcode queue is now remembered between sessions.

All iOS apps: Tabs in Edit screens, more folder options

  • Edit screen is now split into two tabs (Main / Personal).
  • Several new Folder options have been added.
  • After editing/removing an item, the app now remembers the list’s scroll position.

CLZ Books 4.3.9 for Android: “Unrecognized ISBN” screen

Our new “Unrecognized ISBN” tool has now also been added to the Android app:

  • In the Add screen, when a scanned ISBN is not recognized, a new “Unrecognized ISBN” screen will appear.
  • In this screen, just enter the Author, Title, Publisher and Year, then click Add Book.
  • This will:
    1. Add the book to your own database, with the information you filled in.
    2. Add the book to our Core central online book database,
      so that the next user who searches for it will get a result :-)

What’s cooking for Windows and Mac? Version 17!

It’s 2017, so it’s time for version 17!
Version 17 will introduce a new, super-quick way to search your database for a particular item. We will bring the much-loved Search-As-You-Type mechanism to the main screen’s Quick Search box.

Just type a few letters of the title and while you type a drop-down will appear, instantly showing you the first 5 matching entries. Now just hit the down arrow a few times to select the one you’re looking for and hit enter.

On top of that, we have lots of other features and improvements lined up, to be released in further v17 updates, like:

  • Re-design of the Add Automatically screens.
  • Game Collector: new Loose/CIB/New field for games, with automatic value data downloaded based on this selection.
  • Comic Collector: Current value information for comics
  • Movie Collector: Better box set support for movies
  • Book+Music Collector: faster and better results for Title searches.
  • Automated CLZ Cloud Syncing, auto-sync all changes you make.
  • Syncing of more data to/from the CLZ Cloud (UDF, Loans, etc…)

What’s cooking for Connect?

With two extra web-developers added to the CLZ team (Eline and Joe), our web-based Connect edition will quickly evolve, with new features and lots of tweaks:

  • Flexible Import from Text feature: import any CSV file directly into your cloud data. Customize how your fields are mapped to our cloud fields.
  • Print lists to PDF format.
  • Export your data to XML format.
  • Make local backups or your cloud data and restore them.
  • Re-design of all Add screens.

What’s cooking for iOS?

On iOS, we have just finished a re-design of all Add screens to make them easier to use and are now moving on the next project: a re-imagining of the main screen:

  • Remove the toolbar at the bottom, to create more space for your actual collection list.
  • Move all commands and view settings to two “slide-in” menu’s on the left and right.
  • Improve the design and layout of the list entries.
  • Introduce Skins, choose between Light and Dark.
  • CLZ Movies/Games: add the “Unrecognized Barcode” tools.

What’s cooking for Android?

For the Android editions, it’s the reverse of iOS: here, the main screen re-imagining, including Skins, has already been completed. Next up for Android is the re-design of the Add screens:

  • CLZ Movies/Games: add the “Unrecognized Barcode” tools.
  • Make all panels resizable (list, details, camera)
  • Integrate barcode scanner *in* Add screen, next to the queue.
  • Remember the barcode queue between sessions.

In short: lots of cool stuff coming up!

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