The Affiliate Program

Hi there, founder Alwin Hoogerdijk showing his collection of 502 DVDs, 738 CDs and 321 video games. Thanks for your interest in the affiliate program!
I am Alwin Hoogerdijk, President and founder of Let me give you a quick introduction to our products, our customers and our affiliate program.

Our products:

At, we create and sell collection database software. We have 5 different programs for cataloging people's personal collection of CDs, DVDs, books, comics and video games. All five are available for Windows, the CD, DVD and book edition are also available for Mac OS X. For each program there is a $29.95 Standard edition and a $49.95 Pro edition
Next to the software, we sell 2 types of barcode scanners that can be used together with our software, to make cataloging even faster and easier. One for $19.95, the other for $139.95.

Our customers:

Our typical customer buys a lot of CDs, DVDs, books, games or comics (actual purchased physical items, *not* downloads). They use our software to keep track of their sizable collections, to know exactly which items they own, to create insurance lists and to prevent duplicate purchases. Some of them are real collectors, collecting limited editions and rare items, but most just love music, reading, gaming or watching movies and have huge collections just because of that.
They spend a lot of money on their collections, so spending $50 for a piece of software to keep track is a no-brainer investment.

Our affilate program:

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